junior tattoo artist He was attacked by a group of senior tattoo artists.

Junior tattoo artist. Appeal to the Sai Mai Must Surv page to help expedite the case of being attacked and seriously injured by seniors. Afraid of not being treated fairly

Mr. Wasan, 45 years old, a famous tattoo artist or in the industry called “Chang O 69”, along with Mr. Sky, 33 years old, a younger friend. Met Mr. Ekkapop Noble yellow The founder of the Saimai page must survive. To ask for help in the case of being assaulted by a senior tattoo artist and his gang at a tattoo contest at Bang Yai Market, Nonthaburi Province, until he was seriously injured and had a broken nose bone. Doctors agreed that he would be hospitalized for more than 40 days.

Chang O said that he has been a tattoo artist for more than 20 years and has had many Thai and foreign customers come to get tattoos. Sometimes foreigners will hire someone to do their tattoos in foreign countries. He will keep contacting and looking for jobs for tattoo artist brothers and sisters so that they can always have income. Until being well known an
d loved by brothers and sisters in the industry causing a senior tattoo artist who didn’t like him Seeing that he had acted too far, he brought a group of people to attack and attack until he was injured.

On that day, he was invited to be a judge for tattoo designs at a tattoo contest. At Bang Yai Market, Nonthaburi Province, on April 28th. After he finished his decision, he walked to the car to go back and see his sick child in the hospital. While walking to get into the car, a senior tattoo artist named “Chang Ying”, about 50 years old, along with 5 other people, came in and yanked on the car door. Then they attacked him until he was seriously injured and his nose bone was broken before ‘Chang Ying’ pulled out a cap gun. came up and threatened to stop him from standing out

In addition, he repeatedly threatened that ‘Don’t even think about reporting it. Even if you report it, it will be of no use. I know the seniors in Nonthaburi Province. Anyway, I can clear it all up.’ before they ran away. After the inc
ident, he filed a report at Bang Yai Police Station, Nonthaburi Province, in order to prosecute the group who caused the incident to the utmost. But from the threats of the perpetrator causing fear that the case would not progress Therefore, he took the incident to discuss with a group of friends. In the tattoo artist industry, everyone is worried and afraid that they will not be treated fairly. Therefore, I recommend that you come and ask for help from Mr. Ekaphob. Noble yellow The founder of the Saimai must survive page mentioned this.

As for Mr. Sky, a junior tattoo artist who came along and was the victim who was threatened by “Technician Ying”. He said that after the incident with P’O, a group of brothers and sisters in the tattoo artist industry came together to support him. When Mr. Ying learned that he and the brothers and sisters in the industry had come to support him, he became jealous. Most recently on 11 May. He went to see a movie at a department store. and met Mr. Ying by accident. Mr. Ying wa
lked up to the issue and said, “How are you going to do it? You came to talk. Are you taking sides with him?” He replied, ‘Everyone is on P’O’s side. No one will side with a bully like you. It’s past the end of the day to use force to hurt other people.’ This made Mr. even more dissatisfied, so he pulled out a folding knife and threatened to harm himself. He then pointed at Mr. Ying and said, ‘Don’t use weapons. Definitely come face to face.’ Mr. Ying then called the group and challenged him to follow him to the parking lot. But he did not go because he knew that Mr. Ying had a habit of liking groups of dogs. He saw that this type of behavior was a danger to society. Bringing weapons into the store Therefore, he went to report the matter as evidence at Phahon Yothin Police Station.

While Mr. Ekkaphop said that what happened to the two victims was an act without fear of the country’s laws. must be strictly prosecuted Guilty on every charge Even if the perpetrator claims to know the big person, it doesn’t matt
er because everyone is under the same law. Wrongdoing must be prosecuted without exception. which he asked you Pol. Col. Piyawut Kaewmanee, deputy commander of the Nonthaburi Provincial Police, acting superintendent of Bang Yai Police Station, and Pol. Col. Marut Sudnongbua, superintendent of Phahonyothin Police Station. Charged the investigating officers to expedite prosecution of the perpetrators on all charges. In order not to continue to be a danger to society

For cases of physical harm to another person causing serious injury Must be punished with imprisonment from 6 months to 10 years and a fine ranging from 10,000-200,000 baht

Source: Thai News Agency

Moved: School director buys services for 12-year-old girl

Khon Kaen, The school director has been transferred to purchase the services of a 12-year-old girl in Khon Kaen province, along with setting up a committee to investigate the facts. Prepare to issue a suspension order

After the Human Trafficking Suppression Division police Together with the Paweena Foundation Dismantling the human trafficking ring of young girls Khon Kaen Province They also arrested the director of a school in Nong Phai Subdistrict, Chum Phae District, on charges that he had purchased the services of a 12-year-old girl before being detained for prosecution for “sexually abusing a child under 13 years old.”

Mr. Yongyut Phromkaew, Director of the Khon Kaen Primary Educational Service Area Office, Area 5, revealed that after hearing the news, he immediately set up a committee to investigate the facts. and to transfer the said school director to assist in government service at the Khon Kaen Primary Educational Service Area Office, Area 5. It is expected that tomorrow (20 May) the committee wil
l begin an investigation. and preparing to issue a suspension order Because it is considered a serious violation of discipline.

Source: Thai News Agency

Motorcycle driver slashes friend, admits he did it because he was drunk or angry.

Sisaket, Motorcycle driver for hire admits to being drunk and angry that his friends like to scold him. So he took an ax and cut off his head. In Uthumphon Phisai Railway Station, Sisaket Province, while police prepare to detain and prepare a confession tomorrow (20 May).

The case of Mr. Luea, age 53, was attacked by Mr. Wirat, age 52, a fellow motorcyclist for hire. Used an ax to slash his head many times until he had a gaping wound and a brain bleed. He died inside Uthumphon Phisai Railway Station, Sisaket Province, yesterday evening (May 18), by questioning witnesses. The owner of a shop near the scene of the incident gave information that normally both We are dear friends. Working as a motorcycle taxi driver for hire in the same vehicle. And they often come and drink alcohol together at the table in front of the store. Before the incident, he had been drinking as usual. But later learned that there was an argument. before the deceased went to get an ax at home Came to cut off the head of a dear friend u
ntil he died.

Source: Thai News Agency

Songkhla is the country’s number 1 treatment for drug-induced psychotic patients.

Songkhla Patients with drug-induced psychosis who discovered and allowed 3,031 people to come together to treat and treat drug addiction, making Songkhla Province the number 1 province in the country, according to reports from the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Interior.

Nong Phew was a person who had delusions and was addicted to drugs to the point of thinking of harming family members. Sometimes I can’t control myself. I have talked and almost used violence against my parents many times. After asking for money to buy drugs and being rejected But after joining the Lom Rak Community Project of Songkhla Province that allows village health volunteers, village headmen, kamnans, and communities to screen out families of people who use drugs. To be able to fight for treatment and treatment It is a project that the Governor of Songkhla Province Ordered it to be an urgent matter after assuming the position in June 2023.

While Phrakru Samusupachai Suphatthammo, abbot of Chaem Uthit Temple, Mueang Di
strict, Songkhla Province, said that this community was treated by having monks and officials visit homes and test for drugs. Anyone who still has drugs will talk and encourage each other. Until 100 percent stop taking drugs and in the past in the community There were 19 people who applied to quit drugs, and 5 of them were able to quit, including Nong Phew. who turned their backs on drugs and decided to be ordained in place of his parents on June 2nd. In addition, Nong Phew has also applied to serve the nation as an Army soldier in Shift 2/2024 this November.

Heart of the Lom Rak Community Project Solving the drug problem in Songkhla Province, Mr. Somnuek Promkhieo, Governor of Songkhla Province given to officials to use It is to let drug users and their families know whether they are addicted to drugs or are at the point of being mentally ill. It depends on the severity. and show up for treatment and healing. It will be a sustainable solution to the problem along with suppression.

From the seriousness of t
he government sector in surveying mentally ill people from drugs before these patients cause trouble and harm the villagers. Therefore, there have been work visits for more than 6 months in all 127 sub-districts and 16 districts of Songkhla Province. Now that 100 percent has been done, it has been found that Songkhla Province has the number 1 population of drug-related psychiatric patients in the country and all of them have entered treatment, a total of 3,031 people, with more than 1,000 seriously ill patients.

By the provincial governor It was also revealed that it is not a shame that Songkhla Province has found a large number of patients, but on the contrary, this is a success that Songkhla Province has surveyed and found psychiatric patients from drugs before they cause trouble to the people. The lives and property of the villagers by cutting off the electricity from the beginning. .

Source: Thai News Agency

Arrest of 2 drug addicted brothers Stabs the undertaker to death

Udon Thani Udon Thani police arrested 2 drug addicted brothers. Wielding a knife, he stabbed an undertaker to death. Claimed to charge expensive funeral expenses

2 brothers attack Uncle Undertaker The older person held a knife to peel the fruit. The younger one held a knife to cut sugarcane. Chasing and attacking the deceased who was holding a long sword in his hand. Come into the grocery store before running out to the front of the store My older brother kicked me many times. He kicked and cut off the undertaker’s leg until he fell and hit his head on the ground. Then he hunched over the dead man. Before using a fruit peeling knife, he stabbed the deceased’s epigastric region. As for the younger man, he stood and stepped on the deceased’s arm, preventing him from fighting before a villager went in to stop him. and confiscated the knife used in the crime The couple then fled. The incident occurred in front of a grocery store in Dong That Village, Village No. 7, Kut Chap Subdistrict, Kut Chap District, Udon
Thani Province. Villagers quickly informed the police at Kut Chap Police Station that the two were brothers and were still walking around in the village while drunk and hallucinating.

Police investigated the scene where they found the body of Mr. Urai, 65 years old, a village temple undertaker. Was stabbed with a sharp knife into the epigastric area. Sleeping in front of the grocery store. The villagers kept the knives in the middle and gave them to the police. It was a folding knife with a sharp, blood-stained tip. or a fruit peeling knife approximately 6 inches long, a sugarcane cutting knife approximately 60 cm long, and a bloodstained zapata knife approximately 60 cm long, so the police kept them as evidence. and give the body of the deceased to relatives to perform merit-making

As for the perpetrators, they are relatives. And he is a niece, whose names are known as Mr. Yutthaphong or Kai, 32 years old, and Mr. Adisak or Khiao, 30 years old. They are brothers. After the incident, they took a pink bicycl
e home. The police then followed and arrested Mr. Kai in front of the house. While sleeping on a cot under the house and listen to music at the same time Beside the cot, weapons such as a machete and an ax were found. Police then used pronged sticks, hooks and shields to take control. who is still in a state of drunkenness and drug hallucinations Talking nonsense, not knowing much But the meaning is that He didn’t know that he had gone to kill the undertaker. which are relatives And he was injured when the undertaker used a Sparta knife to cut the fork of his right hand. The issue comes from an argument about the funeral for his grandfather. before being detained by police at the police station

While Mr. Green Police searched the entire village for about an hour but still couldn’t find him. So he had his relatives persuade him to surrender to the police investigating team. Detained for questioning Both men’s urine was tested and found it was purple, but both were still intoxicated and hallucinating. Can’t ta
lk. And both of them admitted that they had taken 3 methamphetamine pills yesterday and had gone together to drink white liquor. After going to the South Came to cook from last night until drunk. before leading together to cause a crime

The father of the perpetrator said that his two sons had been drinking alcohol and taking drugs for a long time. I used to take it for treatment and used it again. The deceased is like a relative. Because we moved from Kumphawapi District together, we are saddened by this event. Whoever does this must be held liable according to the law of the country. Apologize to the soul of the deceased on behalf of my son.

The deceased’s niece said His grandfather was the village temple undertaker. and organized a funeral for the grandfathers of the two people who committed the crime about a month ago. Both of them often scolded each other. that the event was not worthy of the price paid Grandpa used to talk about this matter to Grandma. Because the perpetrator was a relative of my grand
mother. Grandma told Grandpa not to worry about anything. The cremation fee was 2,000 baht, the refrigeration fee was 500 baht, totaling 2,500 baht. Grandpa would only take the 500 baht for the refrigeration fee, and the rest was donated to the temple. It’s up to the Provost to give you enough wages to use.

The deceased’s wife admits she is sorry, but doesn’t hold grudges against the perpetrator. Let it be according to the laws of the country. Initially, the police filed charges. Intentionally killing another person Carrying knives around the village or public way without reasonable cause and use drugs classified as category 1 (amphetamine) illegally.

Source: Thai News Agency

“Pipat” rushes to visit labor families Died from Israel

Nong Bua Lamphu “Pipat” Minister of Labor visits labor families. Died from Israel Provincial workers are urged to take care of the full benefits of heirs.

On May 19, 2024, Mr. Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, Minister of Labor, and a group went to the home of Mr. Niphon Akrasri and Mrs. Amorn Akrasri, father and mother of Mr. Sonthaya Akrasri, a Thai worker who died while working. at the state of israel To visit and console the families of Thai workers who died due to the unrest in Israel. Ready to look at survival kits and provide relief money regarding benefits from the fund to help job seekers to work abroad. and benefits from the Social Security Fund, with Mr. Suwit Chanworn, Governor of Nong Bua Lamphu Province Head of government agency under the Ministry of Labor, Nong Bua Lamphu Province Joined in welcoming Ms. Buppha Ruangsud, Director General of the Department of Skill Development, Mr. Somchai Morakotsriwan, Director General of the Department of Employment, Mr. Santi Nantasuwan, Inspector General of the Min
istry of Labor. along with high-level executives from the Ministry of Labor attended at house number 67, Village No. 3, Ban Phrao Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nong Bua Lamphu Province

Mr. Pipat said that the Prime Minister is concerned about the families of Thai workers who died in the unrest in Israel. He has instructed the Ministry of Labor to provide assistance and compensation to Thai workers who have died so that their heirs can receive full labor benefits as soon as possible. Today, my team and I went to the area to visit and console the families of Thai workers who lost their lives due to the unrest in Israel. Ready to look at survival kits and provide relief money regarding benefits from the fund to help job seekers to work abroad. and benefits from the Social Security Fund Ready for officials of agencies under the Ministry of Labor to inform information about the benefits of Thai workers who have died to inform relatives and facilitate documentation of various procedures as well.

As for the benefi
ts that the heirs of the deceased will receive, they include: 1) Benefits from the fund to help job seekers go to work abroad. In case of death The heir will receive an allowance of 40,000 baht and money for funeral expenses abroad. The amount actually paid is not more than 40,000 baht, which is based on checking information from the electronic system for managing Thai workers abroad. of the Department of Employment initially found that Mr. Sonthaya is still under the protection of the fund 2) a compensation project of 50,000 baht 3) compensation money from the Israel Insurance Institute In case of death The family will receive financial assistance for funeral expenses, approximately 79,000 baht in Thai currency, and burial expenses. As much as actually paid Not more than approximately 47,000 baht (1,300 usd) Widowhood assistance approximately 57,000 baht Monthly compensation and annual compensation (Amount according to the criteria set by the National Insurance Institute) 4) Follow up on compensation at the
end of the employment contract (pisuim) by the labor department. at the Royal Thai Embassy in Tel Aviv will be the follower and is currently in the process of following up and 5) social security money From the examination of the information, it was found that Mr. Sonthaya has ceased to be an insured. But there is still an old-age pension which is an old-age pension remaining in Social Security. Mr. Sonthaya Akrasri ceased to be an insured person in 2015 and had an old-age pension of 7,301.68 baht (excluding interest) and Mr. Suthisak Rintalak ceased to be an insured in 2016 and has an old age pension of 31,108.26 baht (excluding interest), which Mr. Pairot Chotikasathien, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labor It has been assigned to agencies under the Ministry of Labor in both Nong Khai and Nong Bua Lamphu. Visit the area and visit the home both families so that relatives know and take care of their full rights and benefits And from talking with the relatives of the deceased, it was found that the fath
ers, mothers, and relatives all had improved morale.

‘I would like to express my deepest condolences to the families of the deceased. We would like to send encouragement to the remaining 6 workers to be released as soon as possible. May the families of workers who died in Israel rest assured that Ministry of Labor The Royal Thai Embassy in Tel Aviv and all relevant agencies will do their best. in the coordination of all parties To follow up on benefits related to the Ministry of Labor to receive full rights quickly. The financial assistance of Mr. Sonthaya Akrasri that relatives will receive is estimated at 320,301.68 baht, while Mr. Suthisak Rintalak, the heir of the deceased who lives in Nong Khai Province, will receive approximately 344,108.26 baht.’ In terms of benefits, In Thailand today, agencies under the Ministry of Labor have provided benefits to heirs. As for following up on benefits in Israel, the Labor Department will coordinate with the embassy and Israeli authorities to ensure that heirs receiv
e such benefits as soon as possible,’ Mr. Phiphat said.

Source: Thai News Agency

Ceremony to invite Hiranbat, rank fan, and clerical decorations

Bangkok, Ceremony to invite Hiranyabat, royal fan, and clerical decorations. Deputy Prelate Offered to Phra Phrom Sitthi (Thongchai Sukhayano)

19 May 2024 at the Ubosot, Wat Saket Ratchaworamahawihan. Pom Prap Sattru Phai District Bangkok, Mr. Phichit Chuenban, Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office Presiding over the ceremony to bring in the Hiranpat, rank fan, and clerical decorations. Deputy Prelate Presented to Phra Phrom Sitthi (Thongchai Sukhayano), the invitation card and fan were presented to Phra Srikunaporn (Boonthawee Panyawaso), with Mr. Dusit Siriwan, former Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr. Phisit Leelawachiro. Pas, former Auditor-General, and Mr. Inthaphon Chan-iam, Director of the National Office of Buddhism, attended the ceremony.

First schedule: Monks and Buddhists gather in unison at Wat Saket Ratchaworamahawihan. Officials of the Bureau of Scribes and Decorations and officials of the National Office of Buddhism Set up a procession to invite Hiranpat. Ceremony of ecc
lesiastical certificates, rank fan at the Pho Lanka area. In front of the temple Wat Saket Ratchaworamahawihan

Second schedule The procession brings the Hiranbat, the royal fan, and the clerical decorations. Enter the temple Ready to invite Phra Phrom Sitti Light incense sticks and candles to worship the Triple Gem on the altar table. Later, Mr. Phichit Chuenban, Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office Read the Royal Gazette announcement of the establishment of clerical titles. and granted royal charters to appoint monks Then officials of the Bureau of Scribes and Decorations Summon Hiranpat Complete with clerical accessories Dedicated to Brahma Siddhi Cabinet Secretariat officials Offering a certificate to Phra Brahmasiddhi Director of the National Office of Buddhism Offering a fan to the Brahma Siddhi

sequence after that Cabinet Secretariat officials Offering a certificate to Phra Sri Kunaporn Director of the National Office of Buddhism Offering a fan to Phra Sri Kunaporn At that time the monk he
ld the title of monk. Charoenchai Mongkhonkatha

of schedule Set up a procession to invite Hiranpat. ecclesiastical accessories Charter and rank Leave the temple Passing through the Pho Lanka area In front of the temple The road in the middle of the temple stops at the residence of Somdej Phra Sangharaj Yanothaya Maha Thera. Ready to take photos as souvenirs and give souvenirs to dignitaries, Buddhists, and disciples. Offering devotion to Brahma Siddhi The ceremony is completed.

Source: Thai News Agency