Formerra Achieves ISCC PLUS Certification Across U.S. Warehouses, Enhancing Sustainable Material Distribution

ROMEOVILLE, IL / ACCESSWIRE / May 8, 2024 / Formerra, a leader in performance materials distribution, proudly announces it has achieved ISCC PLUS certification for its U.S. legal entity, including nine of its distribution warehouses across the United States. This milestone marks a significant step in Formerra’s commitment to supporting the circular economy and bio-based materials, providing customers with greater access to sustainable solutions.

Formerra Achieves ISCC PLUS Certification Across U.S. Warehouses
Formerra Achieves ISCC PLUS Certification Across U.S. Warehouses

The ISCC PLUS certification enables Formerra to handle and distribute ISCC-certified materials, meeting a growing demand among customers for environmentally responsible products. With this certification, Formerra assures its clients of the integrity of its sustainable materials, ensuring they adhere to strict sustainability standards to prevent greenwashing and provide quality and consistency identical to virgin fossil-based materials.

"Receiving ISCC PLUS certification reflects our ongoing dedication to sustainability and our ability to respond to our customers’ needs," said Mike Balasko, Sustainability Director at Formerra. "Certifying nine warehouses across the U.S. allows us to get material closer to where our customers need it and provide just-in-time deliveries for customers requiring it."

Formerra’s ISCC PLUS certification includes the mass balance approach, which allows suppliers to mix sustainable and fossil-based feedstocks while ensuring the final product represents a quantifiable sustainable content. This method is critical in many industries that want sustainability but do not want to sacrifice performance, quality, and consistency.

The certification process was audited by SCS Global Services, ensuring that Formerra’s processes and policies as well as its nine warehouses met the rigorous standards required for ISCC PLUS certification. This achievement underscores Formerra’s role as a pivotal partner for suppliers looking to innovate and grow with sustainable materials as well as processors seeking bio-based or recycled materials.

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Formerra is a preeminent distributor of engineered materials, connecting the world’s leading polymer producers with thousands of OEMs and brand owners across healthcare, consumer, industrial, and mobility markets. Powered by technical and commercial expertise, it brings a distinctive combination of portfolio depth, supply chain strength, industry knowledge, service, leading e-commerce capabilities, and ingenuity. The experienced Formerra team helps customers across multiple industries to design, select, process, and develop products in new and better ways – driving improved performance, productivity, reliability, and sustainability. To learn more, visit

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Thai stocks closed this morning up 1.10 points.

Bangkok, Stock Exchange Closed this morning at 1,377.47 points, plus 1.10 points (+0.08%), trading value approximately 21,140 million baht.

In morning trading, the index swings sideways. Made the lowest level 1,372.86 points and the highest 1,378.42 points.

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Call on the Ministry of Finance and BoT to maintain stability in the Thai economy.

Bangkok, The President of the Economic Association issued a statement emphasizing the reason for the “independence of the National Bank” and calling on the Ministry of Finance and BoT to jointly maintain the stability of the Thai economy.

Mr. Niphon Puapongsakorn, President of the Economic Association of Thailand, issued a statement regarding the conflict between the BoT. with the political department that in the past there have been questions about the independence of the Bank of Thailand Especially from the political side Is that something appropriate or not? Is it an obstacle to the country’s development? Until it led to a debate between parties who wanted to protect the independence of the Bank of Thailand. with those supporting the opinions of the political sector It is considered important to the implementation of monetary policy. This is one of the pillars of macroeconomic policy along with fiscal policy in every country around the world. Accept that society has little prior understanding of the inde
pendence of the national bank.

In order to effectively carry out monetary policy It is beneficial to the economic development and well-being of the people. The panel therefore expresses the following views: Central bank independence is necessary for at least two reasons.

First, the central bank has a certain degree of independence from political influence. This is to prevent monetary policy from responding to short-term political needs. It may have a serious negative effect on the stability of the economic system in the long run. whether it is price stability stability of the financial system and stability of the financial institution system If the power to determine the amount of money Or the interest rate is in the hands of the government that uses the money. There will be a problem of conflicts of interest. Because the government has an incentive to lower the cost of money or interest rates.

Second, implementing monetary policy within the framework of inflation targeting will be successful only if the p
ublic, financial markets, capital markets, and international currency markets There is trust in the central bank to maintain stability. until inflation expectations are within the actual target range This results in spending behavior, investment, and the amount and circulation of money. It is in a direction conducive to maintaining stability. Causing the economy to grow steadily in the long term If such confidence is destroyed Economic units will behave in a way that causes hyperinflation and bubbles, which will eventually lead to a severe economic recession. As in the example of present-day Turkey.

Third, the importance of economic stability has been confirmed by a number of diplomatic missions and the experiences of many countries. around the world over a period of several decades or more. This shows that there is price stability. of the financial system and the financial institution system have a positive effect on economic expansion. Through various channels, such as stable prices, allowing economic unit
s (people, businesses, the financial sector, and others) to plan their purchases, business plans, and financial plans. appropriately Don’t worry about price fluctuations. Makes spending, investment, and savings follow the long-term plan better, resulting in the economy expanding. And the most important thing is to prevent economic crises. such as the bubbles and violent shrinkage mentioned above.

The importance of central bank independence to economic stability has led to a number of globally accepted ‘codes of conduct’, such as political parties not publicly pressuring or intimidating central banks. blatantly But you can express your different opinions politely. There was a discussion on principles. Empirical evidence and comprehensive supporting data It is not about presenting one-sided information, etc. The central bank itself must be responsible for its mission in accordance with the inflation policy framework agreed upon with the government and parliament.

The important reason is The central bank must
be accountable to the public, such as issuing an open letter explaining reasons in cases where inflation is not within the target range, etc. As for fiscal policy The government must maintain stability as well. through having appropriate fiscal discipline To prevent public debt (both official and debt arising from quasi-fiscal policies) and debt management expenses are too high There must be a tax policy appropriate to the country’s development. There is efficient fiscal spending. Reduce inequality Create opportunities for the country to keep pace with important developments. such as technological developments environmental protection, etc.

The delegation issued a statement calling on those responsible for monetary and fiscal policy to cooperate in maintaining stability in their areas of responsibility. and coordinate policy appropriately Through discussions and debates that are based on academics and has supporting information along with maintaining the central bank’s independence as it should. Thailand is
fortunate to have institutions and processes for financial and fiscal agencies to jointly prepare the annual budget framework according to the principles of fiscal and fiscal discipline. The government should therefore use this process to its greatest benefit.

Furthermore, to find creative solutions together. The press conference would like to inform that a group of economists Prepare to organize a seminar on ‘Changing the structure of the Thai economy to create stable and sustainable growth’ to raise the opinions of economists of all generations to find a solution for Thailand that has been stuck as a middle-income country for a long time. Until becoming a patient of ASEAN. A seminar will be prepared soon.

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“Kritsada” submits resignation letter from Deputy Finance Minister

Bangkok, “Kritsada” submits a letter of resignation from the Deputy Finance Minister because the division of supervisory work is not done properly. The Treasury Department oversees only one government agency, while “Chulphan” controls three tax departments. Bhumi’ supervises the FPO-SPO-Treasury.

Reporters from the Royal House reported that Mr. Kritsada Chinavicharana, Deputy Minister of Finance Submit a letter of resignation from the position The reason is the division of work to supervise only one government agency. After Mr. Pichai Chunhavajira, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Signed an order to share work with the Deputy Minister of Finance. By assigning Mr. Kritsada It oversees only one government agency, namely the Public Debt Management Office (Public Debt Management Office). As for state enterprises and government agencies under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance, including the Tobacco Authority of Thailand, the Deposit Protection Agency (SCB), Dhipaya Insurance Company Limited
( Public Company Limited), Office of the Insurance Commission (OIC), Office of Economic Development Cooperation with Neighboring Countries (Public Organization) or P.O.P.

For Mr. Chulaphan Amornvivat, Deputy Minister of Finance Supervise government agencies under its supervision as follows: Customs Department, Revenue Department, Excise Department and supervise state enterprises and government agencies under its control, namely the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, Liquor Organization, Playing Card Factory, Student Loan Fund.

Mr. Paophum Rojanasakul, Deputy Minister of Finance Supervise government agencies under the jurisdiction as follows: Fiscal Policy Office, State Enterprise Policy Committee Office, Treasury Department

Official matters related to the work of state enterprises and government agencies under its control as follows: Thanarak Asset Development Company Limited, Export-Import Bank of Thailand, National Savings Fund, Small Industry Credit Guarantee Corporation, Development Ba
nk Small and Medium Enterprises of Thailand .

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Permanent Secretary of Industry Set up an emergency management center

Bangkok, Permanent Secretary for Industry Set up an emergency management center Emphasis on proactive work, prevention and monitoring of incidents.

Dr. Natthaphon Rangsitphon, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry, revealed that he has signed an order from the Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry) to establish an Emergency Management Center from operations under the responsibility of the Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry) to work in an emergency situation. Be proactive in setting systems, plans, and measures in case of emergencies. Including ordering government agencies under the Office of the Provincial Administrative Organization to act as well as prepare reports and disseminate relevant information. to provide performance Prevention and monitoring of incidents and emergency management within the Ministry is flexible. Fast and efficient Due to the situation that has occurred in the past, there have been violent incidents and continuous emergencies in high-risk areas.

with Mr. Sur
aphon Chamat, Advisor to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry As an advisor to Mr. Ekkapat Wangsuwan, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry. The head of the mission group for supervising and inspecting the production process is the head of the Central Investigation Bureau and has the Inspector General of the Ministry of Industry. Director General of the Department of Industrial Works Director-General of the Department of Primary Industries and Mines Secretary General of the Cane and Sugar Board Governor of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee, Government Inspection Group 1-6, with the Director of the Government Inspection Division Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry Being the secretary of the center Director of the Factory Safety Technology Promotion Division Department of Industrial Works is the secretary of the joint center and Director of the Legal Division Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry H
e is an assistant secretary at the center.

Mr. Ekkapat Wangsuwan, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry As the head of the Central Investigation Bureau, he said that the Central Investigation Bureau has held a meeting to plan measures to prevent and prevent emergency situations arising from factory operations, such as fires. Leakage of chemicals and hazardous substances, etc. We have prepared plans and measures for operations at 3 levels: 1) plans and measures to prevent risks to prevent incidents, such as assigning the Department of Industrial Works and Provincial Industry to coordinate Provincial governors and related agencies Integrate joint inspection and surveillance of factories Establishment and warehouses that have a high risk of having an impact on people and the environment, such as industrial waste disposal factories metal foundry factory chemical factory Chemical fertilizer production factory Ice factories and cold storages, including factories, establishments and warehouses wher
e chemicals and hazardous materials are stored.

In addition, he has ordered the preparation of information on raw materials, products, chemicals, industrial waste, hazardous materials, and factory layouts that are at risk. To prepare to respond to incidents in a timely manner. 2) Plans and measures to stop incidents. By providing firefighting support equipment such as foam and fire extinguishing chemicals. and chemical tanks Appoint officers to join the firefighting team to suppress the incident. Provide information on factories, chemicals, hazardous materials, factory layouts, and support methods and measures for firefighting teams to extinguish incidents. Set up a communication team to coordinate, collect, clarify and disseminate information in order to understand the people so that they receive accurate information at all times, as well as preparing initial relief measures for disaster victims, such as supporting consumer goods, food, drinking water, and face masks through Project ‘Industry unites Help ou
r Thai brothers and sisters affected by various emergency situations and 3) plans and measures for rehabilitation after the incident, such as setting up a legal team to prosecute the perpetrators to the fullest extent possible. Establishment of procedures for sorting operations Removing chemicals and industrial waste from the area and taking waste from the scene to be properly treated and disposed of according to academic principles. As well as continually measuring and monitoring the quality of the environment, including soil, water and air, at the incident location and surrounding communities. to assess the impact and prepare guidelines for solving problems in a timely manner

Dr. Nattapon added that To prevent this kind of incident from happening again. He emphasized that the Central Investigation Bureau has put in place preventative measures. Surveillance and interception of emergency responses in high-risk areas. or areas where wrongdoing has been reported In particular, the spots where there is illegal
dumping of industrial waste that is currently a problem in society are Win Poses Co., Ltd., Rayong Province, and Ek Uthai Co., Ltd., Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. It has been reported that both companies are networks that have significant business connections.

Source: Thai News Agency

BTS explains the case of the worm slide inspecting the area in less than 1 minute.

Bangkok, BTS explains the case of the man who slid into the worm. Officials inspected the area in less than 1 minute, not acknowledging the matter and then turning a blind eye as reported. We ask passengers to be confident in their safety. Meanwhile, CCTV cameras help to quickly arrest criminals.

From the BTS passenger incident Was harassed by an assailant on the way up to the BTS Skytrain station. Samut Prakan Housing Authority where the criminal stood and masturbated And it was stated that other passengers went to inform the security guard that someone was masturbating, but the security guard did not come to take action. Until the said violation occurred on May 7, 2024, Mr. Sumit Srisantitham, Director of Operations of Bangkok Mass Transit System Company Limited, explained that in fact BTS security guards had gone to the point. It happened quickly. After receiving notification from a passenger at 9:38 a.m. that a man could be described as He lost consciousness because he had taken drugs, and the security
guard followed safety principles, notified the station master and went to the scene of the incident, and at 9:38:33 a.m., a passenger was molested. Officials quickly arrived at the scene in no more than 53 seconds and stopped the escalator. The assailant fled and security guards and employees took the victim to the first aid room. and the police were notified The police arrived at the scene around 9:58 a.m. and BTS handed over the CCTV images to the police as evidence to quickly track down the culprit. At 10:16 a.m., the victim went to report the crime at the police station. And the police caught up with the culprit in no time. and there was a press conference at 4:00 p.m. on the same day.

with BTS confirming that Rehearsals have been carried out to take care of passengers all along. And this case is considered to be processed quickly. Having CCTV cameras helps deter criminals. and quickly arrest the criminals But in this case, the criminal is not normal. Lack of awareness and causing a crime in an area that
is not a secluded place The BTS has 4,500 CCTV cameras in 60 stations on the Green-Gold Line. There are security centers at Ratchadamri and Station 5, Lat Phrao Intersection, with officers constantly watching CCTV. There are security guards taking care of both the boarding and descending sides and the platform. Therefore, the incident can be quickly suppressed.

‘In terms of news that says there has been notification The security guard was concerned about the person sliding the worm and the security guard didn’t go to deal with it. It is considered inconsistent with the facts. Because after informing The security guard arrived at the scene in less than 1 minute and quickly coordinated with the police. CCTV images were provided and the culprit was caught in no time. We want passengers to be confident in our service. We have CCTV cameras to help track down culprits and security guards are constantly practicing. We try our best. In this case, normal people definitely wouldn’t do it. Do it in an area that shouldn
‘t be done. If incidents occur in other areas that do not have CCTV cameras The officials probably would not have been able to quickly arrest the culprit. In this matter, BTS gave importance to the camera. And in the past, it has been able to help passengers in many matters, including tracking people. Tracking down lost items at the station,’ Mr. Sumit said.

For Timeline of events according to CCTV time

09.38 a.m. (17 seconds) A female security guard was informed that a female passenger saw a man in black doing an obscene act near the escalator, so she informed the station master’s room (SS).

9:39 a.m. (56 seconds) SS stopped the escalator. and ran down the stairs to follow the culprit

but couldn’t find him

9:40 a.m. SS returned to the escalator area and notified the CCR (train control room) of the police. and clear the area

9:43 a.m. Station Officer (Asts) takes the victim to the SS infirmary to check the CCTV at the SCR room.

9:58 a.m. Police officers arrived at the SS station and took them into the
hospital room to meet the victim. During this time, the SS sent a clip to the police inside the First Aid room.

10:16 a.m. The police along with the victim left the station.

Source: Thai News Agency

Government Savings Bank forgives the debt of an additional 90,000 people to help NPLs debtors.

Bangkok,, Government Savings Bank forgives the debt of an additional 90,000 people, helping NPLs borrowers with COVID-19 loans in accordance with government policy. In just 3 months, over 720,000 debts have been forgiven.

Mr. Withai Rattanakorn, Director of Government Savings Bank, revealed that after the Prime Minister Assigning the Government Savings Bank to assist loan project debtors. To provide expenses for self-employed people affected by COVID-19, groups that have been severely affected and are still unable to recover and repay their debts. Until it has become a status of bad debt or NPLs, which the Cabinet resolved to hasten to help debtors in this group to escape from the status of NPLs in order to prevent the debtors from losing their credit history. and can also access money sources in the system in the future

The bank will use the budget to compensate for damages from bad debts allocated by the government for the said loan project. Used to pay debts on behalf of debtors Which has been in operat
ion since the 1st quarter of 2024, the bank has recently taken additional action on more than 90,000 cases, making it possible to help more than 720,000 debtors within a period of 3 months since the start of the measure. It is expected that in the 4th quarter of 2024 it will be able to help debtors. An additional number of more than 100,000 was added when additional budget allocation was received from the government.

Incidentally, the measures to assist debtors with NPLs status of the loan project for expenses for self-employed persons affected by COVID-19 are in accordance with the Cabinet resolution on December 19, 2023, which is assistance that is carried out only once. To prevent losing financial discipline The government has a policy to push for solving debt problems for all groups of people to be successful and sustainable as a national agenda.

Source: Thai News Agency

Minister of EDS rushes to crack down on online crimes after the number of arrests has increased many times.

House of Representatives, “Minister Prasert” rushes to suppress online crimes and horse accounts after the number of arrests has increased several times. Press the accelerator pedal hard. According to the orders of the Prime Minister

Mrs. Radklao Inthawong Suwankiri, Deputy Spokesperson for the Office of the Prime Minister Revealed that the Cabinet meeting acknowledged the results of the suppression of online crimes. Especially online gambling and call center gangs, according to Cabinet resolutions and orders from the Prime Minister, during the 30 days 1-30 April 2024, suppression and arrest of all types of online crimes increased 2.7 times, from the original 2,430 people per month to 6,624 people. Per month, arrests for online gambling cases increased by 3.1, from 1,174 people per month to 3,667 people per month. Closing of illegal websites and gambling websites increased 18 times, with illegal websites from 893 pages, baht increased to 16,158 pages / gambling websites increased. 38.8 remained the same, 16
8 pages increased to 6,515 pages with important arrests such as DSI announced the arrest of a large online gambling website with a working capital of more than 2,000 million baht. The Royal Thai Police raided the accounts of legal entities totaling more than 1,000 million baht in damages, etc.

Mrs. Radklao also stated that the Ministry of Digital Technology and the Royal Thai Police Coordinating efforts to resolve horse accounts, hasten to freeze and cut money transfers has suspended more than 700,000 accounts. Coordinated to suspend more than 800,000 suspicious horse SIM numbers. Numbers dialed more than 100 times per day have been suspended. 36,641 numbers have been suspended. However, holders Owns more than 100 SIM cards. The report is due to the authorities on February 14, 2024. In the past, 2.5 million numbers/numbers have been verified. In the process of suspending another 2.5 million numbers whose identities have not been verified.

‘Ministry of Digital Economy and Society There are still important me
asures in the next period, which Mr. Prasert Chandraruangthong, Minister of Digital Economy and Society There is a press conference scheduled for tomorrow (May 9) at 11:30 a.m. at Naree Samoson Building, Government House. To explain the plan to push for various additional measures,’ said the Deputy Spokesperson.

Source: Thai News Agency