SET in the City 2024 brings together investors to create opportunities in the stock market.

Bangkok, The Stock Exchange invites you to participate in the SET in the City 2024 event, bringing together investors to create opportunities in the stock market. Chairman of the Stock Exchange Board Advising the new generation to pay attention to investing Long-term savings, emphasizing 6 months to 1 year, intensive stock market supervision measures

Mr. Kitipong Urapeepattanapong Chairman of the Board of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), along with Mr. Phakorn Peetathawatchai, Director and Manager of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. and the executive team joined in opening the SET in the City 2024 event, this year organized with the theme ‘Look for opportunities in the stock market. Choose to invest to create a growing portfolio,’ therefore wanting to encourage the new generation Accumulate long-term savings today. Because Thai society has problems Retired and have no savings. No money to spend in old age

Therefore, investing through mutual funds or investing through various channels, the new generatio
n must practice training at the Stock Exchange Therefore, we want to promote financial knowledge from childhood, saving money, investing. In the past, children in the past deposited money into savings banks. Children these days have to deposit with mutual funds. Government Debt Fund Keep collecting continuously. Therefore, we are preparing to propose to the government to encourage saving through the fund. same as japan Accumulate for health Collect for your children When due, sell investment units with tax deduction rights. Saving money is therefore important.

Mr. Kitipong added that Investing in the Thai stock market now requires raising the level of listed companies. Because the company is good Lots of potential Because income has grown more than expected, many companies, such as travel groups, food groups, and integrated doctors, must continue to disseminate this information to investors. Or stocks whose prices are lower than their true potential, there are a lot of high dividend stocks. Investors should
pay more attention to speculative stocks based on rumors. Because stocks with good fundamentals have low risk.

foreign investors Waiting to see Thailand and concerned about political uncertainty If many factors are clear Foreigners will return to invest. Therefore, it is considered that the new manager of the Stock Exchange will come to work in the next 1-2 months. To continue building confidence in the capital market To cooperate with all relevant agencies both speeding up important cases Stock market corruption Keeping an eye on abnormalities and send information to relevant agencies for management quickly, 6 months to 1 year, measures to take care of the Thai stock market will be more concentrated To build confidence in the Thai capital market

Ms. Rinjai Chakornpipat, deputy manager of the Stock Exchange, said that although the investment situation is not in an uptrend period, But investors can create opportunities in their own investment portfolios. To invest in dividend stocks Stocks underpriced in the
stock exchange There are also various products such as DR-DRX to invest in famous stocks on international stock markets. By knowledge in every aspect Come be included in the SET in the City 2024 event this Saturday-Sunday from 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. on the 5th floor, Samyan Mitr Town Hall. (Easy to travel with MRT Samyan Station) Come to one event, complete with investment matters. Many options, including Thai stocks, foreign stocks, mutual funds, TFEX, and Digital Token, increase investment knowledge.

With many special promotions under the theme ‘Find opportunities in the stock market Build your investment portfolio to grow’ inviting you to update investment trends from experts. Packed with activities, meet 50 gurus, 50 seminars, 50 booths from securities companies, mutual funds companies and the stock exchange group. that are ready to give advice and plan investments immediately within the event, such as a session to break the wall of thinking to win a million, create a Growth Mindset, what kind of investm
ent to make the portfolio grow/’Passive Income: Invest in a way that creates income.

‘Scan mutual funds, popular trends, top charts,’ Showcase stage, demonstrating trading tools Increase the opportunity to make a profit with 24 brokers. There is a workshop on tools for trading including trading in TFEX – gold – tools to help select stocks / can’t miss SET in the City 2024 this Saturday-Sunday.

Source: Thai News Agency

BAAC opens loan applications via BAAC Mobile LINE Official : BAAC Family

Bangkok, BAAC opens loan applications through BAAC Mobile LINE Official : BAAC Family and the BAAC website starting 17 June.

BAAC adds a service channel to register for loans in various projects by yourself through the BAAC Mobile LINE Official system: BAAC Family and the BAAC website, answering modern financial needs. Ready to launch the money bag lottery deposit service, 100 baht per unit, with a chance to win 100,000 baht, 900 prizes every month. Starting from June 17th onwards.

Mr. Chatchai Sirilai, Manager of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), revealed that BAAC has developed a Digital Service system where customers can access to withdraw, transfer, top up, pay, buy lottery tickets, and check BAAC lottery tickets. Checking account information, deposits, and loans is easy, convenient, and fast, which responds to lifestyles in the digital age. Ready to facilitate loan applications in various projects, such as Kasetsukjai cards, occupational rehabilitation loans for debt repay
ment customers. payday loan Loan for you Loans for developing water resources for agriculture to support drought situations Loans for emergency expenses for farmers affected by natural disasters, disasters, and loans for the bioeconomy (Bio Economy Credit), etc., through applications via BAAC Mobile LINE Official: BAAC Family and the BAAC website as well. yourself from June 17, 2024 onwards

Those registering for loans must be individuals aged 20 years and above. or are a loan customer Bank deposit customers and must not be bankrupt If a customer is found to be bankrupt, he/she will not be able to express his/her intention to apply for a loan through this system. Customers can register and fill out loan application information completely using the above channels. which has been successfully registered The system will send the customer’s desired loan request to the appointment system. for branch loan staff to contact to make a contract In the event that registration is not successful Customers can contact to a
pply for a loan at a branch near you. Or contact for more details at Call Center 0 2555 0555

To meet the needs of providing services through the digital system, BAAC is still accepting lottery deposits. BAAC money bag set, 100 baht per unit, total credit limit 100,000 million baht, with a chance to win a prize worth 100,000 baht, 900 prizes every month, a total of 36 times, and a special prize of 1 million baht every year, total prize value 3,243 million baht, deposit 3 year, receive interest immediately at 1.90 baht per unit, open through the BAAC Mobile application from 17 June .

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The government is ready to support equal marriage along with tourism in secondary cities.

Nonthaburi, The government moves forward to support equal marriage. Along with developing tourist attractions in secondary cities Hoping to increase money into the country, join in celebrating Pride Month to grow the economy in every aspect.

Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, said: After the government joined forces with the public and private sectors to celebrate Pride Month to attract quality LGBTQIAN+ tourists throughout the month of June. This will help increase the ability to compete in trade. Opportunity to expand business for SME entrepreneurs and create additional trade value by using soft power as well. Recently received a report from Mr. Poonphong Naiyanaphakorn, Director of the Office of Trade Policy and Strategy ( Ministry of Commerce has analyzed the Pride Month event that will help support the growth of tourism and trade businesses. and achieving the goal of being the tourism center of the region (Tourism Hub) under the IGNITE TOURISM THAILAND policy

government has plans to distribute tourism to 55 provinces, “Cities to Visit” that have the potential to enhance economic development through being a center for organizing world-class events. Organizing the Pride Month festival will help promote the image of being a tourism destination. It is friendly to consumers in the LGBTQIAN+ group (Pride Friendly Destination), both Thai and foreign, which tends to increase in number and is a group of consumers with high purchasing power. And according to market research firm Ipsos, which surveyed 22,514 people from 30 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia from February to March 2023, 9 percent of the world’s adult population identifies as diverse. sexually and 9 percent of the Thai population also self-identifies as having sexual diversity. However, even though the number of people with sexual diversity

At present, there may not be a small proportion. But it is estimated that people in Gen Z (born after 1997) are more likely to self-identify as gender diverse than
the Millennial, Gen can help promote the Thai economy. In addition, a survey by LGBT Capital, a financial consulting company, found that in 2023, LGBT people around the world have purchasing power of up to 4.7 trillion US dollars. Meanwhile, the LGBT group in Thailand has purchasing power of 26 billion US dollars.

In addition, organizing events also helps generate income for related businesses. Especially the event organizing business Food service business Food and beverage business Through organizing activities within the celebration such as organizing product exhibitions Fashion show, food and beverage sales at the event, including hotel business and transportation service business. Those providing services to support event attendees also benefit. and help distribute income to local communities Thailand began organizing Pride Month celebrations for the first time in 1999, and now the events are widely held in various provinces such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Chonburi, resulting in the distribution of inco
me to communities in every region. Generate income from tourism and selling products and services to local areas. In 2024, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) expects that there will be more than 860,000 people attending Pride Month events, which can create economic circulation of not less than 4,500 million baht

This is to support Thailand’s readiness to host World Pride 2030 and gain maximum economic benefit. Must continue to promote social equality. To demonstrate the acceptance and treatment of persons with diverse genders in an equitable and sustainable manner. Through creating an ecosystem ready to host events Especially the development and upgrading of Thai service businesses to meet standards. To impress and provide a good experience for tourists, including using Thai soft power to attract and design Thai events to stand out. along with the sale of Thai products and services As well as promoting businesses related to entertainment and recreation, such as Thai Y-series and Yuri series that have be
en accepted by foreign markets. To be another way to show openness It is also a voice for creating knowledge and understanding on the issue of promoting equality for people with diverse genders, which goes hand in hand with pushing community products and services to the world market. And the government moves forward and pushes for the Equal Marriage Act to be successful as well.

Source: Thai News Agency

Thai stocks closed this morning down 0.37 points.

Bangkok, Stock Exchange of Thailand Closed this morning at 1,315.73 points, down 0.37 points (0.03%), trading value approximately 26,010.46 million baht.

Morning trading The index fluctuates, waiting to see many factors. The lowest level was 1,311.04 points and the highest level was 1,320.51 points.

Source: Thai News Agency

BOI joins hands with HSBC Create investment opportunities in Thailand

Bangkok, BOI and HSBC Thailand announces strategic cooperation to create investment opportunities in Thailand, pushing Thailand to be an investment center in the ASEAN region.

The Board of Investment (BOI) and HSBC Thailand signed a memorandum of understanding to push Thailand towards an investment hub in Southeast Asia. and promote foreign direct investment (FDI) to strengthen the capabilities of both organizations. Through comprehensive investment consulting in Thailand along with HSBC’s digital financial platform Come help facilitate foreign investors’ access to investment opportunities and business expansion in Thailand.

Mr. Narit Theodsatheerasak Secretary-General of the Board of Investment (BOI) said that Thailand is considered one of the most outstanding countries in the ASEAN region. With potential and readiness in many areas that facilitate investment. Both in terms of good infrastructure Personnel with expertise and advanced skills Including proactive support measures from the government. This is
considered a factor that helps attract foreign investment. In the past, the government and BOI have moved forward with measures to promote investment in various fields. Including continuous investment inducement activities This has resulted in significant investment in important projects by large foreign companies. In the past year 2023, Thailand recorded the highest investment figures in 9 years, with the value of investment promotion applications exceeding 848,000 baht. million baht, growing 43 percent compared to the same period last year. It is foreign direct investment (FDI) of more than 663 billion baht, an increase of more than 72 percent. The BOI believes that the flow of foreign investment will continue to grow. In the first quarter of 2024, there were a number of applications for investment promotion. 724 projects, an increase of 94 percent, total investment value of 228,207 million baht, an increase of 31 percent compared to the same period of 2023, reflecting the confidence of foreign investors in
Thailand. The BOI is confident that signing an alliance with HSBC this time will enhance its ability to reach, understand and be able to coordinate with foreign investors. To accelerate attracting more investment into Thailand in the future. Through this partnership, HSBC will leverage its global network of business clients. and insights about investing in Thailand. In addition, HSBC will organize roadshow activities in key markets such as China, Hong Kong, India, Saudi Arabia, ASEAN, Europe and the United Kingdom, among others, to promote the country as a regional investment hub.

The cooperation between the BOI and HSBC will be a part of helping to drive foreign investment. Especially in the current situation where large global companies have a desire to expand their business and look for new opportunities, today ASEAN is considered an outstanding region. And Thailand is one of the ASEAN countries that is suitable to be a new investment base for the global market. BOI is confident that HSBC’s global network
It will help strengthen and accelerate investment in 5 industrial groups according to BOI’s strategy: electric vehicles, semiconductors, digital, bio-industry and clean energy. and support the establishment of regional offices in Thailand To expand access to a wider group of investors The BOI and HSBC will work closely together to drive investment through various activities to achieve jointly set goals.

Mr. Narit also mentioned Japanese car manufacturers. ‘Subaru-Suzuki’ withdrew investment in Thailand and announced the closure of the factory and discontinued production, saying that as of today, Thailand is still the source of investment in the automotive industry and attracts investment in the EV industry the most in the ASEAN region. The government will transition to the electric vehicle industry, where 5 years ago Japanese automakers invested 20 billion baht in Thailand and in the next 5 years there will be approximately 150,000 Japanese investments in Thailand. million baht and will invest in hybrid cars
and EVs. In addition, Chinese electric car manufacturing companies have already come to invest in Thailand, such as BYD, Great Wall Motors and Chang An by BYD and Chang An We will begin producing electric cars in Thailand next year. From this investment, we can see that Thailand is still a source of automobile investment in the ASEAN region. both car parts and electric car batteries This year, two more companies will invest in producing electric vehicle batteries. It is expected that there will be investment in the electric vehicle industry. Up to 800 billion baht in automobile parts and electric vehicle batteries has requested investment approval from the BOI. The approved projects will be invested within 1-3 years.

Mr. Giorgio Gamba, Chief Executive Officer HSBC Thailand said Thailand is one of the key markets in which international businesses want to invest. HSBC Global Connections research indicates that 37 percent of the companies in the sample currently have operations in Thailand. This skilled workfor
ce is a factor that makes Thailand an attractive market. This is followed by a growing digital economy and middle-income population. Moreover, Thailand has long been an important manufacturing base for the region. and remains an important part of the world’s supply chain. Thailand is currently the largest automotive producer in ASEAN. The production amount accounts for 50 percent of all countries in the region. As a result, Thailand is a potential destination for large-scale investment from major economies in the region and around the world. Especially the electric vehicle (EV) industry

for HSBC is one of the largest international banks in the world. which operates in 62 countries and territories and is Thailand’s first commercial bank with more than 135 years of experience in doing business in Thailand. We therefore believe in the organization’s potential to connect Thailand with investors around the world. Through offering comprehensive financial solutions and an innovation platform for digital finance, th
e Bank is ready to support the BOI in various roadshow activities and develop new trade and investment cooperation, especially in target industries such as intelligent electronics and the digital economy

The HSBC report also points out that 18% of international businesses that do not currently operate in Thailand plan to expand into Thailand within the next two years, reflecting that Thailand remains a market that investors around the world are interested in and see as having potential. Being the investment center of the region.-

Source: Thai News Agency

SET organizes SET in the City 2024 on 15-16 June 2024.

Bangkok, SET organizes SET in the City 2024, packed with financial and investment knowledge from experienced gurus, 50 seminars and workshops. Upgrade your investment skills 15-16 June at Samyan Mitrtown.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) organized the event SET in the City 2024 ‘Find opportunities in the stock market. Build your investment portfolio to grow,’ a comprehensive investment event of the year. Suitable for both beginners and professionals. Meet 50 seminars, investment workshops. In-depth and to the point, listen to perspectives from 50 leading speakers as well as 50 booths from brokers, asset management companies and experts who will come to provide investment services.

Saturday, June 15th, invite newbies to learn before investing with a seminar on the topic ‘Money Mindset: Prepare before investing’ by Omsiri Weerakul and Ken, Money Buffalo page and Session for newbies by aom money 2, topic ‘Breaking the wall of thinking Conquer a Million’ and ‘Create a Growth Mindset: What kind of investmen
ts should you make to make your portfolio grow?’ In addition, learn ‘Passive Income: Investing to create parallel income’ with Mayuree Chovikrant, Yuanta Securities (Thailand), etc.

Sunday, June 16, invites beginners and professionals to learn how to invest in Thai stocks, foreign stocks, and TFEX, along with organizing portfolios to diversify risk. with a seminar topic ‘Looking at the opportunities of the Thai stock market’ by Pichet Sithi-Amnuay, President of the Thai Securities Companies Association and Paiboon Nalintarangkun, President of the Investment Analysts Association, and a special session by ‘Thuntun Man’ ‘Thai Top Theme: Focusing on Thai stocks, which groups go Continued’ by Sianmi Tiwa, Mr. Bom Sorraphol, Kasikorn Securities, along with Fund Managers and top securities analysts. There is also a topic: ‘Create opportunities to make profits in foreign stocks’ and the topic ‘Organize your portfolio, create profits, and diversify risk.’ gold’ etc.

Throughout the 2 days, investors also encountered
the Showcase stage, demonstrating trading tools, along with a workshop on tools for trading, including trading in TFEX – gold – tools to help select stocks. online investing app Including the launch of the AomWise application for saving and investing for the new generation along with demonstrations for trial use at the event. Open the concept of creating a portfolio Ready to receive investment advice and planning at the booth from securities companies, mutual funds and the stock exchange group. The event will be held on 15-16 June 2024 from 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. at Samyan Mitrtown Hall, 5th floor, Samyan Mitrtown. Register in advance and receive it for free! #investnow bag at

While DBS Vickers Securities (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or DBSV attended the SET in the city 2024 event on 15-16 June 2024 at Samyan Mitrtown Hall, 5th floor, by Mr. Wichanon Wongchaikhanakorn, Senior Director of the Digital Business Department, said that at the SET in the city 2024 event, the company provid
es foreign securities trading services via mobile phone “DBSV mTrading Thailand”. Customers can invest in up to 9 markets in 7 markets. Countries include Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, America, Canada and England. Designed for all investors. There is a special promotion at the event. Those who open a trading account will have a Gift Voucher with souvenirs given to them.

‘So that you don’t miss it. Every important moment of investing in the world market and trade with confidence Worry-free with information and complete investment assistance tools, both technical and fundamental In-depth information, target prices, along with analyst opinions (consensus) from analysts around the world. and many other services,’ Mr. Wichanon said.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand has continuously organized the SET in the City event. To provide knowledge and information on investment products that investors can apply to meet their future financial goals. This year’s SET in the City is organized under the theme ‘Look for
opportunities in the stock market. Build an investment portfolio to grow.’ What will the investment trend be like in the second half of the year? Updated investment trends from experts Many investment options, including Thai stocks, foreign stocks, TFEX mutual funds, and Digital Tokens.

The event will be held on Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of June from 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. at Samyan Mitr Town Hall, 5th floor, Samyan Mitr Town. Over the course of 2 days, there will be 50 seminars and workshops for both beginners and beginners. and pro Complete with investment options and tools, listen to perspectives from 50 leading speakers and gurus as well as 50 booths from securities companies, mutual funds companies and the stock exchange group. that will give advice and investment planning

Source: Thai News Agency

The MPC is expected to maintain interest rates at 2.50% today with a non-unanimous vote.

Bangkok, The MPC is expected to maintain the interest rate at 2.50% today with a non-unanimous vote. Analysts point out that even if interest rates are cut, it will not hurt the economy. Because the main problem arises from the structure of the Thai economy. Chinese products hit the market Factories gradually closed

Mr. Poon Panitchpibun, money market strategist, Krungthai GLOBAL MARKETS, Krung Thai Bank, revealed that the baht opened this morning at 36.72 baht/dollar, slightly stronger from closing the previous day at 36.75 baht/dollar last night. The baht moved sideways in line with the directionless movement of the US dollar. Including the price of gold Because market players are waiting to learn more new factors. Especially the US inflation rate. And the results of the Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting are expected to be at the level of 36.60-36.80 baht/dollar in the period before the market gradually receives important US data reports. and the results of the Fed’s FOMC meeting

As for domestic factors, tod
ay the market will wait to see the results of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting, with the view that the MPC will maintain interest rates at 2.50% with a unanimous 5-2 vote and that the market will Pay attention to your perspective. MPC on economic outlook (Will there be further adjustments to economic forecasts?) and signaling the outlook for monetary policy. In addition to the above factors Political issues, such as the consideration of the dissolution of the Progressive Party It is another factor that the market is keeping an eye on as well.

‘If the MPC signals readiness to reduce interest rates or surprise the market By reducing interest rates (Seeing that the chance of this happening is very low), it may not be difficult to pressure the fluctuating baht to depreciate,’ Mr. Poon said.

Mr. Thawatchai Assawapornchai, Deputy Managing Director Securities Analysis Department of ASL Securities stated that most markets expect that both the Fed and the MPC will cut interest rates only once this year. I
n the second half of the year, the MPC will not reduce interest rates today. which is an overview of the board’s consideration The MPC will look at inflation. Maintaining stability of the baht Not depreciating too much Including the Thai economy expanding below its potential. Which at the moment is a structural problem. income inequality Relocation of various factories leaving Thailand, import-export, and products from China entering the market. By this issue If interest rates are reduced, it is not a direct solution to the problem. Overall, the stock market declined apart from foreign economic problems. Political problems There is also the effect of economic signals that miss the target. This year it is still expected that Thai GDP will expand by 2.6 percent.

Source: Thai News Agency

BoT orders UOB to expedite resolution of customer data transfer problem from Citibank

Bangkok, The BoT orders UOB to expedite solutions to the problem of transferring customer data from Citibank, canceling the payment apportionment system. By the end of June, contact center employees will be added.

Miss Suwanee Jesadasak, Assistant Governor Financial Institution Supervision Line The Bank of Thailand (BOT) revealed that the BoT has instructed UOB to closely follow up on progress in resolving problems that arose after the data transfer from Citibank and urged UOB to expedite. Solve problems that occur Both in terms of providing contact center services that are difficult to contact. Problems from using the UOB TMRW App and problems from the automatic payment allocation system of UOB Bank. The bank has hastened to correct this by canceling the payment apportionment system. By the end of June, customers will be able to choose to pay the balance on each card according to their needs. As for the interest incurred from this problem, the bank will waive it for customers. Customers therefore do not ne
ed to take any action. UOB has already started communicating the cancellation of the said system on the bank’s social media platform. and will gradually send direct messages to customers via SMS.

As for the case of the UOB contact center that is difficult to contact, The bank has greatly increased the number of employees. To answer questions and recommend solutions to problems for customers through various channels, the BoT holds weekly meetings to follow up on progress with the bank.

However, if customers still encounter problems, they can file a complaint through the UOB contact center. Or make a complaint through the BoT at number 1213.

Source: Thai News Agency