“Maris” expresses his condolences to the family of the deceased.

“Maris” Minister of Foreign Affairs Express condolences to the family of the deceased. From the incident of Singapore Airlines falling into turbulence, ready to help the injured

Mr. Maris Sengiamphong, Minister of Foreign Affairs Post about the event Singapore Airlines said it is ready to provide all necessary assistance and coordination to the injured and affected people. I would like to express my condolences to the family of the deceased.

Source: Thia News Agency

The cumulative number of applicants in 3 days has exceeded 20,000 people.

Bangkok, Applying for Senate today, 9,434 people skyrocketed, making the cumulative total of 20,683 people in 3 days. Applications are still open for another 2 days, until 24 May.

Reporters reported that The total number of applications for selection to be senators in 2024 or senators nationwide has been accumulated up to today (22 May 2024), a total of 20,683 people over 3 days. Today is the 3rd day of applications. Even though it is the Visakha Bucha holiday But there are 9,434 people interested in applying. There will be applications for another 2 days until Friday, May 24.

Source: Thia News Agency

“Santana” submitted documents to apply for Senate in Pathumwan District.

Bangkok, Day 3 of recruitment for Pathumwan district senator, not lively, found “Santana” submitting documents in the afternoon, while the district director revealed that everything was complete. No complaints

The atmosphere of those coming to apply for Senate in Pathumwan District found that there were not many applicants gradually traveling in to apply. The first applicant arrived around 10:00 a.m. from the inquiry. Tell me that It takes about an hour and a half to apply. Due to a problem with the system Filling in overlapping characters This caused the officials to take a considerable amount of time to solve the problem. But there are enough staff to provide services.

While in the afternoon it was found that Mr. Santhana Prayoonrat, former Special Branch police officer Come to submit an application for Senate at the Pathumwan District Office. It takes approximately 1 hour.

Ms. Sukwichaya Nasomsong, Director of Pathumwan District, revealed that the atmosphere on the 3rd day of the application for senato
rs. Things went smoothly at the Pathumwan District Office. Interested people are gradually coming to apply. and found that some applicants did not have complete qualifications According to the regulations set by the Election Commission, there are still 2 days left to submit a new application. Admissions system section At this time, no problems have been found. Including risky actions that violate the rules and regulations of the Election Commission, the district office will notify the applicant. So that everyone can understand At this time, we have not found any complaints.

Pathumwan District Director It is also stated that during the last 2 days of the opening of applications for Senators at the district level, the places have been prepared for those who will apply, and he emphasizes that he asks those who will apply to check the qualifications of the documents. complete To prevent documents from being dropped. causing loss of opportunity for recruitment.

Source: Thia News Agency

The Prime Minister wears loincloths Show off Japanese people

Japan, The Prime Minister wears a loincloth. Showing off to Japanese people before the 29th Nikkei Forum Future of Asia meeting

Reporters reported that after Prime Minister Settha Thavisin arrived in Tokyo, Japan. To prepare to attend the meeting on the same evening at local time, which is approximately 2 hours ahead of Thailand.

The Prime Minister came out to take a walk to relax in front of the hotel. Near Ginza area Before performing the mission to participate in the 29th Nikkei Forum Future of Asia meeting by the Prime Minister Wear a shirt cut from colorful loincloth. From the Arts and Crafts Promotion Foundation

The Prime Minister then posted a message via the X application saying, ‘Arrived in Tokyo. After preparing for tomorrow’s event that will meet many private sectors including Mitsui and Co, Ajinomoto, Nidec Corporation, Sony and MUFG and SoftBank. So I walked around the hotel for exercise. And don’t forget to wear a colorful loincloth shirt. From the Arts and Crafts Promotion Foundation Come s
how off to the Japanese people as well.’.

Source: Thia News Agency

Prime Minister arrives in Japan to prepare for Nikkei Forum Future of Asia meeting

Japan, The Prime Minister has arrived in Japan. Prepare to attend the 29th Nikkei Forum Future of Asia meeting.

Today, 22 May 2024 at 11:50 a.m. (Tokyo time which is 2 hours earlier than the time in Bangkok) Mr. Settha Thavisin arrived at Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan. After completing his mission in Rome Republic of Italy on 21 May.

with Mr. Komura Masahiro (Mr. KOMURA Masahiro), Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan and Ms. KUGA Yuriko, Director of the Southeast Asia Division, welcomed

The Prime Minister then departed from Haneda Airport. Go to the hotel at The Peninsula Tokyo before going on a mission to attend the 29th Nikkei Forum Future of Asia meeting between 22-24 May in Tokyo, Japan.

Source: Thia News Agency

The Prime Minister announces the first meeting of the Economic Cabinet this Monday.

Japan, The Prime Minister reveals that this Monday he will prepare for the first meeting of the Economic Cabinet to push up GDP, worried about the economic recession. Said I’m tired from working. But it’s okay, do it for your children’s future.

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, gave an interview to the media after completing his mission to visit Europe. (France-Italy) that on Monday, May 27, there will be a meeting of the Economic Cabinet. which will call the minister and relevant agencies Let’s talk around 4:00 p.m. without calling anyone to complain. But it will be a discussion to find measures. or various ideas that must be made from policy matters and money diversion through the Comptroller General’s Department international law matters To sit and solve problems together because of the GDP numbers that the National Economic and Social Development Council The numbers were released in the first quarter of 2024, expanding only 1.5 percent, which is the lowest in ASEAN.

When asked what was intended in t
he 4th quarter, Will digital wallets reach the hands of the people? Is it expected that GDP will grow? The Prime Minister said that there might be a part, but he can’t wait that far. Must start work first As they say, GDP is 1.5% if there is no tourism-related service sector to help. We will fall into a technical recession. This is worrisome. And there are many other issues including credit cards, bad debt, and household debt.

There will be short-term projects coming out. To stimulate the economy or not? The Prime Minister said that this is the origin of the economic Cabinet meeting. which must sit and talk And he has told everyone that when he comes he has information. And come with an open mind. along with ideas It was not given in order to tell what to do. But this meeting will definitely not have any surprise projects. But from now on there will be meetings every week. There are also small group meetings. which he would like to hear everyone’s opinions There will be an international trade sector, an agri
cultural sector, a legal sector, an agricultural sector, and a policy sector, which must be listened to by everyone. and there will probably be a conclusion.

When asked if he was tired from having to carry the hopes of Thai people throughout the country, the Prime Minister immediately said, “No, I’m not tired. I’m full.”

The Prime Minister also said that after returning from abroad this time on both Saturday, May 25th and Sunday, May 26th, he will visit the area. Follow various projects in Bangkok and nearby provinces Ready to admit that hard work If I don’t get a rest, I’m worried about my own health as well. But that’s okay because it’s for the future of future generations. Go.

Source: Thia News Agency

Academics flock to apply for Senate in Phra Nakhon District

Phra Nakhon District Office, Academics flock to apply for Senate for Director of Phra Nakhon District. Confident that there will be no problems. The reason for the system crash has been fixed. Advise those interested to apply before the last day. Point out that if documents are incomplete, they will be corrected in time.

The atmosphere of recruiting Senate candidates on the 3rd day in Phra Nakhon District. Since 8:30 a.m., applicants have been gradually arriving to submit applications. One of them is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nanthana Nanthawaropas, Dean of the College of Political Communication. Krirk University Candidates in group 17, media group who have arrived since applications opened

By briefly revealing But he did not give an interview to the media saying that at first he thought the admissions system would be delayed. Because from following the news presentation, it was found that on the first day the system crashed. and each applicant It took up to 2 hours to apply, which made me rush from the time applic
ations opened. But today’s applications are fast. and the system does not crash It takes only 40 minutes to apply. During the application, officials will bring a handbook informing what applicants can or cannot do.? Ready to admit that I feel quite tense. Most of the applicants coming today are academics.

Mr. Koson Singhanat, Director (Director), Phra Nakhon District, said that in the past 2 days, including today, there has been continued recruitment. which in Phra Nakhon District Ready to support all applicants As for past problems on the first day, it was found to be a system problem. The corrections were made quickly and completed within the day. Since that day, there have been no problems with the system at all. Other problems have not yet appeared.

When asked how the last two days will accommodate applicants if there are a large number of people applying, Mr. Koson said that he must be honest that the Phra Nakhon District is ready. The district has people helping applicants. There is a format for check
ing applicants’ documents. adequately supported Including municipal officials facilitating vulnerable groups.

The Phra Nakhon District Director also said that from past applications there were 48 people. As for those who actually applied, It continues to travel. It is expected that on the last day of application there will be many applicants. Therefore, it is recommended that in applying There will be many different documents. I would like you to come and apply before the last day. To find incomplete documents, you can go back and edit them. But if you apply on May 24, which is the last day This may cause the documents to be incomplete and unable to apply.

Meanwhile, there are reports that this afternoon, there are reports that Mr. Santhana Prayoonrat will travel to apply for Senate at the Pathumwan District Office. Around 1:30 p.m.

Source: Thia News Agency