The students made a statement protesting that there was none. “Sacrifice Cult” – Revealing the case of the embezzlement of 13 million baht in temple assets.

In the case of a young woman coming forward to complain that she had been lured. “The Cult of Consecration” Recently, the disciples of former monks came out to issue a statement, insisting that there had never been any teaching in such a way Revealing the case of misappropriation of temple assets worth more than 13 million baht and explaining the timeline in detail.

Mr. Kitpat, a former monk’s student At a monastery in Phetchabun Province which was the subject of a scandal. Deceives a young woman and her husband ‘Consecrationism’ lures people into having sex. Claimed to renew one’s destiny and attain the highest level of Dhamma. Along with Mr. Neti, a lawyer, he opened a press conference to explain the facts that had happened. By tracing the timeline of the husband and wife who complained. On entering the monastery’s residence and came to take care of the sale of sacred objects of the temple Do business and have benefits together with the monastic residence. leading to being sued for embezzlement Both crimi
nal and civil cases, 2 cases, worth more than 13 million baht in damages.

Explain the timeline in detail. Claiming to have embezzled 13 million in temple assets

– year 2010. Initially, the woman who complained was the boyfriend of Mr. P., who was a temple employee. Responsible for taking care of the shop that sells sacred objects The woman who complained then came to help Mr. P. until they became close. gain trust It’s like being an adopted child of a monk

. -In 2011, the woman who asked to leave Mr. P. and took over the business of selling sacred objects at the monastery’s residence instead of Mr. P. became an important player in the monastery in making important decisions.

-In the same year, the husband of the woman who complained Entering the monk’s residence At this time he was still a student. study at university Then later invited another male friend to come into the monk’s residence as well

– Year 2012, the woman who complained, her husband and her husband’s friend They were very close. Together t
hey take care of the management of the sacred object sales business of the monks’ residence. Including taking care of the three mothers, the woman who complained was trusted by the monks. You can use the monk’s mobile phone. Be the representative of the monks in coordinating all contacts. There was a transfer of money for buying and selling sacred objects into the account of the woman who complained.

-Then the complaining woman, her husband and her husband’s friends He began to have problems with the students and those in the monastery residence. In which the sacred objects were withdrawn to be sold and the money was not given to the monks’ shelter. They also brought the things of their ancestors. and teachers Items of the monks were taken and not returned.

– Year 2022, the woman who cried out left the monk’s residence. But they still took the sacred objects but did not return them.

– In 2023, the monk’s residence sued for copyright infringement of more than 10 sacred objects.

– In 2024, the monks decided
to sue the woman who complained. Charged with embezzlement Both criminal and 2 civil cases totaling more than 13 million baht, divided into a case of embezzlement worth 4,900,000 baht and a lawsuit for breach of sales contract. and demanding more than 9 million baht in damages

-10 June 2024, the Civil Court made an appointment to determine 2 locations and an appointment for mediation. But they were unable to reach an agreement.

-On June 11, 2024, the woman who complained went to the Sai Mai Must Survive page.

-On June 20, the court scheduled a witness hearing in the embezzlement case.

Recently, a former monk asked for leave. Come to fight the case in court.

Mr. Kitpat stated that after the incident The monk then took leave from his monkhood to fight the case in court. As for the swinging scams that appear in the news, It is information that will appear in court. And from now on, if there is talk that causes damage, we will consider prosecuting the matter according to the facts.

Confirms that the monk ha
s lymphoma – never taught Uttaraditham.

At the same time, it was also confirmed that the former monk was suffering from lymphoma. and while staying in the monastery In the past, monks had never taught in the Uttaraditham style. And I would like to tell the other party that as a sister Until now, the same respect remains. But whatever you do, please think carefully first. Thinking of the difficult times we had together. Until we can have today

‘Sacrifice Cult’ was first in the news on June 11th. When a 38-year-old woman and her husband filed a complaint with the Sai Mai Must Surv page. She stated that she was tricked into a “sacrifice cult” by a monk at a monastery in Lom Sak District, Phetchabun Province, by having her and her boyfriend have sex with a monk. and having group sex with students Claiming to achieve the highest level of Dhamma If you want to be free, you must surrender yourself. Because they claim that their bodies are not ours. until both husband and wife were sexually assaulted

As for the tr
ick used to claim that they were father and son in a past life. There has been a bond. If you want to prosper will perform a ritual Because the stepfather had put something into her, she had to withdraw the item with faith and faith that had been bonded together for 10 years. The monk in question had the young woman and her husband light incense sticks and make an oath and perform a ceremony to receive power. It is claimed that it is an advanced ceremony and cannot reveal the details of the ritual.

It also claims to be about to die. It takes the strength of the woman and her husband to continue life. So I decided to do a ritual. During the ceremony Such monks threaten them with oaths and keep their eyes closed. I admit that at that time I felt dizzy. Therefore no doubt about the strange ritual. and was sexually abused The monks in the conflict told the woman and her husband to stay put and not resist because it would be against the oath and life would be difficult. A video clip was recorded. Scared the young
woman and her husband.

Later, the Saimai page had to survive and take the 3 injured women to report the matter at Khan Na Yao Police Station before the investigating officer. They will take the victim to point out a house in the Sukhaphiban 5 area because it was identified as the house where the head of a strange sect used to live. And there were many victims who were deceived into sexual assault ceremonies.

Source: Thai News Agency

Mother arrested for forcing girl to prostitute for money

The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) arrested a creditor who forced two young girls under the age of 15 into prostitution for a fee. Found many cases of online product fraud.

The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) by the Human Trafficking Suppression Division (CDC) detained officials. Mr. Surakiat or P’Fah, 24 years old (red hair), after police officers from Division 5, Crime Suppression Division, rescued two young girls. Victims of child prostitution, ages 15 and 13, previously investigated and found that The two children’s parents separated. So he went to live with relatives in Krabi province. But during that time, a relative tried to commit an act of indecency. So he ran away from home. and went back and forth to borrow money from Mr. Surakiat in the area of ??Surat Thani Province which has the habit of granting loans via Facebook The victim must pay interest on a daily basis. And when there is no money to pay, Mr. Surakiat will Threatened and assaulted many times In the end, the two girls were forced
to sell their services in order to pay interest to them, 1,500 – 2,000 baht per time, deducting a commission of 500-700 baht per time, and sometimes the debt would be completely deducted. From examining the history of Mr. Surakiat A history of extensive misconduct was also found. Has been prosecuted for online product fraud many times and appears as a dangerous person in the internet world as well

Initially, Mr. Surakiarati’s actions at the time he was charged with 7 charges consisted of 1. Human trafficking by procuring, buying, selling, distributing, bringing from or sending to any place. arrange for living or receive a child The aim is to exploit illegally from prostitution. It has been done to a person over fifteen years of age but under eighteen years of age. 1. It is a business to procure, lure away, or lead away any person so that that person is not yet over eighteen years of age. 3. Induce, encourage, or allow a child to behave. It is inappropriate or likely to cause the child to behave at risk of co
mmitting an offense. 4. Satisfy the desires of others. It is the business of procuring, luring, or leading any person in order for that person to commit prostitution Even if that person agrees. It is committed against a person over fifteen years of age but not yet over eighteen years of age. 5. It is committed in any way by helping to facilitate or protect the prostitution of others, receiving benefits in any form from the prostitution of others. or from someone who engages in prostitution 6. dishonestly receives It is the business of procuring, luring, or taking away a person over fifteen years of age but not yet over eighteen years of age. Even if that person consents, including 7. Taking a minor over fifteen years of age but not yet over eighteen years of age away from his or her parents, guardian, or caretaker for profit or for obscene purposes. The minor was willing to go along. which is initially in the investigation The accused confessed to all charges.

Source: Thai News Agency

Asking for a solution to the problem of fighting and stealing passengers

Krabi, Appeal to the Consumer Protection Commission. Krabi Airport is the worst. Fighting over passengers Holding up a sale sign in a chaotic price competition creating boredom among passengers including foreign tourists

What you see here is a clip of each other fighting, which is seen regularly. until it becomes a source of complaints to be resolved which the Consumer Protection Committee, House of Representatives Led by Mr. Prasertphong Sornnuwat, Commissioner and Advisor to the Commission. Has listened to the problem Solutions and suggestions With Mr. Somprach Prab-aksorn, Deputy Governor of Krabi, Mr. Kitichai Sajjalak, Director of Krabi Airport, Mr. Thiwat Boumlai, Transport of Krabi Province, participating in providing information.

Mr. Werot Engchuan, public bus operator Phichet Transport Co., Ltd. Providing bus services and Krabi airport, said the problem of selling and competing with prices Fights over passengers continued. Some ended up in court. And it has been a chronic problem for a long time.
which asks for help to solve the problems that arise Go inform the relevant agencies. In order to solve the problem quickly because Krabi Airport is like the face of the province and the country. Each day there are many tourists coming to use the service.

Mr. Prasertphong Sornnuwat, Commissioner, said that in the past he had received complaints that he was not comfortable using the services of Krabi Airport. Sometimes there is pulling and rubbing. in order to use the bus service Including the bus operators themselves. There were complaints that they were selling at undercut prices. Until causing frequent fights and fights This story really exists. There are many recorded clips. This is due to not having enough staff. Unable to control and supervise thoroughly After this will bring the problem. Go discuss with the Director-General and relevant ministers. in order for the problem to be resolved further .

Source: Thai News Agency

Trees fall, blocking road on Doi Suthep stranded tourists

Chiang Mai, Big trees on the roadside. Doi Suthep National Park area toppled blocking the road Traffic must be temporarily closed. Recently moved successfully Open for normal traffic

There was a big tree incident. Along Sriwichai Road Route between Wat Phra That Doi Suthep – Ban Hmong Doi Pui Doi Suthep National Park, Chiang Mai, the whole tree fell down. Even though there is no wind or rain Trees crush high-voltage power lines and communication lines. This caused both trees and electric poles to fall, blocking the road and crushing motorcycles. Lottery seller While riding past until the motorcycle crashed Luckily he was not injured. But it makes all kinds of vehicles unable to pass. Traffic must be temporarily closed. Both up and down sides As a result, tourists Many people are stuck from Doi Pui. National park officials and villagers Had to bring a chainsaw to cut branches and move trees off the road. It took about 1 hour before the path could be opened. Allow traffic to flow normally.

Source: Thai News

The back of a molasses truck overturned. Sugar littered the road, causing long traffic jams.

Saraburi, Truck full of molasses. Run down the level bridge. The last one overturned. Molasses was scattered all over the road, causing traffic jams 3-4 km long. Plows from the Department of Highways were coordinated. Hurry to collect molasses onto the roadside.

Muang Saraburi Police Station received a report of a 22-wheel truck with a trailer loaded with molasses. While running down a level bridge To head to Nakhon Ratchasima Province, the baby spins away from the mother. Overturned while descending the bridge causing molasses to spread all over the road Two lanes of traffic were lost, causing vehicles heading to Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern region, to be stuck for 3-4 km. Coordinating with plow trucks from the Department of Highways. To hasten the collection of molasses onto the roadside.

As for Mr. Khamtan, 64 years old, the driver revealed that he drove from the southern region to bring molasses to deliver to Wang Muang District, Saraburi Province, where he would have already arrived. While running
along the road When he reached the bridge, he ran up the bridge. As he got down the bridge, his body swerved while going down the bridge and overturned. Your own car can be supported. As a result, the molasses was spread all over the road. Luckily the mother didn’t fall over. He was therefore not harmed.

Source: Thai News Agency

Italy and US light up Da Nang fireworks festival

The second competition night of the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2024 on June 15 wowed spectators with surprising performances of the highly experienced Italian and US teams. The Martarello fireworks company of Italy, the runner-up of the DIFF 2023, was established in 1921 and has become one of the largest fireworks producers in the world. Its rival, Rozzi Fireworks from the US, has been constantly one of the leading fireworks display companies for the last 125 years. It has produced and organised more than 300 shows from Cincinnati to every corner of the world.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Quickly hunt down the culprit who shot and killed the owner of a durian orchard.

Surat Thani, Police rush to hunt down brutal criminals. Holding a gun, he shot and killed a young woman who owned a durian orchard. A relative was injured by a bullet in the arm. Recently, police have identified the shooter.

The incident occurred yesterday evening (June 14) at a khanam (temporary hut) in a durian orchard in the area of ??Village No. 1, Aranakamwaree Subdistrict, Khian Sa District, Surat Thani Province. Khian Sa Police Station went to the area. Inspection found the body of Ms. Piyawan, age 32, who had been shot in the head and was lying dead in the bathroom. And there was also one injured person, Mr. Chalermchai, 48 years old, the deceased’s brother-in-law. Shot in the left arm injured A good citizen had been taken to the hospital earlier.

deceased father Said that her daughter would come in to water the durians in the garden every day. As for Mr. Chalermchai (the injured person), his grandson-in-law will bring cows to raise nearby. garden every day as well I admit that I don’t know the cau
se. As for the daughter, she never argued with anyone. It is believed that the shooter may have had a problem with his grandson-in-law so he followed and shot him in the garden. The two then ran to hide in the bathroom but were followed and shot. As for the grandson-in-law, he was able to run away. So he went to ask for help from the villagers.

?The neighbor said that The deceased normally came to water the durian orchard regularly. Come in the morning, return in the evening. Never had a problem arguing with anyone. And when the incident occurred, no one saw the incident because the durian orchard was far from neighbors. It was initially reported that police already knew the shooter. Hurry to trace him and bring him to justice.

Source: Thai News Agency

Hai Phong’s Cat Bi airport welcome first flight from China’s Lijiang

The first flight with 162 passengers on board departing from Lijang, China’s Yunnan province landed safely at Cat Bi International Airport in the northern port city of Hai Phong on June 15. General Director of Yunnan Tongdian Air Travel, the operator of the route, Hu Chaozhu said the company plans to run three flights on the route on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday every week from June 15 to June 14, 2025.

Source: Vietnam News Agency