10th anniversary of the coup, recommends adhering to the rule of law to lead the country to development

Bangkok,, 10th anniversary of the coup. NCPO expects it to be the last coup. If there is another coup, it will cause damage. both politically, economically, and socially violently, academics suggest Adhere to the rule of law to lead the country to development in the next 10-15 years.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anusorn Thamjai, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Pridi Banomyong Institute and Board Member of Pridi Banomyong International College, Thammasat University. Expressed his opinion on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the NCPO coup on 22 May 2014 that he expected it to be the last coup. If another coup occurs in the future, it will cause severe political, economic, and social damage. Political developments occurred after the political crisis from the end of 2005 until the coup d’état on 19 September 2006.

Therefore, there has been a power that does not accept the legitimacy of the government that won an overwhelming victory from the election. But the people want to create a stable democracy (Democrat
ic Consolidation), not just a government from the election. We need a democratic constitution with the highest rules. open election system Neutral and fair Need a bureaucracy and political system with good governance. Efficiency, including orderliness and stability as well

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anusorn Thamjai, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Pridi Banomyong Institute, further said that the role of the latest move by the senators appointing a group of acting senators has moved to impeach the Prime Minister from the Pheu Thai Party. While there will be consideration of dissolving the Kao Klai Party in the near future. A coup by the judiciary or an independent organization or a coup by the military. All of which cause the development of democracy to falter. Create a risk Uncertainty in the country’s political and economic systems

If a coup, especially a military coup, happens again in the future. Inevitably, there will be very high risks and uncertainties. It may open up the possibility of political interve
ntion by great powers. This region and Thailand are already areas of hegemony contestation among superpowers such as China, the United States, and the EU. Stabilizing democracy with the monarchy as head of state is very important to the future of the nation-state and reducing The risk of great power intervention If there is a coup d’état by an independent organization or the judiciary It may require the formation of a new coalition government or lead to changes outside of the democratic methods allowed in the constitution.

Therefore, adhering to the rule of law will lead Thailand to become a developed country in the next 10-15 years. Representative democracy (Representative Democracy) requires a strong political party institutional system. People choose representatives through the political party system to take on the duties of managing the country through various public policies that political parties have promised to the society.

Source: Thia News Agency

AEROTHAI explains aviation management measures during inclement weather.

Bangkok, Mr. Thalerngsak Pha Thong, Director of the Air Traffic Control Center Administration Department, AEROTHAI, revealed that the weather conditions during this period are affecting aviation. After the Singapore Airlines plane accident Falling into serious weather turbulence yesterday (21 May 2024) and explaining measures for managing flights during inclement weather. Including measures to deal with aviation emergencies.

Source: Thia News Agency

‘Suriya’ opens the ‘Thai – Italian Business Forum’ in Italy.

Rome, Italy, “Suriya” flies to Italy to open the “Thai – Italian Business Forum” and negotiate to promote economic cooperation. Prepare to organize a presentation of the Land Bridge project. After Italian businessmen are highly interested in investing

Mr. Suriya Juangroongruangkit Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport revealed that he attended the opening speech of the Thai – Italian Business Forum organized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation at the Italian Chamber of Commerce. (Unioncamere) Rome, Italian Republic Together with the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce He also signed a memorandum of cooperation between the Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Thai Chamber of Commerce. to promote economic cooperation Exchanging knowledge and abilities, especially in technology and promote increased trade and investment between Thailand and Italy.

Mr. Suriya further said that all agencies under the supervision of Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, are r
eady to solve problems for businessmen who come to invest in Thailand under the nite Thailand policy implemented by the government. To aim to develop Thailand into a business center. Ready to invite Italian businessmen with expertise and expertise in the luxury goods business to join and invest in Thailand. It is expected that Thailand and the European Union will have a free trade agreement by 2025.

While Mr. Chayatham Phromsorn, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport Invited to give a presentation on the Landbridge project during the investment opportunity in Thailand. Let members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce know the history of the project, details, and investment opportunities. Investment style Including creating cooperation between the public and private sectors of Thailand and Italy. To invite interested Italian businesses to invest in the Landbridge project. This project has received a lot of attention from Italian investors and businessmen.

Source: Thia News Agency

Aeronautical Radio is ready to deal with rainy season storms. Emphasis on air traffic management with maximum safety

Bangkok, Aeronautical Radio Prepare measures to deal with storms affecting flights. Now Thailand has entered the rainy season. and prepare measures to support emergencies Advise passengers to allow extra time for traveling to the airport. And always fasten your seat belt while sitting in your seat on the plane.

Mr. Noppasit Chakrapitak, President of Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Company Limited (AEROTHAI), revealed that according to the Ministry of Transport. Has given a policy on providing safety to the people. Thailand is now entering the rainy season. AEROTHAI as an air navigation service agency Be prepared to handle the situation. We have issued measures to accommodate inclement weather conditions. From thunderstorms and heavy rain that may affect flight which affects aviation visibility and is an obstacle to the flight path. To ensure maximum safety for passengers and aircraft, AEROTHAI has closely coordinated and followed up on aviation meteorological information. Both in terms of weather forecast in
formation in advance and reporting actual weather information at that time in order to plan air traffic management. Support the situation that will occur At the same time, procedures for air traffic services or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been established in the case of aircraft in controlling requests to fly to avoid weather (Weather Deviation), flying in circles and waiting for the weather to improve. or requesting a change of flight route to an alternative airport He emphasized that all air traffic controllers Be aware of the situation (Situation Awareness) at all times and be ready to provide full assistance to the aircraft. To achieve maximum aviation safety Including setting guidelines for air traffic flow management. To create convenience, flexibility and affect delays. and flight fuel consumption during times of heavy air traffic and flight concentration. while bad weather occurs By allowing aircraft to delay waiting to take off from the airport of origin. Wait until the weather at your
destination improves. or until air traffic management returns to normal. Including issuing notifications to all incoming flights at every airport. Prepare a reserve of fuel to accommodate any delays that may occur. AEROTHAI has arranged the workforce of air traffic controllers to be ready to provide services during inclement weather conditions. and the operational position in each area of ??responsibility has been adjusted to suit the volume of air traffic.’

In addition, we are prepared to handle emergencies in every situation, such as in the case of an airplane requesting an emergency landing. AEROTHAI will be the first line of defense. that was contacted by the pilot Assistance in the event of an aircraft emergency From bad weather such as flying around waiting for the weather until there is little fuel left (Minimum Fuel), flying into turbulence/severe turbulence (Severe Turbulence) causing injuries to passengers. or the aircraft encounters any other emergencies, AEROTHAI has already established procedure
s to support this as well. The plan and procedures for emergencies will be followed or the Emergency Checklist, including prioritizing the aircraft to land as quickly as possible. Ready to facilitate Coordinate and provide assistance as requested by the pilot. Ready to report the incident to the airport Relevant ground agencies and airline representatives are informed. According to the emergency notification system to be prepared to provide assistance And prepare to continue following the airport’s emergency plan set according to international standards.

However, for passengers traveling in this rainy season You may encounter flight delays at certain times. In the event of thunderstorms or inclement weather in the airport area, people are asked to follow announcements from the Meteorological Department. and information from airlines and airports closely if flight schedules are adjusted or cancel a flight Including allowance for travel time So that everyone can travel as scheduled. And most importantly, pleas
e fasten your seat belt at all times. While sitting on a plane For your own safety.

Source: Thia News Agency

Muang Thai Life Assurance wins ‘2023 Asia’s Top Influential Brands’ award

Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited received the “2023 Asia’s Top Influential Brands” award, the most influential brand for consumers. 3rd year in a row from strength in finance, service and image under the principles of good governance. and international standard risk management system

The “2023 Asia’s Top Influential Brands” award, the most influential brand for consumers, was organized by Influential Brands Company, Singapore. who has specialized in building brands in Asia for more than 20 years, teamed up with Neo Target Company Limited to find the best brands that win the hearts of consumers in various industries in 7 countries in the Asian region, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, China and Thailand has Ms. Nirat Buchasuk, Deputy Managing Director. Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL. Being a representative of the company Receiving the award, Influential Brand and Nio Target surveyed the opinions of Millennial consumers, a group that plays an important role in
the economy. with the highest proportion of spending Provides accurate confidence levels and can reflect views and satisfaction with the brand

For receiving the award ‘2023 Asia’s Top Influential Brands’, the most influential brand for consumers of Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL. Demonstrates the efficiency of the company’s operations. that focuses on stable and sustainable growth Bringing innovation and technology in operations to present products to meet the needs of all customer groups. Providing efficient services to insured customers As well as striving to be a life insurance company with strong stability. and providing customer-centered services as well as operations to give back to society continuously and concretely .

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Commerce-OBEC-Bangkok Visit the area to check the price of Buddhist monk sets.

Nonthaburi, Commerce Office of the Consumer Protection Board and the Bangkok District Office join forces to integrate by going to the area to check prices, product labels, and sellers of religious clothing. and Thai Dhamma outfit During the Visakha Bucha Festival If you come across any shop that is abnormal, please inform the hotline 1569.

Mr. Udom Srisomsong, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade, revealed that according to Mr. Phumtham’s policy Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister, Ministry of Commerce Assigned to the Department of Internal Trade Check and maintain trade fairness The Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade has assigned officials to continuously monitor the price situation of goods throughout the country. Including requesting cooperation from provincial commerce. In examining products that are basic necessities and products used during important Buddhist festivals. To maintain trade fairness Prevent traders from taking the opportunity to increase product pr
ices without good reason. Department of Internal Trade and the Office of the Consumer Protection Board along with officials from the Khan Na Yao District Office Minburi Area Office Therefore, we integrated together to go to the area to inspect the manufacturers and distributors of Sanghadana sets and Thai Dhamma sets. During the important Buddhist holiday, Visakha Bucha Day, at Khubon Road, Khan Na Yao District and Sihaburanukit Road, Min Buri District, Bangkok. which is a place to sell products and is the one who orders the production of Sanghadana and Thai Dhamma sets. which is a leading store in the Eastern Bangkok area

However, from visiting the area to inspect the business operators We met and talked with the operators of stores that sell Sanghadana and Thai Dhamma sets and found that the retail prices of the products were displayed. Including showing the product list, size, weight per unit. Packing quantity and the price of each product Packaged in a monk’s set or Thai Dhamma outfit Including the cost
of containers, it is clear that the selling price is stable. There is no price increase. But the cost of products included in the Sanghadana set has increased. The situation of product sales has decreased. Consumers have changed their behavior to buy smaller Sanghathan sets. Or choose to buy consumer products and make your own offerings. And there are some consumers who like to buy ready-made offering sets that the temple provides for their convenience. This causes store operators to adjust products to meet customer needs.

This mission is to allow business operators to sell Sanghathan and Thai Dhamma sets. Strictly obey the law Prevent traders from taking the opportunity to increase product prices without good reason. During religious festivals And must strictly follow the law in closing price signs. Showing details of each product Packaged in a monk’s set or Thai Dhamma outfit Including the cost of the container clearly.

‘If consumers do not receive fairness in purchasing products or receiving services Com
plaints can be made at the hotline 1569 of the Department of Internal Trade or provincial commercial offices nationwide. There will be an investigation to ensure fairness. And if any offense is found, strict legal action will be taken. In the case where prices of products and services are not displayed Must be punished with a fine not exceeding 10,000 baht and if goods and services are sold at unreasonably high prices. Hoarding products and refusing to sell them Must be punished with imprisonment not exceeding 7 years or a fine not exceeding 140,000 baht, or both. According to the Act on Prices of Goods and Services, B.E. 2542,’ Mr. Udom said.

Source: Thai News Agency

Invite ambassadors from 19 countries to explain Thai alien laws.

Nonthaburi, The Director-General of the Department of Business Development invited representatives of embassies and international agencies from 19 countries to explain laws and guidelines for facilitating foreign investors to invest in Thailand, along with introducing e-Foreign Business services. New online for foreign investors

Mrs. Oramon Sapthaweetham Director General of the Department of Business Development The Ministry of Commerce revealed that ‘On May 20, 2024, the Department of Business Development Held a meeting on ‘Thailand’s Foreign Business Act, Update on Revision and Introduction of e-Foreign Business Service’ by inviting representatives from various embassies. international agency and government agencies, totaling 19 agencies, 36 people, such as the Australian Embassy British Embassy EU Chinese Embassy Japanese Embassy Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT),Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO Bangkok),Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KORTA Bangkok), European Associ
ation for Business and Commerce (EABC) Office of the Board of Investment and the Department of International Trade Negotiations, etc., to hear information about the essentials of the Foreign Business Act B.E. 2542, the process for applying for a license/certificate for foreign business operations. as well as supervision of business operations of foreign investors. To create awareness of the importance of the law and create understanding of the law Including providing information on facilitating foreign investors. in order to conduct business in Thailand under the supervision of this law

This is an overview of the mission of the Department, which is divided into 3 important parts: business establishment registration; Promoting and supporting entrepreneurs, including SMEs, and supervising entrepreneurs to conduct business with good governance. By conducting yourself correctly according to relevant regulations or laws. As for the Foreign Business Act of 1999, which is an important law that regulates the busines
s operations of foreign investors. Since the company establishment process Specify the types of businesses that are regulated by law. Process for requesting a business license/certificate As well as supervising foreign investors to comply with the conditions or criteria according to the law.

The Department places importance on facilitating foreign investors. It is preparing to open a new online system ‘e-Foreign Business’, which is a system for applying for permission to operate a business by foreign investors under Foreign Business Operations Act which will be ready for full service in July 2024. It will provide a complete electronic service, including filing applications for licenses/certificates of business operations of foreigners through online channels. Electronic payment (e-Payment), electronic receipt (e-Receipt), electronic signature (Digital Signature), issuance of electronic license/certificate (e-Foreign Business License/e-Foreign Certificate). The service can download licenses/certificates via o
nline channels immediately. The e-Foreign Business system will reduce the amount of documents, shorten the time, and provide great convenience to entrepreneurs/service recipients. It is another way to create a good atmosphere for investment.

In addition to opening the new online service system, the Department is also reviewing/improving business types according to the list attached to the Act. annually When any business is removed from the list attached to the Act, foreign investors do not have to apply for permission to do that business. This is considered to be a convenience for foreign investors. Information has been given on the progress of the review of 10 businesses listed in the Act, which are currently in the process of finalizing the draft ministerial regulations specifying businesses that do not require permission. and draft Royal Decree amending the wording of businesses which has already been listened to and presented to the Minister of Commerce and the Cabinet for further consideration.

This is
due to the current news that there are foreign investors coming to do business. They may act incorrectly or may not understand the conditions or criteria according to Thai law, that is, foreign investors conduct business by avoiding the law. Use Thai people to hold shares instead (nominates). Therefore, when inviting agencies Attend this meeting I have tried to create understanding. Awareness and disseminate correct information to foreign investors in order to conduct business correctly. It is to build confidence for foreign investors to have a comprehensive understanding of investing in Thailand legally and comprehensively. more spacious and hope that representatives of various agencies This will be disseminated and understood to investors in their own countries so that they can continue to do business in Thailand with good governance.

Source: Thai News Agency

Invitation to the 39th PTT Art Awards PTT Art Awards

PTT Public Company Limited together with Silpakorn University Organized the 39th PTT Art Awards ‘PTT Art Awards’ for the year 2024 on the topic ‘Forwarding Power’

Inviting youth and the general public You can submit your work to the competition in the categories of painting, sculpture, printmaking, 2D digital art, and other visual arts. This year is the first year that submissions are being accepted. ‘2D digital art’

Open for submissions from 4 groups: under 9 years old, 9 – 13 years old, 14 – 18 years old, and the general public.

Submission deadline Between 10 – 16 June 2024

Submit your work along with your application in person at 5 work pick-up points in various regions or send it via post.

More details at Facebook: Art Gallery at Ban Chao Phraya or call 0 2537 1388.

PTT Art Awards … power..that is passed on Because we believe in everyone’s unlimited potential. Bring it to replenish life energy creative society and confidently develop the country into the future together.

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