Janie-Kris have made a move after Way-Nana is the glue that bridges the cracks.

Nine Entertainment, Successfully bridged the friendship gap between friends in the gang like Janie Tienphosuwan and Kris Horwang to love each other again as before. After the two had not spoken to each other for 7 years due to misunderstandings, fans were moved to tears. Crowds flocked to join in the joy of this heart-wrenching moment. Including friends in the angel gang

Janie later shared the clip via Instagram Story. with the caption “Love you…” and tagged Kris’ Instagram, which Kris responded with the cutest emoji.

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Germany beats Scotland 5-1 in Euro 2024 debut

Germany, Germany’s “Iron Eagles” showed fierce form, defeating Scotland 5-1 in the opening game of Euro 2024.

European Football Championship or Euro 2024 at Munich Football Arena, Germany, first round, Group A. “Iron Eagle Team” Germany, former 3-time Euro Champion and ranked 16th in the world, defeated Scotland, ranked 39th in the world, with the remaining players. Played with 10 people and went 5-1 with goals from Florian Wirtz in the 10th minute, Jamal Musiala in the 19th minute, a penalty from Kai Havertz in the 45+1 minute, Niklas Full. Lkruk 68 minutes and Emre Can 90 + 3 minutes, while Scotland scored a goal from Antonio Rudiger, the German defender blocked the ball into his own goal. In this game, Scotland had 10 players left after Ryan Porteous was sent off the field in the 45th minute.

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“Nagelsmann” praises the Eagles players First win at Euro 2024

Germany, “Nagelsmann”, coach of the German national team. Praise the team for playing well, defeating Scotland 5-1, a beautiful debut on the Euro 2024 football field.

After the game, Germany coach Julian Nagelsmann said he was very pleased with the victory over Scotland. The first match in the European Championship was important. Everyone played very well. It’s a very good thing for the team. And we can build on this. Everyone is happy, the fans are happy. However, it is only the first step. But unfortunately the team conceded a goal from a set-piece late in the game.

Steve Clark, manager of the Scottish national team, said he was disappointed with this game. It was a disastrous and difficult night. Trailing 0-3 at half time and still having 10 players remaining, it was a terrible game for the team. But we have to show that in the next two matches. We need 4 points from the remaining two games.

While the atmosphere in many cities in Germany Football fans who did not watch the match in the stadium Travel t
o see the giant screen in various places. Especially in Berlin Many football fans came to cheer enthusiastically. before celebrating the first victory

For the next match schedule, Germany will meet Hungary and Scotland will meet Switzerland. This pair will be broadcast live by Channel 9 MCOT HD number 30 for you to watch. On Wednesday night, June 19 at 2:00 AM.

Tonight’s program, first round, Group A.

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Balotelli, former Italian national team player, trains in Muay Thai.

Phuket, “Mario Balotelli” former striker for the Italian national team. of Adana Demirspor club in the Turkish league, came to vacation in Phuket. and practice Muay Thai

“Krien Oh” Mario Balotelli, former striker for the Italian national team, runner-up in Euro 2012, aged 33 years and former player for famous clubs such as Inter Milan, Manchester City, Liverpool, AC Milan and Marseille, currently playing for Adana Demirspor in the Turkish league, posted a personal IG story. with 12.3 million followers coming to relax in Thailand After the league season ends And there is a boxing teacher tagged in Baloteli’s IG. posted yesterday Came to learn and practice Muay Thai at Kamala Muay Thai Gym, Phuket Province, with “Kru Boy” Apinan Chansong giving intensive tutoring.

While on Facebook, Kamala Muay Thai Gym posted a picture of Balotelli and a message welcoming Mario Balotelli and was excited to train boxing for Balotelli. And it is a great honor to have a football star come to practice boxing with Kamala Muay Th
ai Gym.

For Balotelli Played 36 games for the Italian national team, scoring 15 goals. Tonight the Italian national team will meet Albania at 2:00 a.m.

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The best of U-13 football “Chang Junior Cup 2024” fulfills the dreams of young footballers to England in the 9th year.

‘Chang Brand Natural Mineral Water’ in collaboration with the Football Association of Thailand Under the Royal Patronage, Leicester City Football Club and Bootroom Company Limited, manufacturer and distributor of sportswear under the Arigear brand. Explosive youth football competition for age 13 years, “Chang Junior Cup 2024”, the ultimate youth football competition. Dreaming of England Bet on prizes that money can’t buy. with the most exclusive experience on the British island At the end of September

On June 10, 2024 at the ballroom of Rajapruek Club, Captain Chet Romyanan, Senior Director of the External Coordination Office, Mr. Rojanasit Minijsin, Deputy Director of Sports, Thai Beverage Company. Public Company Limited by Chang Brand Natural Mineral Water, Mr. Chotirat Siriat, representative from Chang Brand Natural Mineral Water Products. along with Mr. Nattaphon Antarasen, Director of the Professional Sports Development Division Sports Authority of Thailand, Mr. Chain Khamwilai, Technical Department He
ad Representative of the Football Association of Thailand, Mr. Phatthapon Pawarissurikul Business Development Manager of Bootroom Co., Ltd., manufacturer and distributor of sports and lifestyle apparel under the Arigear brand, Mr. Pratchaya Klinop, Sports Marketing Manager, King Power Group, and representatives of all 16 teams attended the press conference and Drawing the ‘Chang Junior Cup 2024’ for the Thailand Championship round.

Captain Chet Ramayanan, Senior Director of the External Coordination Office, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, said, ‘Chang Brand natural mineral water Being beside the Thai football industry for more than 25 years, committed to development, building a foundation, and sustainability for the entire system. Starting from the youth level This is an important goal in developing into a professional athlete in the future. Therefore, a youth football competition for age 13 years was organized, ‘Chang Junior Cup 2024′ to create a stage and increase opportunities for the youngsters. Yo
uth all over the country have been able to test their skills and develop their potential even more. and prepare before stepping into the professional football world and the Thai national team in the future. This year marks the 9th year and more than 20,000 youths have passed through this project, and many of them have developed their skills and grown into athletes for professional clubs and national teams, both playing within the country and going out to trade. Foreign players such as “Ta” Songchai Thongcham, 2013 champion of Chonburi FC, “Mai” Achitphon Kirirom from the KC-15 team, 2014 championship team, the club is currently in a foreign league, Tom There is Mimi Stevens from the KC-15 team, Chang Junior Cup champions in 2014, who became a foreign football coach, “Bank” Suphanat Mueanta, best striker in 2015 from Buriram United, currently belonging to the OA club. Leuven in the Belgian league, including new rising stars like “Se4” Kokna, the MVP of the 2017 championship team from Assumption College Thonbur
i. Affiliated with Muang Thong Club United at present and “Peem” Sittha Bunla, 2017 championship team from Assumption College Thonburi. Under the Port Authority Current FC And there are many youngsters who have played in the Thai football industry both in professional clubs and serving with the Thai national team. It is a product of this tournament.’

Mr. Rojanasit Meenijsin, Deputy Director of Sports, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, by Elephant Brand Natural Mineral Water. Added: ‘This year’s Chang Junior Cup 2024 competition is competing to find representative teams from all over the country. Passed the qualifying round in 6 regions, with 300 teams applying to participate in the competition. Now we have the best youth teams representing every region across the country, consisting of

Shark Junior 2011, Eastern Region Champion,

JFAM United, Northeastern Region Champion.

Plookpanya Municipal School under Royal Patronage, Southern Champion,

Bangkok Sports School Western Region Champion

Nakhon Sawan M
unicipal Sports School Northern Champion

Pathumkongka School, champion, and Phramaemari Sathorn School, runner-up, Bangkok and metropolitan area

, all 7 teams will compete with youth teams from 9 leading clubs in Thailand, namely Assumption College Thonburi, former champion, 5-time champion, Chonburi A. FC, two-time champions, Buriram United, runner-up in 2019, Ratchaburi FC, runner-up in 2017, Police Tero FC, PT Prachuap FC, Nakhon Pathom United, Suphanburi FC, and the Royal Thai Army. FC competes in 4 groups to find the teams with the 1st and 2nd best scores in the group to compete in the final 8 teams in the knockout system. Until the finals.’

Results of the Chang Junior Cup 2024 group draw.

Group A includes Suphanburi FC, Nakhon Pathom United, Nakhon Sawan Municipal Sports School and Phramaemari Sathorn School.

Group B includes PT Prachuap FC, Plookpanya Municipality School under the Royal Patronage and Army FC

Group C includes Pathumkongka School, Shark Junior, Ratchaburi FC and Buriram United.

oup D includes Bangkok Sports School, Police Tero FC, JFAM Unted and Chonburi FC.

In addition, “Chang” has a special award for the best players who have been selected by a committee of experts in the Thai football industry. A total of 7 awards include Best Forward, Best Midfielder, Best Defender, and Best Defender. Best goal, Most Valuable Player (MVP) award and the “Most Talented Player” award, who will receive the right to travel to England with the Chang Junior Cup 2024 champion team and another special prize. The award is the ‘Sportsmanship Award’ for the team that displayed good sportsmanship throughout the tournament.

For ‘Chang Junior Cup 2024’ Thailand Championship Round The competition will be held between 11 – 14 June 2024 at the ThaiBev Football Academy Stadium, with the semi-finals and finals. The competition will be held between 22 – 23 June 2024 at Bunyachinda Stadium. To find just one champion team to win the right to fly directly to the land of the British To open up an exclusive, valuable f
ootball experience that money can’t buy. On a 10-day trip to the origins, intensive training with one of England’s top clubs. Like the Siamese Foxes, “Leicester City”, the champions of the championship last season and have the right to return to play in the top league, the Premier League, again in the 2024/25 season. They will also be able to watch English Premier League football matches in a row. field edge Ready to compete in friendly football matches with the academies of famous Premier League clubs. At the end of September The runner-up receives a 50,000 baht scholarship, 3rd place receives a 30,000 baht scholarship, and 4th place receives a 20,000 baht scholarship. Follow news, competition results, and watch the live broadcast of ‘Chang Junior Cup 2024’ on Facebook.

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Following Euro 2024: Italy’s readiness to meet Albania tonight, Euro 2024.

Germany, The readiness of the Italian “Azzurri” team, the former champions, who will play against Albania tonight at 2:00 a.m. in the Euro 2024 football match.

Tonight’s program starts at 8:00 p.m., first round, Group A, Hungary, who are on the field meeting Switzerland, 14 minutes have passed, the latest score is still 0-0.

As for the first round, Group B, kicks off at 11:00 p.m., Spain meets Croatia and Italy, the former champions, meets Albania at 2:00 a.m. at the Befaube Stadion Dortmund, with a capacity of 62,000 spectators.

The readiness of the Italian “Assuri” team, former champion and two-time champion in 1968 and most recently 2020 under the team control of Luciano Spalletti, waiting to check the fitness of the 3 midfielders who still have problems. Disturbing, whether it be Nicolo Barella, Nicolo Fagioli and Davide Frattesi. In this game, Spalletti should organize a 3-4-2-1 system with goalkeeper Platelui. The captain of the team, Gi Donnarumma, is in goal. The defense is led by Alessandro Basto
ni. The midfield is commanded by Jorginho and Federico DiMarco, and there is Federico Chiesa. He is an attacker, in front of goal is Gianluca Scamacca, the striker from Atalanta. Who helped the team win the Europa League this season.

Luciano Spalletti, manager of the Italian national team, has also issued 6 rules, banning Italian players from any activities during Euro 2024: no playing PlayStation games, no headphones, no late arrivals, no all activities after midnight, Do not tease your teammates more than necessary. And using the phone while eating and on the massage bed is prohibited. Palletti wants all the Azzurri generals to focus on the upcoming match.

Sylvinho, the Brazilian coach of Albania There are almost half of the team’s players playing in the Italian league, including Berat Djimsiti, defender and captain from Atalanta, Christian Aslani, midfielder from Inter Milan, Etrit Beri. Tea and Ardian Ismaili from Empoli, Nedim Bayrami and Marash Kumbulla from Sassuolo and Medon Berisha and Yiber Ramada
ni from Lecce. which is considered to be Silvinho’s team I know Italian players very well. There are no injuries to players in this game, with Silvinho likely to use a 4-2-3-1 system, placing Armando Broya, a striker from Chelsea, in front of goal.

For the statistics of the two teams meeting in 4 matches, it was Italy who did better. Won all 4 matches, with Italy scoring 7 goals, while Albania Scored only 1 goal. Today we have the views of “Coach Tia” Khom, meeting with Prasert, the football guru, and “Ko” Datsun Thonglao who will analyze this game.

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Thai women’s volleyball lost to Poland 0-3 sets.

Hong Kong, The Thai women’s volleyball team lost to Poland 0-3 in the Volleyball Nations League 2024 in Hong Kong. The next match, the Thai team will meet Germany, match 4, tomorrow (16 Jun.) at 12.30 Thailand time

Women’s Volleyball Nations League 2024, week 3, match 3 in Hong Kong. The Thai women’s team is ranked 12th in the scoreboard, ranked 13th in the world, meeting Poland, ranked 2nd. In this game, “Coach Ya” Natthapon Srisamutnak, head coach. Send Chatchuon Moksri, Pimpitchaya Kokram, Atcharaporn Kongyot, Hatthaya Bamrungsuk, Taddao Nuekjang, captain of the team, Phonphan Kerdprach and Piyanuch Pannoi, libero, onto the field in the first team. It appeared that the Thai women’s team was unable to resist the strength of Poland, losing 0-3 sets with scores of 15-25, 23-25, 17-25. After losing this game, the Thai team, ranked 13th in the world, fell to 14th in the world.

Taddao Nuekjang, team captain and coach Ya, said Poland played better. And we made mistakes. Poland played a tough defensive game. Th
e next match will be the Thai team meeting Germany, match 4, tomorrow (June 16) at 12:30 Thailand time.

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Trees fall, blocking road on Doi Suthep stranded tourists

Chiang Mai, Big trees on the roadside. Doi Suthep National Park area toppled blocking the road Traffic must be temporarily closed. Recently moved successfully Open for normal traffic

There was a big tree incident. Along Sriwichai Road Route between Wat Phra That Doi Suthep – Ban Hmong Doi Pui Doi Suthep National Park, Chiang Mai, the whole tree fell down. Even though there is no wind or rain Trees crush high-voltage power lines and communication lines. This caused both trees and electric poles to fall, blocking the road and crushing motorcycles. Lottery seller While riding past until the motorcycle crashed Luckily he was not injured. But it makes all kinds of vehicles unable to pass. Traffic must be temporarily closed. Both up and down sides As a result, tourists Many people are stuck from Doi Pui. National park officials and villagers Had to bring a chainsaw to cut branches and move trees off the road. It took about 1 hour before the path could be opened. Allow traffic to flow normally.

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