About Us

The Indonesia News Gazette is the country’s top online news website, which is the prominent name in the news industry in Indonesia. The website consists of the news for the visitors of all kinds and age groups, and that also shows that our news website covers every domestic, regional and international news which is of common people’s interest. As this website has been in the news industry for a long period of time, it has succeeded to grab the attention of international media in order to consider it as the reliable source of publishing the news from Indonesia and from the region. We consider news on our website, “is not our property” and that is why we make sure that no extra content is being added by us, as many other news websites do in order to unnecessarily spice it up for getting the ratings by any means. As, we easily adapt to the current technologies, so it has made us have a latest archiving system which helps our readers to find out any news which were published in back dates.

Our unparalleled name and reputation in the international media, is the true face of our news website and that we succeeded to achieve only because of following the direction guided by the true norms of journalism. Our straightforward policy keeps us motivated all the time to keep avoiding inauthentic news, which we think that it may detach the renowned credibility of our news website from it.  This is why we do not compromise on the performance of our news sources which are in every sector, and because of them, we have the status of being the reliable source of publishing news from Asean region and Indonesia.

Since we launched the Indonesia News Gazette, the owners of different businesses trust only our website as they know that through our website they get international recognition and increase the number of customers, who are basically The Indonesia News Gazette’s readers. Which online news website gives a chance to leverage its readers to turn them into loyal customers of any business? It’s only the “Indonesia News Gazette”, as we aim to contribute to increase the cross regional business activities all across the world, which will boost up the world’s economy. In this regard, we present you our service such as Indonesia Press Release Services.

We want to be known as the team behind the news website, which respects its readers and their points of views regarding the performance of our news website. This is what we make possible, is through ensuring our readers that we are available on every social media website and they can easily approach us as on social media after all we also dominate the social media and that is all because of our highly qualified social media team.