Promotion, degradation still apply to priority DBON sports branches

The promotion and degradation system will continue to be implemented for priority sports branches included within the National Sports Grand Design (DBON), Minister of Youth and Sports Zainudin Amali has informed.

“Any sports branches within the DBON, such as volleyball, must win an achievement,” he said on his ministry’s official website on Friday.

“Because if they do not (achieve a win) for a long period of time, then the branches will be removed from the priority branches. Remember that,” he added.

There are 12 Olympic branches and three industry sports branches that have been included within the DBON.

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During his visit to a volleyball national training centralization (pelatnas) in Sentul, West Java, on Thursday, he said that if any branch does not make achievements, then it will be replaced with a more promising sports branch.

“Because we still implement the promotion and degradation system. For Olympic branches that do not win an achievement, we will replace them with the ones that do. There are many that do,” the minister explained.

He also urged the national sports federation to pay attention to athlete regeneration.

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This is so that when a senior player has to retire, the sports branch still has enough skilled players needed to represent Indonesia at various international championships.

During that visit, Amali also asked the men’s and women’s national volleyball teams to bag medals during the Vietnam SEA Games.

The men’s national volleyball team, in particular, was asked to retain the gold medal that they won at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines.

“I ask (you) to change your motivation from now on. Do not do it for the club, the province, or any other. Do it for Indonesia,” the minister remarked.

“Some 270 million Indonesians expect gold from you. I believe that you can do it,” he added.

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Volleyball team should maintain medal-winning tradition at SEA Games

Talent guide in the Indonesian Volley Ball Association Executive Board’s (PP PBVSI’s) national team selection Gugi Gustaman expects Indonesia’s volleyball national team to maintain the medal-winning tradition in the 2021 SEA Games in Vietnam.

“We bear quite a heavy burden at the SEA Games, as we have to maintain an achievement at a championship, especially in another nation,” he stated through the Youth and Sports Ministry’s website on Saturday.

According to the SEA Games lottery results, the Indonesian men’s volleyball national team will join Group A with the host, Myanmar, and Malaysia.

Meanwhile, the women’s team will face off against Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Gustaman admitted that Indonesia faces a tough opponent since it is in the same group as the host.

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Even so, the volleyball legend from the 70s-80s is still certain that the national team is capable of defending its medal in the multi-event in the Southeast Asian region.

“However, I am optimistic, and we have to defend it whether we want to or not, because the volleyball SEA Games is already taken by Indonesia,” he remarked.

The players that will represent Indonesia in the Vietnam SEA Games will be the best players that are capable of bringing out optimal performance, especially since Indonesia has a pretty good track record in Southeast Asia.

“In this SEA Games, the Indonesian (men’s team) still gather the most gold medals after Thailand. Let us hope that the children can achieve the best result,” Gustaman affirmed.

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The Indonesian men’s volleyball team currently has the second-highest number of gold medal collection, reaching 10, ever since it participated in the SEA Games in 1977.

In the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines, the Indonesian men’s volleyball team also managed to successfully bag a gold, ending the eight-year wait or four editions of the SEA Games.

Meanwhile, in the women’s category, the nation only managed to bring home a bronze medal after losing to Thailand and Vietnam that bagged gold and silver respectively.

The women’s national team once managed to win a gold during the 1983 SEA Games.

Indonesia still lost to Thailand that pocketed 14 gold during the nation’s participation in the region’s championship.

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Sumatran elephant found dead in East Aceh: Police

A male elephant was found dead in a river in the Rabung Lima forest area, Peunaron Lama Village, Peunaron Sub-district, East Aceh District, according to the Serbajadi Police office of East Aceh’s Resort Police (Polres).

Local villagers stated that the carcass of the elephant was found on Friday (Apr 29) at around 21:30 local time, Serbajadi Police Chief Hendra Sukmana stated on behalf of the East Aceh Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Mahmun Hari Sandy Sinurat here on Saturday.

“Based on this information, several police officers, Peunaron military office personnel, and Leuser Communication Forum officers moved to the location of the elephant carcass,” Sukmana remarked.

The dead elephant was found quite far in an area, with a difficult terrain, accessible only on foot or by riding a motorbike.

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It took approximately two hours to approach the location by motorbike. In order to reach the site where the elephant was dead, the officers had to continue on foot.

“Arriving at the location, we found the carcass of a dead male elephant in the river, with his left leg bearing marks from being hit by a rope,” he remarked.

The police have secured the location of the dead elephant and await further actions from other relevant agencies.

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Manpower Ministry distributes daily necessities to people for Ramadhan

The Ministry of Manpower distributed packages containing daily necessities to the public as a form of sharing during Ramadhan.

The ministry’s Secretary General, Anwar Sanusi, noted that the activity aims to support recovery of the people affected by the pandemic.

“Sharing is one of the good deeds recommended during Ramadhan, so that we can share our happiness with others,” Sanusi noted in a written statement on Saturday.

“They may really need what we are giving today,” he stressed.

In addition to improving spirituality, Ramadhan also offers a momentum to encourage mutual sharing and spreading happiness with others, Sanusi, who represents Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah, remarked.

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The event for the distribution of packages by the ministry was organized around Ponorogo, East Java, on Friday.

The event, titled Blessed Ramadhan with the Manpower Minister, was held by the ministry in collaboration with state-owned bank BNI.

“We express our deepest gratitude to BNI,” he emphasized.

“I say that they were very happy,” he stated.

The people prayed that the government, especially the ministry and BNI, would be able to continue to dedicate themselves to the nation, he remarked.

They also prayed that the two institutions do their best for the nation to make Indonesia more prosperous, he added.

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Echoing this sentiment, representative from BNI Alan Ferdinand noted that the event is one of the forms of real synergy between the ministry and BNI to help the people.

Earlier, the Workers Social Security Agency (BPJAMSOSTEK) also took social action by distributing 660 packages containing basic necessities for workers in commemoration of May Day on May 1 that coincides with the Ramadhan month every year.

Head of the Jakarta Gambir BPJAMSOSTEK Branch Office Chairul Arianto noted in a statement on Tuesday that these packages were given to the Manpower, Transmigration, and Energy Sub-Office.

The packages will then be distributed to workers through the workers’ unions in Central Jakarta.

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BNPT expects people to uphold love for nation

Head of the National Counter-Terrorism Agency (BNPT) Boy Rafli Amar invited the people, as religious devotees, to uphold their love for the nation to nurture harmony in civic living.

“We expect all citizens, wherever they are, to not forget their own nation,” he noted during the Ramadhan Special of Tolerance Cafe Podcast titled “The Danger of Politicizing Religion for Power” streamed on YouTube on Saturday.

“It is why we hear the principle from ulemas that is hubbul wathan minnal iman, meaning the love for the nation is part of faith. This is what we actually have to nurture,” he remarked.

Through love for the nation, the people will also come to love all living beings in the nation, he stated.

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During the event, he also urged Indonesians to be wary of content in the digital space that reflected intolerance and also radical ideas that can potentially destroy harmony and also unity.

In the digital space, particularly on social media, there are several account owners that spread contents that promote hostility toward certain groups, Amar noted.

To this end, he expects all Indonesians to not be easily swayed by such contents.

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The people must verify the truth of the contents that they find on social media by clearing their minds and conducting verification, he noted.

“The people must be aware. Do not be swayed by such contents or even participate in spreading them,” he remarked.

“You must truly think (about the content on social media) because electronic transactions that occur in the digital space have legal repercussions,” he emphasized.

The BNPT collaborates with various parties, such as the Communication and Informatics Ministry, to handle content related to radical ideology, Amar noted.

Moreover, cooperation with the people is necessary to tackle radical content through counter narration, he affirmed.

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Jokowi to spend end of Ramadan in Yogyakarta

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) arrived at the Gedung Agung Presidential Palace, Yogyakarta City, on Saturday afternoon, to spend the end of the holy month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr in the city located in Central Java.

Jokowi, seated in a black Toyota Alphard, entered the Agung Building complex at around 1 p.m. local time.

Before entering the gates of Gedung Agung, he waved out from inside the car to the crowds that welcomed his arrival.

Meanwhile, police officers and several military personnel were seen on standby to maintain security in front of the gates of the palace located in the Jalan Malioboro area.

Nur Hasanah, 53, a tourist from Cilegon, expressed enthusiasm on welcoming President Jokowi. She was eager to halt her tour agenda along Jalan Malioboro to capture the moment.

Hasanah said this was the first time she had seen the president in person, although it was only from a distance.

“It is nice to see Pak Jokowi. I could see him from the window. I want to be able to shake hands with Pak Jokowi,” she remarked.

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Earlier, after reviewing the Formula E Circuit in Ancol, North Jakarta, on Monday (Apr 25), President Joko Widodo said he would go home and perform Eid prayers in the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

Although he could not confirm how long he would be in Yogyakarta, the president said that the palace would not hold any halal-bihalal (open house) activities.

“When I go home, it is in Solo, Central Java. However, I do not go to Solo. I will go to Yogyakarta. Insyaallah (God willing), yes, it is for (Eid al-Fitr prayers),” Jokowi stated.

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Some 2,800 new toilets installed in rest areas: BPJT

Toll road operators have installed some 2,800 additional toilets in all rest areas to cater to travelers during the Eid al-Fitr exodus period, according to an official of the Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT).

“Overall, a total of 1,700 toilets (are available) in all rest areas, and (during this period), more toilets will be installed (to complement) permanent toilets that are currently available,” Toll Road Regulatory Agency Head Danang Parikesit stated while inspecting the Kalikangkung toll gate here on Saturday.

Installing new toilets in rest areas will reduce the queue of travelers looking to use toilets, he remarked.

“We must ensure that toilet queues will be less than 10 minutes. We hope to be able to accommodate (all travelers),” the BPJT head remarked.

Parikesit noted that according to his observation earlier, no congestion had occurred in the traffic in both the eastward and westward directions of the toll road.

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“In general, no congestion is seen on toll roads. This proves that the one-way traffic modification approach is successful,” Parikesit stated.

The agency head pointed out that travelers, who stop at the road shoulder, either to rest or since their car broke down, could impede toll road traffic and cause congestion.

A toll road officer will approach travelers that stop at the road shoulder and urge them to continue driving to the closest rest area for a break, he remarked.

“For travelers whose cars broke down, the officers will assist them by towing the cars to the nearest rest area,” Parikesit added.

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Meanwhile, state-run toll operator Jasa Marga Transjawa Toll Road Regional Division (JTTRD) had earlier appealed to travelers to refrain from making long halts at rest areas along toll roads.

“At the peak of the 2022 Eid al-Fitr homecoming traffic, travelers are encouraged to stay in the rest area for no more than 30 minutes,” head of the marketing and communication department of JTTRD, Tody Satria, stated when contacted by ANTARA on Tuesday (Apr 26).

The attempt is aimed at reducing crowding in rest areas since many travelers will partake in the exodus from and to various regions, he added.

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Sarinah International Jazz Day features Ismail Marzuki’s work

A show called Allure of the Archipelago or Rayuan Pulau Kelapa was organized on the ground floor of the Sarinah building, Jakarta, on Saturday as part of Sarinah International Jazz Day.

The Allure of the Archipelago was inspired by the song Rayuan Pulau Kelapa, which is among Indonesian composer and songwriter Ismail Marzuki’s creations.

The show focused on songs by Marzuki, which were performed by Nial Djuliarso, a jazz pianist, and supported by The East Side Jazz Initiative. It also featured Alonzo Brata, an 18-year-old jazz singer.

Sarinah International Jazz Day opened with one of the national anthems Indonesia Pusaka.

This was followed by president director of state department store firm PT Sarinah, Fetty Kwartati, delivering the opening remarks. She said that Sarinah is a place to connect generations and music.

Jazz music itself is considered a symbol of the creation and diversity of art, where it can be in a social, cultural, and lifestyle space, she added.

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“Therefore, we are very grateful that Sarinah has an international event that can hopefully be continued every year and become the forerunner of local-style international events,” Kwartati said.

The show continued with Brata singing Juwita Malam, his heavy and deep voice hypnotizing the audience.

After the Marzuki session ended, Nial Djuliarso, the East Side Jazz Initiative, and Alonzo Brata performed several foreign jazz songs such as Ain’t That A Kick In The Head by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn, All That Jazz by John Kander and Fred Ebb, In The Street Where You Live by Frederick Loewe and Alan Jay Lemer, Orange Colored Sky by Milton Delugg and Willie Stein, and Birth Of The Blues by Ray Henderson.

At the end of the show, Brata also performed Djuliarso and Mari Kartika’s Strolling Down The Avenue.

He then left the stage, and Nial and The East Side Jazz closed the show with an instrumental musical performance, Fungi Mama.

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