Promotion, degradation still apply to priority DBON sports branches


The promotion and degradation system will continue to be implemented for priority sports branches included within the National Sports Grand Design (DBON), Minister of Youth and Sports Zainudin Amali has informed.

“Any sports branches within the DBON, such as volleyball, must win an achievement,” he said on his ministry’s official website on Friday.

“Because if they do not (achieve a win) for a long period of time, then the branches will be removed from the priority branches. Remember that,” he added.

There are 12 Olympic branches and three industry sports branches that have been included within the DBON.

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During his visit to a volleyball national training centralization (pelatnas) in Sentul, West Java, on Thursday, he said that if any branch does not make achievements, then it will be replaced with a more promising sports branch.

“Because we still implement the promotion and degradation system. For Olympic branches that do not win an achievement, we will replace them with the ones that do. There are many that do,” the minister explained.

He also urged the national sports federation to pay attention to athlete regeneration.

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This is so that when a senior player has to retire, the sports branch still has enough skilled players needed to represent Indonesia at various international championships.

During that visit, Amali also asked the men’s and women’s national volleyball teams to bag medals during the Vietnam SEA Games.

The men’s national volleyball team, in particular, was asked to retain the gold medal that they won at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines.

“I ask (you) to change your motivation from now on. Do not do it for the club, the province, or any other. Do it for Indonesia,” the minister remarked.

“Some 270 million Indonesians expect gold from you. I believe that you can do it,” he added.

Source: Antara News