Manpower Ministry distributes daily necessities to people for Ramadhan

Internal Affairs

The Ministry of Manpower distributed packages containing daily necessities to the public as a form of sharing during Ramadhan.

The ministry’s Secretary General, Anwar Sanusi, noted that the activity aims to support recovery of the people affected by the pandemic.

“Sharing is one of the good deeds recommended during Ramadhan, so that we can share our happiness with others,” Sanusi noted in a written statement on Saturday.

“They may really need what we are giving today,” he stressed.

In addition to improving spirituality, Ramadhan also offers a momentum to encourage mutual sharing and spreading happiness with others, Sanusi, who represents Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah, remarked.

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The event for the distribution of packages by the ministry was organized around Ponorogo, East Java, on Friday.

The event, titled Blessed Ramadhan with the Manpower Minister, was held by the ministry in collaboration with state-owned bank BNI.

“We express our deepest gratitude to BNI,” he emphasized.

“I say that they were very happy,” he stated.

The people prayed that the government, especially the ministry and BNI, would be able to continue to dedicate themselves to the nation, he remarked.

They also prayed that the two institutions do their best for the nation to make Indonesia more prosperous, he added.

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Echoing this sentiment, representative from BNI Alan Ferdinand noted that the event is one of the forms of real synergy between the ministry and BNI to help the people.

Earlier, the Workers Social Security Agency (BPJAMSOSTEK) also took social action by distributing 660 packages containing basic necessities for workers in commemoration of May Day on May 1 that coincides with the Ramadhan month every year.

Head of the Jakarta Gambir BPJAMSOSTEK Branch Office Chairul Arianto noted in a statement on Tuesday that these packages were given to the Manpower, Transmigration, and Energy Sub-Office.

The packages will then be distributed to workers through the workers’ unions in Central Jakarta.

Source: Antara News