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Anti-graft body catches East Kutai district head receiving cash bribe

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Deputy Chairperson Nawawi Pomolango confirmed that East Kutai District Head Ismunandar, his wife, and another official were caught red-handed receiving purported corruption money at a Jakarta hotel.

“Last night, we had arrested the district head, his wife, and head of the East Kutai Development Planning Office (Bappeda) at a hotel in Jakarta,” Pomolango noted in a statement to reporters here on Friday.

Moreover, the agency apprehended several people in Samarinda and East Kutai, East Kalimantan Province.

“We detained several others in Kutim (East Kutai) and Samarinda,” he revealed.

Chairman of the anti-graft body Firli Bahuri had earlier noted that the East Kutai District Head Ismunandar was caught on the night of Thursday (July 2) in an alleged corruption case for accepting gifts or making promises over the procurement of goods and services.

“Yes, last night, the corruptors were arrested for receiving gifts or making promises for the procurement of goods and services in one of the districts in East Kalimantan Province,” Bahuri remarked in a statement to reporters on Friday.

Bahuri revealed that the KPK team was yet working on the field and ensuring that developments in connection with the arrest would be made public.


Source: ANTARA News

Flash floods submerge several areas of Gorontalo City

Gorontalo (ANTARA) – Flash floods swamped several areas of Gorontalo City after unremitting torrential rains lashed over the last few days.

Flooding occurred in the areas of Pilolodaa and Dembe in Kota Barat Sub-district, Gorontalo City.

“The floodwaters began to rise at 9 a.m. local time. The rain water, carrying wood and rubbish, came rolling down a hill located behind the residential complex onto the streets and settlement areas,” Suryanto, a resident of Pilolodaa, stated.

Suryanto recalled the water level having risen thrice in the housing complex within half a day and submerged dozens of houses, though later subsiding.

“Currently, it has begun to subside, and mud is still seen. However, we are concerned that it might get flooded again, as the rains have not stopped,” he remarked.

The joint team of officers had visited the location to help residents affected by the flooding.

In Dembe, flooding and landslide caused injury to Suri Hamzah, 60, who suffered from a broken leg after being crushed by a boulder.

“The landslide caused damage to two houses. Floodwaters submerged several houses and damaged two homes and broke down a fence,” Dembe I Village Head Adriyun Katil stated.

Flooding also submerged several roads and disrupted traffic.

A large tree also got uprooted on the By Pass road in Tamalate area, Kota Timur Sub-district, thereby blocking access to and from the Governor’s Office.


Source: ANTARA News

TNI to manage evaluation following peacekeeper’s killing in Congo

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesian Military (TNI) commander, Friday, confirmed that it will manage tactical field evaluation after a peacekeeper was killed in the line of duty in the United Nations peace operation in the DRC (MONUSCO) last month.

“Indeed, we will manage the tactical field evaluation so as to prevent any such similar circumstances from recurring in future,” Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto notified the press after a military release ceremony of the body of Warrant Officer (Posthumous) Rama Wahyudi at the Halim Perdanakusuma Air Base in East Jakarta on Friday.

Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi confirmed on June 23 that Wahyudi was killed in a militant attack in the eastern region of Congo a night before.

Wahyudi was on a return trip after delivering logistics materials to the Temporary Operation Base for a bridge to be constructed for locals when the Allied Democratic Forces rebellious armed group launched a sudden attack.

During the attack, Wahyudi was shot at in the left chest, while another TNI personnel got injured.

After being brought to Jakarta, Wahyudi’s body was sent to Pekanbaru for the funeral service.

“The United Nations also launched an investigation (into this killing), and we demand that the tactical field operation be conducted in a safe and secure manner since we follow the procedure,” Tjahjadi emphasized.


Source: ANTARA News

Synergy instrumental in boosting budget absorption in health sector

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Finance has intensified coordination and synergy with relevant ministries and institutions to spur budget absorption in the health sector for swift response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Budget absorption for the health sector had yet to be optimal owing to obstacles encountered in the administrative process, Febrio Nathan Kacaribu, head of the Ministry of Finance’s Fiscal Policy Agency (BKF), stated here on Friday.

“This is an administrative issue, which in our opinion, can be tackled, and the process can be accelerated. It is expected that through better coordination in the coming weeks, we will see better (spending) realization,” he remarked while speaking during an online discussion.

Kacaribu noted that in this matter, the finance ministry was tasked with serving as the coordinator of drafting programs of related ministries and institutions as well as preparing the budgets.

“When the budgets are allocated, the related ministries and institutions will conduct a technical implementation on the field,” he remarked.

“The Ministry of Finance is ready with the budget and DIPA (Budget Implementation Checklist) requests,” he stated.

Kacaribu suggested that the Health Ministry streamline the processes and procedures for budget disbursement and spending.

Complex data verification procedures would lead to delays in the disbursal of funds, particularly for regional hospitals, thereby resulting in budget absorption not being optimal.

Kacaribu is optimistic that increased coordination would expedite the disbursement of the budget, including for incentives and provision of benefits to deceased health workers.

Kunta Wibawa Dasa, an expert staff of the Minister of Finance’s State Expenditure Division, stated that of the total allocated Rp87.55 trillion budget for the health sector, some 4.68 percent was absorbed as of June 24, 2020.

The claims for reimbursing COVID-19 patient care costs have been realized to the tune of 62.5 percent of the total claims submitted by the hospitals, while the rest still await completion of the documents.

“As many as 21,080 health workers, or 11.82 percent, have been offered medical personnel incentives, particularly in hospitals handling COVID-19 cases,” he added.


Source: ANTARA News

KPU should reject candidacy of former drug users: Gerindra

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Great Indonesia Movement (Gerindra) Party urged the General Elections Commission’s (KPU’s) regional offices to reject regional head candidates, with a history of illicit drug abuse, as mandated by the Constitutional Court’s (MK’s) decision.

“The Constitutional Court’s decision is final and binding. We must obey it. Disobeying the decision is dangerous,” Gerindra spokesman Habiburokhman informed journalists in Jakarta on Thursday.

To this end, the KPU regional offices should not allow any regional head candidates, with a history of misuse and trade of illicit drugs, since the Constitutional Court had ruled out their candidacy, he explained.

Gerinda remain consistent in its approach to respect and obey the decision taken by MK that has ruled out the candidacy of ex-drug users, Habiburokhman emphasized.

In its place, this Prabowo Subianto-led party expects all regional head candidates contesting in the 2020 regional elections, scheduled on Dec 9, to possess the required capacity, integrity, and accessibility, he affirmed.

Indonesia remains under grave threat from drug dealers, as several individuals from its working-age population have got siphoned into a vicious circle.

Domestic and transnational drug dealers still view Indonesia as their potential market due to its large population and millions of drug users. The drug trade in Indonesia is valued at almost Rp66 trillion.

On some occasions, politicians have been found to use drugs. In April 2018, for instance, Arbab Pabroeka, a former legislator, was arrested for a drug-related offence.

In August 2018, Ibrahim Hasan, alias Ibrahim Hongkong, was also apprehended over his purported involvement in transnational drug trafficking activities.

Owing to this case, Ibrahim was sacked from the membership of the National Democrat Party (Nasdem), which had paved the way for his political career until he was elected as a member of Langkat District’s legislative body.

A report from the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) revealed that 50 drug use-related deaths occur daily in Indonesia. However, the fatality count has yet to deter people from consuming drugs.


Source: ANTARA News