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Mount Merapi erupts again, spewing huge ash cloud

Yogyakarta  Mount Merapi, straddling the provinces of Central Java and Yogyakarta, erupted again on Saturday morning, spewing a plume of smoke and ash up to two thousand meters into the air.

The most active volcano in Indonesia that erupted at 5:21 West Indonesia Standard Time (WIB) was recorded on the seismogram to have an amplitude of 50 millimeters and a duration of 180 seconds, the Center for Investigation and Development of Geological Disaster Technology (BPPTKG) stated on its Twitter account monitored in Yogyakarta.

“The eruption column observed was two thousand meters high from the peak,” the agency noted.

The BPPTKG has, until now, maintained the status of Mount Merapi at Level II, or alert.

For the time being, the agency has advised against conducting climbing activities, except for the purpose of investigation and research related to disaster mitigation efforts.

The BPPTKG has appealed to local residents to not conduct any activity within a three-kilometer radius from the volcano’s peak.

The volcano erupted twice on Friday (March 27).

The first eruption that occurred at 10:46 WIB spewed an ash column five thousand meters high, while the second eruption recorded at 21:46 WIB emitted a one-thousand-meter high ash column.

Source:Antara News

Two Jakarta hotels housing 500 COVID-19 medical workers

Jakarta  Two hotels were providing accommodation to 500 medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19 in Jakarta as on Friday, under the arrangement of the provincial government.

“As of today, there are 500 medical workers coming into the hotel. We ended up dividing them among two hotels because the Grand Cempaka Business Hotel could no longer accommodate them all. There are 343 medical workers in Grand Cempaka, 28 of whom are doctors, and 157 others at the Al Hijrah hotel,” said chairperson of Jaktour, NovitaDewi, at a press conference in City Hall, after receiving aid from the DKI Jakarta Chambers of Commerce and Industry for the workers.

Another facility will be opened by the DKI Jakarta government for medical workers from Koja and Duren Sawit hospitals.

“Tomorrow, we are scheduled to open another unit —d’arcici — in North Jakarta,” she said.

The DKI Jakarta government had earlier decided to provide accommodation to medical workers treating COVID-19 cases.

The first hotel that was picked was the Grand Cempaka Hotel in Central Jakarta.

DKI Jakarta Governor AniesBaswedan had visited the location to inspect the preparations.

“We are giving them decent accommodation and free snacks day and night. We are also offering warm coffee. Their rooms are being sprayed with disinfectant everyday to ensure they are sanitized,” NovitaDewi had said on Thursday, March 26. 

Source:Antara News

Basarnas confirms eight untraceable while fishing in Manokwari waters

Manokwari, W Papua  The National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) Office in Manokwari received a report of eight people having gone missing while fishing in the Manokwari waters in West Papua Province on Friday (March 27).

One of the eight people was a six-year-old child, Chief of the Basarnas Office George Leo Mercy Randang stated in the West Papua provincial capital of Manokwari on Saturday.

The Basarnas Office has deployed a rescue team to trace the eight missing people, with assistance extended by the local residents and family members, he revealed.

The eight people went fishing aboard a white fiber boat that set sail from Arkuki Coast for the waters of Mansinam Island on Friday at 9:30 a.m. local time.

“We received the report only on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. local time. Shortly after receiving the report, we readied personnel and devices. The team left at around 10:40 a.m. local time,” he stated.

Before losing contact, one of the eight people had phoned a member of his family for reporting the case to Basarnas. They were supposed to return home on Friday evening.

“However, they had yet to return home until Friday night. When they failed to return home until Saturday morning, their kin reported the matter to the SAR Office,” he stated.

“This afternoon, the weather is quite good. May they be found in a safe condition,” Randang remarked.

The eight people comprised YusakSineri, Sandy Torey, Marthenci Torey, Sarah Saluku, Yuliana Arwot, KerenSineri, Martha Abairey, and Kiki Abairey.

Source:Antara News

Fashion and MANGA Exhibitions to Be Held in National Art Center, Tokyo, during Summer 2020

The National Art Center, Tokyo (NACT) has announced its exhibition schedule during summer 2020, including exhibitions on “Fashion in Japan 1945-2020” and “MANGA — TOKYO.”


Boasting one of the largest exhibition spaces in Japan, NACT is a popular art museum drawing over two million visitors from around the globe every year, with diverse exhibitions ranging from worldwide modern and contemporary art to manga, architecture, and fashion.

In addition to the exhibitions, NACT offers ample ways to pass the time with three cafes and a restaurant, as well as a shop with an extensive selection of goods. The photogenic building with its wavelike “curtain wall” of glass, designed by architect KishoKurokawa, is an attraction in and of itself. Despite being in the center of the city, the interior is suffused with light and the green of trees, allowing visitors to experience the concept of “an art center surrounded by green spaces.”

On Fridays and Saturdays, NACT is open until 8:00 p.m. (9:00 p.m. from July to September). It is located in the sophisticated Roppongi district, a global center for art, fashion, and dining surrounded by shopping facilities such as Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown, along with restaurants and hotels.

Special exhibitions’ schedule:

-Timeless Conversations 2020: Voices from Japanese Art of the Past and Present (closing on June 1, opening date to be confirmed later)

-Fashion in Japan 1945-2020 (June 3-August 24)

A comprehensive introduction to Japanese fashion culture, which has garnered worldwide attention, from the post-World War II era to the present

-MANGA — TOKYO (July 8-September 22)

While focusing on manga, anime, games, and tokusatsu (SFX films), this exhibition traces how these works have altered people’s memories of “Tokyo” with a host of original pictures, models, and films.

-TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA Glass Tea House KOU-AN (underway through May 10, 2021)

For further details:

For some special exhibitions, audio guides (fee required) are available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.

Source:Antara News

1,115 SE Sulawesi residents undergoing COVID-19 monitoring

Kendari  A total of 1,115 people are currently under monitoring (ODP) over the coronavirus infection, according to the Southeast Sulawesi Task Force of COVID-19 Response.

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, the province reportedly has 2,498 ODP of whom 1,383 people recovered, while 1,115 are currently still being monitored.

The number of patients under surveillance (PDP) in the province totals 17, rising from 15 on the previous day, the Task Force’s spokesman, Dr La Ode RabiulAwal, stated here on Saturday.

“Of the 17 people, five have completed the PDP period, while 12 are in the process,” he noted.

Three people had tested positive for coronavirus in Southeast Sulawesi, he remarked.

The 2,498 ODP were found in 17 districts and cities in Southeast Sulawesi, including 490 people in South Buton, 215 in Central Buton, 113 in Kendari, 484 in Baubau, 50 in Kolaka, 69 in Konawe, 57 in Muna, 41 in Buton, 42 in South Konawe (Konsel), 109 in North Kolaka, 323 in Wakatobi, 271 in Bombana, 10 in North Konawe, 48 in North Buton, 60 in East Kolaka, 32 in Konawe Islands, and 58 in West Muna. Related news: 174 Jakarta residents under ODP, 152 others under PDP for COVID-19

Source:Antara News