Formerra and AFC Ecoplastics Forge New Path in Compostable Materials

Certified compostable materials will help packaging meet growing eco-demands.

ROMEOVILLE, IL / ACCESSWIRE / May 2, 2024 / Formerra, a leader in performance materials distribution, announces a partnership with AFC Ecoplastics to distribute its compostable products across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. This collaboration aims to equip consumer and medical packaging applications with eco-friendly alternatives that meet stringent environmental standards and that consumers prefer.

AFC Ecoplastics compostable polymers
AFC Ecoplastics compostable polymers
Formerra, a leader in performance materials distribution, announces a partnership with AFC Ecoplastics to distribute its compostable products across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Formerra will distribute a range of AFC’s compostable resins, compounds, and colorants, including PBAT (polybutylene co-adipate co-terephthalate) and PBS (polybutylene succinate) resins. These materials are particularly suited for consumer packaged goods (CPG) applications, both rigid and film, as well as medical packaging and labware, responding to the demand for sustainable alternatives in these sectors. They have also received Health Canada and FDA approvals.

"AFC has always been at the forefront of sustainable material innovation," said Ha Le, CEO of AFC Ecoplastics. "Partnering with Formerra was a natural step in our journey to expand our reach and impact. Their robust distribution network, extensive technical support, and stellar reputation among packaging customers provide the ultimate platform for our compostable solutions."

Demand for compostable packaging is growing. Regulations such as California’s SB154 are in the works in several states in the U.S. and will require single-use plastics to be either recyclable or compostable within the next several years. Produce bags and bin liners are already under regulation for compostability in California. Formerra and AFC Ecoplastics are poised to lead the market in providing viable, sustainable solutions that address regulatory and societal needs.

Mike Balasko, Director of Sustainability and Business Development at Formerra, said, "Our collaboration with AFC is a significant step forward in our sustainability initiative. These compostable materials will help our customers navigate the shifting regulatory landscape and enhance their product offerings for environmentally conscious consumers. We are committed to aiding brands in achieving both compliance and their own sustainability goals."

AFC materials are BPI certified and have also received the TÜV OK Compost industrial certification (EN 13432). Materials featuring this label are guaranteed to be biodegradable in an industrial composting plant.

Formerra will exhibit at NPE 2024 in Orlando, Florida, next week in booth S39025.

About Formerra

Formerra is a preeminent distributor of engineered materials, connecting the world’s leading polymer producers with thousands of OEMs and brand owners across healthcare, consumer, industrial, and mobility markets. Powered by technical and commercial expertise, it brings a distinctive combination of portfolio depth, supply chain strength, industry knowledge, service, leading e-commerce capabilities, and ingenuity. The experienced Formerra team helps customers across multiple industries to design, select, process, and develop products in new and better ways – driving improved performance, productivity, reliability, and sustainability. To learn more, visit

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Jackie Morris
Marketing Communications Manager, Formerra
+1 630-972-3144

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Traffic accidents leave 138 deaths in five-day holidays

Hanoi: The freshly ended five-day holidays saw 347 traffic accidents nationwide, causing 138 deaths and 285 injuries.

The figures were down 9.16%, 32.35%, and 1.38% compared to the similar holidays last year, respectively.

During the holidays from April 27 to May 1, more than 19,600 traffic inspections were organised nationwide, detecting and handling 78,254 violations, including 21,369 drink-driving cases and 21,088 speeding cases. As a result, violators were fined 171 billion VND (7.1 million USD) in total, with more than 30,600 vehicles temporarily seized and 15,327 driving licences revoked.

Localities with the highest numbers of violations included Ho Chi Minh City, the southern provinces of Dong Nai and Binh Duong, the capital city of Hanoi, the northern provinces of Bac Giang and Quang Ninh, Hai Phong city, and the central province of Nghe An.

In general, the overall situation of traffic order and safety was ensured. The traffic volume soared on the first and last days of the holidays as people retu
rned to their hometowns or travelling, leading to congestion at various gateways./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Be sure before sharing. Motor Check: 3 ways to put out electric car battery fires. Is it true?

April 30, 2024 – On social media, methods for putting out fires when an electric car battery burns are being shared, including using water, using a fire extinguisher, and using foam to extinguish.

Conclusion: Can be shared, explain further.

Sure Before Sharing Center, check with Mr. Worawut Korwongpanich. Director of Testing and Engineering, Automotive Institute

Source: Thai News Agency

Eight million tourists recorded during just-ended holidays

Hanoi: The tourism sector served about 8 million tourists during the five-days holiday from April 27 to May 1, up 14.2% year on year, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has reported.

Of the tourists, 3.6 million stayed overnight and the average room occupancy at accommodation establishments nationalwide was up to 70%, or even 100% in some coastal destinations.

Most of key tourism destinations such as Sa Pa, Quang Ninh, Thanh Hoa, Phu Yen, Nha Tra, and Ba Ria-Vung Tau recorded a surge in the number of tourists compared to the same period in 2023.

Thanh Hoa topped the country with 1.52 million visitors, a growth of 27.2% year on year, and a revenue of 3.805 trillion VND (152 million USD), followed by Quang Ninh and Khanh Hoa with 1 million and nearly 970,000 visitors, respectively.

However, the scorching weather in the whole country hindered several outdoor activities in mountainous and urban areas. Besides, some destinations recorded a downward
trend in the number of visitors compared to 2023 including Da Nang, Phu Quoc, Quang Nam, and Con Dao due to high airfares.

To cope with the situation, travel agencies have offered high quality shuttle buses, train, car, and waterway services in order to reduce costs for tourists while enhancing experiment for them./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Crazy man arrested for using a cleaver to cut off the head of a police officer.

Bangkok, Phlapphla Chai police arrested a crazy man wandering around and pointed out a plot point after he used a cleaver to cut off the head of a police officer. until seriously injured

In the case of yesterday afternoon (May 1), Police Lieutenant Phongrat Prawakho, Deputy Police Inspector (Royal Officer), Urgent Traffic Control Center 1, Traffic Police, came to stop the incident in front of Mr. Apiwat. A crazy man who is trying to attack a car In front of the gas station opposite Hua Lamphong Train Station. Along Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem, Krung Kasem Road, Pom Prap Sattru Phai District Until a crazy man used a cleaver to cut his head and was injured. Then the police patrol Phlapphlachai 2 Police Station will take control of the situation and detain the culprits for prosecution.

Police Colonel Wittawat Khengkum, superintendent of Phlapphlachai Police Station 2, revealed that initially Mr. Apiwat confess Claiming that he did it because he was addicted to drugs. He admitted to being a homeless person livin
g in the area. Will collect bottles and sell them to earn money to survive. Then use the money from selling the bottles to buy drugs. The investigative officer reported 4 charges against Mr. Apiwat, including the charge of attempting to murder an officer who was performing his duty. Fighting and obstructing the performance of duties by officials Carrying knives in public places and took a type 1 narcotic (methamphetamine). As for the injuries of Police Lieutenant Phongrat It’s safe now.

Later in the morning The police detained Mr. Apiwat and made a plan to compile a confession. While pointing out the spot, Mr. Apiwat said he had a quarrel with a group of homeless people in the area. and will try to smash the car Until people in that area called Police Lieutenant Phongrat who were in the area to help control the situation Then he saw the vendor’s cleaver knife lying there. So he grabbed a cleaver and wanted to cut the person who was quarreling with him, but claimed that Police Lieutenant Phongrat was standing
in the way and caused the knife to hit the said policeman.

Source: Thai News Agency

Yellow robe scandal: Abbot flirts with young boy in monastery

Chiang Mai, Villagers can’t stand it! The abbot of a temple in Chiang Mai flirted with several young men. Request that relevant agencies expedite their investigation into the facts.

A picture of several teenage boys being hugged and kissed by a monk. Some pictures are hugging each other on the bed. It has been sent to the media for review. Some children are still in their school uniforms. It is expected that the location in the picture will be inside the temple monastery. The complainant stated that this statue was of the level of an abbot of a temple in Chiang Mai Province, so he wanted it to be inspected.

While villagers near the temple gave information that this monk had been at the temple for nearly 20 years, he was previously the deputy abbot. and became the abbot in place of the former one who died many years ago. It is well known among the villagers that the abbot has a coquettish personality. At the temple there are 5 monks and novices and a number of temple children, including teenage boys, who liv
e in the community near the temple. Visit the temple regularly. But in the past there had never been anything derogatory. As for the images that were complained about, they admitted that they looked inappropriate and could be viewed from many angles. If it were a child who went in and gave the monk a hug or a kiss on the cheek in exchange for a little pocket money, nothing could be further from the truth. considered not serious Because I must admit that the Buddha In many temples it is like this. But if it goes beyond that, it is unacceptable. If a complaint leads to an investigation, it’s likely a win-win. And despite the coquettish behavior But the abbot is also a developer. Making the temple a good center for the villagers.

The image of the monk hugging and kissing a child does not reach the level of parachism.

Vice President of the Chiang Mai Provincial Cultural Council The Religion and Culture Department said that from the picture, it may not be a serious violation of monastic discipline to the point o
f being a pariah. But it may not seem appropriate to the ascetic form, it is a lokavaccha, that is, it is an inappropriate expression. and it is something that the people of the world criticize and criticize as inappropriate and inappropriate for monks. But when society criticizes or complains, there should be an investigation for clarification. and take any action on the part of the Sangha administration

As for the complaints, there may be many causes, such as conflicts in the yellow robe industry, child snatching, child jealousy, and conflicts of interest within the temple. or even make a complaint with honesty But de facto it must be accepted that the behavior of monks in this way is very common and has been for a long time. Whether it is taking care of children at home, temple children, drivers, even showing off children. But it is an internal matter that no one knows about. Therefore, it is considered to be a benefit to the defendant.

The abbot has disappeared from the temple and cannot be contacted

oday (2 May). Officials of the Chiang Mai Buddhism Office Go to the area to inspect the temple again. After learning from the temple committee that the abbot has not yet returned to the temple and cannot be contacted. But he ordered his closest disciple to come and pack up the things in the cubicle and prepare to move out. The student said he did not know where or when the items would be taken. because the abbot could not be contacted Had to wait for the abbot to call and order again.

Meanwhile, the committee had all 5 temple children leave the temple for peace of mind and to prevent problems later on. After this, there will be no more temple children. As for the abbot who leaves the temple, it is a matter for the ecclesiastical administration to consider disciplinary matters. As for the temple committee, they will wait for an official order to be released from their position. After that, there will be a meeting to select a new monk to take the position of abbot.

Source: Thai News Agency

DR and DRx build world-class investment portfolios

Bangkok, SET recommends investing in foreign stocks through DR and DRx to create a world-class investment portfolio. Conveniently diversify your investments using baht No need to open a foreign account Increase your chances of receiving good returns.

In an era where the world is more connected Information about investing around the world can be quickly accessed through various online platforms. Invest in foreign securities to diversify your risk and increase your chances of earning better returns. It is something that many Thai investors are increasingly interested in. However, investing directly in foreign stock markets It may come with many challenges, such as difficulties and transaction procedures. This includes transactions made in foreign currency. Opening a foreign securities trading account and tax issues, etc.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand has developed investment products called DR (Depositary Receipt) and DRx (Fractional Depositary Receipt), which are depository receipts for foreign securities.
that refer to securities or stocks of leading companies from around the world To provide convenience to investors Investors can conveniently trade DR and DRx on the stock exchange. with baht through an account opened with a securities company that is a member of the Stock Exchange of Thailand Similar to general securities trading No need to open foreign accounts or switch currencies or make international transfers. Helps reduce complexity and increase investment flexibility. Therefore, it is an interesting alternative to diversify investments abroad more efficiently.

DR and DRx have a valuation reference mechanism with foreign securities, where the issuer of DR and DRx is not a foreign issuer. But will act as a holder of foreign securities by purchasing foreign securities to keep. and pass on various benefits from investment to DR and DRx instrument holders because DR and DRx are foreign securities depository receipts, where 1 unit of depository receipt may be equivalent to Units of the underlying security o
r less. Depending on the determination of the conversion rate, for example, 10 DR: 1 reference security means 10 DR units equivalent to 1 reference stock or 2,000 DRx: 1 reference security means 2,000 DRx units equivalent to 1 reference stock, etc.

Therefore, investors should check the conversion rate to be able to assess the appropriate DR and DRx trading price by comparing it with the price of the underlying security. The objective of this design is to make investment accessible for a smaller amount than directly purchasing foreign stocks, especially large-cap foreign stocks that may have a relatively high price per share. In addition, DR issuers and DRx or designee Will act as a market maker (Market Maker) for the respective DR or DRx to help strengthen trading liquidity for investors as well.

Another interesting feature of DR and DRx is that it requires a small initial investment. For DR, you can invest from 1 DR unit, which currently has a starting price of only a few baht. and has a trading fee simila
r to trading in general stocks, while DRx can be invested in fractional shares by trading in the amount of baht or the number of DRx units, and service providers generally collect a trading fee of only 0.16% ( VAT not included)

Investors can therefore access investments conveniently. Even with limited funds You may also choose to gradually accumulate investment units over the long term by averaging (Dollar Cost Averaging or DCA), which is a disciplined investment strategy. The emphasis is on investing the same amount of money regularly even though market conditions may fluctuate. This will help in averaging the cost of long-term investments, such as investing an equal amount of 500 baht every month to accumulate investments in world-class leading stocks, etc. (You can learn more about DCA investing at https

In addition to convenience, DR and DRx are investment products whose issuance and offering are regulated under the Securities and Exchange A
ct. The regulator has issued clear regulations to protect the rights of investors. There are supervisory guidelines such as the issuer of DR and DRx must be a stable financial institution. There must be the full amount of underlying securities issued for DR and DRx. News on the underlying securities must be followed and important information disseminated to investors. And there are clear terms and conditions for investors’ rights in cases where investors can exercise rights similar to being direct shareholders, such as the right to receive dividends. Rights to subscribe for new shares, etc. These mechanisms are intended to build confidence among investors that investing in DR and DRx is reliable and has been fully taken care of according to the rights that investors should receive. For tax obligations related to investments in DR and DRx, individual investors will be subject to a withholding tax of 10% on dividends received. Without having to take the above income into calculation to pay taxes again.

ly, the Stock Exchange of Thailand has 24 and 10 securities registered for trading in DR and DRx, respectively (information as of April 22, 2024), covering important indices and stocks from many countries around the world. both developed markets such as the United States, Europe, Japan, and Singapore, and emerging markets with potential. like China and Vietnam There are both DR products that are based on stock indexes (Index) and products that are based on individual stocks (Single Stock) such as Alibaba, Tencent, BYD, XIAOMI, Pingan, Netease, Baidu from China, Singapore Airlines from Singapore and ASML from Europe and DRx products are based on large US stocks such as Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Alphabet, Meta, Amazon, Starbucks, Netflix and Booking Holdings. With a wide range of investment options in terms of countries and industry groups, DR and DRx products will It allows investors to conveniently and easily diversify their investments among quality assets from around the world. It is an alternative t
o diversify risk and increase the opportunity to receive good returns.

However, investing in DR and DRx still involves risks that investors should understand carefully, similar to considering investing in other securities, both in terms of fundamentals and fluctuations in the prices of the underlying securities. This is a result of operating results, business plans, competitors, and various risks in the economy and financial markets. In addition, DR and DRx are subject to additional exchange rate risks similar to direct foreign investments. Even though trading is done in baht, because the price of the underlying security is in a foreign currency, therefore Investors should study various information related to investing in securities. You may also consider arranging your portfolio to diversify your investments in many countries and various industry groups.

and consider the operations and services of reliable DR and DRx issuers, as well as the forms, conditions, and methods for managing various benefits from
investing in DR and DRx as specified by the issuer. For interested investors Starting to invest in DR and DRx is quite convenient. It is similar to opening a securities trading account with a securities company that provides services. For DR, trading orders can be sent through all channels just like general stock trading, and for DRx, trading can be done through the Streaming Mobile Application channel with more than DRx trading service brokers. 27 locations by requesting to trade DRx yourself, just press the My Menu button in the Streaming application, select the DRx menu and press the ‘Request DRx Trading’ button.

In the present world Diversifying investments across a variety of assets is an approach that is gaining more and more attention. DR and DRx are another portfolio construction option that allows investors to diversify their risk and diversify their investments. many industrial groups in many countries conveniently both in developed and emerging markets along with a regulatory mechanism And the con
venience of investing in DR and DRx is another interesting investment option. For Thai investors who are ready to step onto the global investment stage, additional information about DR and DRx can be found at the SET website or and .

Source: Thai News Agency

Be sure before sharing CyberUpdate : 2 May 2024 World Password Day! Is your password safe?

Nowadays, passwords have become a part of our daily life. From logging into social media online shopping Watch movies through streaming platforms Transfer money through the application Including access to many personal digital data. All must use a password together. Therefore, setting a strong password or password is very important. But did you know that The most used passwords in the world and held the championship for many years in a row. Instead, it’s a sequence of numbers like 123456, which is a password that’s both easy to remember and can be hacked in less than 1 minute, making it World Password Day. born To raise everyone’s awareness of the importance of setting strong passwords. And today, for sure before sharing, CyberUpdate will take everyone to get to know the origins of World Password Day.

The beginning of World Password Day

World Password Day was first held in 2013 by Intel on the first Thursday in May. This year, it falls on May 2, 2024, to emphasize to everyone the importance of setting secur
e passwords. Due to cyber threats especially Account information leaked Or having your online account hacked is continually increasing.

A report by NordPass (2023) reveals that 86% of cyberattacks are based on stolen personal data, with online bank accounts, emails and passwords being the most frequently sold items on the Dark Web. Many people still choose to use simple passwords. It is often chosen as a sequence of numbers or as a password that the system has configured. They do not consider the importance of maintaining strong password security to protect personal information.

10 passwords that Thai people use the most in 2023, if anyone is still using them Hurry and change it quickly!

1. 123456

2. Aa123456

3. admin

4. 12345678

5. 123456789

6. password

7. Ar123455

8. aa123456

9. 12345

10. 123456Za

It can be seen that many of the above passwords It’s just a series of numbers. or the word that the system initially set Easily at risk of being hacked A good password should have 4 elements:

1. Uppe
rcase English letters

2. Lowercase English letters

3. Numbers

4. Special symbols

By these elements It should be mixed in the password. and should be 12 characters or more in length.

Celebrate World Password Day by setting a secure password.

Be sure before sharing. We invite everyone to join in celebrating World Password Day with 7 techniques for setting secure passwords.

1. Good, unique code

We can set a password.

from personal information But you have to decorate it to be unique.

For example, setting up a phone number Then make the letters harder to guess.

By taking letters like our name and inserting them between the numbers.

Or you can use a sentence that you like. Name of the place we like

Then change the letters to numbers and symbols.

For example, changing I to an exclamation mark.

Change from O to zero.

2. Hidden letters of the secret code has recommended setting a password.

From 2 – 3 values ??or characters

and place your hand on the QWERTY Keyboard key.

Imitate the str
okes of letters

For example, the letter V, press the button as follows.

You will get the code 1qazse4.

Or if you want to make it more complicated

Press to mix uppercase letters. You can change the small print too.

3. Switch keyboard mode

Use typing passwords in Thai sentences.

Then put our keyboard in English mode.

But you should not use common words found in the dictionary.

Because hackers can use programs to guess passwords.

Can be compared from the vocabulary database.

4. Be proud to use songs.

Setting a password with the first letter of your favorite lyrics

and easy to remember

5. Focus on the code to enhance the story.

It’s a technique recommended by computer engineers.

From Carnegie Mellon University

Try thinking of a set of words to tell a story about who, what, and where.

It may not be something that actually happened. It’s fun. that we can remember

and then convert it into code

6. Add the name of the platform

When setting the password, you should not set the same password for eac
h account on each platform.

Because if you can hack into any account It can spread to every account.

But having them all be different might be too difficult to remember.

We may preface or end the code with the name of the platform.

For example, the code used for facebook.

It will be password followed by FB.

Or if it’s LINE

It will be the original password. but followed by the word LINE

7. Ready to adjust according to the date

Passwords should be changed at least every 3 months.

and for easy memory

The date, month, and year the password was last set may also be included in the code.

Which if at any time we forget or press the wrong button

You can see that When was the last time we changed our code?

For example, code changed on March 6, 2022.

It will be our password followed by 06032565.

It’s almost the end of the era of passwords! What are Passkeys?

Nowadays, a form of identity verification such as Passkeys has been developed, allowing workers to log in easily and more securely than using trad
itional passwords. It is a biometric identity verification such as fingerprint, face scan or QR CODE scan through a website or application that supports Passkeys immediately. This method is more secure than two-factor authentication. Protect against phishing scams, malware, data leaks and prevent other types of attacks. Many companies have turned to using Passkeys to verify their identity, including Google, Tiktok, Whatsapp, Amazon. However, traditional passwords are still necessary. To reduce damage that may occur Don’t forget to set a strong password. Unique for each account Because no matter how tight the technology is But the key to safety is still with us.

However, while the passkey It is becoming more and more widespread. traditional password Including two-step verification It’s still necessary. For protecting our valuables Whether it is identity or wealth Therefore, we should pay attention to setting a strong password. Distinguish, do not reuse, stay in one code and enable two-factor authentication wh
ere possible. Because truly, no matter how tight the technology is But the key to maximum safety It’s still with us.

Source: Thai News Agency