The Prime Minister emphasizes the need to manage water well. Accelerate water diversion to help farmers

On.6 /, The Prime Minister reveals he is following the drought situation. Emphasize the need to manage water well. Accelerate water diversion to help farmers and distribute water to durian farmers in distress Ready to help provinces hit by summer storms

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, revealed the drought situation where water in many dams currently has very little usable water remaining. He has received reports of the matter. and prepared to deal with the amount of rain that fell And this year should be similar to last year. But now I know that There is less water left in the dam. Therefore, water must be managed well. and talked with the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives including the Royal Irrigation Department in diverting water to farmers But as everyone knows Last week there was a problem with durians ripening prematurely. due to hot weather which has been discussed with General Songwit Nunpakdee, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Please bring a water truck to help durian farmers in C
humphon province. which has already been implemented and trying to distribute water to many other provinces where water is limited. But I’ll keep doing it.

As for dealing with summer storms in many provinces, especially the northern region, which were affected and damaged, the Prime Minister said that in Uttaradit Province He followed up on the distress and would send people to help. Meanwhile, the problem of illegal forest burning in Chiang Mai still exists and there has been continuous discussion about this problem. which must continue to be managed.

Source: Thai News Agency

Settha is confident that there will be a communication channel with the BoT governor.

On.6 /, “Seththa” confirms that the government has not pressed the BoT governor. He believes “Phae Thong Than” reflects the voice of the people, pointing out that everyone can express their opinions, confident that there are communication channels. with the BoT Governor, ready to honor every organization

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, spoke about the case. Ms. Pae Thongthan Shinawatra, Pheu Thai Party leader Expressing his vision at the 10 Months for Thailand event, not waiting, continuing to reach the full 10, stating that the Bank of Thailand It is an obstacle to solving economic problems. until there was continuous criticism by the Prime Minister It is believed that the Pheu Thai Party leader has reflected the opinions of the people from visiting the area to meet with the people. And believe that everyone cannot deny that The issue of high interest burden is important. And it is one expense that causes people to suffer. which is more a reflection of public opinion At the same time understand Indepe
ndence of the Bank of Thailand that has been said all along which we try to work together and be sure to honor the Bank of Thailand And when I myself had a demand, I demanded it. As well as talking Whether it’s about interest that I myself think should be reduced which has been said all along But the Governor of the Bank of Thailand He has reasons and insists on not reducing interest rates. So he moved on. Whether it’s talking with 4 big banks that have already reduced interest rates. Therefore, it is believed that it will be more connected to the people. Because the government listens and goes to the area all the time. For example, today I will go to Roi Et and Maha Sarakham provinces and will listen to this matter further. At the end of next week, I will go to “4 Buri” where I will listen to the suffering.

‘Independence will be another matter. But the source is here. Whether it is a government official or financial institutions Whether it be politicians, MPs, as well as executives of all political parties.
that coming here What are you living for? Just like I said on stage on Friday, we are here for the people. As for how to solve the problem or make various demands? It must be different. Everyone has the right to criticize. But I would like to mainly focus on the people,’ Mr. Settha said.

Are you worried about the opinions of the government and the Bank of Thailand? Will there be differences in opinions that will make working together not coordinated? The Prime Minister said that he personally has concerns about everything. Because I’m here, I don’t want there to be conflict. He tried to solve the problem where he could. and believe that according to Mr. Setthaput Suthiwatnarueput Governor of the Bank of Thailand I once suggested that Coordination between the government and the Bank of Thailand should be done through Office of the State Enterprise Policy Committee or SEPO, which is an agency of the Ministry of Finance. Let’s have a conversation. which will try to talk further

‘But the matter of different opi
nions is already clear. The matter of interest What duties do we have? We must do our duty. As for resolving debt outside the system This is another way that the government is doing it. But it is well known that Reducing interest by one salung or 50 satang at a time also helps with another part that is in debt outside the system. that needs to be fixed And today the government will listen to the voices of the people in the Northeast. Because informal debt has been considered a big problem that has eroded Thai society for a long time. I have said before on many platforms that if people are in debt No matter how much you work, it’s not enough to pay off debt. So why do you work? So I depend on criminals. to become dependent on drugs,’ Mr. Settha said

The Prime Minister reiterated that the Pheu Thai Party attaches great importance to such matters and is very attentive. As for communication, each person has a different method. But I believe that the government is primarily tied to the people. and using the suffe
ring of the people as a guideline to solve problems in contexts that may be different But insists that the government honors every organization.

The Prime Minister also said that If there is a chance, I will likely meet with Mr. Setthaput, but there will be discussions through the SEPO. But personally, I will consult with Mr. Pichai Chunhavajira, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. Where will there be coordination? To make work better which I confirm that The government tries to work with all organizations. Make work better It’s not going to create conflict. Because if there is a conflict, then the people who are affected are the people. and it will not be beneficial as a result. He confirmed that there are many ways to communicate with the Governor of the Bank of Thailand.

As for the opposition saying that Ms. Pae Thongtan’s speech was a way to force the Governor of the Bank of Thailand to agree with the policies of the Pheu Thai Party, the Prime Minister confirmed that he never pressured anyone
. Go back and listen to the speeches from that day’s event. But it is a reflection of the needs of the people. What are the ways to solve the problem.

Source: Thai News Agency

“Thepthai” points out that the government has failed in every aspect.

Bangkok, “Thepthai” gives the Pheu Thai Party a score of 3 out of 10, pointing out that the government has failed in every aspect.

Mr. Thepthai Senphong, former Nakhon Si Thammarat MP The Democrat Party posted on Facebook “Thepthai Senphong – Politics Talk” stating that the Pheu Thai Party received 3 out of 10 for the Pheu Thai Party organizing the event. ’10 months of not waiting. Continue to reach the full 10′ to show your vision for managing the country. and announce the results of the past 8 months By giving each member of the leadership and the new generation Come up and talk about your vision for solving various problems. And Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, also spoke about the work of the past government.

As a political observer and follow the administration of the country by this government If the Pheu Thai Party wants to get a perfect score of 10, it will have to work hard. and push for more policies to become reality in practice Now, if the score is full 10, the work of this government can o
nly be Only 3 points Because the government has failed in managing the country in every aspect, such as

1. Economic aspect The government is still unable to push forward projects that make people’s livelihoods better. Digital Wallet distribution policy Still procrastinating continuously with no future. People’s stomach problems Things are becoming more expensive every day. Egg prices increased 3 times Chili lime prices increase Daily food: rice and curry are expensive. Shared widely on social media Including electricity costs The price of oil increases every day. Contrary to the Pheu Thai Party’s campaign policy.

2.Social problems There are social problems that occur every day. The drug problem is increasing day by day. The government tries to show high numbers of drug seizures. But at the same time traders The number of addicts keeps increasing. There is a problem with people hallucinating drugs. psychiatric patient Commit a crime and kill a family member. Every day Informal debt problems The government an
nounced the registration But it cannot solve the problem in practice.

3. Political problems The government has failed to push for constitutional amendments. When the Pheu Thai Party was in opposition, it was announced that Will amend the entire constitution within one year. Until now it has been one year. The constitutional amendment has not yet begun. There is still no end to the debate about holding a referendum. And amending the constitution still has conditions except for not touching Section 1 and Section 2. Including the issuance of the Amnesty Act. at Pheu Thai Party He once announced his support for solving the problem of those who violate Section 112 of the law. Claimed to be a tool of the government to bully the people. But when the Pheu Thai Party became the government Instead, the amnesty bill was issued. Section 112 offenders are not covered.

4. National security problems Since Khun Settha Went to stay overnight in 3 southern border provinces to gain confidence in investors and tourists. Since
then Violence occurs on a daily basis. There was a murder bomb. Shooting of civil servants Bombing a biomass power plant Burning a gas station, etc.

5.Environmental problems The Pheu Thai Party announced that it would solve the country’s PM 2.5 dust problem. Until today, the numbers of PM 2.5 dust are still ranked among the world every day. The ongoing drought problem The problem of storing toxic substances And fires in factories and warehouses are still spreading without end.

There are also many other smaller problems. that this government is still unable to resolve Therefore, the evaluation score out of 10 would probably get only 3 points. which is the score from these works:

1. Intention and diligence in Khun Settha’s work. From child to person It’s like being the CEO of a private company.

2. The price of agricultural products, rubber, has increased. Although it is a matter of the quantity of rubber in the market and mechanisms of the world market But I will give credit for this to this government.

Bringing Thaksin back to the country to enter the justice process It went smoothly. no chaos or a gathering takes place Even though the government discriminates against Thaksin like a prisoner of angels

I would like to evaluate the government’s performance in the first year and get 3 out of 10. As for 10 out of 10, as the Pheu Thai Party hopes. It would probably be very difficult. When 4 years have passed If you score 5 out of 10, you are considered the best.

Source: Thai News Agency

Thanakorn supports the poll in favor of amending the Constitution without touching sections 1-2.

Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party, Thanakorn supports the poll, revealing that the majority of the people approve of amending the constitution without touching sections 1-2, recommending that all party MPs do creative work. Not based on benefits Repeat division

Mr. Thanakorn Wangboonkhongchana, party-list MP and deputy leader of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party (RTC), said that after the Nida Poll Opinion Center of the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) revealed the results of the opinion poll. Sample group of people regarding the amendment and preparation of a new constitution without amending Section 1, General Provisions, and Section 2, the King. It was found that the majority, 50.07 percent, said they agreed, followed by 29.24 percent said they did not agree, which they considered that even though it was a group of people, it was not a voice from the whole country. But he believes It is considered an overall guideline that can be compared with each other and is confident that when it comes t
o voting in the referendum of the people throughout the country. It is expected that the results will be in this direction. This is because most people view Section 1 regarding sovereignty and democratic governance with the King as Head of State and the Constitution as the highest law. Section 2 concerns the King. There should be no corrections.

As for the question asking about people’s confidence in the preparation of a new constitution that will make Thai politics better, it was found that 37.95 percent said they did not believe at all, followed by 26.03 percent said they did not have much confidence, 19.31 percent said said they were somewhat confident, 15.11 percent said they were very confident. Mr. Thanakorn stated that the voices and answers of the people are considered very important to politicians. To the House of Representatives and to the government, which must be brought up as a problem for ourselves and political parties that they have performed their duties both in the House of Representatives
and And is it the best way to take care of listening to the problems of local people?

‘Amending the constitution is just one part. that is conducive to solving problems and developing the country forward But what is important is that politicians, political parties, the House of Representatives, and the government will work according to the policies that they have campaigned for. Not dishonest Not based on political benefits If there is creative work Do not create a repeat of the division. make the country strong develop forward It will build confidence among the people in the long run,’ Mr. Thanakorn said.

Source: Thai News Agency

“Somsak” opens a project to bring doctors to the people in Sukhothai.

Sukhothai, “Somsak” debuts in his first job. Opening a project to take doctors to the people in Sukhothai Province, pointing out that it increases opportunities for people in remote areas. Access to medical services

Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin, Minister of Public Health Chaired the opening ceremony of the project to take doctors to the people. Honoring His Majesty the King On the auspicious occasion of His Majesty the King’s 6th Cycle Birthday Anniversary, 28 July 2024, with Phra Sukwarothai, Advisor to the Sangha Region 5, Abbot of Wat Sangkharam, Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong. Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, Mrs. Phansiri Kulnatsiri, Sukhothai MP, Mr. Chusak Kirimatthong, Sukhothai MP, Ms. Prapaporn Thongpaknam, Sukhothai MP, Mr. Chakkawan Chaiwiratanukul, Sukhothai MP, Pheu Thai Party, Pheu Thai Party, Pheu Thai Party .Thanyarak Sitthiwong, Public Health Doctor of Sukhothai Province Executives of the Ministry of Public Health, village health volunteers and more than 2,000 people participated at
Ban Dan Lan Hoi Hospital. Ban Dan Lan Hoi District Sukhothai Province

Dr. Opas reported that Ministry of Public Health A strategic plan has been established. and the future picture of the Thai public health system Upgrading the public health service system in line with the national strategy government policy and public health needs Reduce inequalities in receiving services, congestion, and waiting times for treatment. especially hospitals in urban areas as well as opportunities to access health services for people in remote areas and the quality of services that citizens receive Therefore, a project was organized to take doctors to the people to honor His Majesty the King. On the auspicious occasion of His Majesty the King’s 6th Cycle Birthday Anniversary, 28 July 2024, at Ban Dan Lan Hoi Hospital. Sukhothai Province, a total of 12 clinics.

Mr. Somsak said that the project takes doctors to the people. There will be a clinic to examine and treat diseases that are important problems. By specialized volunteer
doctors, at least 7 clinics and additional clinics according to the problem context of the area or by bringing in specialized doctors from large hospitals. go for treatment in the community This will increase your chances. for citizens in remote areas Can access medical services thoroughly, equally, conveniently, and easily searched and treat disease in the early stages in a timely manner Ready to help reduce sickness and death rates Help patients have a good quality of life. and reduce the burden of medical care costs

Mr. Somsak further said that 7 specialist clinics include: 1. Screening for liver cancer/cholangiocarcinoma. 2. Screening for cervical cancer 3. Screening for colon and rectal cancer 4. Breast cancer screening 5. Eyes in children and the elderly 6. Dentistry and 7. Bones and joints which in the past Project to take doctors to the public It has been carried out 47 times in 47 provinces, with a total of 410,103 people receiving services, which can be seen that It is an important project. Can hel
p the people in remote areas Able to access many public health services

‘I would like to thank you for all your physical strength, mental strength and determination. of executives and personnel of the Ministry of Public Health at all levels as well as related agencies network partners including fellow citizens in the area that together push the project That is very useful this time, I believe that Driving this project It will help raise the level of medicine and public health. Increase access to the health care system in remote areas For the good quality of life of the people,’ said the Minister of Public Health.

In addition, Mr. Somsak further gave an interview to the media about the use of public health services by the people in the past. Will focus on the hospital that interests you. Ministry of Public Health Therefore, try to understand the people. that you can choose to use all public health services because the government has raised the policy of 30 baht for treatment everywhere, as for the project to
take doctors to the people It is considered to be part of the distribution of work, allowing more than 400,000 people to access public health services in 47 times. He expects that this project will be provided more than 90 times in order to create equality in public health services.

Source: Thai News Agency

“Bhoomtham” points out that the Bank of Thailand is not an organization that cannot be criticized.

Bangkok, “Bhoomtham” points out that the Bank of Thailand is not an organization or institution that is above politics. that the public cannot mention or criticize

Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Post a message via personal Facebook. Regarding the vision statement of Ms. Pae Thongthan Shinawatra, leader of the Pheu Thai Party, on stage at the event “10 months without waiting, continue to the full 10” that the Bank of Thailand is an obstacle to economic recovery. There is current criticism that “The National Bank is not an organization or institution that People cannot talk about it or criticize it or touch it.

Pheu Thai Party’s intention from the party leader Ms. Pae Thongthan Shinawatra has communicated with society about the Bank of Thailand case at the last party meeting.

For me, it is an open, sincere, and caring expression that the Bank of Thailand still insists on holding the policy interest rate unchanged without considering the various impacts that people (
bank debtors and the general public) are facing in their lives. struggling under The economic situation is seriously aggravating their lives.

The media has also been aware of this news trend continuously. The opinions of people in society on this issue are diverse. And the decision of the Bank of Thailand is a trend of widely differing opinions in society.

But I wonder why when the Pheu Thai Party leader reflects on his thoughts. Therefore, it is an issue that is criticized and criticized in a way that is aimed at attacking with bias without reason.

Expressing opinions on the Bank of Thailand case at the recent meeting of the Pheu Thai Party leaders. I firmly believe that The leader of the Pheu Thai Party is openly expressing his opinions. Straightforward to the Bank of Thailand As this organization is one of the important mechanisms for developing and maintaining the country’s economic system.

The comments reflect concern over the impact of the economic burden on many people’s lives. which is in trouble
and bear hardships

The attitude of expressing political ideas of the Pheu Thai Party leader is therefore in accordance with democratic methods. and a sense of responsibility for the lives of the people

It is also a presentation on the platform of a political party. Consisting of committee members and party members that everyone must participate fully in seeking ways, measures, and options to help each other think and manage the economic situation of the country

Therefore it is a right to be able to speak. You can express your opinion. And it is something that can be done. Whether as a citizen or the leader of a political party who cares about the people Caring about the country I believe that expressing my honest opinions this time will cause society and those involved to think together. Reflect on reasons to see more solutions.

The reality is that the National Bank is not an institution that is above politics. It is not an organization that cannot be criticized. On the contrary, the National Bank is a me
chanism of the country’s economic and political system. that citizens of all parties have access to Can offer opinions

Despite the scope of the main economic functions This does not mean that the National Bank is not involved in politics. and the lives of the people

The general public or political parties mention the National Bank. or criticize Give opinions to the Bank of Thailand It’s not an intervention. But it is offered to provide alternative perspectives. that is more appropriate in the context of the existing situation

That some media Some agencies have a bias towards the Pheu Thai Party. and brought some of the party leaders’ opinions into severe criticism and expand the story according to their own biases plus adding color to the news It is news reporting based on bias rather than facts.

I keep an eye on some news people or news agencies. who are still clinging to their original prejudices and frequently use their news area as a space to smear bias and amplify conflict Causing and spinning confli
cts in society without taking into account the rights and humanity of the person in the news

I confirm that The Bank of Thailand case is still an issue that society can still reflect on and communicate with. By using knowledge and wisdom that is comprehensive rather than using imagination that is only biased. To benefit the driving force of both the economy and society as a whole’.

Source: Thai News Agency

Prime Minister arrives in Maha Sarakham to see problems of “drought – informal debt – drugs”

Maha Sarakham, The Prime Minister visited Maha Sarakham Province to look at the problems of “drought – informal debt – drugs” and accepted the solution to informal debt. Still not satisfactory Order security agencies to look at influential people While the drug problem Emphasizing that addicts must be taken care of as patients and must be treated, while dealers must be dealt with strictly. Send a report to the Prime Minister every month, declaring that this road has a long way to go. Must work harder.

Mr. Settha Thaweesin, Prime Minister, along with Ms. Jiraporn Sinthuprai, Mr. Paophum Rojanasakul, Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office, and Mrs. Monporn Charoensri, Deputy Minister of Transport. Visited the Maha Sarakhan province The first point of travel is Phayakkhaphum Phisai District Office To meet with government agencies to follow up on solutions to drought problems, drug problems, and informal debt. Along with meeting fellow citizens, local MPs came to welcome us. Including Mr. Lattachai Ch
okchai Wattanakarn Maha Sarakham Provincial MP, District 3, Bhumjaithai Party The owner of the area was waiting to welcome him. While Mr. Suthin Khlangsaeng, Minister of Defense As the owner of the area Today I did not travel to visit the area. Due to a mission to travel abroad

The Prime Minister walked in a Toyota Alphard, registration no. 8 KP 1127. As soon as the Prime Minister arrived, there was a group of Phayakkhaphum Phisai sub-district mothers. Came to tie a horse’s loincloth to welcome him.

Then the Prime Minister Received a briefing on problems in the area. Before giving the policy, the income of people here per capita is still low. And it still depends a lot on the agricultural sector, so water is the main factor that we have to manage. Just a moment ago, the numbers were clear. The amount of rain is still not enough to meet the needs of people in the agricultural sector. Therefore, there was a discussion with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Provide mainte
nance, dredging of canals, and improvements to the water supply system. Let everyone have water to drink and use. Ready to coordinate development efforts Let’s come in and take care of water to have enough in every dimension.

As for the problem of informal debt, it is a deep problem in Thai society. How much work? It was not enough to pay off the debt, but it turned out that there were less than 3,000 people registered to solve debt outside the system, even though officials in every department were working hard to get everyone into the system. Let there be mediation with the debtors. But the numbers are still not satisfactory. Because as we know, the debt figure is over one hundred billion. Therefore, I would like the debtor to come and inform the security department more clearly. I will look at the issue of influence. Various things that come to intimidate Ready to admit that crime problem Part and most of the drug problem It arises from debt. If the problem of informal debt can be solved, various problems
will be reduced.

Prime Minister Another big problem was also mentioned: drugs. which is considered a big problem in the northeastern region Each political party has a campaign, which is why they are called MPs. They know that the biggest problem for the people is drugs. This comes from both debt and legal laxity. Therefore, we request all sectors to pay attention to this matter. To provide appropriate care to the people, ask the Police, Narcotics Control Board, Ministry of Interior. Ministry of Justice Prepare a list of drug users, both large and small, with a suppression period not exceeding 90 days from today. Those who have drugs in their possession are considered guilty. Let’s look at their clear intentions. Are you a user or a seller? Must be dealt with decisively. and request that the results be reported to the Prime Minister’s Office every month. Please focus on measures to seize property and burn and destroy seized items. Destruction of the seized items must be done quickly. Do not move frequently. B
ecause there will be doubts in society.

The Prime Minister said that in the case of addicts, please take care that they are patients and must receive treatment. Request that local government organizations, public health, and the interior work in an integrated manner. Open a local treatment center that can be controlled, such as military camps, with the public health department coming in to help with treatment and care Request that there be security and administrative officials to take care of safety. Please be strict and consider the safety of the people as your main priority.

The Prime Minister also concluded that confiscation process It must be done quickly to intercept along the border. Do not let drugs leak in to deal with drug dealers. It is strictly a matter of involving the community in solving problems. To bring the village into participation and integration, everyone must help each other. I would like to emphasize again that this road is a long way off. I believe that we have a clear plan, but the
problem still exists. The price of methamphetamine is still not high and there is still a lot of it. We have to work harder.

After that, the Prime Minister traveled to meet with the people. at the Pheu Thai Party Coordination Center Phayakkhaphum Phisai District Maha Sarakham Province This is an additional mission from the scheduled field visit today (5 May).

In addition, at the speech stage at the Pheu Thai Party Coordination Center Phayakkhaphum Phisai District Maha Sarakham Province It was found that Ms. Pae Thongthan Shinawatra, leader of the Pheu Thai Party, had come to the stage to speak to the people before the Prime Minister arrived. But it was not a joint visit to the area with the Prime Minister.

Source: Thai News Agency

The Prime Minister confirms that the government is moving forward to help people in every aspect.

Maha Sarakham, The Prime Minister meets Maha Sarakham villagers. Emphasizing that digital wallets will definitely work in the 4th quarter, confirming that the government is moving forward to help people in every aspect, including drought, drugs, and foreign debt.

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, meets people at the Pheu Thai Party Coordination Center. Phayakkhaphum Phisai District Maha Sarakham Province, Area 3, which is an additional mission from the Prime Minister’s planned visit to the area. Maha Sarakham Province and is a platform for the Pheu Thai Party It was held under the name of the Pheu Thai Meets the People Forum. which as soon as the Prime Minister Upon arrival, he greeted the people. and people gave loincloths A red rose was also given to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister said that he had previously come here before the election. I still remember that there was a downpour. But I saw everyone’s smiles. For which I feel proud, honored and extremely grateful. Today there are many big pro
blems ahead of the government. Ready to confirm that Digital wallet of 10,000 baht will definitely be received in the 4th quarter. Good news. I believe that everyone already knows what the government is doing. There is no need to tell each other. Today I admit that There are still problems that everyone here is worried about. Especially regarding debt Today, the debt system is trying to reduce interest rates. which was successful up to a point But will not relent in its efforts to reduce interest rates. But the big problem is the problem of informal debt. which has already had a meeting And give importance to this matter, feel sympathy and understanding because everyone works hard. No matter how much you do, it will not be enough to pay interest. Therefore, everyone who is in debt outside the system is requested to report it to the administrative agency. to come in and help mediate debts with creditors In addition, state financial institutions Whether it is the Government Savings Bank is ready to help bring l
iquidity back to everyone

The Prime Minister still believes that the issue of debt is the origin of many problems. until turning to drugs Which is a very big problem. The government is well aware We will absolutely seize the property. The border will be closed to allow the importation of drugs. And most importantly, we have drug addicts in the village, so they must be separated and treated well. which orders security agencies Ministry of Public Health Ministry of Justice Let him heal and then return to the embrace of his family. As well as instructing all agencies to receive notifications of problems from the public. It is considered a national problem. We give importance to managing everything.

The Prime Minister also said that agricultural problems have been directed to the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. The Ministry of Interior takes care of the people in terms of water sources. And this province has many elders. Whether it is Mr. Yutthaphong Charatsathien, Advisor to the Prime Minister There
are only 5 people in this position, and they give importance to the area, drought problems, and water problems. So don’t worry. There was also Mr. Suthin Khlangsaeng, Minister of Defense. which has agencies that help take care of the people including military development soldiers who came to help dredge canals Bring water trucks to provide disaster relief to everyone. Regarding these 3 problems, please be confident that the government will move forward to help the people in every dimension.

While the atmosphere on stage at the end of the stage, the host on stage was Mr. Anusorn Iam-sa-at, Party list MP of Pheu Thai Party, asked the people if they took ten thousand baht from the digital wallet or not. The people shouted “Yes” and at the end there were also people shouting “Love Prime Minister Settha” as well.

Source: Thai News Agency