New millionaires invited to save money in the Government Savings Bank Lottery.

Bangkok: 111 million new millionaires invited to save money through the Government Savings Bank lottery. You may be the next millionaire.

Mr. Withai Rattanakorn, Director of Government Savings Bank Congratulations to the winners of the Government Savings Bank, 1st prize, special 1-year Government Savings Bank lottery (ticket and digital). The lucky winner of Nakhon Pathom, Ms. Sawanan Phayuhakiat, received a prize money of 111 million baht, winning the Government Savings Bank lottery, draw number 604, in the letters category. D Lottery number 9523723, the largest prize in the history of Government Savings Bank. Celebrating the 111th anniversary of the Social Bank, it is considered that there is a great deal of interest from customers in the public sector, with the total deposit amount in the Government Savings Bank lottery reaching more than 120,000 million baht after opening for sale only 1 and a half months.

Mrs. Sawanan Phayuhakiat said that at first the branch manager called. Still not sure if I won the
prize When you are sure that you have won the prize I’m happy because I want to do many more things. I admit that I have been a Government Savings Bank customer for over 50 years, since elementary school. Therefore, I would like to invite everyone to deposit money through the Government Savings Bank lottery. You have the right to be lucky too. Because I didn’t think that I would win the first prize. You might be the next lucky person.

Source: Thai News Agency

4 months, foreigners brought 54,958 million baht of investment into Thailand, Japan ranked 1st.

Nonthaburi Director General of the Department of Business Development Revealing the statistics of foreign investors investing in Thailand in the 4-month period of 2024 (January-April) has skyrocketed. Foreign investors are allowed to do business in Thailand under the Business Act. There are 253 foreign businesses operating with over 54,958 million baht in investment, creating employment for 1,019 Thai people. Japan is the number 1 investment champion, followed by Singapore, the United States, China and Hong Kong in terms of investment by foreign investors in development zones. Eastern Special Region (EEC) 77 cases, investment value 14,033 million baht, an increase from the same period last year.

Source: Thai News Agency

‘Thailand-Bhutan’ announces success in opening FTA negotiations, aiming to increase the amount to 120 million dollars in 2025.

Bhutan, Deputy Minister of Commerce is pleased with the results of discussions with the Prime Minister of Bhutan. Welcome Thailand-Bhutan Announcing the official opening of FTA negotiations. Confident to support increased trade on both sides Walking towards the goal of 120 million US dollars by 2025 and asking to help support Thai investors. Investing in the “Gelefu My Fullness City” project, confirming that Thailand is willing to encourage more tourists to visit Bhutan.

Mr. Naphinthorn Srisanpang, Deputy Minister of Commerce Said after meeting with Mr. Tshering Topgay, Prime Minister of Bhutan, that the Prime Minister of Bhutan is pleased that Thailand and Bhutan have signed the scope document for negotiations on the Thailand-Bhutan Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and announced the opening of negotiations on the FTA. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Thailand and Bhutan officially Thailand sees that the Thailand-Bhutan FTA agreement will be an important mechanism for increasing the volume of trade between them
. Reduce trade barriers To expand opportunities and facilitate trade Especially agricultural products and the Thailand-Bhutan FTA will help drive trade to reach the goal of USD 120 million. by expediting the conclusion of FTA negotiations within 2025

The Prime Minister of Bhutan stated that Bhutanese view Thai products as quality products. and like Thai products Meanwhile, Bhutanese agricultural products are High End organic products derived from nature. Happy to help support the promotion and sale of Bhutanese agricultural products in Thai supermarkets. They also discussed the construction project for Gelephu Mindfulness City, located in southern Bhutan. next to India It is planned to be an economic center and gateway for tourists visiting Bhutan. And there are plans to construct major projects such as a new international airport. hydroelectric power plant Transportation routes and will be Bhutan’s first smart city. Thailand saw that The Gelephu Mindfulness City construction project has several outstanding
points that help attract foreign investors, such as its strategic location next to the Indian border. and giving importance to clean energy use This will reduce the cost of producing electricity and protect the environment.

It also asked Bhutan to share information on incentives. and regulations related to doing business and investing in such projects. Currently, Thailand has a policy to encourage businessmen and investors to conduct business abroad.

This project is interesting and the Thai business sector has the potential to be a partner in developing this construction project. Thailand has praised Bhutan’s practices in promoting and developing sustainable tourism. This has made Bhutan successful in becoming one of the target countries for foreign tourists. including Thai tourists We are happy to support the promotion of Bhutanese tourism in Thailand.

Currently, Thailand and Bhutan have strong relations at all levels. From the royal family to the people Including Buddhism and cultural closeness as a link
between the two countries is an important foundation that leads to the development of Thai-Bhutan relations. in many dimensions, including economic cooperation Trade and investment travel Developing potential in agriculture and handicrafts

Bhutan sees that Thailand and Bhutan are continuously exchanging high-level visits. And Thailand is considered the Gateway of Bhutan, with many Bhutanese traveling to Thailand to receive medical services, do business, and travel. and interested in participating in the Tourism Festival in Thailand to promote Bhutanese tourism in Thailand Thailand welcomes Bhutan’s progress towards officially becoming a developing country in December 2023, confident that with His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck’s far-reaching vision, Bhutan will achieve its goal of becoming a developing country. High-income countries within the coming year 2034

Source: Thai News Agency

The Prime Minister insists that he will not ignore the voices opposing the appointment of “Pichit” to the minister’s chair.

Republic of Italy, The Prime Minister confirms that he will not ignore the opposition to appointing “Pichit” to the minister’s chair. Reveals that the decree has been submitted for review. Confident in doing his duty correctly and righteously, points out that the Senate will petition the court to decide. It is considered a duty.

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, gave an interview about the case where 40 senators signed up to submit a matter to the Constitutional Court. Request a decision on the termination of the position of Prime Minister and the qualifications for being a minister of Mr. Phichit Chuenban, Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office. After having behavior that violates Section 170 (4) and (5) of the Constitution by the Prime Minister Asked again: Is the senator not yet expired? Reporters say it’s not finished yet, but it’s close. You have to wait to get a new set of senators first. The old set will be out of duty. Make Mr. Settha He even cried out and said that he thought he had to
act as a legislative branch. Because it is considered the duty of the Senator, he must prove himself. In the matter that was done, it was a righteous and legal matter. And he had already said that before Mr. Phichit was appointed to hold the position of Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office. An inquiry has been made to the Council of State and we are confident that we will be able to answer the question. because it is based on the principle of correctness But of course, the audit department also has a duty to investigate and they themselves must accept it and must sit and see if there is cause and effect. which is the duty of the Constitutional Court He asked permission not to speak. Because it is considered to be in accordance with the governance mechanism of Thailand.

The reporter asked if the Senate stated that the Prime Minister Ignoring the opposition to the appointment of Mr. Phichit, Mr. Settha said that it was normal for him to appoint a minister. He did not ask about the decree in every case, but
in the case of Mr. Phichit Confirming that he was not ignored and confirm that every A voice of protest came in. He had always considered it. At this point, he was confident in Mr. Pichit and he did it because of the case of Mr. Pichit. I specifically asked about the decree. This is something that should be done already.

The Prime Minister insists that he never ignores opposition voices. and never give importance and did not listen to the voices of protest and have always been told that these matters are important

Source: Thai News Agency

“Settha” is pleased with the test results of 10-year old rice. No carcinogenic substances found.

Republic of Italy, The Prime Minister is pleased that the results of testing 10-year-old rice did not find any carcinogenic substances. If it is to be sold, it must be according to market mechanisms.

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, discussed the results of the examination of 10-year-old rice samples sent for examination in the laboratory of Kasetsart University. and no cancer-causing toxins were found. (Aflatoxin) and there are no contaminants that cause danger to consumption that the government wants an impartial agency to inspect. Will it be suitable for selling or not? You must check whether you can do it or not. and as a seller If the buyer wants to inspect it, it’s ready. It is considered a matter of pleasure. that the rice has not spoiled and does not contain contaminants will be able to increase the price

The research results came out like this. Is it possible to eliminate doubts from many sides? Mr. Settha hopes that many people will not have bias. When there is a middleman to prove it and bel
ieves that it will be sold at an appropriate price according to market mechanisms

For Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce When will the auction be open? It all depends on the steps. When it is proven that there are no contaminants Ready to proceed with the next steps immediately.

Source: Thai News Agency

The Prime Minister tours a cheese factory Hoping to increase opportunities – cooperation

Republic of Italy, The Prime Minister visits the BONI SpA cheese factory and observes the production process. Increase opportunities and cooperation in processed food innovation between each other.

Time: 10:30 a.m. (Parma local time which is 5 hours later than Bangkok) Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, traveled to visit the cheese production process of BONI SpA Company in Parma, Republic of Italy.

The company is a leader in the production of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and the preservation of Grana Padano cheese. Its factory (80,000 sq m) can produce approximately 125,000 pieces of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese per year, selling no less than 19,000 of both types of cheese. tons per year and the factory is efficient in producing and storing approximately 500,000 pieces of cheese per year. The factory has a production capacity of 300 wheels per day, uses 1,200 liters of milk per 1 wheel, stores cheese for one year – five years, has a large building. two buildings With production methods according to leading s
tandards Makes excellent quality cheese

Source: Thai News Agency

Famous Italian brand is excited after learning about plans to boom Thai tourism.

Republic of Italy, The Prime Minister visits a cheese factory and ham processing factory, hoping to raise the level of Thai products. Helping farmers who raise cattle and pigs Have increased income As the famous brand VERSACE is excited After knowing about the plan to boom Thai tourism, I am interested in investing.

At 1:50 p.m. local time which is 5 hours later than Thailand. Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, gave an interview to the media. Rest area After visiting the cheese production process of BONI SpA (BONI) in Parma.

The Prime Minister said he traveled to see two factories, namely a cheese making factory and a ham and salami processing factory in the Parma city area. What we can catch is It is known that ham or various salami It is a product that has been around for thousands of years. Italy is famous for exporting Which is the most important thing? Maintaining production standards By raising cows and pigs that can be processed from ham into salami. This makes it possible to add additional value
and raise the price level. Because it is an Italian product which has standards to control production in every step amidst inspections from the government sector If there is anything that is not up to standard, it will not be certified. and cannot be sold Or they must be sold as a secondary product, giving farmers who raise these animals higher incomes. It is considered a strong point of Italy. And it is known that it is a traditional local product. In using technology to be involved. can add additional value Makes profit margins higher Because you don’t have to rely too much on labor. It is considered something that Thailand must do a lot of homework on. Because I want Thai farmers who raise cows or animals at higher income We have to think about what to do, such as dissecting and exporting. or dissected and then processed and exported Therefore, we must come to learn. Whether it’s pork caps, salted beef, sausage, Chinese sausage, which is similar to making salami. But we must accept that we cannot do it imm
ediately. Because Italy has a long history of doing this. It is the key to learning. That we have to think about together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

In addition, the Prime Minister also mentioned his trip to visit the company VERSACE (Versace) yesterday (17 May) that because VERSASE has a branch in Thailand. and has very good sales which Thailand is the main target country What’s interesting is that the company turns it into a lifestyle brand. For example, when Taylor Swift comes to a concert, Versace will take care of all the clothes. He therefore spoke about the long-term plan to listen to what Thailand plans regarding tourism, such as organizing Formula 1, Formula E, organizing concerts. or organizing the Michelin Food World Fair in Chiang Mai Province Therefore, it’s a matter of lifestyle. Can go together with fashion. He will then think about whether he can take part in making this exhibition or not. To stimulate sales Along with serving various festivals in order to reach the de
sired destination, Versace was excited. Because he never knew that Thailand plans to promote tourism. Therefore, he also wants to be a part of the growth of the Thai economy.

Source: Thai News Agency

“Senator Seri” complains about being cited as a member of the removal team. “Prime Minister-Pichit”

Bangkok: “Senator Seri” complains about being cited as a member of the removal team. “Prime Minister-Pichit” said he disagreed and therefore did not sign, challenging a group of 40 senators to reveal the names of those supporting them if they wanted to show their strength. It was revealed that there were 3 political committee members joining in submitting the petition.

Mr. Seri Suwanphanon, Senator, Chairman of the Committee (Committee) on Political Development and Public Participation of the Senate, gave an interview in the event that a group of 40 Senators joined in signing a petition to the Constitutional Court to consider the termination of his ministership. Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Mr. Phichit Chuenban, Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office Because he lacks qualifications according to Section 160 of the Constitution regarding having evident honesty and seriously violating or not complying with ethical standards. that he did not co-sign in the said case Because it is considered
that the content submitted to the Constitutional Court In the case of Mr. Settha There is still no cause that leads to a decision to be removed from the position of Prime Minister. Because of the nomination of Mr. Phichit Although Mr. Pichit has issues regarding his problematic qualifications Instead, he was nominated for the position of minister. From a legal point of view, there is no body that makes the final decision.

Source: Thai News Agency