Tourists flock to Hanoi during five-day holidays

Hanoi: Hanoi welcomed 737,900 tourists during the National Reunification and May Day holidays, from April 27 to May 1, up 4% year-on-year, the municipal Department of Tourism said.

The city earned 2.5 trillion VND (98.63 million USD) in tourism revenue on the five-day holidays, representing a year-on-year rise of 10%.

Notably, the number of international holidaymakers reached 87,900, a surge of 48% from the same period last year.

Earlier, the department instructed relevant businesses, organisations and individuals to improve their product and service quality and offer new products to tourists during the holidays.

It planned to present 80,000 gifts, including water, milk and bread, to tourists to the President Ho Chi Minh Museum on the Liberation of the South and National Reunification Day (April 30), May Day, President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday (May 19), and National Day (September 2)./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

191 arrested for selling drugs online Expanded results to arrest 3 suspects

191 arrested selling drugs online Expanded results to arrest 3 suspects along with various drug items. Before taking the three suspects to the Huai Khwang Police Station investigators, they will be prosecuted according to law.

Patrol and Special Operations Division, Office of the Primary Educational Service Area, at 6:00 p.m. on May 1, Pol. Maj. Gen. Worawit Yanchinda, Commander of the Office of the Primary Educational Service Area, revealed the results of the work of the Primary Educational Service Area Office. Police Lieutenant Colonel Wasan Thawatchaiwirut, patrol commander, led 2 kg of patrol officers from the Office of the Primary Educational Service Area Office to arrest three suspects: Ms. Chompunuch, age 22, and Mr. Anuphap Ayu. 30 years old and Mr. Nopporn, 31 years old, along with several items

: 1. 492 ecstasy pills,

2. Ice 40.44 grams,

3. Ketamine 375.44 grams,

4. happy water, 198 red packets,

5. Amfe jelly. Tamine 58 packets

6. Collagen powder 35 packets

7. MDMA 8.37 grams

8. Cocaine to
tal 12.26 grams

9. Five Five 95 tablets

10. Cash 502,000 baht

Prosecuted for jointly possessing category 1 and category 2 drugs for distribution without permission and illegally. All the suspects were able to be arrested at a condominium on Pracha Uthit Road. Huai Khwang Subdistrict and District, Bangkok

At 10:00 p.m. on 29 April. Authorities have expanded and monitored drug trafficking through online channels by the accused group. Until they were arrested at a condominium in the Huai Khwang area and arrested the entire network, 3 suspects were found along with seized items inside the condominium’s room before taking the 3 suspects to the Huai Khwang Police Station investigators for further legal proceedings.

Source: Thai News Agency

House fire, 5 people escape death, expected to be overheated, electrical wiring insulation melted

Samut Songkhram, A house fire broke out in the early hours of the morning. A family of 5 escaped to death in shock. Three people were scalded and injured. It is believed to be due to the hot weather. Melted wire insulation cause a short circuit

At 5:00 a.m., firefighters from Samut Songkhram Municipality and rescue workers of the Sapparajan Samut Songkhram Foundation Water was sprayed to extinguish the flames, which were burning fiercely at a house in Nang Takhian Subdistrict, Mueang District, Samut Songkhram Province. The crime scene was a one-story wooden house on a high stilt. It took officials almost an hour to bring the fire under control. Three people were injured, all from the same family: Mr. Somchai, age 51, had blisters on his left shoulder and back, Ms. Narisarin, age 27, had blisters. On his right thigh, 6-year-old Nathawat boy has a blister on his left arm. Officials provided first aid before transporting him. Somdet Phra Phutthalertla Hospital, while Mrs. Chamrat, age 64, and boy Tas, age 5, e
scaped safely.

The investigation found that There were five people living together in the house. Before the incident, everyone was sleeping soundly when suddenly there was an electrical short circuit in the bedroom. and spread rapidly Everyone was shocked. Run away and die. Narrowly survived But three people were scalded and injured.

As for the cause of the fire Initially, officials assumed that the extremely hot weather caused the old wire insulation to melt. and a short circuit occurred The officials will continue to investigate to find the real cause. As for damages, it is expected to be approximately 500,000 baht.

Source: Thai News Agency

Again! Fire at chemical storage factory Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, again! Fire at a factory storing 4,000 tons of chemicals in Phachi District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. Officers from many departments Speed ??up to the area to control the fire. Ready to urgently evacuate people living in nearby areas from the area.

Reporters reported that at 6:20 p.m., a fire broke out in a warehouse storing approximately 4,000 tons of chemicals in the area of ??Village No. 2, Phachi Subdistrict, Phachi District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. With the sound of explosions being heard from time to time. Officials had to mobilize for help to extinguish the blaze. Ready to urgently evacuate people living in nearby areas from the area.

While Phachi Municipality Inform people living in the area from Phachi Hospital. to Phachi market and nearby areas Wear a mask. and came out into the open air To prevent danger from the spread of smoke. At this time, officials are in the process of controlling the fire.

If anyone has symptoms of skin, eye irritation, or d
ifficulty breathing, please come to Phachi Hospital immediately. In addition, the evacuation point was informed at Khok Muang Temple. There was also a report from the Director-General of the Department of Industrial Works. and related agencies In the process of visiting the area To command the fire extinguishing of this factory.

Source: Thai News Agency

Announcement on 1 Oct. this D-Day to increase wages in all sectors to 400 baht.

Bangkok, The Minister of Labor announced on 1 October this D-Day an increase in wages in all sectors to 400 baht per day, ready to move forward with 600 baht per day. “Anutin” emphasized that this policy is just as important. digital wallet

Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior along with Mr. Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, Minister of Work Participate in the opening of National Labor Day activities for the year 2024 and represent the Prime Minister. Received 10 demands from labor leaders, including

: 1. The government must adopt International Labor Organization Conventions No. 87 and 98.

2. The government must enact an act. or announce a ministerial regulation to establish a risk insurance fund. To provide security for the work of employees

3. Let the government reform and amend social security, such as adjusting the pension base to start at 5,000 baht when the insured person receives the old-age pension. Please continue to have medical treatment rights for the rest of your lif

4. Have the Ministry of Labor build a social security hospital. and establish a labor bank for workers

5. Use strict measures for business establishments with contract employees. must follow Labor Protection Act 1998, Section 11/1

6. Expedite the conclusion of guidelines for arranging the welfare system for post-retirement medical expenses. Providing state enterprise employees with a state welfare system comparable to that of pensioners. and employees in the social security system, Section 33

7. Increase security guarantees for employees by hastening the National Pension Fund Act. Effective soon

8. Raise the level of the Labor Safety Division to become the Department of Labor Safety.

9. When an employee is injured, sick, or experiences danger due to working for the employer. Let the Compensation Fund pay excess medical expenses to employees until the end of medical treatment.

10. Have the Minister of Labor appoint a working group to follow up on National Labor Day 2024 demands.

Mr. Anutin said that
today he came as a representative of the Prime Minister. The government is willing and ready to support workers to have a better quality of life. Better income better welfare

The Ministry of Labor will bring together 10 proposals from employee representatives. Let’s continue and work systematically. Confirm that every proposal will be improved in order to lead to solutions to create a good quality of life for our fellow workers.

We would like to announce good news to our fellow workers in every sector that we are preparing to announce an increase in wages to 400 baht per day from October 1 onwards. We apologize that this may take a long time. Because there must be a discussion and understanding with all parties, confirming that this policy is no less important than digital wallets that will help people have a better quality of life.

Mr. Phiphat said that the reason there has not been a wage increase to 400 baht since January 1st. Because there are still problems in negotiating and understanding with many a
gencies, especially the private sector. and SME entrepreneurs If the minimum wage is adjusted, it will be the group that will be most affected. But after the pilot was announced last April. that the wage will be raised to 400 baht for those working in hotels starting from 4 stars, it has been coordinated by the hotel association that all hotels across the country are ready to increase the wage to 400 baht, they just want to ask the government to help with training. Increased work standards and skills The Ministry is ready to accept the proposal to discuss with the Cabinet. to request a budget for this part Confirmed that the 400 baht wage adjustment will be announced from October 1 onwards. will be received simultaneously in every sector, every business, and in every province without any separation or piloting in any way It will be announced simultaneously throughout the country. After it was announced that it will enter the process of studying the possibility of increasing it to 600 baht within the time peri
od that this government has announced. There is approximately 3 years left to study the feasibility.

Asked what concerns he had about the announcement of a 400 baht wage increase, Mr. Phiphat stated that he was somewhat concerned about the decision to invest by foreigners. If compared with wages in the ASEAN region Thailand is considered to have relatively high wages. Including the expansion of the business within the country requires the addition of a large amount of capital. There is approximately 6 months left before it is officially announced. Will coordinate with relevant agencies. including the Ministry of Interior In going out and talking with business owners both domestically and abroad What parts do you want the government to help with? As for the budget that will be used to support this section, it is expected that it will need to be discussed with many agencies. Because from the evaluation it is likely that a huge amount of money will be required.

They are also concerned about small entrepreneurs
. especially SMEs and independent entrepreneurs who need to hire workers This part will increase expenses somewhat. and may affect the business of this group for the remaining period before October. All departments will be invited to discuss and study what issues will be encountered if the announcement is made. And what issues would you like the government to help with?

Source: Thai News Agency

Over 60 million in assets seized from online gambling website network

Bangkok,, Cyber ??police launched Operation Zero Bet, searching 8 locations in Bangkok and surrounding areas, seizing networks of 2 major gambling websites. Seizing over 60 million baht in assets, over 1,250 million baht in revolving capital per year, arresting the main culprit responsible for developing the system, receiving over 1 million baht in compensation.

Police Lieutenant General Worawat Watthanakornbancha Police Commissioner investigates technological crimes Announcement of the results of Operation Zero Bet stated that cyber police deployed forces to search 8 points, two networks of online gambling websites, namely, which has more than 100,000 members, with a turnover of more than 250 million baht per year, and the website There are approximately 100,000 members with a turnover of approximately 1,000 million baht.

As a result of searches at 8 points in the areas of Bangkok, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakan and Nonthaburi, a total of 7 suspects were arrested, including website
owners, system developers, financial administrators, bookkeepers, accounting officers. Money withdrawal officer Ready to inspect and confiscate the seized items It is various assets such as luxury cars, luxury watches, jewelry. Brand name bags computer equipment mobile phone Including bank passbook and money card The total value is more than 60 million baht. The main suspect arrested this time is: The developers of are young and skilled. Confessed that he had bought a foreign franchise to develop. And sell it to many other websites and receive a percentage. There is an income from system administration of over 1 million baht per month.

Police Major General Niphon Boonkerd, commander of the Technology Crime Investigation Police 2, said that two suspects were arrested for taking care of accounts and withdrawing money. Available in houses in Maha Sawat Subdistrict, Bang Kruai District, Nonthaburi Province. which is used as a stopping point for money earned from gambling websites Waiting to share pro
fits with website owners and participants. One suspect confessed that he opened the account at the behest of her husband who operated a gambling website in Poipet. Cambodia An account will be created and money will be withdrawn from the account every 3 days to be stored in a safe within the home. Before sending money to the website owner and participants every month, there is a profit of approximately 9-10 million baht per month. Or in total approximately 120 million baht per year. After this, officials will expand the results to participants in the movement who receive money on delivery.

Source: Thai News Agency

Drought affects GI durian in Krabi province.

Krabi, Drought affected the GI durian orchard at Ban Talae Hoi, Plai Phraya District, Krabi Province. Many of the produce withered and fell. It is revealed that this year the production has decreased by more than half. Must install a moisture meter. To open the automatic water supply system It increases costs for farmers.

.Durian farmers at Ban Tham Bank, Khao Khen Subdistrict, Plai Phraya District, Krabi Province, which is a durian orchard that has been registered as a Geographical Indication, or GI, of Krabi Province. Install a soil moisture measuring device or TENSIOMETER in every garden. To check the humidity of the air during the dry season. After finding that during the dry season this year Newly attached durian fruits dry up and fall off in large numbers. As a result, this year the durian production decreased by more than half. The cause was lower than the humidity level, so a TENSIOMETER had to be installed to measure the humidity. If lower than the threshold The durian watering system will be turne
d on automatically.

Mr. Suriya Jinphon, a durian farmer, revealed that this year’s dry season is hot, with temperatures higher than in previous years. causing natural water sources to dry up The quantity of groundwater wells continues to decrease. This causes a lack of water to water the durian trees that are blooming and bearing fruit. Withered flowers A lot of fruit falls off. As a result, this year it is expected that the production of Ban Talay Hoi durian will decrease. From the original total of more than 1,300 tons, only about 500-700 tons remain. Therefore, the problem must be solved by installing a TENSIOMETER. To check the humidity which increases production costs But if you let it go, it will fall all over the garden. At least you might get some of your capital back.

For Monthong and Chanee durians, Ban Talay Hoi has been registered as a Geographical Indication, or GI, of Krabi Province. last year Due to the conditions in Plai Phraya Subdistrict and Khao Khen Subdistrict, Plai Phraya District are
fertile areas. There is good weather and water sources. Contains important macronutrients and do not use chemicals in cultivation As a result, the produce is of good quality and has distinctive characteristics different from durian grown in other areas. The flesh is firm, sweet, smooth, and crisp, similar to durian mixed with cream or fresh milk. The texture is dry. It is popular with both domestic and foreign consumers. But this year the production is less due to being affected by the drought.

Source: Thai News Agency