New XSeed Labs Research Team Starts Activity in the U.S. in Collaboration With Boehringer Ingelheim

A new research team at XSeed Labs – a collaboration between BioMed X and Boehringer Ingelheim, will develop disease models to understand wound healing and fibrosis.

RIDGEFIELD, CT / ACCESSWIRE / May 16, 2024 / XSeed Labs – a collaboration between BioMed X and Boehringer Ingelheim, announces the start of its first research team on the Boehringer Ingelheim campus in Ridgefield, Connecticut. This research team’s main objective is to develop complex, physiologically relevant disease models that deepen our understanding of dysfunctional wound healing and fibrosis. The end goal is to study fibrosis, drug delivery strategies, and drug safety in parallel, in an effort to bridge the gap between research and development to improve patient outcomes accurately and efficiently.

The new research team is led by Dr. Lorenzo Talà, Group Leader at XSeed Labs. "Due to insufficient understanding of the mechanisms driving their pathology, therapies to treat fibrotic diseases are limited. The aim of our research group is to develop physiologically relevant in vitro and in silico fibrosis models. By combining both approaches, we will interrogate disease mechanisms, identify drug delivery pathways, and assess drug safety in order to facilitate drug development toward resolving fibrotic tissues."

Christian Tidona, Founder and Managing Director of the BioMed X Institute: "We are pleased that we could successfully translate the innovation model we established in Heidelberg and New Haven to work inside a major pharma research and development campus. We have a long history of successful collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim at our Heidelberg institute, and we are proud to extend this collaboration to their U.S. headquarters in Ridgefield, Connecticut."

"We are committed to accelerating innovation across fibrotic diseases. This partnership allows us to harness top talent across the biomedical industry and leverage our leading research and development site in the U.S. to discover insights that could help transform the way we treat these diseases," said Carine Boustany, PhD, U.S. Research Site Head and Global Head of Immunology and Respiratory Diseases Research, Boehringer Ingelheim. "In parallel, we will harness these innovative disease model systems to assess the safety of novel anti-fibrotic concepts, and identify better ways to deliver our molecules," said Xiaorong He, PhD, U.S. Development Site Head and Global Head of Development Sciences, Boehringer Ingelheim.

"We are excited to start our first XSeed Labs team at Boehringer Ingelheim in Ridgefield. It is the beginning of a unique innovation model that promotes scientific exchange between major players in biomedical research," says Mark Johnston, CEO of BioMed X USA.

About BioMed X and XSeed Labs

BioMed X is an independent research institute with sites in Heidelberg, Germany, New Haven, Connecticut, XSeed Labs in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and a worldwide network of partner locations. Together with our partners, we identify big biomedical research challenges and provide creative solutions by combining global crowdsourcing with local incubation of the world’s brightest early-career research talents. Each of the highly diverse research teams at BioMed X has access to state-of-the-art research infrastructure and is continuously guided by experienced mentors from academia and industry. At BioMed X, we combine the best of two worlds — academia and industry — and enable breakthrough innovation by making biomedical research more efficient, more agile, and more fun.

BioMed X started working with Boehringer Ingelheim in 2015 with a series of joint research projects hosted by the BioMed X Institute in Heidelberg, Germany. The new collaboration model – called XSeed Labs – entails an open innovation incubator embedded in the Boehringer Ingelheim Ridgefield campus in Connecticut, USA.

Contact Information

Flavia-Bianca Cristian
Recruiting & Communications Manager
+49 6221 426 11 706

Swathi Lingam
Scientific Communication & Editorial Associate
+49 6221 426 11 27

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SOURCE: BioMed X Institute & XSeed Labs


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DEXIS Innovation Continues With New DEXIS Ti2 Sensor as Successor to the DEXIS Titanium Sensor, the #1 Selling Intraoral Sensor in the United States

QUAKERTOWN, PA / ACCESSWIRE / May 16, 2024 / Today, DEXIS launches the latest innovation in its digital ecosystem with an all-new dental intraoral sensor, the DEXIS™ Ti2 Sensor. The DEXIS digital ecosystem is a comprehensive, AI-powered platform for dental imaging, designed to connect and streamline digital workflows for enhanced productivity.

DEXIS Ti2 Sensor
DEXIS Ti2 Sensor
DEXIS Ti2 Sensor

The Ti2 sensor builds on the success of its predecessor, the DEXIS™ Titanium Sensor, the #1 digital intraoral sensor in the United States.* In 2023, DEXIS sensors processed over 167 million images, making it a top choice for intraoral sensors and scanners, as well as x-ray and CBCT technology worldwide.

Bringing several new features to the DEXIS 2D imaging portfolio, the Ti2 sensor includes:

  • A housing design that’s twice as durable as previous generations
  • A proactive servicing module
  • Access to 2D AI Dental Findings that automatically detect up to six types of dental findings on 2D radiographs

With DEXIS, 2D AI Dental Findings are integrated into both DTX Studio™ Clinic and DEXIS Imaging Suite software-not a separate third-party application. 2D AI Dental Findings automatically identifies periapical radiolucency, bone loss, calculus, caries, discrepancy at margin of existing restoration, and root canal filling deficiency.

"For patients with periodontal disease, we have identified sub-gingival calculus and monitored their bone levels. Caries detection and diagnosis is clear and precise with the contrast available with these images," said Dr. Moe Katz of Katz & Pfeffer Dental Studio.

The Ti2 sensor housing is twice as durable and two times as drop-resistant as the Titanium Sensor. The new posterior holder and WiseAngle™ cable design reduce stress on the sensor/cable connection, further strengthening the Ti2 sensor.

DEXIS also focuses on maximizing the productivity of the dental practice with the newly launched DEXIS Connect Pro. The solution proactively monitors the health of the DEXIS family of sensors through IoT technology and automatically arranges support or equipment replacements if performance issues are ever detected.

"DEXIS Connect Pro provides the kind of customer experience I’ve come to expect from DEXIS," says Amber Metro-Sanchez, dental hygienist at Omni Dental. "The knowledge that my sensor communicates with DEXIS support and that they’re ready to help me if I ever need it gives me peace of mind. They’ve always been so responsive and helpful, DEXIS Connect Pro demonstrates the kind of attention to customer care and continuous innovation I’ve grown accustomed to with DEXIS."

Through the use of CleanCapture™ technology, the Ti2 sensor captures high-resolution images by reducing noise and enhancing anatomical detail. The technology allows the sensor to be flexible and ready to adapt to varying exposure levels, generator usage, or positioning techniques to capture clear, accurate images reliably – even in challenging circumstances.

Equipped with its PerfectSize™ design, the Ti2 sensor is engineered to fit every patient comfortably, making it a convenient, one-size-fits-all solution for busy practices.

Experience the new DEXIS Ti2 Sensor at booth 1665 at CDA South on May 16-18, 2024.

*DEXIS Titanium Sensor- December 2023 SDM US Market Share Data.

About DEXIS 

DEXIS has been a global leading brand in digital radiography for 70+ years. Today, DEXIS has brought together the most trusted brands in 3D imaging, intraoral scanning solutions, and diagnostic software to provide patients with a complete digital diagnostic solution under a brand name. Our innovative award-winning technology enhances how the patient is diagnosed, accelerates the workflow, and delivers simple treatment paths with better patient outcomes. For more information, please visit

Contact Information:

Hayley Reed
Regional Marketing Director, DEXIS IOS
(714) 628-8533



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“Good Savings Cooperative, Happy” in honor of His Majesty the King

Bangkok, Department of Cooperative Promotion Kick Off the activity “Good Savings, Happy Happiness” under the Cooperative Volunteers Do Good with the Heart project. Honoring His Majesty the King On the auspicious occasion of His Majesty the King’s 6th Cycle Birthday Anniversary, create more savings discipline and build stability in life.

Mr. Wisit Srisuwan, Director-General of the Cooperative Promotion Department, presided over the opening of the activity “Good Savings, Happy Happiness” to honor His Majesty the King. On the auspicious occasion of His Majesty the King’s 72nd Birthday Anniversary, 28 July 2024, Mr. Nirand Multhida, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Cooperative Promotion and Mr. Prawat Daengbanjong, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Cooperative Promotion, attended the ceremony, which was broadcast online to the region at Kick Off. Simultaneous activities

The Cooperative Promotion Department has created a project to continue, preserve and expand on various royal initiatives
. to express loyalty To allow personnel, cooperative members, and the public to participate in carrying out savings activities The aim is to encourage people to know how to plan their spending. Have financial discipline and be able to continuously manage and allocate savings to create stability in life according to the philosophy of Sufficiency Economy

There are 3 types of savings methods: Saving by opening a new account with the cooperative. Saving using the same savings account that members have with the cooperative. and saving by dropping into piggy banks distributed by the department. Or use leftover materials to make your own piggy bank.

The activity ‘Good Savings, Happy Cooperative’ has a target group of employees of the Cooperative Promotion Department. The cooperative movement has 720,010 people voluntarily joining the project, saving at least 10 baht per person per day, setting a savings goal of 1,072 million baht in September. By the end of the project in December 2024, it is expected that there w
ill be total savings of 1,772 million baht. It is expected that there will be more than 1,000 million baht of money generated from savings in the cooperative system.

There will also be an exhibition in honor of His Majesty the King. piggy bank decoration Ready to receive prizes in various savings activities Give out stickers and setting up cooperative activity booths to promote savings.

Director-General of the Cooperative Promotion Department added that The goal of the cooperative system is Providing that everyone lives well The Department of Cooperative Promotion places importance on developing people to help themselves. Including helping each other to reach that goal. If everyone has savings, it will be like they have immunity to live a happy life and be able to use their savings in the future according to the intended purpose. At the same time, savings also benefit cooperatives that can use savings from this project to use in the cooperative system to help members who are in need or distress and invest i
n other areas. can continue, which is good for the economy as a whole.

Source: Thai News Agency

The leader of Bang Pete’s gang has been arrested. Use a samurai sword to attack villagers.

Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai police arrested the leader of the Bang Pete gang. Along with two other underlings, they used samurai swords to attack villagers. Convenience store front Check the history of having been in a case before being released on bail. Without realizing it, he caused the incident again.

This clip can be recorded by a good citizen. While the gang leader was blocking Pete Along with two other underlings, they used knives to threaten people who went to exercise. to steal property Prasert Land area In the city of Chiang Mai until the victims went to report the crime Phuping Ratchaniwet Police Station Until they were able to track down and arrest the perpetrator. Know the name of Mr. Anudet or Bang Peet, 18 years old, the leader of the gang and two other youths with a knife in the middle.

background check Mr. Anudet was recently arrested for using a samurai sword to attack the victim’s motorcycle. They also used grenades to throw grenades at groups of teenagers who didn’t know each other before. in
front of a convenience store in Hang Dong District, but after the parents bailed out Still causing the same thing again. Pol. Lt. Gen. Kritthaphon Yisakorn, commander of Provincial Police Region 5, revealed that this time he opposes bail. and serious charges were filed. join together to rob

However, in the Chiang Mai area, a curfew was announced prohibiting youth under 18 years of age from leaving the house after 10:00 p.m., which youths violated. More than 50 people have been brought in for profiling. In addition, the police have a list of more than 20 youth gang groups with 200 members. If they cause a crime anywhere, they can access their homes and take them into custody immediately.

Source: Thai News Agency

Invite you to go rafting in Ban Khao Lak for the hot summer.

Trang, Tourists flock to go rafting at Ban Khao Lak, Muang Trang, bustling with the clear, clean water. Flowing down from Banthat mountain range

Ban Khao Lak, Nam Phut Subdistrict, Mueang District, Trang Province, has tourists from many provinces throughout the country. and people in the area Let’s go rafting at Ban Khao Lak. It is a water stream that connects Village No. 7, Nam Phut Subdistrict, Mueang Trang District, with Village No. 2, Pak Chaem Subdistrict, Huai Yot District, Trang Province, a distance of approximately 23 kilometers from Trang City, which is a clear, clean water stream. Flowing down from Banthat mountain range and there are no industrial factories in the area Makes tourists play in the water with peace of mind. And it is a river that never dries up all year long. Because it is a wetland forest area next to a mountain range.

Tourists will board kayaks at Nam Phut Subdistrict, Mueang Trang District, 2 people per boat, to cruise down the river. that flows through the heart-shaped rocks Fig
ures of bird wings and various local plants In some periods the current flows strong and is winding. You have to paddle a kayak along the current. create excitement Very thrilling for tourists who like challenges. But the water level is about 60-70 centimeters, making it not dangerous at all. You can also stop to play in the water at various points where there are swings tied along a distance of approximately 4 kilometers, with the deepest water level not exceeding 1.20 meters. Each round of rafting takes no more than 1.30 hours. The rate for each adult is 200 baht. Baht 100 baht per child with life jacket Helmets and local staff Especially during this time of summer. The water in many canals has dried up. But at Khao Lak House There is also a cool flowing stream. You can see the fish all year round. causing tourists to go rafting Play in the water to cool off all day. along with tasting local dishes such as black chicken curry, goat curry, duck curry and vegetable curry, etc. For those interested, please con
tact the Ban Khao Lak Rafting Tourism Community Enterprise Group, Mueang District, Trang Province.

Mr. Sawat Khunnui, village headman of Village No. 7, Ban Khao Lak, Nam Phut Subdistrict, Mueang Trang District, said that We have very high natural resources. especially natural resources and the environment Therefore, this cost is brought to the issue of tourism in the community. There are various groups such as white water rafting groups. Banana Stone Plaster Group of Housewives Goat raising group Raising black meat chickens Homestay and Sufficiency Economy Group .

Source: Thai News Agency

Prime Minister holds bilateral discussion with French President

Republic of France, The Prime Minister met for bilateral discussions with the President of France, while “Emanuel Macron” waited to welcome and greet him in a friendly way. Before attending the luncheon

Today (16 May 2024) at 1:40 p.m. local time of the French Republic. Which is 5 hours later than Thailand. Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, arrived at the French Presidential Palace. which immediately upon arrival Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of France He greeted and welcomed the Prime Minister. who had the opportunity to meet again for the second time

The pair will then have bilateral discussions. and the President of France will host a luncheon. On this occasion, the two leaders took photos with a group of businessmen traveling to attend the Thailand – France Business Forum.

After completion, the Prime Minister and his delegation will depart from Paris-Orly Airport, Paris, Republic of France at 4:00 p.m. to arrive at Milan Malpensa Airport, Milan, Republic of Italy.

Source: Thai News Agency

Director of ADC visits the area to visit war veterans.

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Cannabis path in Thailand: continue or is this enough?

“Anutin” instructs the governor and district chief in selecting senators to be neutral.

Refusal to answer whether the “Bung” affected the chair of a member of the UN Human Rights Council or not.

The Prime Minister visits Europe to negotiate FTAs ??and discuss Schengen visas.

Minister of Foreign Affairs prepares to discuss Upgrading the Singkhon checkpoint to a permanent checkpoint

LGBTQ+ students dress according to their gender.







Director of ADC visits the area to visit war veterans.

Pattani, Asst. Prof. Don’t leave each other.! The “Director of the APDC” went to the area to meet and visit with veterans outside of active duty and brought prosthetic equipment to give to them.

Gen. Dechanith Luengngamkham, Director of the War Veterans Organization (Director of the War Veterans Organization) and a group are scheduled to visit the area. Visiting veterans in Pattani Province, Songkhla Province, and Satun Province Between 15-17 May 2024.

On May 15, Gen. Dechanit Traveled to meet and visit members of the agricultural estate following the principles of Sufficiency Economy, Ban Sanam Khok. Along with presenting souvenirs to 29 members of the estate and the commander of the 44th Ranger Regiment Special Unit, they then inspected the operations of the Ban Sanam Khok Industrial Estate and inspected the farming areas of members of the Ban Sanam Industrial Estate. Stall at the multipurpose hall Agricultural estate f
ollowing the Sufficiency Economy approach, Ban Sanam Khok, Sai Buri District, Pattani Province.

After that, he traveled to inspect the operations of the Pattani District War Veterans Office at the Pattani District War Veterans Office. Mueang Pattani District Pattani Province

They traveled to lay a wreath at the monument to Colonel Khun Ingkhayuthboriharn. After that, they met and visited with 300 veterans and presented souvenirs to 10 veteran representatives and the Commander of the 46th Military District at Ingkhayutboriharn Camp. 46th Military Circle, Nong Chik District, Pattani Province

And today (May 16), the Director of the War Veterans Organization (Director of the War Veterans Organization) presided over the ceremony to present prosthetic devices and prostheses to 10 veterans, along with giving souvenirs to them. Commander of the 42nd Military District at Senanarong Camp Officers’ Club 42nd Military Circle, Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province

Later, he traveled to visit and give money and gifts to
give morale and encouragement to Private Ramli Tadein, age 68, a 4th class retired veteran at a residence in Khuan Don District, Satun Province, who brought items and equipment. consumer goods as well as giving words of encouragement to veterans that have been done for the country and fellow citizens –

Source: Thai News Agency