“Thammanat” is concerned about the water situation. Ordered to help farmers in every area

Bangkok, Minister Thammanat calls an urgent meeting. Urges the Royal Irrigation Department to help farmers. Relief from drought problems, emphasizing the use of “Phirunrat Center” in every province as a center for receiving complaints from farmers. The Meteorological Department predicted that The rainy season will start on the 4th week of May and there may be some rain. The Royal Irrigation Department plans water management in the rainy season. Ready to accept both low water and high water conditions. As for the salinity value at the Samlae raw water pumping point progressively better

Captain Thammanat Phromphao, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, held an urgent meeting at the Royal Irrigation Department to monitor the water situation throughout the country. with Mr. Chuchat Rakchit, Director-General of the Royal Irrigation Department, reporting on the water management plan. Including drought relief in various areas.

Captain Thammanat ordered the Royal Irrigation Department to proactively resolve the
water situation due to extremely hot weather conditions throughout the dry season, affecting many areas where crops were about to be released. Not getting enough water Therefore, urgent assistance is given to farmers. By mobilizing machinery, tools, and personnel to solve farmers’ problems with all their might. Until the situation returns to normal.

In addition, use the “Phirunrat Agricultural Service Center” in every province as a center to receive reports of farmers’ distress from drought. By emphasizing the signage clearly. When notified Let the relevant agencies solve the problem immediately.

At the same time, he also emphasized irrigation projects throughout the country. Follow the weather conditions and closely monitor the water situation during the rainy season. To prevent damage from occurring as much as possible.

Mr. Chuchat Rakjit, Director-General of the Royal Irrigation Department, said that Dry season crops have been harvested 100% for the rainy season water management plan 2024, starting on 1
May and ending on 31 October 2024, both for preserving the ecosystem. Consumption, agriculture, and others throughout the country total 14,821 million cubic meters, only in the Chao Phraya River Basin. There is a plan to allocate approximately 4,949 million cubic meters of water, which the Royal Irrigation Department will send water to support the cultivation of annual rice in low-lying areas. So that farmers can start planting rice from May 1 and harvest their produce before the flood season arrives to reduce the impact of flooding on crops.

The Meteorological Department predicts that Thailand enters the rainy season during the 4th week of May and from mid-June to mid-July. There may be a period of missed rain or little rain. This may cause water shortage problems in some areas. Especially areas outside the irrigation area Therefore, farmers are asked to use rainwater as the main basis for agriculture. By waiting for consistent rain before preparing the rice cultivation plots to help save on water use from
the reservoir. Including reserving water during the rainy season.

For the period August to October 2024, it is expected that the amount of rain will increase due to entering the La NiƱa condition. The Meteorological Department expects that There may be 1-2 tropical cyclones during the rainy season that will result in heavy to very heavy rain in many areas. Flash floods may occur. Flash flood Including water overflowing the banks. Therefore, he urged irrigation projects throughout the country to closely monitor and monitor the water situation. along with managing water in various reservoirs To be able to support the amount of rain that will fall. Drainage appropriate to the situation including regularly inspecting irrigation buildings Keep it in a ready-to-use condition at all times. In addition, check the drainage route. Remove water obstructions regularly. Ready to strictly follow the 10 measures to cope with the rain in 2024 as approved by the National Water Resources Committee (NHC). In order to be able t
o cope with this upcoming rainy season. to its full potential

Mr. Thanet Somboon, Director of the Office of Water Management and Hydrology, said that Currently, there is a large reservoir with a small usable water volume. Equal to or less than 30 percent in 16 places: Bhumibol Dam has 29 percent water, Sirikit has 19 percent water, Kiew Kho Ma has 28 percent water, Khwae Noi Bamrung Daen has 26 percent, Mae Mok Kok has 20 percent, and Pung water. has 27 percent, Chulabhorn has 13 percent, Ubonrat has 21 percent, Lam Takhong has 29 percent, Sirindhorn has 22 percent, Pa Sak Jolasit has 15 percent, and Krasiao has 15 percent. 7 Khun Dan Prakan Chon has 17 percent water, Khlong Si Yat has 3 percent water, Phra Phra has 29 percent water, and Pranburi has 20 percent water. Medium-sized reservoirs with low levels of water are Equal to or less than 30 percent, there are 108 places.

The water situation in large and medium sized reservoirs across the country (information as of 3 May 2024) has a total water volume of
41,458 million cubic meters, accounting for 54 percent. The usable water volume is 17,516 million cubic meters. Representing 33 percent compared to 2023, which had 43,744 million cubic meters, this year less than 2,286 million cubic meters.

As for the salinity situation around the Samlae raw water pumping station, Mueang District, Pathum Thani Province, which was affected by the high sea level during 25-30 April, causing it to exceed the standard at 0.50 grams per liter during some periods. This time is resolved in order. The Royal Irrigation Department increased water drainage from the Tha Chin River into the Chao Phraya River to dilute the salinity. At the same time, coordinate with the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority to reduce water pumping into the system during periods when the salinity value exceeds the standard criteria. As for the range that does not exceed the standard Increase the amount pumped into the system to dilute it so as not to cause a change in the taste of tap water that supplies the ar
eas of Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and Samut Prakan.

This morning (May 4) at 6:00 a.m., the salinity value of raw water pumped from Samlae was 0.36 grams per liter, compared to the same period yesterday (May 3) which was 0.53 grams per liter, which decreased. However, during the day it may There were some periods when the standard value was exceeded by 0.50 grams per liter, but the period of exceedance was found to have decreased. From May 1, when the standard exceeded 12 hours per day, yesterday it was reduced to 4 hours per day.

In addition, the amount of water released from the Chao Phraya Dam has been increased. To push out saltwater during the new high sea level on 10-11 May, and will also consider increasing water drainage from the Pasak Cholasit Dam. But the Pasak Cholasit Dam has a limited amount of water and therefore will increase water drainage only a little and for a short period of time. This is to prepare for the situation in advance according to the orders of the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperat
ives. 512

Source: Thai News Agency

The Fine Arts Department opens the ancient city of Si Thep for nightlife.

Phetchabun, After the ancient city of Si Thep was designated a world heritage site in September last year. Causing more than 1 million tourists to visit, the Fine Arts Department therefore organized the Miraculous Light of Sri Thep event. Khao Klang Nok ancient site area Ready to invite you to visit Si Thep city at night from 3-5 May .

Source: Thai News Agency

Fire at warehouse of large paper factory in Samut Sakhon Province

Samut Sakhon, Fire broke out in a paper factory warehouse in Ban Ko Subdistrict, Mueang District, Samut Sakhon Province. The fire burned violently inside the building. At this time, officials are able to control the fire within a limited area. About 10 rai has been damaged.

A fire broke out in the warehouse of Panchaphon Paper Factory. Fiber Container, Village No. 4, Ban Ko Subdistrict, Mueang District, Samut Sakhon Province, officials mobilized water trucks to extinguish the fire that was burning fiercely in the building. which has a single-story steel frame structure Because inside there are a lot of papers stored. which is a good fuel About 10 rai of the total area of ??30 rai has been damaged. Currently, officials are able to control the fire within a limited area. But the fire was not put out yet. You can only inject vitreous fluid to prevent it from spreading to the inner area. Both asking for support from nearby areas to block the fire that is still burning The cause and damages cannot yet be assessed

Source: Thai News Agency

Collect more! Chinese extortion gang Arrest warrants for another 6 people

Bangkok, A Chinese interpreter was arrested, one of the five suspects under an arrest warrant in the case of abducting and extorting Chinese people. In addition, there are another 6 people awaiting additional arrest warrants.

Chinese abduction case Happened on 25 April. In a hotel in the Din Daeng area The police investigated and found out that it was the work of a group of police and 11 individuals, so they immediately issued arrest warrants for 5 of them, of whom 2 have already been arrested. As for the 6 people who have not yet been issued arrest warrants. The police are waiting to clearly identify who they are.

Meanwhile, yesterday, police arrested another person, Police Sergeant Phuwadej, Phanfa Radio Center 191, and last evening. One more person was arrested: Mr. Theerachai or Fang, 36 years old, a Chinese interpreter. Mr. Fang confessed that hired by Pol.Sgt.Weerayut, Commander of the Traffic Group, Phaya Thai Police Station, received 15,000 baht to come negotiate with the victim about demanding a ra
nsom. As for the leader of the movement, Pol. Attawut, a former police officer at Khan Na Yao Police Station, will share the money received with the other 10 participants. Later, the police checked and found money in Pol. Pol. Attawut’s account. 700,000 baht. There is some distribution information. Police have now traced back about 60% of the money.

There is also Petty Officer 1st Class Wirayuth Traffic Division Commander, Phayathai Police Station, another suspect under an arrest warrant is still on the loose. Police rushed to coordinate with the commander. and the accused’s family to help follow up Because I’m afraid that I’ll be so stressed that I’ll think for a moment. But no history of traveling out of the country was found. Police found information about 3 Lao women who brought a credit card swipe machine to the victim in the room. After 8 minutes, a group of criminals went up to extort money from the victim in the room. Until it was suspected that the three Lao women were involved. From now on, the thr
ee Lao women will be called in for questioning.

As for this morning, May 4, the family of Pol. Atthawut bought food and water to visit. But I didn’t give an interview. While the police are having a meeting, And tomorrow the accused will be taken into custody at the Criminal Court.

Source: Thai News Agency

Inspect the electrical conduit cover on Lat Phrao Road.

Bangkok, Inspect the electrical conduit cover in the middle of Lat Phrao Road. Today, it was found that round manhole covers were placed in almost every place along the road after the incident where “Mr. Kamthorn” fell into the manhole and died. Road island area Entrance to Soi Lat Phrao 49

After the incident, “Mr. Kamthon” fell into a deep well and died at the Public Works Department, Bangkok. There is an urgent letter to the Governor of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority. Suspend construction of manholes and underground electrical conduits. Ready to inspect and close the pond cover within 3 days.

Thai News Agency gives a clear comparison. At the scene of the incident The manhole cover before the incident was made of 10 millimeter thick plywood that was used to cover the manhole at the scene of the incident. The Electricity Authority explained that the manhole cover was originally metal. But there was a problem of more than 150 items being stolen, or almost all of the project. This caused the contracto
r to temporarily use wood to cover the pipe instead. As for the incident yesterday (3 May), MEA sent a contractor to use concrete slabs to cover the manhole. After this, we will examine all the manhole covers that are made of wood and bring a concrete slab to cover them. Including installing signs to warn the public to be completed within this week.

The news team went to explore the island in the middle of Lat Phrao Road in other locations. It was found that today almost every place has round manhole covers placed to cover the pipes along Lat Phrao Road. But it was still found that the manhole cover was not level with the floor. There is still a raised cement edge similar to the original plate that was closed. which is square There was only the area where the incident occurred where the manhole cover was made. Close the pipe level with the road surface. At the entrance of Soi Phawana or Lat Phrao 41, it was found that people used to cross the road at this point as well. It was found that most chose not to st
ep on the manhole cover. Even though it was made strong and made into a cement slab. If people don’t know or during the night, someone may trip over a manhole cover and cause an accident.

Source: Thai News Agency

Relatives pick up the body of a man who fell into a MEA electrical conduit.

Bangkok, Relatives received the body of a 59-year-old man who fell into a power conduit from the Metropolitan Electricity Authority and died, ready to complain after the Deputy Governor MEA refused to attend the funeral and sent a secretary to replace him, revealing that he had not even received an apology from those directly responsible.

At 11:30 a.m. ago, the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Police Hospital Relatives came to claim the body of Mr. Kamthorn, age 59, who fell 17 meters deep into MEA’s electrical conduit near Soi Lat Phrao 49. The incident occurred on May 3. The atmosphere was sad. The relatives received clothes to change for the deceased for the last time.

The younger brother of the deceased opened up through tears. Last night, the Deputy Governor of Bangkok contacted him to express his condolences and offer a small financial assistance. As for Mr. Thitiwut Ngernklai, Deputy Governor of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority Has been assigned to the secretary Contacted to come to the funeral.
But there has been no discussion about remedies. At first, he understood that the Deputy Governor of MEA would call to apologize. and came to the funeral itself But it appears that the secretary was assigned to replace him and he has not received an apology directly from the Deputy Governor of MEA, which he considers not sincere. It was just an interview for the media. There is no responsibility for the events that occurred. Having the secretary take over is like an elder giving subordinates. If no one follows up on the matter, it will probably disappear. And there was an apology to the family through the media. I probably won’t be able to forgive myself. and confirmed that he would fully sue the relevant agencies Ready to ask in return: ‘Bring your family and walk through the plywood cover. And most importantly The construction contractor is also responsible for taking care of the manhole covers to meet standards. Not after the news came out, they immediately covered it with a cement slab. This shows that th
e cement slabs are already prepared. But I don’t think I’ll do it because it’s been 7 months since the manhole cover was stolen. But it has not yet been completed. and solving the problem of stolen manhole covers Why didn’t the agency install CCTV cameras? Because if the cameras were installed, they would probably have been caught. They just didn’t think about doing it. Even though it is a large organization

Ready to lament the loss of his older brother which left his two older sisters without anyone to take care of him while he had to work to earn money to support the family. Which now I don’t know what to do. which he has a job to be responsible for Moreover, now he has to take over his older brother’s responsibility to take care of his two older sisters, which makes himself more difficult.

After receiving the corpse The relatives will take the body of the deceased to perform a ceremony to invite the spirits at the scene of the accident. and pray for the funeral at Wat That Thong, Watthana District, Bangk
ok for 2 nights, with a cremation ceremony on Monday, May 6th.

Source: Thai News Agency

MEA executives and employees attended the funeral pouring ceremony of Mr. Kamthorn, insisting that he would not abandon him.

Bangkok, MEA executives and employees attended the funeral pouring ceremony of “Mr. Kamthorn” who died from walking across the road and falling into an electrical conduit. in the middle of Lat Phrao Road, Soi Lat Phrao 49, ready to give 50,000 baht in cash to the deceased’s younger brother. The MEA Governor revealed his deepest condolences, insisting that MEA will not abandon him.

At Sala 16, Wat That Thong, at 5:00 p.m. on May 4, there was a funeral watering ceremony for Mr. Kamthorn Jaruanan, age 59, who died from crossing the road and falling into an electrical conduit. The incident occurred in the middle of Lat Phrao Road. In the area of ??Soi Lat Phrao 49, Saphan Song Subdistrict, Wang Thonglang District, Bangkok, late on May 3rd. The atmosphere of watering the corpse was one of sadness. Relatives and family of Jaruanan Come join us in mourning Mr. Kamthon with sadness. At the same time, a group of representatives from the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) also came to join in the funeral waterin
g ceremony. After that, Mr. Kamthon’s body was placed in a coffin. To wait for the funeral prayer at 6:30 p.m.

At 5:28 p.m., Mr. Thitiwut Ngernklai, Deputy Governor of MEA, came to Mr. Kamthon’s funeral. Said to express condolences to Mr. Kamphon deceased brother that I would like to express my condolences It was an accident that I didn’t want to happen. We are currently investigating what caused this. We will take care of all responsibility. Yesterday he went to the scene of the crime. But there is no information on where the house is. They even planned to come and pay their respects to the body today. He wanted to come and understand by himself. I don’t want to rush. What’s the rush to have a conversation? Ready to offer to co-host the funeral today and inform that MEA has divided the care into 2 parts, first allocating 50,000 baht because it is an urgent need. And second, there is a committee to take care of the matter of compensation again. Confirm that you will definitely not abandon it.

Then Mr. Thiti
wut Ngernklai, Deputy Governor of MEA, gave an interview to the media that initially MEA brought 50,000 baht as expenses first. The other part considers what measures are available to provide relief. Now a committee has been set up to examine the facts. and prevent it from happening again. As for the compensation money of 10 million baht that the relatives demanded. He still doesn’t know and must let the committee investigate the facts first. As for the 150 manhole covers that were stolen, MEA has urgently fixed them by buying cement sheets from a construction materials store to cover all the manhole covers. And now we have ordered the casting of concrete manhole cover slabs to replace them all. The construction of the source cover must include measures to prevent theft. That is, it’s connected. As for the theft through MEA, a report has been filed at Phahon Yothin Police Station, Chok Chai Police Station, and Lat Phrao Police Station. There will be further follow-up to see whether or not the suspect has been
arrested. In addition to the problem of theft of manhole covers There is also the illegal cutting of power lines along the Yellow Line route. It is a problem that MEA must cooperate with relevant agencies to find further preventive measures.

Then at 5:30 p.m., Mr. Chatchat Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok Came to pay respects to the body of Mr. Kamthon. along with expressing condolences to relatives and promised to let the Wang Thonglang District go take care of Mr. Kamthon’s sister who had to live alone. Mr. Chatchat later revealed that Bangkok had provided compensation money. Coming from people in Bangkok helping each other A problem of this size is not just about conduits. All projects constructed in Bangkok Requires verification and predicted in advance He emphasizes on taking care of it neatly. We must cooperate more intensively. The theft has increased and the cutting of electrical wires requires cooperation. including Bangkok, MEA, MRTA, Waterworks Authority, Expressway Authority, etc. in order to redu
ce accidents. And there is a policy to install pedestrian crossings with lights for the elderly. To give pedestrians more rights than cars.

Then at 5:50 p.m., Mr. Wilas Chalaysat, Governor of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority Come attend the funeral of Mr. Kamthon. Ready to give 50,000 baht in cash to Mr. Kamphon deceased brother Later, Mr. Vilas revealed that he would like to express his deepest condolences. The management team and MEA employees came to mourn. We are really sorry. The project aims to improve the quality of life of the city’s people. But when something like this happens, it makes us feel sad. We confirm that MEA will not abandon us like the news came out this morning. As a result, today he must travel by himself. To confirm that we will take care of you and not abandon you in the case of this accident.

The Governor of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority said that regarding the request for compensation in the amount of 10 million baht, it must be considered according to our existing
regulations and the facts that have occurred. At this time, a committee has been appointed to examine what the facts are. If there are any results of the investigation, there will be further measures. As for the complaints that have been there since the end of April. He understands that the operation team probably already has information on people’s complaints about missing manhole covers. The cement cover that was brought to close after the incident was not in stock at all. But it is a solution to an urgent problem. Tested by having people climb up and try to step on the lid. Prevent breakage As for the hiring company, what are the offense measures? We have to wait for all the facts to be verified. No predictions can be made regarding the missing manhole cover. In the past, there has already been a notification. along with ordering operators to be strict with contractors to supervise construction progress Safety in the Bangkok area must be more intense than before.

Source: Thai News Agency