Railway sector gears up to meet demand in peak travel season

Hanoi: While air travel becomes more expensive, the railway sector has worked to unlock its tourism potential to meet high travel demand during the upcoming Liberation of the South – National Reunification Day (April 30) and International Labour Day (May 1) holidays.

According to the Vietnam Railways Corporation (VNR), it is busy with arranging night trips to Da Lat city in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong, providing visitors an opportunity to enjoy the splendour of the city of the thousands of flowers.

Before the official launch on April 14, free tickets are offered on the trips from April 11 – 13.

The DL11 train will leave Da Lat Station at 18:15 while DL12 departs from Trai Mat Station at 19:15, with free artichoke tea and wifi on board. Particularly, a cine dome that screens a railway documentary will be inaugurated at the Da Lat Station on April 14, bringing new experiences to visitors.

Earlier, a train route named ‘Central Heritage Connection’ linking Hue city in the central province of Th
ua Thien – Hue and Da Nang city was put into operation at the end of March.

During the about three hours of this train journey, tourists can contemplate the magnificent natural beauty along Hai Van Pass, dubbed ‘Thien ha de nhat hung quan’ (the world’s most marvelous wonder) and also among the 10 most beautiful drives in the world as selected by renowned US magazine Travel Leisure, with one side being Truong Son Mountain Range and the other the sea before reaching Da Nang, which boasts one of the six most beautiful beaches on the planet.

On the way back, from Da Nang to Hue, they can set foot in the former capital of Hue, which is home to various heritage sites.

In particular, riding either trips departing Hue for Da Nang or vice versa in the morning or the afternoon, tourists can enjoy the stunning sunrise or sunset scenes on Lang Co, one of the most beautiful bays in the world, and taste typical local delicacies.

The VNR said although the route was freshly operated, it has garner widespread interest fro
m both domestic and international visitors.

According to Chairman of the VNR Member Council Dang Sy Manh, the train on this route consists of five modern seating carriages and another for community activities, expected to be an impressive mobile check-in place for passengers. The train will be equipped with wifi in April.

At Da Nang and Hue Stations, there are VIP waiting rooms and automatic bicycle hire services.

The SE11/SE12 trains have been added to the Hanoi – HCM City route to serve growing travel demand during the summer peak period.

An array of promotional programmes has been rolled out, including discounts for round-trip fares and tickets for groups of passengers./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Online lottery bookmaker arrested with seized items

Samut Prakan, Royal Thai Police raided and arrested an online lottery dealer. The accused was found. With many medium items Accelerate the expansion of results to the main actors

Police investigating technology crimes Along with the arrest team, they brought a search warrant to search the house of an online lottery bookmaker on Bangna Trad Road, Km. 16, Bang Chalong Subdistrict, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province. The husband and wife were found as intended, along with items such as numbers on lottery tickets used for predicting prizes. bank statements, laptops, mobile phones, firearms, gold necklaces and more than 600,000 baht in cash

The husband and wife accused confessed that they posted to sell Thai lottery, Lao lottery, Vietnamese lottery and lottery that is drawn daily through Facebook. which will sell 4 lottery tickets to the network at a price of 100 baht and will pay 30 percent compensation to the network that receives the lottery tickets for sale. If the customer gets 4 numbers in a row, t
hey will get a prize money of 900,000 baht, and if they get 3 in a row, they will get The prize money is 300,000 baht. The investigation found that This suspect had been arrested in a similar case before. However, the police will continue to investigate and expand the results to find the main culprit behind it.

Source: Thai News Agency

‘Fried without abandon’ at Bangchak service stations expands to 162 locations nationwide, starting April 16.

Bangkok,, Bangchak moves forward with “Fried, Don’t Throw Away” at Bangchak service stations, expanding to 162 locations nationwide, starting on 16 Apr.

Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited has increased purchasing points for used cooking oil at Bangchak gas stations to 162 locations nationwide. From April 16 onwards, the purchase will be made at a price of 20 baht per kilogram (the price may be adjusted up and down according to the vegetable oil market mechanism) to invite people to join in protecting the environment by not discarding used oil into public areas. Used cooking oil is sold in the “Thod Mai Throwaway” project to be used to produce sustainable aviation fuel. SAF can check the list of Bangchak service stations participating in the “Thod Mai Thong” project at https://www.bangchak.co.th/en/newsroom/bangchak-news/1151/

And for more information about the “Frying, Not Throwing” project, selling prices for used cooking oil, please contact BSGF Company Limited, Tel. 0 2335 8008, 08 3829 5431 or
Add Line: 08 3829 5431

Source: Thai News Agency

Raided the “Lt. Lt.” room and found the online seller’s property hidden.

Nonthaburi, Police searched the room of “Lieutenant” and found gold necklaces, gold bracelets and online sellers’ mobile phones. With great evidence ‘Fingerprints and footprints’ in the dead man’s room

from a shocking event Ms. Anpat, age 46, an online seller, was murdered with her throat slit in a room on the 10th floor of a condo. Along the Chao Phraya River, Nonthaburi Province, the perpetrator is known as Lt. Jirawat, age 31, who lives in the same condo. By climbing from the 12th floor room down to the deceased person’s room to cause the crime. which is believed to be the motivating cause Need property to earn money to escape online gambling But no matter how much the police arrest and interrogate Lt. Jirawat remains tight-lipped, refusing to confess to all charges.

Today, Pol. Col. Phisut Chandrasuwan, superintendent of Rattanathibet Police Station. Police were brought in to search the room. Lt. Jirawat, the accused, with his girlfriend Lt. Jirawat And condo officials led the search, starting from the
first point on the shelf. Found 1 gold necklace hidden in the doll’s mouth. In the second spot, on the left side of the headboard corner, 1 gold-framed Buddha image, 1 ivory Buddha image carved with a tiger, 1 Cartier brand bracelet and 1 Herm├Ęs brand bracelet were found. As for point number 3, plastic boxes for storing things. Found 1 Samsung brand mobile phone with its SIM card removed. and reset the entire machine There are also photos of Lt. Jirawat, 4 photos, indicating the time they were taken after the incident. Relatives of the deceased confirmed that is the property of Miss Anaphat real deceased

Pol. Col. Pisut revealed that in this case, the police investigation team together with Nonthaburi Province work hard Until complete evidence was obtained, even though the accused denied it, today additional charges were filed: murder, robbery, and home invasion at night. The maximum penalty is death. Now, the results of fingerprint and footprint examination in the deceased’s room found footprints and finger
prints matching those of the accused. At this level it has been proven that Lt. Jirawat He is the culprit in this case.

Source: Thai News Agency

A young man from Korea was arrested for sending drugs out of the country.

Immigration Bureau, The Immigration Bureau (Immigration Bureau) arrested a young man from South Korea for sending drugs out of the country via parcel boxes. Inspection found overstay of 11 years.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Phanthana Nuchanart, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Immigration Bureau, along with Pol. Maj. Gen. Praphansak Prasansuk, Commander-in-Chief of the Immigration Bureau, Pol. Col. Ratchachote Choti. Mr. Deputy Commander of the Immigration Bureau, Pol. Col. Parinya Klinkasorn, Deputy Commander of the Immigration Region 1, Pol. Col. Rattaphong Kaewyod, Superintendent of the 4th Subdistrict Police Station. The Immigration Bureau and police from Subdistrict 4 of the Immigration Bureau jointly announced the results of the arrest of Mr. Lee (pseudonym), age 42 years, South Korean nationality. Allegedly be an alien Staying in the Kingdom with permission expired Taken to the investigating officer The investigation group of the Immigration Bureau takes legal action. place of arrest Sukhumvit area hotels Khlong
Toei Nuea Subdistrict, Watthana District, Bangkok

Division 4, Immigration Bureau, is coordinated by the Interpol Coordination Officer, Republic of South Korea. assigned to the Foreign Affairs Division Royal Thai Police that he was informed by a spy that there was a South Korean man Theft of a television set in a condominium that a South Korean man was renting and then selling it. When the room owner knows about the matter The South Korean man climbed a wall to escape. The victim has already reported the matter at Phra Khanong Police Station. Investigation has been conducted and found that the South Korean man in question is Mr. Lee, whose permission to stay in the Kingdom has expired for 4,004 days and is staying at Sukhumvit area hotels Khlong Toei Nuea Subdistrict, Watthana District, Bangkok went to investigate and was informed by hotel staff that a South Korean man came to stay but did not use the name Mr. Lee. The arresting police officers then checked the CCTV cameras. The South Korean man was found to
be Mr. Lee. Therefore, they inspected and arrested Mr. Lee for prosecution on the said charges.

Upon further investigation, it was found that Mr. Lee was the accused according to an arrest warrant issued by the South Korean authorities for the crime of “International drug transport” by transporting 500 grams of drugs into South Korea through the parcel box and is also a security threat to the Republic of South Korea and is also a person for whom Interpol has issued a red notice (INTERPOL Red Notice).

Source: Thai News Agency

A king cobra appears in Muang Paet Riw. Rescuers are confused and don’t know where to release it.

Chachoengsao, Villagers in Paet Riw are frightened. Found a nearly 4 meter long king cobra coiled up in the kitchen. Notify rescue personnel to come and arrest him. But I don’t know where to release it.

Seeing the picture gives me goosebumps. By yesterday evening Chachoengsao rescue unit personnel We were informed by villagers in the area of ??Village No. 7, Khlong Preng Subdistrict, Mueang District, that a large king cobra was found. Therefore, they coordinated with volunteers from the Suwinthawong Point Rescue Unit to inspect and make an arrest. Found a house that looked like a room for rent. In front is a shop. The owner reported that a large snake had crawled into the kitchen. Startled, he quickly ran away. and notify rescuers to come help Before the officials were able to successfully capture the snake It was really a king cobra, almost 4 meters long, but since the area of ??Chachoengsao had never seen a king cobra before. Volunteers from the Chachoengsao rescue unit at Suwinthawong point I don’t know
where to release the snake. So they coordinated to return to the Chachoengsao rescue unit to bring the snake to rest here.

and in the morning Chachoengsao rescue We changed the snake bag to a new one from the one in the double-layer fertilizer bag because we feared it might suffocate. By changing to a fish net bag while changing The snake tried to show its head. and struggling to find a way out Officials must fight hard until the change is successful. Waiting for officials from the Conservation Area Management Office 2, Sriracha, Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, to come and take care of him.

Source: Thai News Agency

Commercial banks prepare fuel service stations during Songkran.

Bangkok, Department of Energy Business Requesting cooperation from fuel service stations Prepare enough fuel to meet your needs. Remind drivers to be careful. To prevent accidents and fuel shortages at gas stations in other provinces.

Mr. Sarawut Kaewtathip, Director-General of the Department of Energy Business, said the department has sent a letter requesting cooperation to operators of fuel service stations. and fuel transporters throughout the country Prepare for the Songkran Festival 2024 which has several long holidays in a row. People returned to their hometowns and traveled a lot during this period. To prevent and reduce the risk of accidents on roads and at fuel stations. Therefore it is necessary to ask for cooperation. Prepare enough fuel during the said festival. Facilitate the people who come to use the service. Manage convenient and safe traffic. There is sufficient car parking. Keep the bathroom clean and provide adequate lighting

Ready to arrange personnel to watch out, supervise, and inspec
t service stations. Including the preparation of teams to suppress fuel accidents. On the side of oil transport operators Asked to instruct fuel transport drivers to operate with caution. Strictly comply with road safety regulations and relevant laws.

In this regard, fuel service stations have been instructed to Stop selling liquor and alcoholic beverages. For the safety of people’s lives and property

Source: Thai News Agency

Procession of Angsa cloth up the Naga steps to the top of Khao Kradong.

Buriram, The Father of Buriram leads Buddhists to join in the procession of Angsa cloth up the 297 steps of the Nagarat staircase to change into a cloth for the Phra Suphat Bophit atop Khao Kradong Mountain on Songkran day. along with bathing the Buddha image on his birthday Enhance good fortune in the Songkran Festival

Mr. Naruecha Kosasivilize, Governor of Buriram Province along with the president of the Provincial Red Cross Society Heads of government agencies, civil servants, and more than 300 Buddhists gathered together to parade a large Angsa cloth, 36 meters long and 1.2 meters wide, and walk up the 297 steps of the Nagarat steps to exchange it for the statue. ‘Phra Suphattharaphit’, a Buddha image that stands tall and imposing in Buriram. On the crater of the volcano along with bathing the Buddha image on his birthday For good fortune On the occasion of Songkran Festival 2024, there will be a dance of worship for more than 100 people to pay respects to Phra Suphattharaphit. in organizing an event to
continue the Songkran tradition ‘Parade clothes up the volcano Bow down and pay respect to the Big Buddha. Visit the Cultural Plaza’ for the year 2024 to promote tourism during the Songkran festival. and preserve and perpetuate local arts, culture, and traditions.

For Phra Suphat Bophit It is a Buddha image of the city. Made of large plaster bricks, lap width 12 meters, base 14 meters long. Inside the head is a relic. Enshrined on Khao Kradong Facing north Built in 1969, it is a place of worship for Buddhists. From the location of the Buddha image Can see the scenery of Buriram city.

Source: Thai News Agency