Poor Khmer households in An Giang given gifts on Chol Chnam Thmay Festival

An Giang: Hundreds of poor households of the Khmer ethnic minority group in the Mekong Delta province of An Giang on April 7 received gifts from the provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, Loc Troi Group JSC and the Vietnam-Cambodia Business Association (VCBA) on the occasion of their traditional Chol Chnam Thmay (New Year) Festival.

Up to 500 packages of gifts were presented to the disadvantaged households, each worth 600,00 VND (24 USD), comprising 10 kg of rice and 300,000 VND in cash, at a ceremony held in O Lam commune of Tri Ton district.

VCBA Chairman Oknha Leng Rithy said the good deed demonstrates sentiments towards impoverished people in the province, particularly the Khmer ethnic minority group. He also sent his wishes to local Khmer people on the occasion of the Chol Chnam Thmay Festival.

Pham Tuan Khai, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the People’s Committee of O Lam commune, extended his hope that the solidarity and and ‘good neighbourliness, traditional friendship, com
prehensive cooperation and long-term sustainability’ between Vietnam and Cambodia as well as between the VCBA and An Giang province will further flourish in the coming time./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

“Acharn Khatha” said he was relieved that the eclipse had little effect on Thailand.

Bangkok, Today there was a total solar eclipse from 11:58 p.m. to 12:04 a.m. It was noticeable in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. As for Thailand, it definitely wasn’t seen. “Ajarn Khatha” pointed out that it would hardly affect Thailand. Advice for Aries-Libra Be careful when preparing contract-health documents.

Facebook page NARIT, National Astronomical Research Institute Posted a message stating that on April 8th, prepare to experience a #total solar eclipse. And there have been no reports of solar storms.

During these past several days There is an overwhelming amount of information being shared across social media. It’s a warning clip that NASA has announced that on April 8, 2024, there will be a large solar storm that will affect the world. This date falls on the day of the total solar eclipse. In fact, initially there were no reports of a solar storm on that day and #solareclipse phenomenon. #Not related to the occurrence of solar storms.

For today’s total solar eclipse phenomenon It is a tot
al solar eclipse that can be observed in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. The total eclipse can last up to 4 minutes. However, Thailand cannot observe this phenomenon.

The news team of the Thai News Agency inquired with Professor Katha Chinnabanchorn, a fortune teller of Chinese astrology, Feng Shui and gypsy cards, who said that in terms of astrology This solar eclipse phenomenon It will hardly affect Thailand. Because it is angled away from Thailand and is on the other side of the world It may have some effect on people born in Aries and Libra. But it’s very little. It is advisable to be a little careful when it comes to contract documents. and health only But other things There is nothing to worry about. You can rest easy. There is no need to perform any Rahu worship rituals.

Source: Thai News Agency

Arrest of seller involved in gambling website ‘A hundred million young’

Chiang Rai, Raided a dormitory and a house in Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai Province, arresting a vendor involved in a gambling website. “Young 100 million baht young man” is suspected of being the one who opened the account and took care of the money.

Police from the Technology Crime Investigation Division 4 searched a dormitory and a house in Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai Province, and arrested Ms. Thanida, age 48, accused of organizing a game. or trick Allow others to gamble via electronic media. and work together to launder money After last April 5th Cyber ??police arrest group gambling website “Young hundred million baht” found more than 250 million baht in circulation and issued arrest warrants for 20 suspects, one of whom was Ms. Thanida, who was suspected of opening accounts and overseeing the circulation of several gambling websites. Including the duty of withdrawing cash and transferring it. or deposit it into the gambling website owner’s account “Young 100 million baht” who is currently still evadi
ng capture.

Ms. Thanida has transactions in the areas of Mae Sai District and Chiang Rai City. Including traveling across to neighboring countries 2-3 times a month, officials therefore believe that the gambling website may have a base in neighboring countries. Therefore, he was detained along with the seized items and will be prosecuted further.

Source: Thai News Agency

Police say they helped the suspect who was trying to harm himself.

Samut Prakan, Exciting incident in the police station. While the police were investigating the culprit for a theft case But the suspect grabbed an energy drink bottle and smashed it into a shark’s mouth. He was about to stab himself, but the investigator was quick on his feet and kicked him, saving his life in time.

CCTV cameras inside the interrogation room Samrong Nuea Police Station Samut Prakan Province captured the image while Police Captain Thanawut Duangjinda, Deputy Inspector, brought Mr. Wimon, 48 years old, the accused in the home theft case, for questioning. But while questioning the accused who was in handcuffs. He reached out and grabbed the bottle of energy drink that was on the table. before being pounded on the ground To break the bottle, he would use it to slit his own throat. and stabbed himself in the neck many times Until Police Captain Thanawut immediately used his foot to kick the accused in the middle of the chest. Until he fell over and leaned against the chair. before entering the h
and lock and snatched the bottle away Two more police officers from the police station came to stop the incident.

He was then detained and returned to the cell, where it was found that the accused had a slight wound on his neck. and some police officers were cut until they had wounds Therefore, we coordinate with volunteers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation. Enter first aid The incident occurred yesterday (April 7, 2024) at 4:00 p.m. From a background check, it was found that This accused Has committed theft many times before Previously, he had caused an incident in the area of ??Bangna Police Station and was caught by the police. He will harm himself in order to make the victim weak-willed. I don’t take pity on my past. It has worked many times. Until recently, there was an incident of raiding and stealing amulets in a broken room at Samrong Nuea Police Station. Repeatedly until he was caught he tried to harm himself. in the hope that the victims will be soft-hearted

Police Captain Thanawut, Deputy Inspector
General Samrong Nuea Police Station Said after the incident that While on duty, a police officer arrested the suspect and brought him to the police station along with the victim and the seized items. During the investigation It was found that the accused had an old criminal history. So he asked the accused for information. During that time, it was noticed that the accused aimed at a bottle of energy drink that a villager had bought and placed for him. The accused then picked up the bottle and hit it on the ground. At that time, he had a feeling that the accused might come and harm him. So he retreated to gain a foothold. The accused then used a broken bottle to stoke his own neck. He saw that he could not allow the accused to harm himself. So he decided to use his feet to knock the accused down. then snatched the bottle away Then another 2-3 police officers came to help. As for the accused, he is still in police custody. and urged the officers controlling the accused to closely monitor him. Because of fear of
hurting myself and allow relatives to visit often so that the accused can be relieved of their worries and will be sent to court for detention tomorrow to proceed according to the law .

Source: Thai News Agency

A 57-year-old man died of suspected heat stroke.

Udon Thani, The weather is hot these days. Be careful of your health. In Udon Thani, temperatures exceeded 43-44 degrees Celsius. A 57-year-old man died in his bed, suspected of heat stroke.

Police, Muang Udon Thani Police Station Inspected the body of Mr. Somjit, age 57, who was lying dead on a bamboo mat next to a hut in the area of ??Village No. 2, Nong Khon Kwang Subdistrict. Initially, no injuries or signs of physical abuse were found. It is believed to be caused by the extremely hot weather. Temperatures in Udon Thani Province rose to 43-44 degrees Celsius.

From the investigation it is known that At first, someone came and poked red ant eggs. Then saw Mr. Somjit lying down with a blanket on and called out but he didn’t answer. So he went to wake him up and found that he had died. Personally, Mr. Somjit He had a congenital disease, namely gout. The cause of his death may have been his habit of drinking alcohol, along with the extremely hot weather during this period.

There are tips for taking care of
yourself during the summer. And if a patient with heat stroke is found Immediately take the patient into a shaded, ventilated area, drink cool water, lie down and elevate both feet. Use a cloth moistened with cold water to compress on the forehead, neck, armpits, and groin, along with using a fan to help cool the body. To reduce body temperature as quickly as possible When you look at your posture, your symptoms are not good. or have severe symptoms and lose consciousness, you should rush to the hospital immediately.

Source: Thai News Agency

‘Phra Phayom’ scolds ‘abbot’ for harassing novices

Nonthaburi, Phra Phayom criticized the behavior of the abbot of a famous temple in Nakhon Sawan Province in sexually harassing novices while they slept. Pointing out that he must definitely be arrested. The person in question refused. Claims to hug and comfort newly ordained monks like adults.

Reporters traveled to Wat Suan Kaew, Nonthaburi Province, to ask the opinion of Phra Phayom Kalayano, the abbot of Wat Suan Kaew. Concerning the case of “Phrakhru”, the abbot of a temple in Nakhon Sawan Province, sexually assaulting a 13-year-old novice monk by hugging him while he was sleeping. and use your mouth to masturbate They also tried to sleep with him using 1,000 baht as a temptation until the parents found out and had to move the novice out of the temple.

Phra Phayom pointed out that the abbot of the temple who caused the incident must definitely be arrested. Because there is clear evidence. This kind of behavior is mostly caused by a monk who cannot control his emotions. But at the abbot level, there are
still very few people who have this kind of behavior. What should be taken care of for novices is Take care of neatness and set up mosquito nets to prevent mosquito bites. And is it safe? Not to take care of lust

Recently, reporters traveled to the temple where the incident happened again. The accused abbot Denies sexually abusing a novice But just that night, I went to inspect the order as usual. and saw a novice monk sleeping without a blanket So he went to talk and admitted that there was actually sleeping and talking and hugging the novices. But it is a hug and comfort for a newly ordained novice like an adult. Because he saw that he missed his parents and missed home. Confirm that you have not committed an indecent act. As for money Admit that there was an agreement to give real money. Because he thought that hugging might hurt or embarrass the novice, he agreed to pay the money. This is not money to compensate for sexual harassment.

Source: Thai News Agency

Check the readiness of public transportation before Songkran.

BMTA drives seamless public transport connectivity during Songkran according to government policy. “Pol. Lt. Gen. Piya” leads the team to inspect readiness before Songkran.

according to government policy Ordering to ensure a seamless connection of public transport systems during the upcoming Songkran festival, Pol. Lt. Gen. Piya Tawichai, Chairman of the BMTA Subcommittee on Corporate Communications and Public Relations, informed that the BMTA has Take proactive measures to serve the people who are expected to At least 70,000 people travel home by public transportation per day to ensure convenience, comfort and safety in traveling.

Especially adding buses with routes connecting to Bangkok Apiwat Central Station. Bangkok Bus Terminal (BKK), train station, airport and seaport To allow people to return home and travel happily in accordance with the policy of “Traveling throughout Thailand, convenient, safe transportation, caring for serving the people” of the Ministry of Transport. By coordinating with the bu
s stations so that all 14 bus lines can drop off passengers with luggage inside the bus stations and receive passengers traveling. from other provinces Also inside the bus station.

In addition, the BMTA has arranged 6 airport bus routes, especially the A1 line, which will be a connecting line. Don Mueang Airport – Mo Chit Bus Terminal (Bus Terminal) and Chatuchak BTS Station. Other lines include Line A2 Don Mueang Airport – Victory Monument, Line A3 Don Mueang Airport – Lumpini Park, Line A4 Don Mueang Airport – Sanam Luang, Line S1 Suvarnabhumi Airport – Sanam Luang. and Line 555 Suvarnabhumi Airport-Rangsit which is a public transportation system connecting other systems to provide citizens with more convenience

Police Lieutenant General Piya said that the BMTA will operate more buses during Songkran, averaging 2,699 buses per day, 16,764 trips, in order to provide more comprehensive service. And on the occasion of Songkran in Thailand being registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage and promotin
g Thai Songkran as a world-class festival in attracting tourists, BMTA has coordinated with Bangkok. In arranging public buses to travel to play in the Songkran water festival at more than 118 different points throughout Bangkok, where important Songkran water playing points will have BMTA buses passing by in order to solve the problem of insufficient car parking. and reduce traffic problems Another part too

In this regard, the people who use the service You can ask for additional information via the Call Center 1348 hotline every day from 5:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Source: Thai News Agency

Thrilling! An electrical transformer exploded loudly in the middle of Saraburi city – fire engulfed it.

Saraburi, An electrical transformer exploded with a loud noise in the middle of Saraburi city. Fire engulfed and one sedan was damaged. The owner of a tattoo shop near the scene of the incident revealed the frightening moment.

Firefighters from Saraburi Municipality are ready to help put out an electrical transformer explosion. There’s a fire burning. In the area of ??Thetsaban 3 Road, Mueang District, Saraburi Province, the fire burned intensely. It is feared that it will spread into people’s homes. It took officials about 15 minutes for the fire to be extinguished. Then there were officials from the Electricity Authority. Come in and cut off the electricity. Ready to expedite investigation into the cause of the transformer explosion. No one was injured in this incident. There were only cars parked in the area, the car itself and the windshield. It was damaged by the fire’s wire sheath.

Mrs. Monthicha, 60 years old, owner of an eyebrow tattoo shop. which is near the scene of the accident and was the owner
of the damaged car. He said that when he came to open the shop Heard the sound of an electrical transformer exploding. The sound was so loud that it was extremely shocking. Then there was a burst of flames. And the wire sheaths melted and dripped onto his sedan parked in front of the store. and a fire arose So he took a cloth and hit the fire to extinguish it. Then he stood confused and couldn’t do anything. Before he thought about it, he moved his car and fled. His damaged car looked like something had punched a hole in it. which has already been reported After this, I will go talk to the Electricity Authority. How to help and heal It makes me wonder why there were so many wires and communication lines at the point where the transformer exploded.

Source: Thai News Agency