The Civil Service Commission points out that chemical vapors from “Winprocess” continue to decrease.

Rayong, The Energy Regulatory Commission reveals the results of the inspection of chemical vapors at the Winprocess factory. It was found that the types and quantities examined continued to decrease. But some areas were still at an irritating level. In Building 3, ammonia levels were found to be at dangerous levels. The OBEC police had to wait another two weeks before they could collect evidence. Ready to adjust the plan to reduce the eruption of aluminum waste.

The Pollution Control Department inspected and assessed the safety of air quality in the fire area of ??the industrial waste and hazardous chemical warehouse of Winprocess Co., Ltd., Rayong Province, to Rayong Province police forensics before working in the area. From the measurement of air quality, it was found that Ammonia levels are at 1 – 7 ppm, which is a safe level for operations, except Building 3 is still at a dangerous level. Rayong Provincial Forensic Police plans to inspect Building 3 in the next 2 weeks.

At this time, officials have all
the fire under control. But chemical vapors were still detected in the waste pile where the original fire burned, so plans to control the situation were adjusted. The Department of Industrial Works together with the Rayong Provincial Administrative Organization brought sodium bicarbonate to cover the waste pile to absorb moisture from the aluminum waste pile and reduce chemical reactions and prevent the eruption of the aluminum waste pile.

As for the air quality measurement results Around the factory in 13 community areas, covering the areas of Bang But Subdistrict, Nong Bua Subdistrict, downwind areas, 3 times, namely from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., from 1:39 p.m. to 4:25 p.m., and from 6:40 p.m. to 8:15 p.m., it was found that some points contained vapors of the substance. Some chemicals are at levels that cause irritation to the respiratory system, eyes, and skin. Testing is divided according to distance from the incident location as follows:

Distance of 2 kilometers, inspected during the afternoon to eveni
ng of 27 April 2024 at Bang But Subdistrict. Found small amounts of chemical vapors in Groups 4 and 8, totaling 6 types, including ammonia, hydrogen chloride, benzene, hydrogen cyanide, nitrous oxide, and methane. Methane) and substances were found at levels that would affect the respiratory system. Irritating to the eyes and skin, there are 3 types in Group 4, including acrylonitrile. (Acrylonitrile), phosgene (Phosgene) and phosphine (Phosphine). And in the area of ??Village No. 8, phosgene (Phosgene) was found in the evening. Only a small amount of chemical vapor was detected, the same as what was detected. In the afternoon, the exception was methane and no substances at levels that would affect the respiratory system were detected. Irritating to eyes and skin.

Range of 2 – 5 kilometers, inspected in the afternoon of April 27, 2024, in the area of ??Bang But Subdistrict, Village No. 4 and Nong Bua Subdistrict, Villages 2 and 11, a small amount of chemical vapors was detected within a distance of 2 kilomet
ers, with benzene detected. (Benzene) only in the area of ??Nong Bua Subdistrict, Village No. 11, and substances were found at levels that would affect the respiratory system. Irritating to eyes and skin. In the area of ??Bang But Subdistrict, Village No. 4, is Phosgene. In the area of ??Nong Bua Subdistrict, Village No. 2, is acrylonitrile. (Acrylonitrile) and group 11 found 3 types: acrylonitrile (Acrylonitrile), Phosgene (Phosgene) and Phosphine. In the evening, small amounts of chemical vapors were detected, which were the same as those found in the afternoon. and found substances at levels that would affect the respiratory system and irritate the eyes and skin. In the area of ??Nong Bua Subdistrict, Village No. 11, 2 types are Methyl Mercaptan and Nitrogen Dioxide.

– Within a distance of 5 – 7 km, 1 point in the area of ??Nong Bua Subdistrict, Village No. 3. A small amount of chemical vapors was detected within a distance of 2 kilometers and substances were found at levels that would affect the respirat
ory system. Two types of eye and skin irritants include acrylonitrile. (Acrylonitrile) and Phosgene (Phosgene) in the evening, in the area of ??Nong Bua Subdistrict, Village No. 3, small amounts of chemical vapors were detected within a distance of 2 kilometers, and nitrogen dioxide (Nirogen Dioxide) was found at levels that would Affects the respiratory system Irritating to eyes and skin.

The results of the inspection on April 28, 2024 in the morning are as follows:

A distance of 2 – 5 kilometers in the area of ??Nong Bua Subdistrict, Villages 2 and 11, found a small amount of chemical vapors of the same type as those detected the previous day. The substances were found at levels that affected the respiratory system. Irritating to eyes and skin. In the area of ??Nong Bua Subdistrict, Village No. 2, 2 types, including Methyl Mercaptan (Methyl Mercaptan), Phosphine, and Village No. 11, 3 types, including Methyl Mercaptan (Methyl Mercaptan), Phosphine. Phosphine and Nitrogen Dioxide

A distance of 5 – 10 kilo
meters, 1 point in the area of ??Nong Bua Subdistrict, Village No. 3, found small amounts of 5 types of chemical vapors: ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, nitrous oxide, methane, and phosphide. Phosphine

The Pollution Control Department evaluated air quality measurement results from 22 April – 28 April 2024 and found that the type and concentration of chemical vapors detected tended to continuously decrease. According to the situation, the fire can be controlled. But some chemical vapors are still found that affect the respiratory system. Irritating to eyes and skin. If abnormal symptoms occur, you should immediately see a doctor. The Pollution Control Department and the Department of Industrial Works will continue to monitor the situation.

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A warrant was issued for the arrest and shooting death of a young hotel employee.

Nonthaburi, The court approves an arrest warrant for a young Thai-Swedish man. A young employee of a famous hotel was shot dead in front of the elevator on the 9th floor of a condominium in Nonthaburi.

Update on the incident of a robber wearing a mask and shooting a young employee of a famous hotel to death in front of the elevator on the 9th floor of a condominium in Nonthaburi. Recently, the court approved an arrest warrant for Mr. Narin or Sam, 40 years old, a half-Thai-Swedish young man who caused the incident, both of whom lived in adjacent rooms. As for the cause, it is believed that there was a dispute over a dog that the two had raised for more than a year. Before the incident, there had been arguments and insults. causing Mr. Sam to be resentful And he found an unintentional moment while the deceased was putting away the trash and was walking back to his room, so he fired 3 shots at him, causing the young hotel employee to die instantly. Then fled down the fire escape stairs of the condo.

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Be sure before sharing FACTSHEET: Cervical cancer vaccine or HPV vaccine

28 April 2024

How many types of cervical cancer vaccine are there? Who is it suitable for? And at what age should you get the shot? Here are some facts and advice from experts.

Sure Before Sharing Center, check with Prof. Dr. Sarukphan Vilailak, Department of Obstetrics-Gynecology. Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital

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Departure and truck transports cadmium to landfill in Tak Province.

Officials move cadmium waste. Departure from Thai Metal Wheel Co., Ltd. to take a total of 150 tons of cadmium waste to a landfill in Tak Province. After throughout the day the cadmium waste was gradually loaded into 6 trailer trucks.

150 tons of cadmium waste inside Thai Metal Wheel Company Limited, Bang Sue District, Bangkok Divided into 99 big bags, they were loaded into six trailer trucks, each weighing 25 tons, ready to travel to Tak Province to take all the cadmium waste to a landfill.

This move is for safety. Officials have used a corral trailer truck that is licensed to transport hazardous substances, or WOR.8, with every vehicle equipped with a GPS tracking system and a special cadmium waste transport tracking system. Including completely covering the car with a waterproof plastic sheet. and have drivers wear protective clothing for safety.

As for the route of movement, it will use the Asian route, heading to Tak Province, where there will be police from the Natural Resources and Environmental Cr
ime Suppression Division or Natural Resources and Environment Crime Suppression Division or Natural Resources and Environment Crime Suppression Division driving the convoy and police from each area waiting. look after and forward work to each other provinces There will be no stops to refuel along the way. and will take breaks only as necessary

Moving schedule section At this point the departure will begin around 9:20 p.m. and you will have to wait for a signal from the traffic police to determine if the vehicles traveling have the appropriate mobility to depart or not. To avoid traffic jams and public safety

As for the entire cadmium waste transport procession today, there will be 2 trains, one from Wheel Loha Thai Co., Ltd. and from JandB coming from Samut Sakhon Province, with an appointment to meet at Do Home Department Store. Bang Bua Thong area, Nonthaburi Province, before the entire procession gathers to travel towards Tak Province late tonight (29 April).

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“Somsak-Chonnan” talk all the time, without conflict.

Government House, “Somsak” enters the Government House, packs up his things and prepares to sit in the Ministry of Doctors, confirms that he talked with “Dr. Chonnan” all the time, there are no problems, refuses to answer the question of “Panpree” resigning, hiding secrets to dominate. 16 era chairs

Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin, Minister of Public Health Come to Command Building 1, Government House. Revealed that Came to collect things from the old office. To clear the way for others to continue using the office after taking the oath. I don’t want it to be a burden to have to wait. and intend to thank you and goodbye to officials from the Prime Minister’s Office and the agencies that work together In the past, we have received a lot of help and support.

As for his goal of holding the position of Minister of Public Health, Mr. Somsak said that he would like to take the oath of allegiance first. Let’s talk about it later. Because today we have to listen to many things from government policies. and monitoring the si
tuation to see how it is I still can’t say much today. It is a matter of law and custom.

As for whether to review the policy for possession of 5 drug pills, Mr. Somsak refused to answer the question. Ready to say It’s going against tradition. Please understand.

As for the 100 billion cattle project How to proceed next, Mr. Somsak said, is a matter for the government. and other ministers who will take responsibility for the work instead He himself has taken responsibility to a certain extent and emphasized that it is a matter for the new minister.

When asked about the overall picture of the new cabinet, Mr. Somsak said that if talking about himself and the party would not be suitable I’d rather be a listener.

‘I used to be a minister. This is the 16th time. As for the secret to being a minister, I don’t want to reveal it. Let’s talk privately. On the page of the Rural Medical Club Dissatisfied with the Cabinet reshuffle By having Dr. Chonnan Srikaew dropped from that position. I don’t know, but I talked wi
th Dr. Chonnan all the time. Confirm that there are no problems with each other because we love each other and already like each other,’ Mr. Somsak said.

The part that many people consider is the Ministry of Public Health. It is a ministry of the mystical. Because the minister who controls this ministry Will not be in the position for long, Mr. Somsak said he will try to do his best. I didn’t think it would last long. Or don’t stay long Because it is a matter of work that must be done as quickly as possible. But now is not the time to talk to people.

Mr. Somsak mentioned the case of Mr. Panpree Phitthanukorn who resigned from the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs. Will it create a ripple in the government or not? He said he does not know. It is a matter for adults to see what is going on. They cannot comment or know. Unable to answer.

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China-Laos respond to extending the opening and closing hours of the Mohan-Boten checkpoint. Giving Thai fruit successfully

Yunnan Province, The Minister of Commerce has successfully helped Thai fruit growers. Both China and Laos have agreed to extend the opening and closing hours of the Mohan-Boten checkpoint to 9:00 p.m. and reduce the delivery time for durian and mangosteen. China: from 5 days to 3 days, allowing quality fresh fruits to reach Chinese consumers faster. If you evaluate this approach well, you may request an additional time extension. Prepare to find avenues to negotiate for the two checkpoints to provide relief for other types of Thai products as well.

Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Said after inspecting the Mohan Railway Checkpoint for specific fruit products. and listen to information about the freight transport situation through the Mohan Railway Checkpoint From Chinese government agencies and at the Boten checkpoint, Lao PDR, to negotiate to increase business hours to reduce congestion at the checkpoint and thank you for facilitating the transportation of Thai fruit
s. From next month onwards, a lot of Thai fruit products will begin to be released to the market. In the past, there have been problems with congestion at the checkpoint. Sometimes it takes up to 5 days to wait for the container to enter China and then come back out of Boten. and the problem of insufficient litter to pick up containers. which is before a lot of fruit production comes out So he came to talk to the Chinese authorities. and discussed with the Governor of Sipsongbanna Autonomous Region Propose to increase the opening and closing hours of the checkpoint from the normal 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Request to increase business hours by another 3 hours to 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. to reduce truck congestion in front of the checkpoint. which was successful China has responded to support. and the issue of narrow entry and exit lanes for trucks. The Mo Han checkpoint has informed that they are improving and expanding the road further from the original 2 lanes (entry-exit vehicle checkpoints) to 12 lanes (6 inboun
d lanes, 6 outbound lanes) and asked for help coordinating with Boten and the Lao authorities. It is expected that within 2 years the channel will be completed.

In addition, he also discussed with Mr. Onchan Khamphawong, Deputy Provincial Governor of Luang Namtha, Lao PDR, who agreed to increase business hours. This cross-border trade is the biggest point. very important Because it is a channel to enter the southern Chinese market and spread throughout the country. and asked the Lao side to help report traffic conditions around the checkpoint and send it to Thailand every month. in order to be used as information for management which the Lao authorities accepted to consider and has assigned the Department of Foreign Trade to follow up on the expansion of checkpoint business hours. How much will it make the export of fruit along this route more flexible?

The Ministry of Commerce The Ministry of Agriculture, Chinese authorities, and Chinese customs have coordinated work together. I think I can solve the probl
em well. It will help Chinese consumers eat fresh fruits. Reduce transportation costs It is beneficial to Chinese consumers and if you look at the data in 2023, Thailand shipped fresh, chilled, frozen and dried fruit products worth a total of 6,941.55 million US dollars. Expanded 22.77 percent when compared to the previous year, divided into (1) fresh fruits, total export value of 5,400.75 million US dollars; Expanded 22.30 percent (2) Frozen fruit 764 million USD expanded 52.17 percent and (3) dried fruit 320.89 million USD, contracted 4.39 percent, with China being the number 1 important export market with export value accounting for 89.68 percent of fresh and chilled fruit exports. Thai frozen and dried

Mr. Ronarong Poolpipat, Director-General of the Department of Foreign Trade, said after the extension of the opening and closing hours of both checkpoints has moved forward. There will be an evaluation of the response to using the said service again. If the response is good and Thai fruit and vegetable pro
ducts can pass through the two checkpoints to reach Chinese consumers quickly, the opening and closing times of the two checkpoints may be extended further. This is because there has already been discussion with both Chinese and Lao executives.

In addition, in the future it may be necessary to negotiate with both frontiers further. Because of the guidelines for allowing Thai fruit and vegetable products to enter the checkpoint, there is no problem. But Thailand also has other types of products that must be exported through this checkpoint as well. Especially jasmine rice because the time it takes to release it is still time consuming and time consuming. The three regulatory agencies will continue to discuss in order to grant exemptions for other types of products for Thailand. In addition, the Department of Foreign Trade will speed up negotiations to find markets for exporting live cattle and chilled and frozen meat from Thailand to China. The Chinese market is a target for which Thailand will accelerate exp
orts to China as well.

Source: Thai News Agency

Analysts believe Pichai, sitting as Finance Minister, supports Digital Wallet.

Bangkok, Analysts believe that “Pichai” will sit as Finance Minister to solve 3 problems: “Digital Wallet money – household debt – diesel excise tax” to support the investment atmosphere.

Mr. Nattawut Wongyaowalak, Director of Research at Globlex Securities, gave an interview on the Investment Minutes program, Channel 9MCOT HD, about the cabinet adjustment 1/1, with Mr. Pichai Chunhavajira accepting the position of Deputy Prime Minister. And the Minister of Finance sees that for those accepting the position of Finance Minister this time, there are 3 challenges, namely financing the 10,000 baht top-up project via Digital Wallet, the problem of household debt remaining stable at a high level. and the problem of diesel excise tax that requires additional funds. Mr. Pichai has experience and expertise in working for a long time. and is also a processor PTT from state enterprise Become a listed company This makes many parties see that there is hope that all three matters can be resolved in a good direction and i
s a positive sentiment for the stock market today.

As for the case of the Royal Gazette, published on 26 April 2024, regarding the Budget Expenditure Act for the fiscal year 2024, effective from 1 October 2023, the total budget amount is 3.48 trillion baht. It is the median budget of 614 billion baht. It can be seen that the main thing will be the payment of salaries to civil servants. and national development as a whole does not focus on any specific group. It is expected that when the Budget Act is passed It will have a positive impact on the construction group. Because it is one of the things that stimulate economic growth (GDP).

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Tomorrow is the last day. Register victims to invest in STARK stocks

Bangkok, TIA reminds victims to invest in STARK stocks to register – preserve their rights to receive assistance by 30 Apr. 2024.

Thai Investors Association (TIA) invites victims to invest in STARK common stocks to register information on their rights. damaged to provide assistance in order to damaged investors In the case of STARK common stocks, don’t miss it! Please hurry and register and fill out information with TIA using the attached link! To summarize all damage information according to the process and steps in providing assistance.

The association is in the process of allowing investors who have suffered losses from investing in STARK common stocks to register and fill out the questionnaire and attach complete documents. Follow the link sent together by April 30, 2024. >>Fill out the information at

Additional information Email :

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