Invite Buddhists to join in the ceremony of chanting Buddhist mantras as a merit offering.

Bangkok 28 April – Ministry of Interior together with the National Office of Buddhism and the Sangha Supreme Council Inviting Buddhists all over the country Participate in the Buddhist chanting ceremony Offer it as merit and offer blessings. Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Prince Dipangkorn Rasamijoti Maha Vajirottamakun Siriwibulyarajkumar On the occasion of his birthday, 29 April 2024 at 5:00 p.m. at Wat Ratchabophit Sathit Maha Simaram. and temples in designated provinces and districts throughout the country in unison

Today (28 April 2024) Mr. Suthipong Chulcharoen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, revealed that on the occasion of his birthday Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Prince Dipangkorn Rasamijoti Maha Vajirottamakun Siriwibulyarajkumar, April 29, 2024, is a very auspicious occasion for His Majesty to reach the 19th birthday, which the Sangha Supreme Council By His Royal Highness Somdej Phra Ariyawongsakatayan Somdet Phra Sangharaja Sakon Maha S
anghaparinayok Chairman of the Maha Sangha Association Committee His Majesty ordered His Majesty to honor Somdej Phra Maha Wirawong. Secretary to the Supreme Patriarch Notify the governor at every level Inviting government agencies, the private sector and Buddhist brothers and sisters. They joined together in making merit to offer merit and offer blessings on this occasion.

‘As for the Ministry of Interior, at 7:00 a.m. there will be a merit-making ceremony, giving alms to monks, offering merit and offering blessings. On the occasion of his birthday Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Prince Dipangkorn Rasamijoti Maha Vajirottamakun Siriwibulyarajkuman, 29 April 2024, received kindness from the Sangha of Wat Ratchabophit Sathit Maha Simaram. Walking to receive alms At the same time in every province Every district nationwide There will be merit-making activities and volunteer activities. We do good deeds with our hearts to perform offerings as merit and offer blessings,’ Mr. Suthipong said at
the beginning.

Mr. Suthiphong Chulcharoen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Emphasize that This year is a special year. On the auspicious occasion of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Prince Dipangkorn Rasamijoti Maha Vajirottamakun Siriwibulyarajkumar His Majesty the King will reach his 19th birthday by the Ministry of Interior. together with the National Office of Buddhism and the Sangha Supreme Council Scheduled to hold a Buddhist chanting ceremony to offer merit and bestow blessings at 5:00 p.m. at Wat Ratchabophit Sathit Maha Simaram. and in every province and every district Provincial Governor and District Chief He invited the monks in every temple throughout the country to recite Buddhist mantras and offer auspicious blessings to His Royal Highness the King. Prince Dipangkorn Rasamijoti Maha Vajirottamakun Siriwibulyarajkumar So that His Majesty may be happy His body was perfect and strong. Longevity of His Majesty at 5:00 p.m. together with the central section By the c
itizens who will travel to participate in the Buddhist chanting ceremony You can download the chants of Buddha’s mantras from the website. To participate in the ceremony with auspiciousness together.

‘His Royal Highness the Prince Prince Dipangkorn Rasamijoti Maha Vajirottamakun Siriwibulyarajkumar He is the son of His Majesty the King. Those who followed in His Majesty’s footsteps by dedicating His Majesty to various duties. With diligence to relieve suffering Promoting health for Thai citizens In particular, he continued the royal aspirations of His Majesty the King. According to the volunteer project “We do good things with our hearts” to serve as a model for improving the environment. and the well-being of the community for the better He is an example to all groups of people in volunteering to help others. He was willing to sacrifice his physical strength. His personal time and wisdom In doing work that is of public benefit At the same time, Hi
s Majesty is continuously committed to formal education. It is the place where His Majesty the King rests. He was also interested in Dhamma. By going to various temples to perform meritorious acts He also had a Dhamma discussion with His Holiness Somdet Phra Ariyawongsakatayan. Somdet Phra Sangharaja Sakon Maha Sanghaparinayok It’s personal. constantly

‘On this auspicious occasion Ministry of Interior We invite fellow citizens to join together in offering loyalty. By participating in the ceremony of chanting Buddhist mantras to offer blessings Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Prince Dipangkorn Rasamijoti Maha Vajirottamakun Siriwibulyarajkumar On Monday, April 29, 2024 at 5:00 p.m., central area at Wat Ratchabophit Sathitmahasimaram, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok. and regionally at temples designated by the province and district. and invite citizens to join in signing to offer good wishes Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Prince Dipangkorn Rasamijoti Maha Vajirottamakun Sir
iwibulyarajkumar On the occasion of his birthday, April 29, 2024, through the online system. at the website of His Majesty’s government agency Between 28-30 April 2024 in unison,” Mr. Suthiphong said at the end

Source: Thai News Agency

“Srisuwan” is about to sue! Reason for filling Nong Ri pond destroy wetlands

Bangkok: “Srisuwan” plans to sue Nang Rong District Chief. and the Mayor of Nang Rong City Reason for filling Nong Ri pond destroy wetlands

Mr. Srisuwan Jaraya, president of the Anti-Global Warming Association, revealed that there were residents in the Nang Rong Municipality complaining to the association that the Nang Rong Municipality had ordered officials and workers to cut down trees around Nong Ri pond. Until more than 100 trees were damaged and they also had trucks bring soil to fill in the Nong Ri pond to make it shallow, even though the pond has been continuously used by the community and is a wetland to relieve drought and prevent flooding. very well But an attempt was made to acquire the pond and use it to build a parking building for a nearby hospital.

In this case, the Anti-Global Warming Association sent a letter of complaint to Nang Rong District Chief. and the Mayor of Nang Rong City As an official with the duty to protect and care for public land that is shared by the people according to man
y laws. in order to stop such action But they neglected it and most recently last week they also had the municipality’s excavator come to plow trees and waste materials into Nong Ri pond again. The intention is to completely destroy Nong Ri pond in order to use the pond area for construction of buildings as planned.

In addition, this case is clearly contrary to the Cabinet resolution dated November 3, 2009, which announced the designation of public wetlands everywhere in the country. Especially freshwater wetlands that are green areas. and not allowing government agencies to take advantage To preserve it as a water source and to store water further.

The Anti-Global Warming Association therefore joined with community members in Nang Rong Municipality. Will travel to file a complaint with the Central Administrative Court. Sue Nang Rong District Chief and Nang Rong City Mayor. Base of abuse of power and neglect of duty On Monday, April 29, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. at the Central Administrative Court, Chaengwattana R
oad, Laksi, Bangkok, Mr. Srisuwan said.

Source: Thai News Agency

Solve debt outside the system 52,536 cases have entered the mediation process.

Permanent Secretary of the Interior reveals progress in solving the problem of informal debt. 52,536 cases have entered the debt mediation process. 29,255 cases were successful in mediating. Debt amount decreased by 1,123 million baht. All provinces are urged to expedite debt mediation continuously to cover all cases and be fair. Follow up after debt mediation negotiations. In order to solve the problem of informal debt problems, the entire process will be successful. Leads to a sustainable improvement in the quality of life of the people.

Today (April 28, 2024), Mr. Suthiphong Chulcharoen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, revealed that the Ministry of Interior has opened registration for citizens who wish to have the government help solve the problem of informal debt in accordance with government policy. With a total of 153,400 people registering, the Ministry of Interior has informed all provinces and districts to continue solving the problem of informal debt by inviting creditors and debt
ors to enter into the debt mediation process. At 3:00 p.m., the Bureau of Investigation and Legal Affairs, Department of Provincial Administration, has reported information on debt mediation throughout the country. A total of 52,536 debtors have entered the mediation process, with 29,255 successfully mediating. The total amount of debt has decreased by 1,123.276 million baht, and there are 379 cases where creditors-debtors wish for officials to forward the matter to police investigators at local police stations for prosecution. There are five provinces that can invite creditors-debtors into the debt mediation process at most: 1. Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, 5,285 cases, 2. Nakhon Ratchasima Province, 5,163 cases, 3. Songkhla Province, 4,393 cases, 4. Sisaket Province, 3,283 cases, and 5. Chaiyaphum Province, 2,715 cases. in which creditors and debtors meet and talk with officials as middlemen And after this, the relevant agencies will follow up after the debt negotiation. In order to solve the problem of inf
ormal debt problems, the entire process will be successful.

‘About solving the problem of informal debt problems throughout the country. Today, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province is the province with the most debtors entering the mediation process, with 5,285 cases, and there are 5 provinces: Sisaket, Nakhon Sawan, Narathiwat, Ranong, and Chaiyaphum Province. Conducting a mediation process with 100% of those who have registered, all remaining provinces are requested to integrate with network partner agencies. Expedite creditors and debtors to enter into the mediation negotiation process in all cases. To enable registered informal debtors to receive help and resolve their informal debt problems quickly and fairly. And the success of mediation in every case must be taken into account. If mediation cannot be used Immediately prosecute those who commit illegal acts. Because informal debt is considered illegal, meaning lending without a license. They also charge interest that exceeds the legal interest rate,’ Mr. Suthi
phong added.

Mr. Sutthiphong Chulcharoen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, further said that he asked provincial governors to set up debt resolution clinics and emphasized that he should instruct district chiefs. Assigned the District Community Development Office As secretary to the executive committee of the Center for Operations to Eliminate Poverty and Develop People of All Ages in accordance with the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy at the district level (S.C.P.O.), implement solutions to solve problems and develop people of all ages in a sustainable way ( Poverty Relief Menu) to improve the quality of life for debtors who wish to receive assistance to reduce expenses, increase income, expand opportunities, as well as promote the formation of groups to further create careers, generate income, including opportunities to access resources. State financial institution funds In order not to return to the cycle of informal debt. and be able to rely on themselves according to the philosophy of suf
ficiency economy So that people can improve their quality of life in a sustainable way.

‘Although registration for resolving problems with informal debt has already been closed, However, the debt mediation process And improving the quality of life of the people is not yet finished. Ask the provincial governor and district chief to carry out public relations. Campaign to create awareness for citizens who are suffering from debt problems or other problems that cannot be solved on their own. and need help from the government You can contact us through the Ministry of Interior’s Damrongtham Center. Both the Provincial Damrongtham Center Damrongtham District Center or at the Damrongtham Center hotline, call 1567, available 24 hours a day. There will be service staff to help the people,’ Mr. Suthipong said at the end.

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“Super Poll” reveals results of spec survey The new police chief must be honest.

Bangkok: ‘Super Poll’ reveals the results of the spec survey. The new police chief must be honest. Pointing out that people are very tired of news about high-ranking police officers. Work should be accelerated to create safety for the people.

Mr. Noppadol Kannika, expert committee member of the Royal Thai Police Policy (National Police Commission), advisor to the foundation. The Community Happiness and Leadership Research Institute, Super Poll, presents the results of a survey of citizens about policing. Case studies of samples of people from all walks of life throughout the country. A total of 1,207 samples were conducted during the project between 25-27 April. It was found that when people were asked about the qualifications (Specs) of the next National Police Commissioner that people wanted, the majority, or 75.5 percent, stated that they were honest people, followed by 71.4 percent that they said that they created unity in the police organization (68.2 percent). State that there is no history of blemishe
s. Not involved in illegal money, 66.8 percent said they had access to the public Take care of the safety of the people and 63.2 percent said to speed up the restoration of people’s faith, respectively.

When asked about feeling bored with the news of high-ranking police officers at the moment It was found that the majority, or 62.2 percent, stated that they were extremely bored, followed by 16.7 percent that they were somewhat bored, 9.4 percent that they were somewhat bored, and 11.7 percent that they were slightly bored or not bored at all.

When asked further about his opinion on the police who are currently in negative news affecting their image. It was found that the majority, or 89.9 percent, said the police should speed up their work and create results for public safety, followed by 74.1 percent saying the police matter should be finished now, and 72.8 percent saying the police who were in the news should explain their innocence.

When asked about the work of the police in the past 6 months that the p
ublic knows and is satisfied with. It was found that the majority, or 64.8 percent, specified following up and apprehending criminals, followed by 56.0 percent specifying monitoring safety at night, 54.5 percent specifying solving drug problems, 53.3 percent specifying helping with all matters that troubled citizens, and 51.8 percent Specify the crackdown on gambling websites Scammers deceive online, etc.

Mr. Noppadon said that the results of this poll indicate that people want specifications or specifications (Spec). Five qualities of the next Royal Thai Police Commissioner are: 1. Honest 2. Create unity within the organization 3. No blemishes related to illegal money. 4. Reach the public Take care of the safety of the people and 5. Accelerate the restoration of people’s faith.

What is worth considering is that people are fed up with news of senior police officers at this time. Because the public may see clarity in some information in the story that has already happened. But they may not see how it will be
nefit the people. In addition, the people want the police to speed up their work and create results for the safety of the people. The police story in the media should end. Because the people want the police to be The ‘People’s Police’ whose primary duty and authority is to maintain national security and the safety of the people.

Mr. Noppadon said that although many people may think that the police organization is collapsing, People’s faith has decreased. But I would like to offer some perspective on the reality that the police have been a sacred institution for the country for 170 years. It first emerged as the “Police Division” during the reign of King Rama IV. This sacred institution will become restless, unable to endure, and will lose itself.

However, in the midst of negative news towards the police institute But the poll found that most police still act as the people’s police. Because the public is still satisfied with the work of the police in the top 5 areas, including following up and apprehending c
riminals and monitoring public safety at night. Solving the drug problem Helping with all matters that people are in trouble with and crackdown on gambling websites Online scammers who are seeing more and more of the police’s work Because the good police cannot bear to see the suffering of the people, they are still patient with the negative news flowing towards the police organization and are heading towards checkmate to wipe out the criminal movement. and the movement that is a threat To maintain national security and the happiness of the entire Thai people.

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Panpree accepts resignation after being fired as Deputy Prime Minister

Bangkok: “Panpree” accepts submission of resignation. After being removed from the position of Deputy Prime Minister Point out that if there is no trailer position, it may not work smoothly. Declared that if someone else was more suitable, he would come and do the job instead.

Mr. Panpree Phitthanukorn, Minister of Foreign Affairs, gave an interview to “Thai News Agency” and admitted that the resignation documents that had been forwarded were genuine. After this, he will submit it to the Prime Minister, considering that it is the power of the Prime Minister to reshuffle the Cabinet. But in working, especially in the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs Most of them will have the position of Deputy Prime Minister attached to them. So that when traveling abroad, there will be honor. Or negotiating anything will be more smooth. And many times in the past Thailand also has the position of Deputy Prime Minister alongside the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In the position of Deputy Prime Minister, there may not
be a need to supervise many tasks. The Prime Minister may assign work to another Deputy Prime Minister. or will be assigned to the Minister of Foreign Affairs As in the case that he had previously assigned himself to do it. In the past, he was able to do it smoothly. But when there was only one position left, he saw that what he would do next in the field of foreign affairs might not be quick. And it may not be as smooth as it should be. Therefore, he thinks that if the Prime Minister sees that there is someone else who is more suitable Come work instead.

As for resigning this time, it will affect various jobs. Has there been coordination with foreign countries or not? Especially regarding the request to become a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, or OECD, Mr. Panpree said that it was okay. Previously, he had planned that within the next 6 months, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would proceed. and he believes that the person who will continue the work Was able to continue wo
rking instead.

Mr. Panpree admits that before the cabinet reshuffle The Prime Minister has informed that There is a need to adjust the Cabinet. But they didn’t tell details about how to adjust it. To which he simply answered, “Yes,” and after that we haven’t talked about anything else.

When asked repeatedly, Will you change your mind or not? If the Prime Minister asks to come back and help work, Mr. Panpree said that the Prime Minister has already decided to do so. It’s not their problem. Personally, will I continue to work in politics or not? Haven’t decided yet It is considered a matter of the future.

Reporters reported that While Mr. Panpree gave an interview Was given IV fluids at the hospital. Due to traveling all the time After returning from applying for OECD membership in Paris, when returning, he traveled to Mae Sot, Tak Province, and the next day went to receive the Prime Minister of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. and continue accepting Bangladesh leaders Amidst the changing weather condit
ions From very cold to very hot

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“Ramet” points out that the Prime Minister must be responsible for the qualifications of the snack bag minister.

Democrat Party spokesperson Pointing out that the Prime Minister is responsible for the minister’s qualifications for the 2 million baht bag of snacks. The Supreme Court has sentenced him to imprisonment and the case is now final.

Mr. Rames Rattanachaweng, spokesman for the Democrat Party Mentioning the names of the new cabinet that Congratulations to all the new ministers. Please perform your duties for the benefit of the people and the country. Many are suitable But it must be followed up in practice on whether to act to repay the people or to whom.

Mr. Rames further said that as for Mr. Phichit Chuenban, who received the position of Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office. The Prime Minister will definitely have problems. Because the Prime Minister is well aware of the fact that Mr. Pichit has a problem with his qualifications that must definitely be interpreted as a case of contempt of court in the case of a bag of 2 million baht snacks, in which the Supreme Court has sentenced him to imprisonment and
the case is now final. If you look at the details in the Supreme Court’s judgment, you will see all the behaviors that the court has pointed out that cause disrepute to the institution of the judiciary and will affect trust and faith in the performance of duties of personnel in the judicial power.

Therefore, it is considered appropriate to punish him in a severe place. so as not to be like this again Imprison the three accused for 6 months each. There is nothing complicated in all of this. There is a principle in Section 160 of the Constitution that a person who will be a minister must (4) have evident honesty and integrity (5) not have behavior that seriously violates or fails to comply with ethical standards.

There is a principle that must be considered whether the entire story of Mr. Pichit, which has been resolved according to the Supreme Court’s judgment, is considered honest or not. Are all behaviors that have been discontinued according to the Supreme Court’s judgment considered to be behaviors that
seriously violate or fail to comply with ethical standards? It is believed that there will definitely be an interpretation submitted in this matter. And don’t come out and argue with the reason that Section 98 has all the qualifications. Or use Achan Wissanu’s excuse that the case is more than 10 years old because the issue being discussed is Section 160, which is intended to determine the importance of the person who will become Minister. Especially regarding ethics and honesty. In the end, what was the outcome of this matter? The Prime Minister must inevitably be held responsible

Source: Thai News Agency

Secretary-General of the Election Commission points out that the penalty for selecting Senators will be to deprive them of political rights for life.

Bangkok, “Sawaeng Bunmee” Secretary-General of the Election Commission points out that the election of Senators will be punished by depriving them of their political rights for life. According to the Constitution, Senators or the Upper House come from self-selection of qualified persons, unlike Senators. MP-Politician Coming from the election of the people Therefore, only introduce oneself, do not campaign. Inviting people to apply can only provide knowledge.

Reporters reported that Mr. Sawaeng Bunmee, Secretary-General of the Election Commission, posted on Facebook about constitutional requirements. In the introduction of candidates for the Senate, campaigning is prohibited. The penalty for corruption in the election. Is it possible to provide knowledge and invite people to apply? The Election Commission has issued self-introduction regulations to be in line with the Constitution.

By bringing up the characteristics of the Senate according to the constitution that must be different from the House of Repres
entatives. The ‘Qualified Council’ members must be politically neutral. This is different from the House of Representatives, which is a council of politicians, and the Senate, which comes from the self-selection of experts, while the House of Representatives comes from the selection of the people.

For the above reasons, the law stipulates that Senate candidates can only introduce themselves. This means that campaigning is prohibited by default. Because we believe that all the qualified experts who apply are good, outstanding, and famous in their own professional fields, which is evident and well known. and will have good judgment in making correct choices without having established a huddle in selecting

Introducing yourself is telling who you are. What experiences do you have in the professional group? It is enough to give the experts together information to choose among themselves. Whether choosing in a group Or cross-selection. The origin of the senator comes from selecting and introducing oneself. It is
not from elections or campaigns.

Mr. Sawaeng also discussed the penalties for introducing oneself and the penalties for corruption in selection. The penalty for introducing yourself is Requesting points for exchanging points That doesn’t mean it’s buying the votes of one or more people, which the Supreme Court has ruled is an incorrect introduction. Judged to revoke the right to run for election for life. This means that organizing a hoax is also in this category of offense.

It also mentions the penalties for corruption in selection, such as buying votes and hiring people to run for office. or hired to apply Apply with false documents Certifying the application is punishable by revoking the right to vote, imprisonment and a fine, and if the introduction is not legal, it is an offense of being black carded and deprived of political rights for life.

As for giving knowledge Inviting people to apply Basically stop just educating or inviting. This type of behavior by itself can be done but may cause other offen
ses even if it proceeds from providing knowledge or inviting such as setting up a group to communicate with each other. No matter what channel Setting up a Line group And there is an exchange of points, asking for points to prevent bullying, etc., or creating a group but introducing oneself. It is a way to introduce yourself according to the rules and laws announced by the Election Commission based on 3 principles.

Because they want to get senators as specified by the constitution. To ensure fair competition Let qualified experts apply by themselves. If there is an establishment behind the scenes, it will make the acquisition of senators independent, impartial and take advantage of those who intend to. At the same time in order to protect applicants And emphasize that if you want to become a senator, you must introduce yourself correctly. This can be done easily. and is fair to all parties Do not think of taking advantage of others. We are ready to listen to every opinion based on the principles of law. Or a
re the comments politically motivated? But in the end, the Election Commission must follow the law. Unable to meet the needs of any one group of people.

Source: Thai News Agency

“Muhammad” freed from ban, hopes to lead Thai small table to win Asian championship

Bangkok: “Muhammad Usman Musa”, Thai national futsal player. Hope to lead the Thai team to make history by defeating Iran to win the first Asian Futsal Championship this evening.

Miguel Rodrigo, the manager of the Thai national futsal team, along with Hammad Usman Musa, the Thai national futsal player. Released from his ban, he was able to return to the field in this game after receiving 2 yellow and red cards in the win over Iraq in the round of 8. Attended a press conference before the Asian Futsal Championship game “AFC Futsal Asian Cup 2024” at Elephant Suek Lek Team Will take the field in the finals against Iran, the 12-time champion and favorite, today at 6:00 p.m. at the Bangkok Arena.

Miguel believes that it will be a challenging game against Iran, Asia’s top 5 team in the world. However, as hosts we would like to end the tournament by defeating Iran. and be the champion for the first time

While “Chao Med” Muhammad Usman Musa said Iran is a good and strong team. But we hope to make history and defe
at Iran to win the championship for the first time.

The Thai team yesterday went into the pool to relax their muscles. In order to maintain a healthy body, this game, the War Elephants small table team will not have Apiwat Chaemcharoen, who is still banned for 1 more match after receiving a direct red card in the game against Iraq in the 8-team round, but others are ready to enter the field. The last time they met in the 2008 finals, the Thai team lost to Iran 0-4.

For the teams that have the right to compete in the Futsal World Championship, the 4 Asian quota teams include Tajikistan, Thailand, Iran and Uzbekistan. As the host of the Futsal World Championship and another quota between Afghanistan and Kyzgyzstan who are kicking off the playoffs. To find the winning team to go to the Futsal World Cup .

Source: Thai News Agency