This noon, people in Bangkok have no shadow. The sun sets for the first time in 2024.

Bangkok, Meteorological Department stated The sun will orbit perpendicular to Bangkok at 12.16 today. Notice that Objects in the sun appear shadowless because the shadow falls directly under the object. As for the weather in Thailand, which is hot to very hot right now. As a result, sunlight that shines in a vertical direction is hotter than an area where the light hits in an oblique direction. Today’s highest temperature is expected to be 37-39 degrees Celsius, not breaking records.

Mr. Somkuan Tonchan, Director of the Weather Inspection and Surveillance Division The Meteorological Department said The sun will orbit perpendicular to Bangkok at 12.16 today. The weather will be hot in many areas. It is expected that the highest temperature in Bangkok today will be 37-39 degrees Celsius, which has not yet broken the record for the highest temperature on the day the sun sets on the 22nd. May 1983, at a high of 40.8 degrees Celsius measured at Don Mueang Airport.

Areas where the sunlight hits directly perpendi
cular will have higher temperatures than areas where the light hits obliquely. However, this does not always result in the area where the sun is overhead being the hottest because there may be factors related to humidity, clouds, and influence from the monsoon. and accumulated heat as well

At approximately 12:16 p.m., when the sun was perpendicular to the earth. If you observe an object in sunlight, it will appear shadowless because the shadow of the object will fall directly under the object, so there will be no shadow cast.

Information from the Astronomical Research Institute indicates that Thailand is located in the tropics. Between 5-20 degrees north latitude, causing the sun to pass near the overhead point or perpendicular to various areas of Thailand 2 times/year. The first time is During April-May, the second time is during July-September.

In 2024, the sun will orbit in a position perpendicular to Thailand for the first time. Starting from the southern region at Betong District, Yala Province on Apr
il 4, 2024, then gradually progressing northwards. until perpendicular to Bangkok today Then it will end at Mae Sai District. Chiang Rai Province on 22 May 2024

For the second time, the orbit will be in the opposite direction, causing the sun to start perpendicular from the northern region at Mae Sai District. Chiang Rai Province on July 21, moving south, perpendicular to Bangkok on August 16, and ending in Betong District. Yala Province on September 7

Mr. Somkuan said During this period, you will have to endure hot and very hot weather. Yesterday, the highest temperature in Udon Thani province was 43.4 degrees Celsius. From today until April 30, this will be the highest temperature period. Then from May 1 – 5, the winds will start to change direction to west and southwest winds blowing over the lower levels. which signals the changing of the seasons In addition, there are southerly and southeasterly winds blowing together on the eastern side of Vietnam. Andaman Sea coast Humidity began to increase. Then th
ere may be rain during 3 -5 May.

Source: Thai News Agency

Begin transporting cadmium sludge back to Tak Province on 29 April.

Bangkok, The Ministry of Industry will transport cadmium sludge back to the factory of origin, Tak Province, on 29 Apr. At this time, the amount of mineral sludge seized in Samut Sakhon Province has been counted at 95%, it is estimated. Finished tomorrow The transport is then simulated before the actual operation.

Mr. Nattapon Rangsitphon, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry, said On Monday, April 29, 2024, the transport of seized cadmium ore sludge will begin. Return to the factory in Tak Province. At this time, the Samut Sakhon Provincial Industrial Office, together with the Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Suppression Division (NTC), has counted the amount of mineral sludge seized at 4 locations, totaling 95% as follows:

1. Warehouse in Krathum Baen District Samut Sakhon Province 356 bags of cadmium and zinc waste were detected, weighing 534 tons (1 bag weighed approximately 1.5 tons).

2. Sin Hong Cheng Intertech (2008) Company Limited, Mueang Samut Sakhon District Samut Sakhon Pro
vince 670 bags of cadmium and zinc waste were found, weighing 1,005 tons.

3. J and B Metal Company Limited, Mueang Samut Sakhon District Samut Sakhon Province 478 bags of cadmium and zinc waste were found, weighing 717 tons.

4. J and B Metal Company Limited, Mueang Samut Sakhon District Samut Sakhon Province Still in the process of counting The estimated weight is approximately 6,151 tons from 4,100 bags. It is expected that the count will be completed by Saturday, April 27.

In total, the cadmium residue found in Samut Sakhon Province was approximately 8,407 tons. There was also mineral sludge found at the Khlong Kiew Warehouse. Chonburi Province 4,391 tons and found at the company Thai Metal Wheels Co., Ltd., Bang Sue District, Bangkok, 150 tons, total cadmium ore sludge found 12,948 tons

If compared with the remaining humidity measurement of approximately 18% from the original 33% at the origin in Tak Province, it is highly likely that Currently, the complete amount of cadmium mineral sludge has been fo
und and is ready for transfer back to the original landfill in Tak Province.

This weekend, there will be a simulation of a real moving situation in order to calculate the appropriate weight for moving. Including managing things according to the moving plan It will actually be moved from Monday, April 29 onwards.

Source: Thai News Agency

Power Plants Torched in Southern Border Provinces

SONGKHLA, Two groups of assailants wreaked havoc by setting off explosives and igniting two biomass power plants simultaneously in the provinces of Songkhla and Pattani in the wee hours of the night on Friday.

At least four attackers, dressed in black attire with obscured faces were captured on closed-circuit television within the Rungtiva biomass power plant premises, located in Sabayoi District, Songkhla Province.

CCTV footage revealed two armed men inspecting the site after midnight while the other two carried a gas canister loaded with an explosive device along with two large bags of gasoline into the power plant.

About half an hour later, three explosions ensued, causing significant damage to the buildings and power generation equipment.

Simultaneously, another group of 5-10 assailants set ablaze a biomass power plant and vehicles in the Mae Lan District of Pattani Province.

Similarly captured by surveillance cameras, these perpetrators, donning masks, forcibly evacuated seven staff members from th
e plant, restrained them, and proceeded to set the premises ablaze.

The sound of subsequent explosions rang out five times, resulting in extensive damage to the power plant.

Following the incidents, authorities promptly cordoned off the areas, prohibiting access, to facilitate investigation and evidence collection.

Additionally, disturbances were reported as assailants set fire to vehicles’ tires in multiple locations connecting the two provinces of Pattani’s Khok Pho District and Songkhla’s Thepha District.

Source: Thai News Agency

“Warawut” asked the MSD to collect information and send it to psychologists to evaluate the development of “Nong Nice”

Bangkok, Minister Warawut stated that the MSDHS places importance on the welfare and rights of children. Assign officials to collect various information. related to “Nong Nice Chuamjit” sent to the psychologist at the hospital. Surat Thani, including the Institute for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Assessment Ask adults to cooperate with officials. along with emphasizing that the MSD officials Proceed according to the Act. Protect children carefully because it is a sensitive matter.

Mr. Warawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Social Development and Human Security (Ministry of Social Development and Human Security), said that MSDHS officials have been assigned in the area to collect information and various details related to “Nong Nice Chuamjit” including clips that appear in various media to send to a psychologist at Surat Thani Hospital as well as the Institute for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Public Health, to assess the development and welfare of children, whi
ch is an issue that the MSDHS give importance

The initial thing that needs to be assessed is the psychological aspect, whether there are any problems or not. If both physical and mental health The next step must be to consider the elements related to the child. What issues need to be clarified for society? Ask adults to cooperate with officials from both the Ministry of Education and Human Services. Ministry of Public Health National Office of Buddhism and various agencies Related parties confirm that every agency has no intention of finding fault. By aiming to provide fairness to all parties

For the dimension at the Ministry of Secondary Education. The most important thing is Caring for and protecting children’s rights Considering taking care of children to have good physical and mental welfare. As a child should receive, for example get an education Promote development according to age In addition, you must see that There was no harm, force, or deception.

When the results of the evaluation from the psych
ologists together with the multidisciplinary team have been released, if it is determined that action must be taken in accordance with the Child Protection Act 2003, the Ministry of Secondary Education will coordinate with the Surat Thani Governor because the law cannot be taken. You can do it yourself. Must coordinate with the government and various agencies in the area.

Mr. Warawut reiterated that Matters related to the human mind It is a sensitive matter, so I have instructed the MSD officials. that we proceed with caution You must study all relevant regulations and laws. If you still have any doubts Consult an expert because if you decide to act rashly and found out the truth later that It’s not what was said or done. It will result in problems for both the officials and the agency. Therefore, do it slowly but confidently. It will be safer and you will not miss out on important matters.

Source: Thai News Agency

The first Bangkok event of 2024 has happened!

The phenomenon of ‘sun setting’ occurred at approximately 12:16 today (26 April 2024), meaning that the sun was directly overhead. If you stand in the sun The shadow will fall directly under your feet. This phenomenon occurs twice a year during April-May. and July-September

for Bangkok The next time the sun sets It will be on August 16, 2024 at approximately 12.22 p.m. Each province in Thailand will see the sun set at different angles at the same time. Depending on geographic location, in 2024

Source: Thai News Agency

Mysterious dead man’s body found Accelerate verification of fire toxicity link

Rayong, A 43-year-old man was found dead mysteriously in the community. Near the chemical factory where the fire occurred in Rayong Province, officials are rushing to determine if there is a connection to the fire’s effects or not.

It was reported that after a fire occurred at a chemical factory in the area of ??Ban Khai, Rayong Province, Nong Krub Police Station, Ban Khai District, received notification that there was a death inside a house in the middle of a rubber plantation, Village No. 8, Bang But Subdistrict. An incident occurred Found to be a one-story cement house. Planted in the middle of a rubber plantation. In the bedroom, the body of Mr. Tassapong, 43 years old, wearing a sports shirt was found lying on his back, dead on the bed. No traces of wounds were found on the body.

Investigating the deceased’s sister-in-law gave information that the deceased worked at a factory in Mueang Rayong District before being found dead. The deceased was still normal. There were no symptoms of illness at all. and
have no congenital disease By sitting and eating dinner Before they dispersed to sleep, when they woke up in the morning, they saw that the deceased woke up late, so they went to wake them up, but found that their body was pale yellow, their eyes were closed, they were frozen, and they had died. So notify the officials to come check.

Meanwhile, Nong Krab Police Station said they do not yet know the cause of death. But from examining the condition, it was found that the deceased was asleep and then died. No signs of fighting were found. or wounds on the body The body will be sent to the doctor on duty at Ban Khai Hospital to perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death. Is it related to the effects of the factory fire or not? Because the back of the said community is under the wind. It is 8 km from the chemical factory fire, which requires the results of an autopsy to find out the real cause.

Source: Thai News Agency

“Am Cyanide”‘s lawyer calls for action against “Big Joke and his subordinates” under the Act on Disappearance

Bangkok, “Big Joke” and his 100 subordinates are on the job! Am Cyanide’s lawyer used the opportunity of the one-year anniversary of the case to petition the prosecutor to take legal action. The Act on Absence and Disappearance reveals that “Am” has some remorse.

Miss Thannicha Ek Suwanrat or Attorney Pat, lawyer for Miss Sararat or Am Cyanide, submitted a letter with evidence to Mr. Watcharin Panurat, Deputy Director-General of Public Prosecutions. Bureau of Investigation Office of the Attorney General Check and prosecute Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, team of investigators and the arrest team according to the offense Abstaining from Absence Act

Lawyer Patch said that during the past 1 year, after his client “Am” was arrested and prosecuted, he as a lawyer collected evidence until finding 7 cases of actions that were considered crimes. The Absence and Disappearance Act, for example, the day of the arrest of the accused at the government center The arrest team took a video. But it is a continuous shooting. an
d took the accused to the police club to meet with journalists. Even though the truth must be taken to the Crime Suppression Division for questioning. The agency that requests the court to issue an arrest warrant And at some point the arrest team took the accused to a coffee shop. football field area and let them sit idly, which is considered unrelated to the investigation and prosecution And I don’t know why the accused was taken away. Including the case of going to meet the accused in prison to interrogate and make them confess. Until later the accused had a miscarriage. Therefore, he would like to investigate whether this action is considered an offense or not. This is because some of the times when the police enter the prison are public holidays. or after official hours

However, the examples given are just a part of the actions of the team with Kum and the investigating officers that are considered to be illegal. Abstaining from Absence Act Approximately 100 people were submitted to investigate and prose
cute, including Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, who was the chief investigator at that time.

Lawyer Patch confirmed that the lawsuit was filed against “Big Joke” and that this period is because of the one-year anniversary of the “Am Cyanide” case, not because “Big Joke” is in a declining period. Because it is a lawsuit based on facts As “Big Joke” is the commander If subordinates commit crimes, they must share half the responsibility. However, during the period before Songkran He went to visit “Am” in prison and found that his condition was not very good. But she became more beautiful after having a miscarriage and looked more active. The staff take good care of you. And when you look at it, there is some awareness of your actions. But he still complains about missing his child.

Mr. Watcharin stated that as the Center for Prevention and Suppression Torture and acts of disappearance, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration will examine the facts and evidence after receiving the matter. Including legal matters by ent
rusting the relevant prosecutor to handle the matter. This is because it is necessary to consider what the lawyer has submitted as evidence to see whether it falls under Section 6 and Section 7 of the Absence and Disappearance Act or not. As for Section 42, it is a matter of supervisors who must consider whether there are related actions. Is this against the law?

Deputy Chief Prosecutor Bureau of Investigation also said that the general public If a government official No matter what agency Rehearsed to confess during arrest or even detention You can come and complain if it’s an incident that happened in Bangkok. There will be a committee to investigate and if later it is found that the complaints against government officials have no basis in wrongdoing. People who make complaints will not be held liable, both civil and criminal, as well.

Source: Thai News Agency