Phish Live at Sphere: Moment Factory Harnesses Sphere’s Next-Generation Technologies to Reimagine Concert Experience

A four-night concert series takes real-time content to new heights

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / April 19, 2024 / Award-winning multimedia studio Moment Factory is proud to announce its latest collaboration with Phish: a groundbreaking four-night concert series at Sphere in Las Vegas. Running from April 18 to 21, the shows mark a bold step forward in live concert experiences, taking advantage of the venue’s next-generation technologies to showcase immersive multimedia content generated from an innovative fusion of real-time and pre-rendered visuals. Only the second band to perform at Sphere, Phish ventures into new territory with its improvisational style, leading concert-goers on a mind-bending multisensory journey.

Phish Live at Sphere
Phish Live at Sphere
Credits: Rich Fury / Sphere Entertainment

Moment Factory played a central role in the co-creative direction of the four shows, collaborating closely with Show Director Abigail Rosen Holmes. The studio’s involvement extended to set design, video design, and production, as well as contributing to lighting concepts in collaboration with the band’s longtime lighting designer, Chris Kuroda.

Moment Factory takes a future-forward approach to real-time generative video content, bringing unique visuals to the world’s highest-resolution LED screen each night. Combining scenographic elements, 360° live performance capture, technologies including Unreal and Notch, pre-rendered imagery, and visuals generated with the assistance of AI, Moment Factory uses a number of tools and techniques never before seen at Sphere.

"Phish Live at Sphere is an incredibly audacious project that we are thrilled to have worked on. We feel extremely privileged to have legendary bands like Phish entrusting us with creating immersive universes around their music and identity, enabling them to connect with fans in completely new ways. Moment Factory got its start VJing in the late 90s, and we are particularly proud, nearly 25 years later, to have maintained this initial passion. We are now pushing it to an unprecedented level, creating the longest-ever real-time content show on the world’s most immersive canvas at Sphere," says Daniel Jean, Producer for Shows, Moment Factory.

Powered by the venue’s 21st-century technologies, each show in the four-night series is set apart by a curated setlist, Phish’s signature improvisation, and a customized orchestration of music, visuals, and lighting.

Rising to this creative and technical challenge, the team worked closely with a trusted network of collaborators, including Disguise, whose innovative platform powered Moment Factory’s extensive hours of pre-rendered and real-time visual content on a sprawling 16K x 16K resolution canvas. Fuse Technical Group served as the technical integrator for the video system, managing the incorporation of Moment Factory’s content onto servers and providing supplementary servers for real-time content delivery. Moment Factory also enlisted Fly Studio, Myreze, and Sila Sveta for screen content production; Troublemakers for audio design during Phish’s stage entrance; and Picnic Dinner Studios and Totem Studio for 2D animations during the intermission.

Phish Live at Sphere marks the Montreal-based studio’s seventh and most ambitious collaboration with the prolific rock band. Their long-term creative partnership includes previous concerts at Madison Square Garden and the MGM Grand.

This latest undertaking highlights Moment Factory’s expertise in hijacking technologies to create innovative entertainment – artificial intelligence serving as a prime example. Integrating AI seamlessly into workflows and customizing the technology to meet production demands supports the studio’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and pushing creative boundaries. Moment Factory embraces AI as a tool for pioneering new aesthetics, modes of engagement, and experiences that blend digital and physical worlds.

About Moment Factory

Moment Factory is a multimedia studio with a full range of production expertise under one roof. Our team combines specializations in video, lighting, architecture, sound and special effects to create remarkable experiences. Headquartered in Montreal, the studio also has other addresses in Tokyo, Paris, New York City, and Singapore. Since its inception in 2001, Moment Factory has created more than 550 unique projects worldwide, including the Lumina Night Walks and Aura Series, as well as The Messi Experience. Its productions span the globe and include such clients as Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, Madonna, Microsoft, Disney, Universal Studios, Sony, Boston Museum of Science, Cipriani, and Fontainebleau Las Vegas. The studio explores innovative storytelling and creative uses of technology to craft immersive multimedia worlds that enhance the vital link between artist and audience.

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Vietnamese youth pledge to join hands in climate change response

New York: A representative of Vietnam has affirmed the youth’s commitment to joining hands in climate change response, while attending a plenary session of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Youth Forum in New York on April 17.

Addressing the event, Nguyen Ngoc Luong, Permanent Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCYU) Central Committee and President of the Vietnam Youth Federation (VYF), said climate change is a global issue with increasing impact that requires better awareness and joint action by the whole world to resolve, and the youth have a crucial role to play in this regard to help with sustainable development in the future.

He stressed that at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in 2021, Vietnam made a commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. With its role, the HCYU and the VYF always view promoting and mobilising the enormous force of the youth, whose strengths are wisdom, creativity, and enthusiasm, as a focal and strategic task in both short and long

The two organisations have worked to improve awareness among the public, including young people, through communication campaigns and training courses, especially the Green Sunday model. Youth clubs, teams, and networks for environmental protection and climate change response have been established from grassroots to central levels. Environmental protection models, ideas, and facilities have also been built and applied such as the ‘flood resistant house’ model. Young people have also actively engaged in the planting of 1 billion trees during 2021 – 2025, according to the official.

Luong stated that the Vietnamese youth are strongly committed to join hands in taking drastic, concrete, and effective action to protect the environment and respond to climate change.

He also called for cooperation and mutual assistance among organisations and individuals to together build a world of sustainable development in the future.

In his opening remarks at the forum, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the en
ergy and conviction of young people are widespread and have become more vital than ever. He appealed to young people to be on the frontlines for bold climate actions, deliver solutions, and create a world of peace and prosperity for all.

The ECOSOC Youth Forum, taking place from April 14 to 22, provides a global platform for dialogue between UN member states and young leaders from across the globe to search solutions to the challenges affecting youth welfare. It also gathers young people to share recommendations and innovative ideas in regional-focused discussions and in preparation for the Summit of the Future, to be held under the auspices of the General Assembly this September./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

aback! The body of a young Myanmar man was found in a water tank on the roof of a dormitory.

Bangkok: Shocked! The body of a young Myanmar man was found naked. In a water tank on the roof of a dormitory in the Minburi area, he had died 2 days ago, presumably going to play in the water to cool off.

At 1:00 a.m. last night, Minburi Police Station received a report that a man had died in a water tank. of an apartment In Soi Rom Klao 16, Min Buri Subdistrict, Bangkok, the scene of the incident was a 5-story apartment building. The rooftop had a 1,500 liter water tank. Inside was the body of a 27-year-old Myanmar man who had a job as a construction worker for a construction company. In the nude state, not wearing clothes. At the bottom of the tank Expected to die within 2 days, then foundation volunteers Equipment was used to bring the corpse out of the water tank. to be sent to the coroner

From the preliminary investigation, it is known that the deceased lived in the said apartment with his family, including his wife and two children, before the incident. Around 11:00 p.m. on April 17, the deceased was
drinking alcohol with Friends on the rooftop Before separating, during that time the deceased was with her daughter. She complained that it was hot and asked to go swim in the tank once before coming up, but she still complained that Still itchy, but my daughter has already walked back to the room. So it was assumed that he might go play in the tank for the second time. Until such an incident occurred

After the incident, the family helped search for him. They joined in the lighting of incense sticks on sacred objects, but the husband was not found until last night. The owner of the apartment found that the water pump light panel was warning red. So he sent his employees to look at the water gauge. Including having them go up to look at the water level in the tank, they were shocked when they found the man’s body in the tank.

Most of the residents of the apartment where the incident happened are foreign workers. They criticized each other. Feeling haunted and afraid coupled with disgust with the discovery of
a body in a water tank that requires water for daily consumption

Initially, the lieutenant in charge of the case thought that the deceased had gone swimming. with intoxication Eat before exhaustion or cramps. causing such death by drowning But how? The body had to be sent for an autopsy. To find the real cause of death again

Source: Thai News Agency

A newly born calf looks exactly as per the ancient scriptures.

Satun Villagers are rumored! ‘Lucky,’ a newly born calf whose appearance matches the ancient texts, is believed to be a ‘Phaya Wua.’ The owner said he was born on the day the lottery was drawn. Plus luck and win prizes.

After the villagers rumored that There was a cow that had just given birth and looked exactly as described in ancient texts as a “Phaya Cow”. So the reporter went to Farm Suk Resort, Village No. 10, Kamphaeng Subdistrict, Langu District, Satun Province, by the owner of Farm Suk. It was Mrs. Namthip Trassiri, 41 years old, playing with a newly born calf. This is a calf that the villagers rumored to be the royal cow.

Mrs. Namthip told him that The calf was born on April 16, 2024, which coincided with the lottery draw day. The caretaker is Mr. Samak Kobyayayang, aged 40 years, and won two lottery tickets with the last 3 digits, so he named him Lucky. Because he was born to bring luck to the person raising him.

Lucky is similar to his father, with a white Bodhi leaf. The front of the four legs
are white like wearing socks. Lucky’s father is a cross between a local cow and a fighting cow. So it has an elegant shape. By both the father and mother of Lucky The owner has redeemed both of their lives. My husband is a person who likes to make merit. When you see animals being sent to the slaughterhouse I feel sorry for him and often go to redeem his life first. Both cows and goats Until now, there are more than 30 animals in total on the farm. Therefore, we want to make it an agricultural tourism destination because the animals raised are animals. The shape is beautiful and strange and very familiar to people. Tourists who come to stay in the resort They often like to come and see the farm animals they raise.

As for Phaya Wua, he has the characteristics of the seven ancient texts: a glass mouth, blue eyes, a Bodhi face, a striped body, a white tail, spotted feet, and four socks. Which Lucky is according to all textbooks. After redeeming the lives of these animals to raise them on the farm. Life is happi
er. The resort has tourists coming to stay all the time. A progressive business As for myself, I’m happy. When you see the animals in these farms, they are all happy and come to play with them every day. Personally, I don’t know what Phaya Wua looks like. But when the caretaker told me, I looked it up on Google and found that Lucky was in accordance with all the textbooks. If it is truly a royal cow, it is considered lucky.

Source: Thai News Agency

Arresting the woman from Perfume City Leader of a famous family gang

Bangkok: Metropolitan Police thwart robbery plan of foreigner gang. Arresting the lady of Perfume City After the group came together to plan to harm the victim’s family. Aiming to steal more than 200 million baht in assets, but the evil plan was unsuccessful until he was arrested at a famous hotel in the Silom area.

In this case, Metropolitan Police detectives stopped a robbery plan and arrested a 45-year-old woman of French nationality. The accused according to Criminal Court arrest warrant number 364/2024, dated April 5, 2024, charged with “acting as a secret society” after a famous high-society family with the abbreviation So. was the victim, filed a report with the police at Thonglor Police Station that he had been attacked by a gang of people. Foreigners come together to plan a robbery and kidnapping of the daughter of a high-society victim. They will take over 200 million baht in assets, but the matter has turned red because one of the participants repented before sending news to the victims to stop th
is plan. The police investigated and issued an arrest warrant. A French woman is the leader of this movement. Recently, Pol. Maj. Gen. Theeradej Thammasuthee, commander of the National Police Bureau, hastened the investigation before something bad happened. Investigating that this gang leader, Ma’am Hidden with a young Lebanese man By renting hotels on a daily basis to gather appointments with the team until April 18, 2024, the investigative team discovered that this French woman was staying at a hotel in the Silom area. Therefore, the force was led to raid the said hotel room.

During the arrest, the woman denied all the charges, testifying that she ‘insisted that she was not a spy who went undercover to carry out any mission. He himself is a famous businessman. Was deceived into investing with an Australian man who was a husband in Thailand. He then invested approximately 185 million baht and was cheated. Then, a group of Australians who cheated filed a complaint against him for kidnapping his daughter. in
the hope that he would go to prison in order to clear his debts As for entering Thailand without informing the officials, he feared that it would be unsafe. As for the man he was staying with, he was a Lebanese who met in Dubai.’ After his arrest, he was taken to Thonglor Police Station for investigation to be prosecuted according to law.

Source: Thai News Agency

Arrest of a dangerous aunt who slashed the bags of tourists playing Songkran

Pattaya 19 April – Complete confession! Aunt Mahapai goes around slashing the bags of tourists while playing in the Songkran water festival at Walking Street Pattaya. She has a long history of being caught stealing many times.

In the middle of the last night Officers arrested Ms. Sumaree, 59 years old, from Phetchabun province. He was arrested in the area of ??Walking Street, South Pattaya, Nong Prue Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province, after patrolling and causing a scene of slashing the bags of tourists. According to tourist attractions in Pattaya city, which is the latest victim. It was a Chinese tourist couple having fun playing in the water. At first it felt like the shoulder bag was being pulled from behind. But I don’t care. Later, it was found that the bag had been cut by a sharp object until it was torn through the inside. So he quickly grabbed the perpetrator. and took him to the Pattaya Tourist Police stationed at a nearby security point for prosecution.

From the investigation,
the perpetrator confessed. along with demonstrating the skill of thieving skillfully done to the police in detail and also revealed that he committed each crime There will be 4 people joining the procession, everyone will share responsibilities. They will act as if they are standing to prevent the victim from noticing. while he used a razor to cut into his bag And there are people who do the duty of digging. When they got the property, they would pass it on and then escape and take the property and divide it among themselves. But this time he made a mistake and was caught. The gang’s subordinates all fled. Leaving himself to be captured alone. Where previously They went out to cause trouble in important tourist attractions. Especially places where various festivals are held.

From a preliminary background check, it was found that Ms. Sumaree had previously been prosecuted for theft. The behavior caused the same type of crime in 7 cases after being released from prison. I’m not afraid. Use thieves’ skills to g
o out and cause trouble. Until he was caught this time. Meanwhile, CCTV cameras were able to clearly capture the scene of the incident. Both the perpetrator and his subordinates in the gang So he was detained. Along with evidence, send it to the investigating officer. Expand the results to catch those who escape. To prosecute according to the legal process

Source: Thai News Agency

To hold a “Palang Pho” event with honor.

Military Airport, “Bhoomtham” is saddened by the sudden death of the Permanent Secretary of Commerce. Order the executives to be the hosts for organizing the event in a dignified manner.

Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce expressed condolences for the death of Mr. Keerati Ratchano, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, at 3:28 a.m. (April 19), saying that Mr. Keerati died suddenly. The day of the incident was the day we had a meeting of the Digital Wallet Committee, which was still healthy that day and still came to meet in the morning to wish him a Happy New Year. But when he returned to the house, something happened. Having a problem with stroke symptoms Cerebral hemorrhage His wife has been taken to the hospital.

‘By the time we found it, it was already 8 p.m. and there was a lot of blood. is therefore in a critical condition Doctors diagnose and allow families to choose treatment options. which has done its best Until last night, he passed away. It is a
shocking and heartbreaking matter for all Ministry of Commerce residents. Currently waiting for relatives to conclude what action to take. and has ordered all executives from the ministry to jointly host the event. Let’s help organize an event for you in a dignified way,’ Minister of Commerce Said.-317

Source: Thai News Agency

‘Phi Kradong’, an ancient game dating back hundreds of years

Nakhon Ratchasima, Phimai villagers continue a hundred-year-old tradition. with the Phi Kradong game according to village beliefs After celebrating Songkran, Thai New Year

After the fun of Songkran Festival has passed The villagers in Noi Phatthana Village, Nai Mueang Subdistrict, Phimai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, have an old tradition of games that have been passed down for hundreds of years in the village, called ‘Phi Kradong Game, Skull Shell Ghost, Nang Sai Ghost, Fish Ghost, Elephant Ghost, and Bullfrog Ghost.’ ‘ which is a game that uses household items to play with the superstition of ghosts.

During the Phi Kradong game There will be someone responsible for communicating with various ghosts. Perform a ceremony to invite ghosts to enter the bodies of villagers who volunteer to be mediums. Play this tradition And during the ceremony there will be singing and dancing. Using folk tones It’s a musical instrument. Invite the ghosts of grandfather and grandmother Sing the song over and over Unti
l the ghost or spirit descends into the medium of the player, and when the ghost enters the medium There will be various postures. Depending on the device that will be used to play

The villagers said that Things like this must be based on belief and faith. The game of Phi Kradong, Phi Skull and Kala, Phi Nang Sai of this village. It has been around for many generations. Until it became a local tradition And this is the belief of the people here. That must be done every year to preserve traditions and create unity among people in the community. and it shows the bond Between the living and the dead Come join in the fun on Songkran Day. Which is Thai New Year’s Day.

Source: Thai News Agency