A soldier posts an apology for admitting he actually fled while drunk.

Bangkok, A soldier posted on his personal Facebook page. Accepting a real escape and getting drunk and apologizing for what happened. The tithe on duty was imprisoned for 3 days for going too far.

Reporters report progress In the case of the Royal Thai Army has pointed out the case of a clip of a soldier posting a video clip of an incident in a military unit and saying that a soldier was physically assaulted, most recently today (April 7) by a soldier who fled He brought flowers to pay respects and apologize to the 10 on duty. and posted an apology via personal Facebook, with the content stating:

I would like to clarify the incident that I did live broadcast the other night. We secretly went out of the unit to hang out with our 5 friends, following the live that I did. They really went out. When they came back, they were really punished. According to the mistakes that we made And we know that what we secretly went out for was really wrong. and admit guilt And because the live broadcast caused misunderstand
ings in many ways, we would like to apologize for doing it because of a short temper and drinking. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand some of the events I have spoken about. It may cause misunderstandings and cause other people trouble.

As for the ten shift route Received a prison sentence of 3 days at the garrison. The basis for acting beyond reason .

Source: Thai News Agency

Prime Minister meets with heads of government agencies in Surat Thani

Surat Thani, The Prime Minister held a meeting with heads of Surat Thani government agencies in the “private sector” to present problems with the transportation system. Reduce interest rates to provide relief to entrepreneurs Ready to support Samui Tourism Hub Accommodating more tourists, indicating that Koh Samui is ranked among the most popular tourism destinations, vowing to come back and follow the progress at the end of this year.

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Arrive at Koh Samui Municipality, Ang Thong Subdistrict, Koh Samui District. Surat Thani Province To visit the OTOP product exhibition, with village volunteers (Village Health Volunteers) waiting to welcome them, holding signs of encouragement such as “Mo Rao.. Samui people, welcome the Prime Minister,” “Beautiful coral reefs, clear water, white sandy beaches, lots of coconuts.” ‘Samui people..welcome.

The Prime Minister then tasted water made from cos vegetables, which the Prime Minister said was delicious and mixe
d with caramel. Before signing the Koh Samui cloth pattern

After that, the Prime Minister held a meeting to discuss integration of Surat Thani Province. The heads of government agencies in the area also participated. which discussed the issue of regional water supply Garbage issues Tourism issues The issue of the possibility of expanding the area of ??Samui International Airport. and the issue of road expansion around the island The Governor of Surat Thani Province said the report.

In this regard, three problems affecting Koh Samui were presented: garbage problems, water supply problems. and transportation problems in the area. Two of the issues that will request assistance from the government are garbage problems. This is because at present there is a problem of a large amount of residual waste, approximately 150,000 tons, and the former incinerator is currently unusable. which is a short-term solution Need to expedite the removal of garbage from the area. We will ask for long-term budget support. There sh
ould be investment in building a new, efficient waste incinerator. As for the water supply problem, at present the water supply is insufficient, coupled with limited water sources, the population is increasing. Therefore, the solution is to repair the seawater-to-fresh water production plant. By requesting support for long-term investment budgets To expand the water supply pipeline from Surat Thani Province Therefore, I would like to ask the Prime Minister to consider this as well.

While there were also proposals from the private sector presented, the president of the Samui Tourism Promotion Association said that in issue 1. there was a presentation of issues that wanted to promote Koh Samui as a tourist attraction. according to government policy Especially reducing interest rates To ease the burden on entrepreneurs and providing loans in the tourism business sector in the state machinery. To make Samui a tourism hub

The president of the Samui Tourism Promotion Association further said that problem 2 is tra
nsportation in the area. If there will be a world class can’t do it Because the maximum number of inbound and outbound flights is only 50, rooms will expand no matter what year. But the journey, whether by water Or is the air still the same? For water travel, whether it be cruise ports (marinas), to encourage groups of tourists with high purchasing power to come. and the matter of the ferry port which is currently full for every company But build a cruise port. It is considered one of the parts that help lighten the burden, while 3. Regarding the traffic system I want there to be a study of the bypass road that already exists. or even the study of bridges as well

The Prime Minister then delivered the policy saying: Since assuming the position, they have been close. Minister of Industry and Ms. Pitcharat Laohapongchana, list MP and director of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party (RTA) has come to tell us the problem many times that we should come down to Surat Thani Province and Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. And h
e is well aware of coming today that Koh Samui has very high potential. Everyone who is here Previously, it was ranked as having high popularity or popularity in the Top 10 every time a city was ranked as a tourist attraction. But as you well know They sent themselves here to listen to their problems. In order to solve the problem so that Koh Samui can reach its potential, he gave a KPI to the Minister of Tourism and Sports that Koh Samui must move to the top 10 of the most touristy islands in the world from the top 20. There are many things to do here. something like The first problem is garbage. The incinerator was built more than 20 years ago and more than 10 years ago it was damaged and unable to burn waste, causing accumulation. In Koh Samui up to 300,000 tons, we have managed In Surat Thani Province, 150,000 tons, remaining 150,000 tons. He asked that the central budget of 237 million baht be used to transport and destroy. Considered one option But let’s say that he acknowledged the problem. and promise
d that 150,000 tons would be disposed of either by burying or transporting. This is a matter that we need to solve in the long term. Therefore, a waste incineration plant must be built. and tried to talk about the current technology that can burn at least 300 tons of waste per day, which requires long-term management here.

The Prime Minister further said that regarding water supply I have to tell you good news. Because the water that will be made is included in the budget for 2025, so in October of this year, we will be able to install the second pipe because it can deliver tap water. Operations began in October of this year, but in the short term we understand that it is necessary. Therefore, seawater must be used to make tap water. Which uses a budget of only a few tens of millions of baht, let’s manage it here. It takes approximately 3-4 months to complete, or it is a short-term solution along with long-term problem solving. For road construction, the Department of Highways has already been ordered. This
must be done with precision and caution. Things that will affect the people Especially regarding forest areas which must be coordinated with many agencies But rest assured, we are well aware that in order to raise Samui’s status to a world-class island, we must take good care of basic infrastructure. However, the There are problems with transporting goods into the city. It’s difficult for people to come to the island. Because there are few ships, the ship’s time for transportation must be extended to increase. In order to better move goods from the island into the city. As for the long-term solution to bridge construction, we must continue to study it. You must look carefully and consider the environmental impact. But rest assured, we all know that durian is a main economic crop. Whatever comes in our way, we will try to manage it and make our brothers and sisters have higher incomes, no doubt.

The Prime Minister continued that this is the matter of the private sector. Offer to reduce interest He doesn’t wan
t to continue talking. But everyone knows how much trouble we have with high interest rates. Ask relevant agencies to help take care of each other. Because everyone speaks with the same voice. Immigration Visa Facilitating important matters, including security matters, was able to have lunch with the Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police. As Acting Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Emphasis was placed on the mafia. Immigration Requesting a visa extension for tourists Provide full convenience to support the economy and would like to ask for extra information on tourism We all know that Samui is an island ranked among the top 10 in the world of seas, beautiful sandy beaches, and friendly smiles with tourists. But we believe that there are still many good things hidden in Koh Samui. Whether it be cultural or religious So I made a request to Minister of Tourism and Sports and the Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to help work harder. Advertise more Let tourists stay longer To absorb t
he good culture on Koh Samui. Summary from what we have heard is complete. The team will return to see the progress at the end of this year. Thank you for the warm welcome.

Mr. Pipit Rattanarak, MP for Surat Thani District 2, Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party (RTA), thanked the Prime Minister, saying today is a happy day for the people of Samui. The Prime Minister gives importance to visiting the area himself. Come see the problem for yourself. Because we must admit that our problems have been waiting for a solution for many years. Today, I am happy and satisfied that the Prime Minister has given good things to boost morale and is preparing to give New Year’s gifts to the people of Samui. Today will be the beginning of sustainable development for Samui in order to elevate Samui to the international level.

Source: Thai News Agency

Prime Minister orders cadmium waste to be expedited to landfill within 15 days

Surat Thani,, The Prime Minister reveals progress in hunting down 1 ton of cadmium residue that has been recovered and has been returned to landfill within 15 days. He points out that weather inspections found it is not dangerous. He is ready to set up a committee to investigate the leak again in Chonburi Province.

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Gave an interview about the progress of smuggling

Over 10,000 tonnes of cadmium waste was collected at a factory in Samut Sakhon province. And most recently it was found in Chonburi Province that such substances have now been found in Samut Sakhon Province. and ordered all relevant agencies to check what was there, where, who took it, and how to proceed with it. Including checking the weather in the area using scientific equipment and finding nothing. In the part that can follow up on the returned substances, Must be taken to landfill within 15 days.

The Prime Minister said that as for the news that the substance had leaked to Chonburi
Province, it must all be brought back. A committee has been set up to find out the truth. However, Ms. Pimpattra Wichaikul, Minister of Industry, has personally gone to the area to take care of everything.

When asked whether people were concerned about whether the substance was dangerous or not, the Prime Minister admitted that it was but that investigations had already been carried out. There is still no danger.

Source: Thai News Agency

The Prime Minister visits a durian orchard on Koh Samui, receives an offer to increase transport boat trips.

Koh Samui,, The Prime Minister visits a durian orchard on Koh Samui, accepting an offer from farmers to increase boat trips to transport agricultural products. Ready to improve infrastructure according to budget and suitability

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Visit the demonstration durian plot at Mr. Chainarong Thongsuk Durian Garden, Koh Samui District. Surat Thani Province During an inspection visit to Koh Samui, Surat Thani Province along with Miss Sudawan Wang Suphakit Koson Minister of Tourism and Sports, Mrs. Monporn Charoensri, Deputy Minister of Transport and Mr. Chaiya Phromma, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

by the Prime Minister Hearing reports of problems in the area regarding durian orchard cultivation on Koh Samui that lacks basic utilities such as roads, electrical systems, irrigation systems, and telephone signals. Durian transportation still has problems with insufficient boat trips. Therefore, I would like to add more ships to solve the proble
m in the short term. As for long-term solutions, we want a bridge across the island.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said that the government gives importance to durian, which is a new economic crop of the country that generates a lot of income for the people. What are the obstacles? Corrective action will be carried out according to the budget. and accuracy which confirms that ‘I did not campaign. But let’s solve the problem. Anything that can help,’ emphasizing that he will definitely help. Ready to tell farmers to have a long-term perspective on income. from agricultural products Now let’s solve the problem step by step. Because the country has laws, please calm down and give the government a chance to solve the problem.

The Prime Minister then walked around and admired the durian trees. Ready to ask for long-stemmed durian Before taking pictures with Khao Suan Durian who came to welcome us.

Source: Thai News Agency

The Prime Minister ate “fish curry” on Koh Samui and said it was really delicious.

Koh Samui, The Prime Minister ate “fish curry” for lunch on Koh Samui. He said it was really delicious, not just for fun, pointing out that other people have the right to not like it.

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance While visiting the government inspection area in Koh Samui District Surat Thani Province and Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, 6-8 April, stopped by to eat lunch by one menu item on the Prime Minister’s dining table There is a fish curry menu. After yesterday the Prime Minister posted the application

As soon as the fish curry menu was served, the Prime Minister tasted it and said, “It’s very delicious,” giving a thumbs up. However, there is a right that other people may not like. Because there are many things Different things because he might like something. or don’t like something He can’t go with anything. Because there are many types of Thai food such as Tom Yum Kung and Massaman Chicken.

When asked to eat fish curry Is the side dish cooked or not? The Prime Minister
said He himself is losing weight and emphasizes that “It’s really delicious, not just for fun.”

Source: Thai News Agency

“Worawat” summarizes the debate on Budget 67

Bangkok,, “Worawat” summarizes the discussion on Budget 67, pointing out that the government must adjust 3 plans: work-money-people to drive the budget.

Mr. Worawat Euapinyakul, Phrae MP, Pheu Thai Party, posted a message via Facebook. Indicates the discussion in the past fiscal year 2024 budget that the questioning of Senators and MPs found that some of them were suggestions that were worth listening to and putting into practice. Another part is the question of reasons why the government has not yet complied. Set policies and guidelines When looking at all the information, it is found that the government’s problems lie in three parts: the work plan, the money plan, and the people plan. If anything is to be done, it must involve a major reform of the government’s civil service system.

A plan is a budget spending plan. The government’s request comes from the provincial level agency’s request plan, which must come from the provincial development plan. That is only information about the project and the needs
of the area. which is still unable to adjust to be in line with the government’s policy drive With a broad-spectrum view of problems and new ideas, the Cabinet (Cabinet) therefore does not have a budget to use according to the direction. and policy guidelines in a new form that are truly stated to the House of Representatives Therefore, in addition to the basic plans and strategic plans That can make the bureaucracy move forward. The NESDB and the Budget Office must also further formulate strategic plans based on policies in order to create flexibility in public administration. If the framework cannot be adjusted in time, it may be necessary to expand the central budget framework in the policy category because there are still no guidelines for implementing the policy in government agencies that match the policy. Truly of the government.

In addition, the limitations of Section 144 of the Constitution do not allow the House of Representatives to present the needs of the people for the government to take action
at all. In fact, in the social media era The people and the opposition can already check whether the budget adjustments of the Commissioners are correct or not. It is necessary to limit the authority to correct weaknesses and weaknesses in the budget to the point where the needs of the people cannot be presented through the legislative system at all.

Problems with money plans It is a budget system that is rigidly defined, causing every agency to follow the original framework set by the Budget Bureau. without being able to present You can request to use the budget according to your actual needs. This has caused many agencies in the past to propose laws that do not require money collected from revenue to be sent to the Ministry of Finance in order to form a budget according to the framework set by the Budget Bureau, thus creating a type of money. What is new is that extra-budget money has occurred in an amount that is higher than the budget budget of 3.48 trillion baht to 5.9 trillion baht in fiscal year 2024.
This part of the budget plan is therefore an important part that the government must urgently reform. extremely

The People Plan found that there were many new agencies emerging. There is redundancy. and some units were unable to actually perform their duties, including the operational guidelines of public administration Proceed according to the original pattern, there is solidification. and being clumsy makes the Cabinet unable to actually give orders Therefore, conflicts in government administration have been found in almost every ministry and department. Which if you look at it simply from the order to suppress the drug problem In resolving PM 2.5, which is a big problem, it will be found that the government still has to wait to appoint and transfer personnel during a public crisis to follow the guidelines and framework for personnel management according to the traditional government model. This causes a delay in solving problems and not being able to solve the crisis problems of the people. It shows that
if the government wants to take action Solve the country’s critical problems that have accumulated for a long time. The government must speed up the reform of the civil service system, both the money plan and the people plan, to happen urgently. Otherwise, the same problems will come back like this every year without end.

We would like to thank you for your good suggestions and comments. from all parties that Present with sincerity and believe that the government should understand and implement and make corrections in order to achieve the results of the policy and bring good results to the development of the economy and the lives of the people.

Source: Thai News Agency

The Prime Minister denies talking about “Big Joke” and releases him according to the judicial process.

Surat Thani, The Prime Minister reveals that the Acting Police Commander went to the meeting without discussing the matter of “Big Joke”, leaving it up to the judicial process. I’d like to make progress and then come ask about Pol. Gen. Kittirat. Is it expected that next week it will be clear whether “Big Joke” will be disciplined or not?

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, gave an interview while visiting Koh Samui regarding his meeting with Pol. Gen. Kitirat Phanphet, Acting Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police. At noon today (April 7) that Pol. Gen. Kitirat It has not reported anything further about the case. Police General Surachet Hakphan, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police This is a case that is of interest to the people. At present, the appointed committee has already followed up with all 3 people, especially Mr. Chatchai Promlert, who is the chairman of this committee.

The Prime Minister also said that as he has said before, this matter has already entered the ju
stice process. In our meeting with the Acting National Police Commissioner today, we mainly talked about the problems of our fellow citizens. Whether it is a matter of immigration online gambling We’d better turn and talk about this. and he had already given instructions

‘Let everything be released according to the justice process. until there is progress And the truth has been proven. The media should ask when there is real progress. I don’t want there to be any pressure here. And I believe that everyone already knows. that it is an issue that society is looking at Therefore, here it is better to let it go to the justice process,’ the Prime Minister said.

Reporters reported that At noon today (April 7), the Acting Royal Thai Police Commissioner Went to the area to perform a mission on Koh Samui. Therefore traveled to meet the Prime Minister during lunch. which was briefly revealed to reporters that Came to carry out missions in areas that did not come to report. What about the case? Pol.Gen.Surachet In whi
ch part of the case Currently, the Disciplinary Committee of The Royal Thai Police is in the process of collecting evidence. It is expected that next week there will be clarity on whether there will be disciplinary action or not.

Source: Thai News Agency

Prime Minister listens to waste management problems on Koh Samui

Koh Samui, The Prime Minister listens to waste management problems on Koh Samui. Accelerating to find a way to get rid of more than 150,000 tons of garbage, aiming to add an incinerator to support tourism.

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Monitoring guidelines for solving garbage problems in Koh Samui District at the Samui Waste Incinerator, Maret Subdistrict, Surat Thani Province.

The Prime Minister heard a report on waste management problems from Mr. Ramnet Jaikwang, Mayor of Koh Samui Municipality. Currently unable to manage the garbage problem of more than 150,000 tons, there is a need to request a budget of more than 250 million baht to manage the said problem in order to clear up the entire garbage problem. Before planning to manage again

The Prime Minister said that he was well aware of this problem. that Koh Samui has approximately 150,000 tons of garbage stuck. If the problem is to be solved in the short term To transport garbage out, a budget of more than 230 million b
aht is required, which is one of the methods. But maybe ask to see first. However, 150,000 tons must be disposed of quickly. This must be done in conjunction with solving long-term problems. Because garbage will continue to increase, while the incineration plant has been known to have been built for more than 20 years, its capacity to burn garbage will decrease. Therefore it must be redone. Efforts must be made to improve this incinerator. together with solving long-term problems and may be used to generate electrical energy which will help create stability energy as well However, let me think first about what this expansion of 150,000 tons will do in the short term. Because if it is transported, it will cost more than 230 million baht and there are 2 ways: the government will invest itself. or the private sector jointly invests in the PPP format

The Prime Minister emphasized that this is a worrisome problem. Because if tourism grows more The amount of waste may not only be 200 tons, but may be 300 tons if a
new incinerator is built. You must study well.

For Koh Samui It is a place with tourists. and a large hidden population As a result, the amount of solid waste has increased by approximately 200 tons per day, which exceeds the efficiency of the waste incineration plant. The Koh Samui Municipality has campaigned for establishments to separate solid waste. As a result, the amount of solid waste was reduced to 150 tons per day, but the incinerator deteriorated with age. Koh Samui Municipality has stopped the business of burning and destroying municipal solid waste since 2012.

After that, solid waste was disposed of by landfill according to sanitary principles. causing garbage to remain In the area of ??the solid waste incineration plant, amounting to 300,000 tons, since 2018, Koh Samui Municipality is faced with the problem of no longer having landfill space for solid waste. Therefore, approximately 150 tons of incoming garbage per day and 143,800 tons of residual waste were eliminated by compressing the waste
into cubes or bars (Waste Baling) and wrapping the waste (Wrapping) and transporting the waste from the transfer station. Koh Samui Municipality waste is disposed of in a hygienic manner outside the Koh Samui Municipality area in Ban Song Subdistrict Municipality. Wiang Sa District Surat Thani Province. In this regard, there is still 156,200 tons of residual waste.

Source: Thai News Agency