A soldier posts an apology for admitting he actually fled while drunk.

Bangkok, A soldier posted on his personal Facebook page. Accepting a real escape and getting drunk and apologizing for what happened. The tithe on duty was imprisoned for 3 days for going too far.

Reporters report progress In the case of the Royal Thai Army has pointed out the case of a clip of a soldier posting a video clip of an incident in a military unit and saying that a soldier was physically assaulted, most recently today (April 7) by a soldier who fled He brought flowers to pay respects and apologize to the 10 on duty. and posted an apology via personal Facebook, with the content stating:

I would like to clarify the incident that I did live broadcast the other night. We secretly went out of the unit to hang out with our 5 friends, following the live that I did. They really went out. When they came back, they were really punished. According to the mistakes that we made And we know that what we secretly went out for was really wrong. and admit guilt And because the live broadcast caused misunderstand
ings in many ways, we would like to apologize for doing it because of a short temper and drinking. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand some of the events I have spoken about. It may cause misunderstandings and cause other people trouble.

As for the ten shift route Received a prison sentence of 3 days at the garrison. The basis for acting beyond reason .

Source: Thai News Agency