Busy girl arrested for opening an account for a call center gang

Trang, Central Investigation Police Raided and arrested a hired girl who opened an account for a call center gang. Initially, he denied all the allegations.

Central Investigation Police arrested Ms. Pornsuang, age 24, on two arrest warrants ‘for conspiring to defraud the public. and jointly bring false information into the computer system’ in front of a house in Sikao District, Trang Province.

This is due to the fact that in January 2023, there was a victim who was called by a call center gang pretending to be a bank official. informed that the victim was involved in money laundering Ready to recommend reporting via the Line application. before transferring money into the accused’s account for verification and will transfer the money back later make the victim believe Transferred a total of more than 1.5 million baht before realizing that he had been tricked, so he filed a report which led to his arrest. Initially, he denied all the allegations.

Source: Thai News Agency

A young woman complains that her neighbor stole her things ten times.

The girl who sings Saimai must survive. Being harmed by neighbors The house was broken into and stolen more than 10 times, causing hundreds of thousands of baht in damages.

Miss Suparat, the victim, asked for help from the Sai Mai Must Surv page. In the case of neighbors breaking into the house and stealing things ten times. Caused more than 1 hundred thousand baht in damage.

The victim said Lives in this house which is behind Bua Khwan Temple. Nonthaburi Province When he got a new job, he moved to another province. So the house was abandoned. Inside the house, spare parts for a ten-wheel truck are kept. Things started disappearing last year. So it was decided to install CCTV cameras. Makes you know that it is the work of the people from the opposite house. Later, 2 CCTV cameras also disappeared, so he filed a report. Lat Lum Kaeo Police Station yesterday (April 20) the police asked for no more than 2 days to arrest the perpetrator.

However, the perpetrator and the victim had never talked to each other be
fore. But I think the culprit, who is from the house across the street, probably had the whole family involved in the theft. In addition, neighboring neighbors said that previously other houses nearby had also had their things stolen but they did not mind, they only asked for the items to be returned.

Mr. Ekkapop Luengprasert The founder of the Saimai page must survive. Promised to help expedite the police in arresting the perpetrators.

Source: Thai News Agency

Meteorological Department reveals thunderstorms and strong winds in upper Thailand in some areas.

Bangkok, The Meteorological Department reveals that Thailand has hot to very hot weather. As for upper Thailand, there will be thunderstorms and strong wind gusts in some areas. People in the area are asked to be careful of the dangers of thunderstorms and strong winds. The lower South has increased rain and heavy rain in some places. Bangkok-vicinity, very hot weather

Meteorological Department weather forecast for the next 24 hours. Low pressure due to heat covers upper Thailand. This characteristic causes Thailand to have hot to extremely hot weather in general. with haze during the day We ask people to take care of their health due to the hot and very hot weather. By avoiding working or engaging in activities in open areas for long periods of time.

While there are southwestern and southern winds blowing over upper Thailand. This characteristic causes thunderstorms in upper Thailand. with strong wind gusts occurring in some areas People in the area are asked to be careful of the dangers from thunderstorm
s and strong winds during this period.

For westerly and northwesterly winds blow over the Andaman Sea and the southern region. In addition, there are easterly and southeast winds blowing over the lower Gulf of Thailand. Causing the lower southern region to have more rain. and there was heavy rain in some places Wind waves in the Andaman Sea There are waves about 1 meter high in areas with thunderstorms. Waves are more than 1 meter high. Boaters are asked to navigate with caution. And avoid sailing in areas with thunderstorms.

Bangkok and surrounding areas are generally hot to very hot. with haze during the day Lowest temperature 29-30 degrees Celsius, highest temperature 37-41 degrees Celsius.

Source: Thai News Agency

Motorcycle driver stabs each other and injures 1, likely stealing customers

Phuket,, A 65-year-old motorcycle taxi driver has started a battle to compete for customers. Use a knife to stab to prevent injury. In front of Ban San Market, Phuket, the perpetrator recently contacted and asked to surrender.

Police, Muang Phuket Police Station Inspecting the incident of a motorcycle taxi driver being stabbed and injured. The incident occurred in front of the public fresh market 1, Phuket City Municipality. Found the injured person, Mr. Thiwa, 65 years old, sitting astride a motorcycle. He was stabbed with three sharp objects in the chest and one in the stomach. Officers rushed him to the hospital. The perpetrator is a 65-year-old general who is a motorcycle taxi driver nearby. After the incident he fled. Police are in the process of tracking down and arresting him.

Witnesses said that before the incident the two had been arguing. Before Mr. Thiwa Will use something to hit the general. and was stabbed back by the general who used a knife The cause is under investigation. Initially, it is
believed that there was a problem over competing for customers. Recently, it was reported that the general has already contacted and asked for a grant.

Source: Thai News Agency

Made in Thailand, the land of cool Thailand: Khao Tan Pan Na Ngern Lan

Khon Kaen, Made in Thailand, the country of cool Thailand. Today we will take you to get to know Khao Tan, a local dessert that has been processed to add value from milled rice. Can generate income for the community in the area of ??Waeng Yai District, Khon Kaen Province. Earn more than one million baht per month.

Source: Thai News Agency

Warning: Do not buy and eat Kyoho jelly at flea markets.

Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office warns against buying Kyoho jelly snacks. Those sold at flea markets do not have the FDA. Use rubber gloves to wrap the jelly. Risk of harm to children’s health It is also prohibited to buy mosquito coils from China to use as they may contain banned substances.

Mr. Manorom Sinthapa-archakul, pharmacist with special expertise Head of Consumer Protection Group Public Health Office Chiang Mai Province Warning to parents and citizens who have children Now there is Kyoho jelly. Put it up for sale at flea markets. or near school Do not buy it for your children to eat or warn your children about it. Do not buy Kyoho jelly to eat. which do not have a label or FDA registration number. Use rubber gloves or containers that are not intended to hold food. There will be a risk of contamination with the coating. or materials that may fall off peeled off contaminated Or use balloons and tie them into balls. There are many flavors available online. and there are merchant
s Bought and sold at flea markets, it is not hygienic. Dangerous for young children May get stuck in the throat from the debris. of packaging that is loose and stuck to the jelly It also makes you fat. Sold for 10 baht per child. The source is unknown. and the objects used to make

Risk of exposure to substances that may be harmful to health such as colours, preservatives, flavorings. that is not allowed or exceeds the amount specified by law which is very dangerous Therefore should not be eaten.

In addition, there are now mosquito coils available. imported from China which has no details about objects or substances used as ingredients Even the mosquitoes fell down and died. Therefore you should not buy it to use. and is dangerous to health including merchants It should not be put up for sale. which will also be at fault Therefore, please warn parents or the public.

Source: Thai News Agency

Two girls singing Saimai page Doctor’s sex change is extremely painful, causing her intestines to rupture

A transgender woman comes in to ask for help. With the Saimai must survive page After a gender change, she made a mistake and her intestines burst, causing severe suffering.

The victim, Mr. Aniruth, came to make a request to the Saimai Must Survive page. After he had undergone gender reassignment surgery Then an error occurred. cause the large intestine to rupture Affected by life To the point where I briefly thought about wanting to commit suicide.

The victim revealed to the media that He went for gender reassignment surgery on October 10, 2023 at a price of 72,000 baht. After 11 days, the doctor gave him a yangmo, which is inserting a stick into the organ he just had sex reassignment surgery for. so that it is not clogged Rods for Yangmo come in 4 sizes, which must be inserted in every size. And how many minutes to hold it is up to the doctor’s orders. Or it depends on the person Most must use every size for the first 3 months. After surgery, you should do it every day.

When the victim has supplanted Mo
as the doctor ordered. It appeared that hemorrhage had occurred. So I went back to the doctor. The doctor ordered him to stay for about 17 days by abstaining from food and drink. Each time I went to see the doctor for treatment, the doctor didn’t do anything. I just called him to come see him. He was in so much pain that he always wanted to go home. I felt very mentally damaged, like I was dead. Sometimes I feel like killing myself. The doctor did not reveal what the cause was.

This event has an impact on daily life. He revealed that Nowadays, I have to wear 5-6 sanitary pads a day because my stool flows all the time. Difficulty walking, sitting, and eating He had consulted about treatment at other clinics. Doctors at other clinics said that Her colon ruptured due to gender reassignment surgery gone wrong. If the treatment is around 4-5 hundred thousand baht, he doesn’t have the money to pay that much. Today, he doesn’t want to punish the doctor who caused the illness. I just want you to be responsible for t
he treatment costs. and sent for treatment with a specialist doctor

Mr. Ekkaphop revealed that he would submit the matter to the Department of Health Service Support. Ministry of Public Health To check whether the treatment process is correct or not. and helps to be a mediator in mediating discussions between both sides and want to leave it to the doctor I want you to help take care of me. Please help have mercy on the victims.

Source: Thai News Agency

Chiang Mai has bad weather. Wildfire smoke is still heavy

Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai’s air quality is no. 1 in the world once again. Both forest fires in the area – cross-border smog. This morning (21 April) Ban Pang Mayao, Chiang Dao District, PM 2.5 values ??as high as 543 micrograms/cubic meter. 14 times higher than the standard

Wildfire smog situation make chiang mai This morning is still a city in fog. The vision is cloudy. Pollution levels higher than standard Because yesterday there was illegal burning of forest and dry grass in the area near the city. Both the area of ??Ban Pong subdistrict, Hang Dong district, and the area of ??San Sai Noi subdistrict, San Sai district, where dry grass is illegally burned. Until it spread and there was a lot of smoke. It took officials up to 3 hours to extinguish the fire, while in the Doi Tao District area Helicopters had to be used to sprinkle water to extinguish forest fires on high mountains. But it still hasn’t completely extinguished. Until it was dark, the mission had to be canceled. and flew in to extinguish a new fir
e today Including the Chiang Dao District area, there are still forest fires, along with forest fire smoke drifting across the border.

Climate Change Information Center Chiang Mai University Hourly report at 7:00 a.m., highest PM2.5 value in the area. Ban Pang Mayao Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital, Ping Khong Subdistrict, Chiang Dao District, is at 543 micrograms per cubic meter. or 14 times higher than the standard value, followed by the area Ban Mai Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital, Mueang Kong Subdistrict, Chiang Dao District, also at 379 micrograms per cubic meter. In Mueang Chiang Mai District Muen San Community is at 184 micrograms per cubic meter. and the Night Bazaar area, 127 micrograms per cubic meter. Affects health heat point section This morning found only 9 points

on the IQ Air website. A report at 7:00 a.m. ranked Chiang Mai as the world’s number 1 worst city with worst air again, but as of 11:00 a.m., it had dropped to number 6, while Bangkok was ranked number 7. The air quality i
ndex or AQI was at the same 148.

Source: Thai News Agency