PM launches national campaign to eliminate substandard houses

Hoa Binh: Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh on April 13 launched a campaign aimed at eliminating temporary and ramshackle houses across the country by 2025, in a significant move to improve living conditions for impoverished people.

The hybrid launching ceremony was held in Da Bac district in the northern province of Hoa Binh, and was connected online to 63 provinces and centrally-run cities.

Addressing the housing issues facing the poor is part of a great policy of the Party and the State to alleviate poverty and stabilise the lives of the disadvantaged. Between 2000 and 2023, over 1.7 million houses were built or repaired for poor households and people with difficult backgrounds.

In his speech, PM Chinh, who is also Chairman of the Central Emulation and Commendation Council, said that currently, there are still over 315,000 households classified as poor or near-poor who need housing assistance.

He expressed his confidence that the campaign, with a goal to construct or refurbish 170,000 homes by the end of
2025, will garner robust support from society.

The PM called for the mobilisation of resources from the State, society, businesses, and citizens and stressed the need for effective mechanisms and policies and the assurance of quality construction, serving the right beneficiaries and ensuring transparency and efficiency without corruption and waste.

Furthermore, PM Chinh recommended the establishment of a fund to eradicate substandard houses across the nation.

At the event, several organisations, businesses and individuals pledged to donate a total of 336 billion VND (13.42 million USD), a sum enough to construct 6,720 houses. The first allocation of funds will prioritise 40 provinces with high poverty rates and a substantial number of inadequate homes.

Following the ceremony, PM Chinh, along with other Party, State and provincial leaders, visited several families in Da Bac district to observe and support the housing improvement efforts underway./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Have fun! Lod Chong Yasothon Road Playing in the water during Songkran

Yasothon, Lively Songkran on Lod Chong Road. Yasothon Municipality The emphasis is on playing in a polite, Thai style and giving away free food to tourists who come to the event.

Songkran water play atmosphere Lod Chong Road area Yasothon Municipality has Mr. Nattaphon Naksuk, Mayor of Yasothon. Songkran Festival opens on Lod Chong Road Citizens and tourists participate in splashing water in Songkran lively.

Mr. Nattaphon said that Yasothon Municipality emphasizes playing in Thai traditional ways. To preserve and carry on the good traditions and customs. Play in the water politely Don’t dress provocatively. Do not harass the opposite sex. Especially for men, if you want to apply powder, don’t overdo it. and also determines what should not be done Do not bring alcoholic drinks. or narcotics to sell Do not use dirty water contaminated with chemicals. Or throw ice cubes at each other. Because it may be dangerous. As for Lod Chong Road, tourists can splash in the water until 11:00 p.m.

After the opening of the
event, Mr. Nattapon distributed free kong chong to citizens and tourists. There is also a water tunnel for relaxing. Inviting tourists to come to the Songkran festival on Lod Chong Road, Yasothon Province, for 3 days.

Source: Thai News Agency

Songkran on Khao Yam Road, Pattani Province, bustling with tourists splashing water and having fun.

Pattani, Songkran Khao Yam Road, Mueang District, Pattani Province is bustling with tourists coming out to play and splash water for fun in the fountain tunnel area.

At Khao Yam Road, Sabarang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Pattani Province, the atmosphere of swimming on Songkran Day this year has become lively again. People came out to play in the water and have fun. The most popular swimming spot for Pattani residents is the fountain tunnel on Khao Yam Road. Both sides of the road are open for play all day. or Kaffir Road for people to play in the water The people gradually began to come to play in the water continuously. This year there will also be a musical performance. and many shops set up stalls to sell things Including shops that sell water play equipment, water guns, and plastic bags to prevent getting wet. It’s also selling well.

For this year’s Songkran water play activities Pattani Municipality Kaffir Road was created Make it a water play area for Songkran By the general public it is known as Kh
ao Yam Road. The Pattani Municipality has built a fountain tunnel that is 650 meters long and is the longest fountain tunnel in Thailand. which is a popular Songkran spot for Pattani people and tourists from other provinces as well

P’Nok, a vendor selling water play equipment and water guns, revealed to reporters that at noon there were not many people coming. You have to wait until 3-4 p.m. in the afternoon before there are many people. The parts that were sold also sold well. It might be because of the hot weather. So people wanted to play in the water. And I think that there will be more people coming to play in the water this year than last year. Because of the hot weather too As for the price of the item, the price has not been adjusted. Still selling at the same price as last year. It has not yet been determined how many will be sold. Because there aren’t many people yet. But right now it’s selling continuously, but I think it will sell as well as last year. Or maybe more than every Last time.

: Thai News Agency

Phuket Casino, plus or minus?

Phuket, After the council meeting agreed in principle to proceed with the study of the construction project for a complete entertainment venue or Entertainment Complex, which includes a casino. Targeting construction in tourist cities To solve the problem of illegal gambling and economic benefits One of the tourist cities that have been talked about as being the location of a casino is Phuket Province, which has caused a response from Phuket’s tourism sector.

Source: Thai News Agency

Crowds of tourists join in playing Songkran 2024

13 April 2024, atmosphere of many citizens and tourists Come play in the water during the Songkran Festival 2024 at Silom Road, which will be held on 13-14 April by closing Silom Road on both sides from Saladaeng Intersection to Nararom Intersection from 12.00-20.00 hrs.

Source: Thai News Agency

“Thaksin” praises the government for being good. After consulting, he gave answers based on experience.

Chiang Mai, “Thaksin” confirms that he does not yet have any position in the Settha government. Said that there are only senior positions that receive only 700 baht, pointing out that the government is good. Prepare to issue measures to strictly prohibit the import of corn from neighbors that are burning areas.

Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister Gave an interview after having lunch with his family at Kiat Ocha Chicken Rice Restaurant, saying that the COVID-19 situation has not yet fully recovered. Right now there is toxic dust PM 2.5, so I hope it will get better. I see that Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, is working hard. It will be effective. The Prime Minister works diligently and can solve many issues, including the economy, PM 2.5, and drugs. We consult and talk all the time.

At this time, we have not received any advisory or other positions in this government. The position is only for an elderly person who receives 700 baht. It’s better to be an elderly person. The
re are currently no positions available. I didn’t think it would help anything. The government is already good at it. After consulting, they give answers based on their experience. Now I haven’t gone anywhere.

As for the PM 2.5 problem, I have talked with the Prime Minister and learned that he is preparing to issue measures to ban the import of corn from neighboring countries. Now, neighbors have been found to have 20,000 burning spots because there are many burning areas around their homes. The Prime Minister will order a ban on imports. but attached to the Ministry of Commerce Seeing that it was related to the WTO, he insisted that it was not wrong, nothing as serious as destroying the air and environment. And people who destroy the environment may also face arrest warrants. The Prime Minister has already issued measures. When asked whether this Songkran he would meet anyone to revive the past, Mr. Thaksin said he did not know who he would have a past with. It’s only with the people. When asked about his f
urther steps into the area as well, Mr. Thaksin refused to answer and immediately got in his car to go to his Green Valley home. And in the evening it is scheduled to go to Kantary Hotel. To meet and attend parties But the team said that they would like to remain private and not allow the media to report on the news.

Source: Thai News Agency