Central Kalimantan prepares human resources for IKN

Internal Affairs

The Central Kalimantan provincial government is preparing quality human resources for the relocation of new capita city, Nusantara (IKN) in East Kalimantan.

“We have to prepare our human resources to be ready and competitive for the IKN,” Central Kalimantan Deputy Governor Edy Pratowo noted here on Sunday.

To this end, he encourages each educational institutions, including universities in Central Kalimantan, to continue to improve their quality so that they do not lose with the universities from other provinces.

“We cannot have our universities be outcompeted. As a region close to the IKN, we must be able to take a maximum role,” he remarked.

The close existence of IKN to the Central Kalimantan should not be wasted by the people because it can cause non-optimal role for the province, he said.

Throughout this time, various programs and activities have been done by the Central Kalimantan provincial government to improve the quality of human resources that it owns, whether in cities or in villages.

These programs have been done not only in education, but also other sectors.

These sectors include health, tourism, industry, and trade which encompasses entrepreneurs in small and medium industry (IKM) and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Acting Head of Central Kalimantan’s Education Office Ahmad Syaifudi explained that the various programs and activities to improve the quality of human resources continue to be expanded.

The provincial government does not only focus on human resources, but alsoon developing supporting facilities and infrastructure for learning activities at schools equally.

This includes adequate buildings or classrooms as well as computer hardware to be utilized for learning activities at schools.

These various efforts are done to realize the vision of Blessed Central Kalimantan which is Central Kalimantan that is more dignified, beautiful, religious, strong, trustworthy, and peaceful.

One of the province’s mission include expediting the development of smart, healthy, and competitive human resources.

Source: Antara News