BKKBN holds Kampung KB competition to celebrate National Family Day

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The National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) is making efforts to facilitate the establishment of more good-quality family villages (Kampung KB) throughout Indonesia and will hold a competition to celebrate the 2022 National Family Day,

“Our Kampung KB (target) has (reached) 20 percent in all villages and sub-districts. (According to the) target of the government, in 2024, it must be 100 percent. Hence, our first target is that with this competition, the regional government will immediately establish a good-quality family village because this year, it has to be 30 percent,” Faharuddin, the Director of Population Impact Analysis at the agency, noted in a written statement here on Wednesday.

So far, the agency had facilitated some 16,793 good-quality family villages, all of which aimed to suppress the stunting prevalence in children, which was currently capped at 24.4 percent, he remarked.

The villages were developed as a means of strategic innovations to implement the agency’s priority programs, such as the Population, Family Planning and Family Development Program, health, social, and economic education.

The 29th National Family Day will be celebrated in Medan, North Sumatra, on July 7, 2022, by bestowing awards to good-quality family villages, with the best programs and activities at the national level.

The judgement criteria encompasses condition of the secretariat, population housing data, household income increase, village activities, source of funding for activities, as well as regulations from the supporting regional government and also from its management, and the development of healthy kitchens to overcome stunting.

He noted that the village keen on participating will compete with other villages in one district or city, out of which one winner would emerge and be sent as the representative at the provincial level. The provincial team will receive the profile of the village in question, and they would evaluate it before choosing three to four best villages to represent the province.

There would only be six winners of the competition at the national level that would be invited to the celebration of National Family Day in Medan, North Sumatra, to receive the award.

“I expect that the award for this good-quality family village can motivate the community to increase the number of (such) villages in each region,” he affirmed.

Presidential Instruction Number 3 of 2022 on optimization of good-quality family villages had been issued and signed by President Joko Widodo on May 20, 2022. The instruction aimed to facilitate the creation of independent and peaceful families.

Source: Antara News