SRT adds return buses to support people returning from Songkran.

Bangkok, SRT adds trains. Supports passengers returning to Bangkok. After the long holiday of Songkran Festival 2024, heavy service is expected from this evening until tomorrow.

Mr. Thakoon Inthachom, Director of Bus Operations State Railway of Thailand Give an interview through the program “9 News Noon” Thai News Agency talks about the atmosphere of using the train service inbound to Bangkok. By this morning There are quite a lot of users. Today there will be a special train. Supports traveling passengers As for the total inbound travel to Bangkok yesterday (April 15), approximately 40,000 people, today it is expected that there will be 50-60,000 people using the service (including passengers traveling throughout the country).

Source: Thai News Agency

Gold breaks new record, market opens up 600 baht, jewelry exceeds 42,000 baht

Bangkok, Gold opens the market, rising 600 baht. Domestic gold breaks a new high. Gold bars sell for 41,550 baht, gold jewelry 42,050 baht, rising in line with the world market and the baht depreciating.

Gold Traders Association Announcement of the gold price on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, the 1st time the market opened, increasing by 600 baht, with gold bars buying back 41,450.00 baht/baht of gold and selling out 41,550.00 baht/baht of gold, while gold jewelry was buying back 40,704.60 baht/baht of gold and selling out. 42,050.00 baht/baht of gold, setting a new all-time high for gold in the country.

Analysis from Hua Seng Heng stated that despite selling pressure causing the gold price to drop to the lowest level of the day at 2,324 US dollars, there was strong buying pressure for gold back in. This is due to the need for safe assets from tensions in the Middle East. Although the US dollar strengthens And US government bond yields will surge along with March retail sales. That came out better than the marke
t expected. This indicates strong consumer demand. This has caused concern that the Fed may delay cutting interest rates this year.

Source: Thai News Agency

Hai Phong Techfest connects Vietnamese, RoK businesses

The Department of Science and Technology of the northern port city of Hai Phong is organising the International Techfest Connect 5+, a science and technology festival to promote connectivity in the northern coastal region, from April 15-16.

The event attracts representatives of the Departments of Science and Technology of provinces and cities in the Red River Delta, leaders of Cheongju city in the Republic of Korea (RoK)’s North Chungcheong province, the North Chungcheong Technology Park, and organisations and businesses of the RoK’s innovation ecosystem.

Director of the Hai Phong Department of Science and Technology Tran Quang Tuan said that this Techfest will contribute to improving the quantity and quality of connection and promotion events between the city’s businesses and those in the region, and the country and around the world.

Pham Hong Quat, Director of the Market Development Department under the Ministry of Science and Technology, stated that the event will help localities and businesses find op
timal solutions to local development problems, especially those related to green transformation, digital transformation, and circular economy. This is also an opportunity for Vietnamese enterprises to cooperate with international ones and gradually master some value chains in semiconductor technology and green technology.

Speaking at the event, Cheongju Mayor Lee Beom-seog expressed his belief that cooperation between businesses and localities will open up opportunities for the parties to expand collaboration, and jointly enhance global competitiveness based on technology.

During this Techfest, various activities are being held, including the display of 40 booths introducing innovation products and technologies, the signing of cooperation deals between Vietnamese and Korean firms, and the sharing of experiences in seeking ways to boost the sale of products of startups./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Settha is ready to discuss with the Prime Minister of New Zealand to improve relations.

Government spokesperson reveals the Prime Minister Ready to discuss with the Prime Minister of New Zealand Raise the level of relationships between each other Follow up and continue beneficial cooperation between the two countries.

Mr. Chai Watcharong, spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Ready to welcome and have bilateral discussions with Mr. Christopher Luxon (The Right Honorable Christopher Luxon), Prime Minister of New Zealand. During the official visit to Thailand as a guest of the government (Official Visit) between 16 – 18 April 2024, both sides are scheduled to meet for bilateral discussions tomorrow (17 April 2024).

Mr. Chai said that this official trip to Thailand It is the result of bilateral discussions between the two sides. During the Special Australia-ASEAN Summit on March 5, 2024 in Melbourne.

This was after bilateral discussions between the two Prime Ministers. The Prime Minister is scheduled to have a meeti
ng with the New Zealand private sector to listen and exchange opinions. It is an opportunity to strengthen cooperation. Expand opportunities to support trade and investment between each other. and when the discussion on both agendas was completed. The two leaders will witness the signing of the agreement between the relevant Thai and New Zealand agencies. joint press conference and the Prime Minister will host a lunch reception in honor of the New Zealand Prime Minister.

‘This visit Reflecting the close relationship between Thailand and New Zealand. The Prime Minister’s role in foreign affairs that affects the dynamics of the international arena and is an opportunity to promote cooperation between each other especially on policy issues that both sides are interested in It is beneficial to both sides and to combat challenges that may arise in the future,’ Mr. Chai said.

Source: Thai News Agency

Ministry of Interior emphasizes moving forward in resolving informal debt to achieve sustainable results.

Bangkok, ‘Matthai’ reveals the overall progress in resolving the informal debt problem today. 46,940 people have entered the debt mediation process, 27,448 mediations have been successful, the debt amount has decreased by 1,062 million baht, emphasizing readiness to continue moving forward to solve the problem of informal debt. to achieve sustainable success

Mr. Suthipong Chulcharoen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Revealing the progress of solving the problem of informal debt of the Ministry of Interior. Today, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province reported that it has invited creditors and debtors. An additional 14 cases entered the mediation process, all of which were successful in mediation. The Ministry of Interior has opened registration for citizens who wish to have the government help solve the problem of informal debt according to government policy. A total of 153,400 people registered. The Ministry of Interior has ordered every province and every district to solve the problem of infor
mal debt to achieve concrete results.

Mr. Suthiphong said that today at 3:00 p.m., the Ministry of Interior Received a report from the Bureau of Investigation and Legal Affairs, Department of Provincial Administration, that Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province Creditors and debtors are invited to enter into the debt mediation process. By the numbers, information on debt mediation throughout the country. There are 46,940 debtors who have entered the mediation process. 27,448 of them were able to mediate successfully. The total amount of debt decreased by 1,062.071 million baht, and there were cases where creditors-debtors There is a desire for officials to forward the matter to police investigators in the area to prosecute 385 cases, with provinces being able to invite creditors and debtors. The top five groups entering the debt mediation process are 1. Songkhla Province, 4,380 cases, 2. Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, 4,340 cases, 3. Sisaket Province, 3,283 cases, 4. Nakhon Sawan Province, 2,669 cases, and 5. Cha
iyaphum Province, 2,350 cases, which the Ministry of Interior has instructed officials to Follow up after debt mediation negotiations. In order to solve the problem of informal debt problems, the entire process will be successful.

‘Request that all remaining provinces integrate with network partner agencies. Expedite creditors and debtors to enter into the mediation negotiation process in all cases. To enable registered informal debtors to receive help and resolve their informal debt problems quickly and fairly. And the success of mediation in every case must be taken into account. For solving the problem of informal debt problems throughout the country Today’s overview: Songkhla Province is still the province with the most debtors entering the mediation process, with 4,380 cases, and 4 provinces, namely Nakhon Sawan, Sisaket, Narathiwat, and Ranong, have completed 100% of the invitations to creditors and debtors to the mediation process from the total amount received. register which shows that The Ministry
of Interior remains complacent. Because the suffering of our fellow citizens has not yet ended. which solves the problem of informal debt problems If mediation cannot be used Immediately prosecute those who commit illegal acts. Because informal debt is considered illegal, meaning lending without a license. They also collect interest in excess of what is required by law,’ Mr. Suthiphong said.

Source: Thai News Agency

‘Panpree’ leads the team to submit an intention to apply for OECD membership.

France, “Panpree” leads the team to submit an intention to apply for OECD membership, pointing out that there are good signs from member countries showing support, revealing the results of the TDRI study, if it becomes a member, GDP will grow 1.6%, increasing investment. The economy is more stable.

Mr. Panpree Phitthanukorn, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs along with Mr. Sihasak Phuangketkaew, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Submitted a letter of intent to apply for membership in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development or OECD to Mr. Mathias Cormann, Secretary-General of the OECD, with representatives of all 38 member countries and representatives from the European Union or EU attending the hearing. Thailand’s vision in requesting membership

Mr. Panpree later revealed show vision that it is considered an important day for the official submission of intentions, with 3 countries raising important questions for Thailand As for other countries Support that Thailan
d intends to become a member Thailand is at an interesting stage because we are one country. In ASEAN that has worked together with the OECD for 42 years, it is in the 2 that make Thailand meet standards in many aspects of economy, governance, environment, trade, and competitiveness. Including the green economy So today when giving a presentation and giving a presentation to members All parties provided good support.

As for the duration of membership, it depends on whether we fulfill various conditions. How quickly? Which from what we submitted today is good for Thailand. Because of the study results of TDRI Came out to say that our becoming a member of the OECD will cause our GDP to grow by 1.6% or approximately 200,000 million baht, which is a large amount and I think that even though we are not a member, once we submit our intentions, the world will. Watch that we intend to raise the country to be more international in many areas.

Mr. Panpree said that what people will get from becoming a member is that
economic stability will be greater because the group of member countries are developed countries, but we are a developing country. We have the right to transcend. A trap that we have been stuck in for many years and we intend to become a developed country in 2037, which will be a long time or maybe before that if we become a member of the OECD and it will be beneficial because there will be investment in The more Thailand, the more Thai people will work, the number of jobs will increase, and OEC also has a plan to develop the green economy, which will help build our people to have more potential. Because at this time it is well known that we lack potential workers and such membership would be a reform in this area at the same time.

As for what will be an obstacle in becoming a member, Mr. Panpree said that from what the OECD said to us today, He is confident that he will give us full support. But what is still a concern is within our country. that must be explained and clarified Because there must be reform
and some laws must be amended to be consistent with international standards. Therefore, it is a matter of understanding with the people to understand why it is necessary. Or is it not necessary to become a member? The Prime Minister has set up a committee to take care of this matter directly. which was told to the OECD Council That today we expressed our intention and made clear our intentions by the Prime Minister becoming the chairman of the committee in order to drive forward various matters. To enter into OEC membership faster

Thailand and the OECD have been collaborating for more than 42 years. Currently, Thai agencies are involved in 48 OECD mechanisms and projects, including the project that most Thais know about, namely the PISA project, and Thailand is also a party to the instrument. There are a total of 10 OECD laws and Thailand is the only country in ASEAN that has a bilateral cooperation project with the OECD in the form of a Country Program. Currently, the project is in the process of phase 2.

ource: Thai News Agency

Garment & textile sector tries to keep growth momentum

The Vietnamese garment and textile sector is carrying out various measures to bolster production and business activities amidst formidable challenges posed by falling demand, high inventory, and geopolitical instability in several countries, according to insiders.

Enterprises have received more export orders but seen no improvement in prices while several contracts even plunge 30-50% in value, they said.

Furthermore, cotton prices are expected to soar in the coming time due to speculation and logistics difficulties. In the meantime, it could be hard for Vietnamese firms to compete in the Chinese market where tax incentive and support policies on transport costs and electricity have been rolled out to back up domestic production.

Against this backdrop, General Director of the Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex) Cao Huu Hieu said that firms need to capitalise on all opportunities, make rational forecast, and get updated with the situation so as to take timely measures.

Besides, they should
drastically restructure their organisations, apply advanced management solutions, and push ahead projects that help improve productivity, he added.

Vinatex Chairman Le Tien Truong stressed that besides challenges, there is ample room for development for those with sound business strategies, diverse products, deep engagement in supply chain, and rational steps towards digital economy and green economy.

The group will keep a close watch on the market and operation of its members so as to pen flexible and breakthrough measures to develop products and seek new markets to ensure business efficiency, he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Hung Yen Garment Corporation Joint Stock Company Nguyen Xuan Duong held that high input cost and workforce transition to such markets as the Republic of Korea and Japan have placed a burden on the company.

Along with global demand falling by 5-10%, large fashion brands teetering on the brink of bankruptcy is another challenge that makes it hard for Vietnamese firms to recover tens of
millions of USD, he said.

Duong suggested competent ministries and sectors to issue suitable policies to help enterprises get access to capital to strengthen investment and bolster production, adding workers also need assistance to improve their livelihoods.

During January – March, the garment and textile sector’s export turnover grew nearly 10% year-on-year to some 10 billion USD, a locomotive for enterprises to fulfill the set target of 44 billion USD for the whole year./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Running like gold in the middle of a famous department store CCTV captures clear images

Samut Prakan, CCTV captured clear images! The culprit is running around like a gold necklace. Inside the gold shop in the middle of the mall Bang Phli District area Samut Prakan Province

CCTV footage from last evening. At a gold store Inside a department store in the Bang Kaeo area, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province. A tall man with black and red skin, wearing a mask to hide his face. Wear a floral shirt white shorts Carrying a black bag Pretend to come in and talk to the gold shop staff. Let me see gold weighing 5 baht.

The employee brought out 4 necklaces to show. Then the perpetrator took out 1 necklace, weighing 5 baht, while the employee reached out and picked up a mirror. The perpetrator immediately used this moment to run away.

Police, Bang Kaeo Police Station, Samut Prakan Province Collect evidence and interrogate gold shop employees. which testified that The perpetrator came and asked to see gold weighing 5 baht but did not tell him what type he wanted. So they picked up 4 different types
before the culprit took the gold out of the tray. And then run away According to CCTV images

Initially, officials are in the process of investigating the scene of the incident. and examine images from CCTV cameras at the scene of the incident and nearby areas To trace the route that the criminals used to escape.

Source: Thai News Agency