Demak Police to monitor public farms to prevent FMD transmission

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The Demak Police Department and Livestock and Animal Health Division at the Agriculture Office conducted monitoring for each farmer to check the health condition of livestock to prevent the spread of foot and mouth disease (FMD).

Chief of the Demak Police Department Adjunct Senior Commissioner Budi Adhy Buono stated on Monday that the areas targeted for monitoring were the Karangtengah Animal Market and cattle and buffalo farms in Wilalung Village, Gajah Sub-District.

“This monitoring is the second of its kind because previously, (we) also went to the largest cattle farm in Demak District, which is owned by PT Utomo, to compel farmers to improve the cleanliness of their cages and check the health of livestock to anticipate the spread of the FMD virus in Demak,” he remarked.

He also instructed his staff to educate farmers and traders of the FMD virus, both at the animal market and community farms.

These efforts were expedited to assist the regional government in preventing the spread of FMD in Demak.

“The health check-up of livestock to anticipate the spread of the FMD virus in Demak District is a follow-up to the instructions from National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo,” he remarked.

The National Police is also ready to provide assistance and supervision in handling FMD.

Buono affirmed readiness to assist stakeholders in conducting strict monitoring of the treatment and livestock trading processes, so that FMD did not spread in Demak.

According to the Chief of Demak Police Department’s instruction, the chiefs of police sectors and community police officers had to work with the national defense force, the livestock office, and animal medical personnel.

If FMD outbreaks could be prevented and handled seriously, it would minimize the farmers’ potential losses, he stated.

It could be started by monitoring the situation to find if there were livestock infected with FMD. In the event of some cattle being found to have contracted the disease, then treatment could be offered immediately.

Demak District was still safe from FMD outbreaks until now.

Source: Antara News