Younger generation should be backbone of Indonesia’s progress: Thohir


State-owned Enterprises (SOE) Minister Erick Thohir has highlighted the importance of the younger generation being the backbone of Indonesia’s ecosystem development and progress.

“We have to start building our roadmap, where the younger generation of Indonesia is the backbone of the roadmap or ecosystem we want to build,” the minister noted while delivering a public lecture at Darul Ulum Islamic University, Lamongan, East Java, on Saturday.

The minister of SOEs emphasized that Indonesia should have its own ecosystem, specifically the Indonesian ecosystem, not the Chinese ecosystem, not the United States ecosystem, but the Indonesian ecosystem.

“It is important that the younger generation of Indonesia is the backbone for Indonesia’s progress,” Thohir stated.

In addition, all parties, including the central government, regional governments, private sector, leaders, as well as the Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI)-the Indonesian Police (Polri), must work together, so that the Indonesian ecosystem can be realized.

He views Indonesia as one of the countries whose economy will continue to grow until 2045. Not many countries are given the opportunity to grow their economy like Indonesia, he remarked.

In 2045, Indonesia will become the fourth-largest economy in the world, though that is just a dream, if no effort is made to make that dream come true, according to Thohir.

“In fact, we have to work hard, so that Indonesia’s dream in 2045 can be achieved,” Thohir said.

Earlier, Thohir, encouraged the younger generation to be ready to become the driving element of the Indonesian economy, for which they must equip themselves with the education and skills needed in the era of digital disruption.

The younger generation must have good work ethics, be committed, and have a wide network, he affirmed.

Source: Antara News