Vice President encourages UBL graduates to create innovations

Internal Affairs

Indonesian Vice President Ma’ruf Amin encouraged graduates of Budi Luhur University (UBL) to be receptive to change and be able to create innovations that are beneficial to the people’s lives.

“All of you are expected to continue to hone your knowledge, skills, and character, so that you are always responsive to change and are able to create new innovations and breakthroughs that provide benefits to the community,” Vice President Amin stated during the graduation event at Budi Luhur University (UBL) in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Efforts should be made on an ongoing basis to renew and improve in order to win the global competition.

According to Amin, the Indonesian nation must continue to build innovations to be applied into daily practice.

“We certainly cannot do things the same way for certain activities but expect different results,” he pointed out.

The vice president also advised the graduates to be open, creative, and solution learners in dealing with various problems, so that the benefits will be felt by society.

Furthermore, Amin lauded UBL’s consistency in developing technology-based entrepreneurship by taking into account sustainable social and environmental aspects.

The vice president urged to continue to improve this good step through innovation and collaboration with various institutions and the industry on a more broader scale.

Lastly, the vice president congratulated the UBL graduates. He expressed hope that the entire academic community would remain enthusiastic about producing a generation of Indonesians, who are innovative, intelligent, and virtuous as well as capable of competing on a national and global scale.

Chancellor of the University of Budi Luhur Wendi Usino praised the academic community, students, employees, and lecturers for having collaborated in producing graduates, who are superior in their fields, to deliver achievements at the national level in terms of technological innovation.

One of these achievements is the creation of an electric motorbike that will be displayed in the Mandalika Circuit exhibition area in conjunction with the 2022 MotoGP event.

Source: Antara News