Uno pushes development of games and apps in East Java’s Malang

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno encouraged the development of games and applications in Malang City, East Java, due to the quite large potential of the games and application industry there.

“This can be seen through the movement of creative economy players who are active both at the national and international level,” Uno noted while acting as a speaker in a game development event in Latar Ijen, Malang, East Java, on Saturday.

In his written statement received here on Sunday, the minister said that he hopes the development of creative cities or districts can improve motivation, creativity, and achievement.

This in turn will drive the game and application industry to be the locomotive of Malang’s creative economy and would encourage regional development, he added.

Furthermore, he affirmed that his ministry wants to improve the capacity of creative economy players and pushes for a policy from regional governments in Greater Malang areas that support the creative economy, due to the fact this sector has created 20 million jobs.

Uno also invited all creative economy players to maintain their spirit in their efforts to recover and stabilize the economy by optimally utilize facilities, infrastructure, and information technology, so that it would create a positive change.

“I also wanted to encourage businessmen in Malang city and district to always innovate, adapt, and collaborate so that they could be successful in developing their businesses,” the minister of tourism and creative economy said.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has created the KaTa Creative Indonesia development program in order to explore, utilize, develop, maintain, and conserve creativity.

Source: Antara News