Tourism polytechnics should prepare tourism innovations for recovery

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The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology called on tourism polytechnics across Indonesia to prepare post-pandemic innovations in a bid to facilitate recovery of the tourism sector.

Director General of Vocational Education at the ministry Wikan Sakarinto expressed optimism that vocational education at tourism polytechnics would immediately improve in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

“Tourism is quickly affected by the pandemic situation and is the last to recover. However, that can be anticipated. Whatever the field is, changes must be made,” Sakarinto stated at the 6th Anniversary of the Palembang Tourism Polytechnic here on Wednesday.

Sakarinto noted that the tourism industry should immediately adapt to break that stigma.

Changes in the tourism sector must be started with its human resources first, he stressed.

To this end, Sakarinto noted that tourism polytechnics have an essential role to play in supporting the tourism industry in its transition process to the “new normal” in tourism.

“After the pandemic, the dynamics of tourism have changed because the outlook of tourists has also changed. Earlier, they liked crowds, but now, they are private. They prefer staycations,” he pointed out.

To this end, Sakarinto deems it crucial to implement the Link and Match education system by exploring the competencies required by the job market in future.

“If the pattern of tourists is not responded to by changing the curriculum, it will not fit. For that reason, we suggested all tourism polytechnics to innovate in the curriculum,” he remarked.

He expounded that currently, hard skills must be honed simultaneously with soft skills, leadership, character development, and entrepreneurship. Those aspects should be included into one curriculum, he added.

Director of the Palembang Tourism Polytechnic Zulkifli Harahap remarked that innovating in tourism had become a demand of the present time, so it is necessary to create a new scheme for the education curriculum at tourism polytechnics.

“We are discussing the new curriculum with the senate,” he stated.

According to Harahap, what they were doing had aligned with the aspirations of the Palembang Tourism Polytechnic community. Thus, he believed that they would really hone the students’ soft skills through learning by doing.

Source: Antara News