Puncak’s hotel occupancy rate reaches 70 percent during Eid holiday

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The Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) of Bogor District, West Java, recorded that the hotel occupancy rate during the Eid holiday period in the Puncak area, Bogor, had reached 70 percent.

“The overall occupancy rate may lie between 60 and 70 percent,” Deputy Chair of the Bogor District PHRI Boboy Ruswanto noted here on Thursday.

According to Ruswanto, the occupancy rate recorded was beyond PHRI’s projections. He assessed that the increase in hotel occupancy rate was supported by the online hotel reservation system.

He noted that visitors rarely booked hotel rooms through online platforms during the two previous years’ Eid holiday periods. In addition, the policies implemented by the government were changing constantly.

Ruswanto emphasized that hotel visitors were still necessitated to comply with the COVID-19 health protocols despite the low COVID-19 transmission rate in Bogor District.

He noted that the PHRI had sought factual information regarding the traffic engineering schedule for the one-way system on the Puncak Bogor route during the Eid holiday.

He noted that providing updated information to visitors is essential to prevent them from cancelling their visit due to congestion on the route.

According to Ruswanto, hotels along the Puncak route need information about the schedule of traffic engineering, such as the one-way system and the odd-even system.

Even so, he admitted that he still supports the policies enforced by the Bogor Police.

However, he believes that the police should calculate the time when tourists arrive and return from the Puncak area.

“We continue to receive updates from the Traffic Police regarding information about the traffic, so that guests can also get the information,” he remarked.

For the 2022 Eid al-Fitr holiday, the Indonesian government decided to declare the collective leave days for the Eid al-Fitr period to be on April 29 and on May 4-6, 2022.

Source: Antara News