Navy launches two domestically produced warships


The Indonesian Navy has launched two fast patrol ships (PC-60 M), Indonesian Vessel (KRI) Dorang-874 and KRI Bawal-875, built by a domestic corporation, demonstrating the independence of the defense industry.

The construction of the ships was in accordance with the determined strategic planning, which aimed to support the task of the Navy, Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff (Kasal), Admiral Yudo Margono, said at the shipyard of PT Caputra Mitra Sejati, Pulo Ampel sub-district, Serang district, Banten province, on Monday.

“The provision of the patrol vessels must also be supported by increasing the capabilities and professionalism of our soldiers to build a professional, modern, and tough Indonesian Navy,” he remarked.

Each ship measures 60 meters in length, 8.5 m in width, and 440–520 tons in weight, and can reach a maximum speed of 24 knots, a traveling speed of 17 knots, and an economical speed of 15 knots.

Furthermore, the two vessels can endure a 6-day journey and carry 46 personnel with additional 9 reserve personnel.

“This warship is also equipped with a 40-mm (millimeter) single barrel main cannon equipped with a tracking system, laser rangefinder, infrared camera, and day camera. It can be operated from the fire-control system. There are also two 12.7-mm cannons,” the navy chief of staff informed.

KRI Dorang-874 will be deployed to strengthen the patrol team of Ambon Naval Base (Lantamal IX), while KRI Bawal-875 will carry out patrol duties at Sorong Naval Base (Lantamal XlV).

The launching ceremony of the warships began with the general head of Jalasenastri, Mrs. Vero Yudo Margono, breaking a jug.

Jalasenastri is an association of the wives of Indonesian navy sailors.

The ceremony was continued by the cutting of the mooring rope and the handing over of miniatures of the ships.

After the inauguration of the ships, Margono and his entourage inspected the condition of the vessels.

Source: Antara News