Minister supports sustainable investment to achieve SDGs targets


Coordinating Economic Affairs Minister Airlangga Hartarto encourages sustainable investment in the country to encourage economic recovery and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets.

“Investment is one of the significant tools to support economic recovery from the pandemic. It can also support efforts to achieve the SDGs targets,” Hartarto noted in his statement on Friday.

The minister conveyed that sustainable investment is the answer to make global foreign investment more resilient from various shocks and challenges in the future.

“Sustainable investment is a term that includes an investment approach that considers harmonization in the environment, social, and governance factors,” he stated.

Along with 192 other countries, Indonesia is committed to achieving the SDGs goals, one of which is the main agenda of sustainable economic development through the implementation of several predetermined targets. This agenda is also encouraged during Indonesia’s G20 Presidency.

Through the G20 Forum, Indonesia encourages various recovery efforts, including vaccine cooperation, delaying debt payments for poor countries, establishing a Joint Task Force on Health and Finance, and making various economic cooperation efforts in the context of post-pandemic recovery.

On the other hand, the SDGs also comprise four pillars of capital — in the form of human, social, natural, and physical — that are important in the post-pandemic economic recovery process.

“In order to achieve the SDGs target, sustainable foreign investment is needed for potential countries to contribute in the acceleration of sustainable development,” Hartarto remarked.

The minister later noted that transition to a sustainable green economy was a huge responsibility but also provided a great opportunity. The potential in the renewable energy sector must be followed by a clear scenario and roadmap, including in terms of funding and investment.

“We are optimistic that with active cooperation and participation from all parties, we would be able to accelerate economic recovery and investment in the green and blue economy, as well as the SDGs, to encourage sustainable economic development,” he concluded.

Source: Antara News