Minister Plate discusses cooperation with Iran’s Ambassador


Communication and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate held a meeting with Iran’s Ambassador to Indonesia, East Timor, and ASEAN Mohammad Azad that discussed eight topics, with two on international relations and six involving bilateral relations.

After the meeting here on Friday, Plate noted that cooperation at the international level included supporting one another in the international forum in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Moreover, it encompassed giving mutual support over future officials from the two countries that will fill the positions in various ITU forums and management, he stated.

Subjects related to Indonesia include cybersecurity, cooperation in aerospace corporation, digital economy, super-application, and postal and logistics services between Indonesian and Iran’s e-commerce businesses.

“Iran is also keen for us to create an exhibition together and issue joint stamps to commemorate 70 years of bilateral relations between Indonesia and Iran that began since 1950,” Plate noted.

Iran also expressed its keenness to create a documentary film in commemoration of the bilateral relations between Indonesia and Iran, he noted.

The plan to build the documentary film aims to bolster the relations between Iran and Indonesia, he remarked.

Iran wishes to send a team called Soraya that will conduct expedition at various locations in Indonesia.

“This is especially because they believe Indonesia will become the fourth-biggest economy in the world,” the minister remarked.

“Iran is also keen from now on to know more about Indonesia’s strengths and advantages through the documentary film that they will make,” he added.

Concerning the plan to create a documentary film, he noted that the ministry will coordinate first with various authorized ministries and institutions.

Meanwhile, Azad stated that the documentary film aims to showcase Indonesia’s economic strength to a broader audience.

He expects that the cooperation can intensify economic relations and bilateral trade. He also spoke of his group having witnessed positive support from the minister.

Azad acknowledged that Iran shared a 72-year-long close relationship with Indonesia with regard to the history and people.

However, the nation must know about the new developments in Indonesia as a major economic player in 2050, he explained.

Source: Antara News