IIF bestows award on Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani

The Institute of International Finance (IIF) bestowed the Distinguished Leadership and Service Award on Finance Minister Sri Mulyani during the IIF members’ annual meeting in Washington D.C., the United States, on October 11, 2021.

“This is a prestigious award from the finance industry’s global association that has over 400 members from 70 countries, including Indonesia,” Head of the Finance Ministry’s Communication and Information Services Rahayu Puspasari noted in her official statement here on Tuesday.

The award was given as a mark of acknowledgement to individuals that have consistently made extraordinary contributions to the health of the global economy and finance system through their leadership, she explained.

The award demonstrates that Mulyani’s hard work, as a leader and public figure, has contributed in ensuring economic stability, both at the domestic and international level, she noted.

This award is a matter of pride for the Finance Ministry, led by Mulyani, she remarked.

During the IIF annual meeting, which is part of the 2021 annual meeting of the IMF-World Bank, Mulyani was also requested to become a panelist during the Asia Policymaker session.

During the panel session, Mulyani discussed various strategic policies that Indonesia has implemented ever since the pandemic struck.

These comprised pandemic-handling policies and taxation reforms, including the introduction of the carbon tax and the role of the private sector in handling climate change, as well as Indonesia’s G20 Presidency to be handed over from Italy by the end of October.

Ever since the pandemic hit, the Indonesian government has primarily focused on protecting public health, preserving the public’s purchasing power, and shielding entrepreneurs from bankruptcy.

Mulyani highlighted that the response of the Indonesian government had consistently focused on three aspects: health intervention, health and safety equipment, and sustainable structural reformation.

Hence, fiscal support will continue to be offered under the pandemic-handling efforts, especially for 3T — testing, tracing, treatment; strengthening of the health system; free vaccination; and health workers’ incentives.

Source: Antara News