G20 plays strategic role in boosting Indonesia’s renewable energy


The Indonesian government can benefit from its G20 presidency to increase domestic renewable energy capacity in order to achieve the net emission target in 2060 or sooner.

The topic of energy transition proposed by Indonesia offers a strategic opportunity to the country to build communication with leaders of other countries regarding the future of clean energy, Clean, Affordable, and Secure Energy Project Manager IESR Agus Praditya Tampubolon stated during a discussion held here on Thursday.

“With Indonesia declaring (energy transition) as a priority issue, this will allow (the country) to set a new target and policy, so that Indonesia will find it easier to negotiate with G20 leaders on technical and funding assistance,” he noted.

Since Indonesia holds the G20 presidency, other G20 member states should support its policy that serves as a common policy, he affirmed.

Referring to the net emission target and coal elimination treaty, it is quite appropriate for the G20 Energy Transition Working Group (ETWG) to make priority issues in the form of accessibility, technology, and funding, he stated.

At the end of March 2022, the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry kicked off an ETWG session as part of Indonesia’s G20 presidency in Yogyakarta.

The main discussion of energy access is creating affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all countries, especially related to clean electrification and cooking.

Meanwhile, the discussion of the priority issue related to technology will focus on ways to increase and utilize technology for clean industry development, renewable energy integration, and energy efficiency.

Indonesia will encourage developed nations to finance and invest in various innovation projects to develop renewable energy and will appeal to them to fulfill their pledge to provide US$100 billion to deal with the impacts of climate change.

Source: Antara News