E Kalimantan local wisdom develops to welcome Nusantara Capital: BIN


The East Kalimantan local culture and wisdom started to advance to welcome the construction of Nusantara capital city, Head of the Indonesian State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Budi Gunawan said here on Sunday.

“As how the president has emphasized, the transfer of the national capital does not only mean of transferring the state civil apparatus (ASN), or constructing government buildings, but also moves the center of growth, and a leap for transformation towards advanced, just, and prosperous Indonesia,” Gunawan said.

He explained that the local wisdom can support the nation’s leaders in progressing Indonesia whose development has been focused on Java so far.

Nusantara capital city is designed as an inclusive and holistic city by involving the potential of human resources from outside and in Kalimantan which reflects diversity as a characteristic of Indonesia, he pointed out.

“Villages that already exist will be a buffer for the core city and will be designed into smart villages,” he said.

Gunawan added, local culture and wisdom will not be erased, but revitalized to become part of the Nusantara capital.

Furthermore, he said the successful development of Nusantara does not only rely on physical achievements but on forming a noble civilization of humans.

Currently, the development of Nusantara has been commenced, where the Ministry of Environment and Forestry has been accelerating the construction of a tree nursery center in Mentawir Village, Sepaku Sub-District, Penajam Paser Utara District.

Meanwhile, Dayak Indigenous Chief Hamtolius Gati said the presence of the new capital city gives optimism of great progress for Kalimantan in the form of transportation infrastructure, education, agriculture, tourism, and socio-cultural development.

“We believe this region will develop rapidly along with the existence of Nusantara Capital. The development is not only around Penajam Paser Utara District but will extend to the entire province of East Kalimantan, and even more widely,” Gati said.

Source: Antara News