Culture is foundation of advanced nation: SOEs Minister

Internal Affairs

Regional culture is one of the foundations of an advanced nation, Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Erick Thohir said here on Tuesday evening.

“Because we agree that an advanced nation is not advanced if it does not have culture as its foundation. Hence, our nation’s original culture must be preserved,” he added.

As the Pandawa puppet show demonstrates and teaches, developing an advanced nation requires support from everyone, he remarked.

To this end, his ministry, along with the governor, district heads, and mayors in Lampung held a meeting to discuss ways to advance the province without neglecting the cultural foundation of various tribes.

Striving to become a rich nation without a moral foundation will transform the effort into greed, the minister said.

“Hence, we cannot become a smart but morally bankrupt people,” he added.

“Because of this, this province is amazing because I was visited by various parties who wish to unite our desire so that Lampung can be a foundation of Indonesia’s economic growth,” he remarked.

In addition to culture, the prosperity of farmers must also be considered.

Hence, the minister urged all regional heads in Lampung to continue the Prosperous Program that has now reached 1,100 hectares.

The program is one of the efforts to ensure that the produce from farmers has buyers, the minister said.

Thohir likened economic theory to a coffee—something he said his late father taught him.

Good coffee requires coffee, hot water, and sugar to be equally mixed together to create a delicious drink.

Similarly, an economy is only good when it is prosperous and its benefits are spread equally. If the economy only benefits certain individuals, then it is not a good economy.

To this end, SOEs will continue to encourage programs such as the Prosperous Program or the Pertashop Program that aim to return prosperity to the people, not just a select few, he added.

“We are not against rich people or major corporations. What we are against is inequality. Hence, SOEs exist because it is our job to intervene whenever imbalance occurs,” he remarked.

Source: Antara News