Competency-based training offers chance to improve future: Ministry

Jakarta – Competency-based training offers an opportunity to the people to improve their future, according to the Ministry of Manpower.

“Do not be easily satisfied with the competencies you get from the training program. You must maintain and continue to develop your competencies. This is an opportunity to improve your social and economic life and your future,” secretary general of the Manpower Ministry Anwar Sanusi said in a written statement received here on Monday.

While opening the “2023 Competency-Based Training (PBK) Batch I” at Bekasi Vocational and Productivity Training Center (BBPVP), West Java, on Monday, he asked PBK participants to take advantage of the training opportunity and try their best during the competency test.

According to Sanusi, every year, Indonesia’s high school/vocational schools or higher education institutions, diploma programs, polytechnics, and universities produce a workforce that numbers up to 3 million per year. However, the ability to accommodate the workforce within the labor market has not been balanced.

“Even if it is balanced, there will definitely be problems, especially the suitability of competencies and skills between prospective workers and job demands,” he pointed out.

He further noted that to tap into the upcoming demographic bonus, it is necessary to provide expertise and skills to productive age workers who have great energy so that they can tackle challenges and competition in the job market.

“If they are not equipped with sufficient expertise and skills to compete, then they will lose their chance to win the battle in the job market,” Sanusi explained.

He said that currently, Indonesian workers not only need to compete against domestic workers but also foreign ones.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide sufficient expertise and skills to productive age workers so that they can beat the global competition in the job market, he added.

“We cannot close Indonesia’s door to accept foreign workers because, at the same time, we are also flooding labor markets abroad with our talents. Only people who are capable with sufficient stock of competition and have special skills will win the competition,” Sanusi emphasized.

Source: Antara News

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