625 personnel to secure International Youth Championship in Jakarta


At least 625 joint personnel from the National Police, Indonesian Military (TNI), and local government have been deployed for securing the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) ahead of the International Youth Championship (IYC).

North Jakarta City Police’s head of operations, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Rahmat Eko Mulyadi, said that the joint personnel have been positioned across the stadium and for all processes, starting from the departure point, for escorting guests, to the entry points for players and invited guests.

“There are no obstacles; it is still safe. There are 625 (personnel), 300 from the National Police, as well as 300 more from the TNI and the regional government,” Mulyadi told reporters here on Wednesday.

The security on the stadium’s west side will be tighter because it will serve as the entry point for players and invited guests, he added.

“The west side is more important. We still put personnel on the other side, but not as many as on the west side. The focus is on the west side because it is the entrance and exit,” he explained.

Jakarta residents who have not received an invitation for the game will not be allowed entry into the stadium, he said.

“(If anyone comes without an invitation), we will give a persuasive appeal that this is still under the trial of using the stadium,” he added.

Mulyadi said the security implementation will be routine for nine days.

Furthermore, he assured that there will still be checks on invited guests so they are expected not to bring dangerous items that can interfere with the comfort and implementation of the game.

“Filtering is being carried out by the local government and the committee, while only the audience who get an invitation can enter,” he reaffirmed.

The International Youth Championship (IYC) will take place in Jakarta from April 13 to 19, 2022.

Source: Antara News