31 travelers caught using fake health documents at Baubau port

Kendari, SE Sulawesi (ANTARA) – Thirty-one passengers traveling on the KM Dobonsolo ship were found carrying fake health documents after they disembarked at Murhum Port in Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi.

The passengers boarded the ship from Sorong Port in West Papua and Ambon in Maluku carrying fake vaccination certificates and swab antigen test results, spokesperson for Baubau’s COVID-19 Handling Task Force, Dr. Lukman, informed via a short message on Friday.

“There were 31 passengers with fake documents, vaccination certificates, and swab antigen results. They did not get the vaccine yet, and the swab antigen tests were not recorded,” Lukman said.

The passengers told officials they had paid Rp500 thousand to Rp700 thousand for each falsified document, while some claimed that the price included the cost of their ticket, he informed.

The passengers were planning to travel to different cities/districts in Southeast Sulawesi, including Baubau City, Buton District, Central Buton District, South Buton District, Muna, and Kendari, he said.

Officials at the Kendari Port Health Office (KKP) in Baubau became suspicious when they scrutinized documents after hundreds of passengers arrived at Murhum Port, he added.

The police will investigate the case, Lukman said,adding that officials did not detain the 31 passengers, but asked them to conduct self-isolation for three days.


Source: Antara News

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