Indonesia to keep encouraging inclusive growth: finance minister

These policies reflect Indonesia’s commitment to creating a fair, inclusive, and sustainable growth and development. Jakarta (ANTARA) – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati saidIndonesia would continue to encourage an inclusive growth and development by eradicating extreme poverty and reducing the prevalence rate of childhood stunting.”By accelerating structural reforms, we focus on addressing various discrepancies in such matters as human resources, infrastructure, and ministriesagencies’ roles,” she stated, as quoted from a statement received on Saturday. She noted that the attempts being made are aimed at improvingthe people’s welfare ascreatinga just and prosperous society is one of Indonesia’s major goals. She made the remarks as a discussant of adialogue entitled ‘Economic Policies in Pursuit of Welfare’. The event was part of a series of the G7 Dialogue with Partner Countries, held in Niigata, Japan, on May 12, 2023. Meanwhile, the dialogue was conducted as part of the G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting in Niigata on May 11-12, 2023, which discussed issues related to endeavors to increase public welfare. To realize the ideals, the Indonesian Government, among others, has increased the budget allocation for social protection, Indrawati continued. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the provision of social protection managed to reduce the poverty rate rather quickly from 10.2 percent in 2020 to 9.6 percent in 2022, she said. Furthermore, the government hasprovided a mandatory allocation in the state budget (APBN) for education and health sectors with a total of 20 percent and fivepercent respectively, she informed. The government has also implemented a gender-based responsive budgeting, disability-inclusive budgeting, as well as environmentally friendly government spending. “These policies reflect Indonesia’s commitment to creating a fair, inclusive, and sustainable growth and development,” she remarked. The G7 Dialogue with Partner Countries was held in two sessions. The first session was entitled ‘Tackling Immediate Challenges Facing Developing Countries, while the second one was entitled ‘Strengthening International Cooperation for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth’. Indrawati became the lead speaker at the first session of the dialogue to respond to the views of the Columbia University”sleading economist,Joseph Stiglitz. t the occasion, finance ministers and central bank governors of the G7 countries as well as partner countries conveyed their views on macroeconomic conditions and risks of developing countries as well as debt handling in low- and middle-income countries.

Source: Antara News Agency

Accelerate second phase of rice aid distribution: Bapanas to Bulog

The realization (of the aid distribution) must be maintained and we continue to encourage Bulog to collaborate with local governments to accelerate distribution. Jakarta (ANTARA) – The National Food Agency (Bapanas) has asked the State Logistics Agency (Bulog) to expedite the second phase of the distribution of rice assistance, which was rolled out at the beginning of May 2023.In a statement issued on Saturday, Deputy III for Consumption Diversification and Food Safety at BapanasAndriko Noto Susantosaid that his party had also urged Bulog to focus on maintaining the Government Rice Reserves (CBP). He noted that the distribution of CBP to help maintain the stability of food supply and price had benefited the community during the 2023 Eid al-Fitr celebration, which was observed on April 22. Statistics Indonesia (BPS) recorded the inflation rate in April 2023 at 4.33 percent year-on-year (yoy), a decline compared to a rate of 4.97 percent yoy in March. The Bapanas official informed that the CBP stock at the Bulog’s warehouse in Wates sub-district, Kulonprogo district, Yogyakarta province, was sufficient at 10,214 tons. “The realization (of the aid distribution) must be maintained and we continue to encourage Bulog to collaborate with local governments to accelerate distribution,” he said while accompanying members of Commission IV of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI) during their visit to Bulog’s warehouse. The number of beneficiary families (KPM) receiving the rice aid in Yogyakarta province stood at 379,441. The realization of the first phase of the assistance distribution reached 100 percent in April 2023. Meanwhile, the realization of the second phase reached 6 percent. The Head of Commission IV of the DPR RISudinsaid that his party’s visit to the warehouse was aimed at ensuring that the government’s attempts to meet the people’s needs run well and at stabilizing food prices to bolster the welfare of food business actors. Meanwhile, Director of Finance at BulogBagya Mulyantosaid that the agency will receive additional rice supply in the next two weeks and disburse it immediately to the community in collaboration with several stakeholders.

Source: Antara News Agency

queuing up for the polling booth

14 May 2023 Election Booth Atmosphere Nakhon Chai Si Subdistrict Election Unit, Dusit District, Bangkok Citizens and military officials continued to line up to exercise their right to vote continuously.

Dusit District, Nakhon Chai Si Subdistrict Constituency 7, from polling stations 33-40, has approximately 4,000 voters, most of whom are soldiers and families in the Saphan Daeng-Kiakkai area.

Source: Thai News Agency

Thanakorn invites patriots to exercise their rights

Nonthaburi, May 14 – Thanakorn has exercised his right to invite patriotic Thai people to exercise their right to vote. while the same polling station found the names of more voters by unknown host Plus, the officials said they had the right to vote. prepare for inspection

Election atmosphere at polling stations 27-29, Bang Khen Municipality, Mueang District, Nonthaburi Province. The area of the multi-purpose building, Chaloem Phrakiat 80th Anniversary Park was full of hustle and bustle, with many people queuing up to exercise their rights. In Unit 29, Mr. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office to exercise their rights as well along with inviting the public The whole country of Thais who are patriotic come out to exercise their right to vote because this election is considered important to the people of the country. And is confident that the ECT will organize the elections smoothly. From observing various polling stations, it can be seen that people have exercised their rights quite a lot.

Reporters reported that this polling place It was found that there was a slight problem because Mr. Nick Wattanapat, one of the exercisers, had informed the unit staff. Ready to show documents that there are 6 voters at home in the house registration, but suddenly there is a list of people who have the right to register one more person, having just received the document this morning. Name is Mr. Nutsakon Confident love studying into the house registration who had never known and wondered how it came to be therefore want to check But the unit officer informed me that the person had the correct name. Therefore have the right to exercise the right to vote in this unit. because the officer is the destination

Mr. Nick said that after exercising his rights, he would complain and ask at the district registrar’s office what had happened. Why did someone unknown come to the house and believe Probably not a single case. There may be more cases like this that indicate that the election is not transparent. so request Let the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) check with .-

Source: Thai News Agency

Withdraw the name “Prasert Nilanate” from the party list “Chat Phatthana Kla”

Election Commission of Thailand, May 14 – The Election Commission has withdrawn the name Prasert Nilnet, a candidate for election. List of MPs, No. 21, Chart Phatthana Kla Party

Reporters reported that according to the announcement of the Election Commission On the list of candidates for election of members of the House of Representatives on a party-list basis of the Chart Pattana Kla Party dated April 14, 2023, has announced the application for Mr. Prasert Nilnate as the 21st candidate for the House of Representatives on a party-list basis. Exit from the announcement of the list of candidates 21st party-list MP of the Chart Pattana Kla Party According to the order of the Supreme Court, black case No. Lor Sor Sor 7/2566, red case No. Lor Sor Sor 41/2566 dated May 13, 2023.-

Source: Thai News Agency

“Anucha” invites people to exercise their right to choose representatives to join the House of Representatives

Chainat, May 14 – “Anucha” has exercised his right to vote. inviting people to come out and exercise their right to elect representatives to enter the House of Representatives act for the people

Anucha Nakasai, Minister Attached to the Prime Minister’s Office Exercise your right at polling station 1, constituency 1, Sala Luang Pu Hin, Sappaya District, Chainat Province, where Mr. Anucha arrives. went to check the list of voters according to the list of voters of the unit which was ranked 306th from the list of all 734 voters, then entered the voting booth receive 2 ballot papers, namely a purple card, choose a constituency-divided MP And the green card, choose a list of MPs before walking into the cross booth and drop the ballot paper into the ballot box

Mr. Anucha said after voting that As a Thai person who came out to exercise the right to vote for members of the House of Representatives Today, it was found that people had traveled to join in exercising their rights in abundance. It is a great thing that everyone comes to vote as a Thai person who has to elect members of the House of Representatives.

“I would like to invite all eligible citizens to exercise their right to vote in a democratic system with the King as Head of State. which is considered important It is close to selecting representatives to be representatives in choosing the country’s executives instead of the people. for this election According to the forecast of a large number of users this year observed from the large number of people returning to their hometowns which shows that the public pays attention to the election This is a democratic process,” said Mr. Anucha.-

Source: Thai News Agency

Election Commission of Thailand suggests that the pen can exercise its own rights – EMP refrains from taking selfies of celebrities

Election Commission of Thailand, May 14- Election Commission secretary “Sawaeng” clarified that people can bring their own pens. Able to take pictures in front of the unit ready to ask for cooperation MEA refrains from taking selfies of celebrities in the unit Fear of being seen as impartial during duty

Sawaeng Boonmee, secretary-general of the Election Commission of Thailand, gave an interview on the problems of the general election of MPs. Many problems were encountered. Which would like to clarify to achieve the same understanding of at least 3 things, namely

Regarding the pen used for voting People can bring their own pens of any color, but prefer to use blue. which is the same color used in polling stations

people can take pictures Video recording in front of the polling station outside But do not disturb the duty of the unit committee.

The way the MEA takes selfies with famous people exercising the right to vote in a polling station The law does not forbid But I want to ask for cooperation. Don’t do it. Because it may be seen as non-biased and is in the process of performing duties.-

Source: Thai News Agency

Reminds the MWA to adhere to the rules. prevent complaints

Bangkok, May 14- “Thitichet-Santad” visits and observes the election of MPs. prevent complaints

Mr. Thitichet Nuchanat, Election Commissioner (ECT) exercised his right to vote for members of the House of Representatives in general at Wimon Sriyan College of Technology, Dusit District, along with a visit to observe the vote. by emphasizing that the members of the polling station perform their duties with due diligence legally to prevent complaints about the performance of duty by members of the polling station

While Mr. Santad Sirianan Paiboon The Election Commission has inspected and observed the voting in the election of members of the House of Representatives. In the area of Suphanburi Province, point 1, polling station 12, Suvarnabhumi Temple sermon pavilion Tambon Tha Pee Liang, point 2, polling station 9, parking building in front of the sermon hall, Chai Thung Temple, Tha Rahat Sub-district, and point 3, polling station 10, the Ruam Jai Ban Sala Daeng Pavilion, Khok Kram Sub-district, where Mr. Santad emphasized that the committee members of the polling station perform their duties carefully. carefully legally to prevent complaints from the performance of duties of members of the polling station.-

Source: Thai News Agency