Green funds prompt need for fund-managing institution: insiders

The growing availability of green funds in the world has exposed the need for a professional institution in Vietnam to take charge of the green money granted to the country, according to insiders.

Former head of the Banking Strategy Institute Pham Xuan Hoe said that green funds to Vietnam will be more abundant in the next few years on the back of the Just Energy Transition Partnership launched in December 2022.

At least 15.5 billion USD initiated by the partnership will come in the form of preferential loans for three to five years to support the country’s energy transition. The EU and the UK also got in on the act with committed assistance of 7.8 billion USD.

Given the growing availability of green funds, Hoe called for a professional institution to manage the green money delivered to the country. Such an institution will act as an intermediary that would improve domestic firms’ access to green capital, he stressed.

“The professional institution will ensure the effective implementation of the green funds granted to Vietnam,” said Hoe.

In the long term, he urged the establishment of an up-to-international-standards financial taxonomy that works in line with other financial systems, including taxation and carbon credit.

Professor Vu Sy Cuong at the Academy of Finance opined that the transition to green growth in Vietnam requires vast investments. Between now and 2040, the country will need an annual amount of finance equivalent to 6.8% of the GDP to improve its resilience against climate change.

International institutions and banks are willing to dig deep into their pockets to fund the country’s effort on ‘going green’. However, the availability of green funds is one story, and the absorbability of the funds is another.

The absence of a climate bond taxonomy and a legal framework for the bond in the country has stymied those who want to finance green projects in the country. On top of that, the low awareness of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) among firms has made scores of firms slip through the cracks.

To unlock the full potential of green funds, the professor called for establishing a carbon credit market and granting financial assistance to firms cutting back on stranded fossil-fueled assets.

According to DARA International, Vietnam will incur an annual cost of 15 billion USD (5% of the GDP) in the next years owing to climate change. If the country fails to take early action, the cost can soar to 11% of the GDP by 2030./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Grabbed the bed! hand throwing stone at car one-time claim

Ang Thong 21 May – Collected! A 27-year-old man threw a stone into the car through the window and injured the driver. On the Pho Thong-Sawaeng Road, Ang Thong Province, he was raided and arrested under his bed. one-time claim

From the case of a red car being thrown at the windshield by a stone until it shattered. and injured his face. until having to be sent to the hospital for treatment Yesterday evening (May 20, 2023) in the area of Pho Thong-Sawaeng Road, Pho Thong District, Ang Thong Province, and another victim brought a video clip from the front camera that was thrown by a stone as the third case to report to policeman

The latest detective series of the Ang Thong Provincial Police Together with the investigation team, Pho Thong Police Station and the administration Inspect a house After someone informed a clue through the page that The culprit, Mr. Iang, 27, was found lying in the room. and express dissatisfaction Ready to curse all the time

From the discovery of a motorcycle similar to the car involved in the crime with a shirt and pants that look like the person in the picture from the front camera therefore came to inspect Initially, Mr. Iang only admitted that he threw a stone at his ex-wife’s car. which is only white but the police do not believe Because Mr. Iang spoke Zhao Kuan, he was detained and investigated at Pho Thong Police Station. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

An arrest warrant is issued for a young man murdering a woman in a rented apartment in the middle of Pattaya.

Chonburi, May 21 – Pattaya Provincial Court. Approved an arrest warrant for a 39-year-old man who killed a woman in a rented room on the side of the superintendent of Pattaya Police Station. suspected of jealousy The perpetrator fled and hid in Saraburi province.

Progress in the case of the discovery of the body of Ms. Rattana or Rat, 32 years old, a good-looking woman. He was stabbed to death in a rented room on the third floor of an apartment. In the middle of Pattaya City, Pol. Col. Thanapong Phothi, Superintendent of Pattaya Police Station, revealed that after investigating the crime scene together with the investigating police. to find evidence for tracking and arresting criminals including interrogating surrounding witnesses until confident and sufficient to apply for the jurisdiction of the Pattaya Provincial Court to issue an arrest warrant for Mr. Watcharapol or Kik, 39, the perpetrator for assault causing death and the court granted an arrest warrant as requested The investigation found that Mr. Kik has fled and hid in Saraburi province, as for the cause, it is expected to be from jealousy. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

“Charungwit” asked to see the contents of the MOU before deciding to vote for the prime minister.

Bangkok, May 21 – “Charungwit” asked to see the face of the government-forming party and the contents of the MOU before deciding to vote for the prime minister. considered in principle with caution

Colonel Charungwit Phumma, member of the Senate He said that he had to wait and see the outcome of the government formation and signing of the MOU first. which everything has to be a step must be carefully considered. must not rush to make a decision It’s just that the content of the MOU needs to be more detailed. how is it And what will the future be like? The part that has a social trend coming out to demand and pressure the performance of Senators vote for prime minister I see it as a matter of current. because the working principle cannot hold the current There must be rules and don’t let anything pressure you to follow that. Another thing is that you have turned off the switch. is one vote to turn off the switch of senators when the proposed constitutional amendment on the powers of Senators to vote for Prime Minister But now I haven’t made a decision because I have to consider everything according to the principle carefully first. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

Vietnamese, Japanese Prime Ministers hold talks in Hiroshima

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh held talks with his Japanese counterpart Kishida Fumio on May 21 within the framework of his trip to attend the G7 expanded Summit.

This is the first Vietnam-Japan high-level talks to take place in Hiroshima, the hometown of PM Kishida, and the fifth between the two PMs in more than a year.

Chinh congratulated Kishida and host Japan on successfully organising the G7 and G7 expanded Summits, and spoke highly of Japan’s coordinating role to reach consensus in solving global challenges such as food security and emission reduction.

Kishida welcomed the active and effective participation in and contribution of the Vietnamese delegation to the success of the G7 expanded Summit, affirming that Vietnam holds a leading position in the implementation of Japan’s foreign policy in the region.

The two leaders expressed their satisfaction at the strong, comprehensive and substantive development of the two countries’ relations over the past time; and agreed on major orientations and specific measures to promote the extensive strategic partnership between Vietnam and Japan for peace and prosperity in Asia to a new height.

They agreed to strengthen political trust by stepping up high-level visits and contacts in 2023 which marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations.

The PMs also reached a consensus on enhancing defence-security cooperation in the settlement of the post-war consequences, human resources training, technology transfer, and cyber security.

The two leaders appreciated the completion of procedures for capital commitment of the new generation official development assistance (ODA) programme for post-pandemic economic recovery worth 50 billion JPY (362.4 million USD); and affirmed to direct relevant ministries and sectors to accelerate the progress of several ODA projects such as Cho Ray Hospital 2, Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien Metro Line No.1.

Regarding the Nghi Son Oil Refinery project, PM Chinh suggested the two countries’ businesses actively exchange ideas in the spirit of harmonising benefits, sharing risks, and removing difficulties of the project.

He also proposed the two sides work together to promote a new wave of Japanese investment in Vietnam in the fields of high-tech industry and energy transition to help Vietnamese firms participate more deeply and widely in the supply chains of Japan and the globe.

The Vietnamese PM also proposed the Japanese Government to create favourable conditions and simplify procedures for granting visas towards the exemption of entry visas for Vietnamese citizens to promote tourism cooperation between the two countries, and pay more attention to the 500,000-strong Vietnamese community in the country.

The two sides affirmed to coordinate their stances on issues of mutual concern at multilateral and regional forums such as ASEAN, the United Nations, and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Kishida invited Chinh to visit Japan again and attend the ASEAN-Japan Summit in December.

Regarding the East Sea issue, the leaders emphasised the importance of ensuring navigation and aviation security and safety, solving all disputes and differences by peaceful means on the basis of international law, especially the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS),fully implementing the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea (DOC), and soon completing an effective and substantive Code of Conduct in the East Sea (COC).

Before the talks, the two witnessed the exchange of signed documents of three ODA cooperation projects with a total value of 61 billion JPY, including a new-generation ODA support programme for post-pandemic socio-economic recovery and development, a public transport infrastructure project in Binh Duong province, and an agricultural development infrastructure project in Lam Dong province.

This is the last activity of PM Chinh during his trip to attend the G7 expanded Summit and pay a working visit to Japan. In the evening of the same day, he and the high-ranking Vietnamese delegation left Hiroshima for Hanoi, successfully concluding his trip./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Eight parties prepare to sign MOU to form government tomorrow

BANGKOK, 21 May – 8 political parties prepare to sign an MOU together to form a government with 313 votes at the Conrad Hotel, Bangkok tomorrow (22 May ’23).

Reporters reported that Press release on the signing of a Mutual Agreement (MOU) to form a government with the Progressive Party as the mainstay After the unofficial election results, the vote came in first place, and there were still 8 parties participating, consisting of the Kao Klai Party, the Pheu Thai Party, and the Prachachat Party. Thai Sang Thai Party Thai Liberal Party Pheu Thai Ruam Palung Party, Tham Tham Party and New Social Power Party There are a total of 313 MPs.

By signing the MOU on May 22, this will be held at the ballroom of the Conrad Hotel, Bangkok at 4:30 p.m.

It is reported that before signing, the leaders and working groups of all 8 political parties will discuss to reach a final conclusion before signing the MOU to form a joint government. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

PM Pham Minh Chinh meets with Presidents of Brazil, Ukraine

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh on May 21 had separate meetings with Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, when he was attending the G7 expanded Summit in Hiroshima.

At the meeting between PM Chinh and the President of Brazil, the two leaders said they were pleased to see the good progress of bilateral relations over the past time, particularly since the two countries’ trade maintained a rapid growth momentum. For years, Brazil has been Vietnam’s largest trading partner in Latin America, with trade turnover in 2022 reaching a record 6.78 billion USD.

Chinh conveyed greetings of Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, President Vo Van Thuong, and National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue to President Lula da Silva.

He affirmed that Vietnam attaches importance to and hopes to strengthen the comprehensive partnership with Brazil, one of its leading important partners in the region.

Vietnam called on Brazil to support and promote the early start of negotiations for a free trade agreement between Vietnam and the South American Common Market (MERCOSUR).

The two countries are also hoped to continue to coordinate and support each other at international organisations and multilateral forums, especially at the United Nations, the World Trade Organization (WTO), and other multilateral forums to which the two sides are members. Vietnam is willing to act as a bridge to strengthen the relationship between ASEAN and Brazil, and between ASEAN and MERCOSUR.

President Lula da Silva thanked the greetings of Vietnamese leaders and expressed admiration for the unyielding will of Vietnam and Vietnamese people. He also congratulated Vietnam on its achievements in socio-economic recovery and development.

President Lula da Silva agreed with the proposals of PM Chinh, especially on supporting the early start of negotiations for a free trade agreement between Vietnam and MERCOSUR.

The President suggested the two countries continue to promote practical cooperation in all aspects, especially in trade, agriculture, people-to-people exchanges, and coordination at international organisations and multilateral forums.

On this occasion, PM Chinh conveyed the invitation of Vietnamese leaders to President Lula da Silva for a revisit to Vietnam. The President of Brazil happily accepted the invitation.

On the same day, at the G7 expanded Summit’s working session “Towards a Peaceful, Stable and Prosperous World”, PM Chinh briefly met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelensky.

At the meeting, Chinh emphasised that Vietnam attaches importance to the traditional friendship and cooperation between the two countries. Regarding the current conflict in Ukraine, the PM affirmed that Vietnam’s consistent stance is to respect the United Nations Charter and international law, especially the principles of respecting independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and sovereignty, non-interference in internal affairs, no use of force and threats to use force, and all disputes should be resolved by peaceful means.

As a country that has experienced many wars, Vietnam understands the value of peace, Chinh said.

Vietnam has provided humanitarian support to the Ukrainian people and is ready to assist involved parties in finding a lasting peaceful solution based on international laws and respecting the legitimate interests of the parties.

The Vietnamese leader expressed his gratitude to the Government of Ukraine for supporting the Vietnamese community in Ukraine.

President Zelensky agreed with PM Chinh, expressing his appreciation for Vietnam’s stance and humanitarian support, and agreed to take measures to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Exclusive: “Pu Praiya” is excited to return to the Cannes Film Festival.

Nine Entertainment, May 21 – The 76th Cannes Film Festival’s return to the red carpet of the international female heroine “Pu Praiya” created quite a bit of buzz. Beautiful, elegant, mesmerizing flash from foreign media. with a see-through dress, sparkling diamonds From the French designer brand ALEXIS MABILLE haute couture with Chopard jewelry.

“Pu Praiya” revealed to the Nine Entertainment news team in an exclusive way. Straight from the Cannes Film Festival I’m very excited to be back at the world-class film festival again. After being away for a long time because of the COVID situation Ready to reiterate the true intention of coming to experience the forum to exchange stories of the film industry.

Pu also updated that This year, I want to make my own movie. I want to move to act as a movie director with him sometime.

Source: Thai News Agency