GGC aims to expand its main portfolio and create High Value Products, initially introducing Nutralist to the market.

Bangkok, Global Green Chemicals Public Company Limited or GGC launches its business plan for 2024, moving forward to drive business. Create opportunities for success towards sustainable growth with 3 strategies: strong, growing, sustainable, to adapt the business to meet the challenges of core business operations. It also aims to expand High Value Product business opportunities by delivering nutritional supplements under the brand ‘Nutralist’ to the market, confident of generating EBITDA of 300 million baht in 2026.

Mr. Kritsada Prasertsuko, Managing Director of Global Green Chemicals Public Company Limited or GGC, revealed that in 2024 the company has prepared a capital budget of 5,000 million baht, of which 3,000 million baht is cash flow and a credit line from Krung Thai Bank of 2,000 million baht to create Opportunity for stable and sustainable growth Under the strategic framework of The New Chapter of GGC to be the Sustainable Growth Business: Execution for Success through determination to implement 3 m
ain strategies: strength, growth, sustainability.

Enhance Competitiveness: Create excellence in production. Focus on reducing costs in the organization (Cost Optimization) in order to increase financial efficiency and create maximum value from resources used in the business. Improving the use of raw materials (Feedstock Optimization) by emphasizing the appropriate use of alternative raw materials. Increasing sales of products produced from RSPO (FA) raw materials and managing Operation Excellence by managing business operations to be most efficient in order to reduce risk factors that affect core business operations, such as methyl ester. (ME) fatty alcohol (FA) and ethanol (EtOH)

Growth Portfolio: Adjust the Portfolio to clearly invest in 3 business groups: Bioenergy, Biochemicals, and Food Ingredients and Pharmaceutical. To be ready to adapt to the challenges and changing economic situation. Driven by expanding existing businesses to increase opportunities to enter higher value products (High Value Produc
ts) by expanding investment portfolios in 3 business groups, consisting of

BioEnergy Business is a collaboration between PTT GC and GGC, which is studying the project and its feasibility in various areas such as market, technology, and policy advocacy. and creating cooperation with airlines, with 3 projects: the biofuel project which will be commercially operated within 2025 (2025), ATJ Project: is a study of investment plans in expanding ethanol products to produce bio-jet fuel. With a plan to implement within 2030 (2030), Green Methanol Project: is a study to continue. and expand the business destination into the Marine Biofuel market and to respond to the strategic plan Decarbonization

Bio Chemical Business: FA, Oleochemical Specialty and Derivative business is in the process of expanding its business. to get production Oleochemicals that has added value To support the increasing demand for green products through partnerships

Food Ingredients and Pharmaceutical Business Focuses on the Food Ingredients a
nd Pharmaceutical business group, focuses on being a Brand Owner by conducting business related to development, production and distribution. Products in the Food Ingredients and Pharmaceutical group

Recently, the company has expanded its business into the Food Ingredients and Pharmaceutical market. As a manufacturer of dietary supplements that are Green Products to meet the needs of customers who want to be healthy under the brand ‘Nutralist’, we launch two dietary supplement products, Astaxanthin and Probiotic, which is considered one important step for GGC. Expand the existing business to expand the investment portfolio in the health food supplement business. This is because the Company sees that the said product group has high demand and responds to the lifestyle of today’s health-conscious consumers. The Company expects that such products will help drive GGC’s business to grow strongly and sustainably in the future. future Ready to set a target for growth of the Food Ingredients and Pharmaceutical busine
ss group at 10% of EBITDA or a value of 300 million baht by 2026 (2026).

In this regard, GGC has new development plans. With a modern production process and care for the environment. To add more variety of products Responding to the needs of every generation that cares about their health under the slogan ‘Extract Your New Life’

From the plan to expand the portfolio to create growth through investing in the company’s existing businesses. Including investing in new businesses with potential, the company has a goal of adjusting its portfolio to meet the Mega Trend that will create growth from new businesses of more than 50% (New Business).

Sustainability Development: Committed to conducting business according to ESG guidelines and being accepted internationally. Including seeking business opportunities from Decarbonization Ready to move forward to achieve our vision of sustainable development. To create confidence in business growth and value creation. Raise the standards of business operations to be accepted
both nationally and internationally.

However, the company has set sustainability goals. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, with a short-term goal to measure effectiveness in 2030 in order to reduce CO2 by 20% by 2024 (2024).

‘For operating results in 2024, it is expected that EBITDA will be similar to last year’s EBITDA of approximately 800 million baht due to similar situations. But whether it will return to net profit or not may have to wait and see other factors such as raw material stocks. However, this year The company has prepared an investment budget of 5,000 million baht, a cash flow of 3,000 million baht and a credit line of 2,000 million baht from Krungthai Bank. It is confident that it will be able to operate as planned, with EBITDA growing to 3,000 million baht in 2026,’ Mr. Krisada said.

Source: Thai News Agency